Cuddly cutie is gaping soft cunt in close up and cumming fingering and sweeties

Cuddly cutie is gaping soft cunt in close up and cumming fingering and sweeties
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45 pages! 45 fucking pages! Well technically 45 1/3, but still. Thats how long this one chapter is. The longest by a mile. More than the first three chapters combined! WTF?! My need for detail and to one up the chapter before it is stretching my imagination, noone wants to read this many pages. I need to find a way to shorten these chapters because this is starting to get out of control, but for the time being, heres the next long ass chapter.

Enjoy. I woke up at about 10:15 well rested and ready to start the day. I sat up and noticed Rita was still sleep next to me, a smile on her face but nonetheless still sleep, which is unusual because she almost always beats me out of bed. I kissed her on the forehead and rolled out of bed, excited for what the day was gonna bring. We had an actual planned day to ourselves, with no interruptions, no having to cut the day short, and best of all, no dad to get in the way.

Just as Rita surely was, I was really excited. While we didn't know what we were gonna do, we were definitely gonna have fun doing whatever it was.

I grabbed my towel and headed to the bathroom to do my morning routine, plus a shower. I thought of places we could go as I showered, like to the beach, the mall, the movies, or even a concert, but those ideas all seemed so stereotypical and besides that we've already been to those places, countless times.

I washed the shampoo out of my hair and gave up on the ideas for the moment and just thought about Rita as I finished my shower. While I wouldn't say we've been through hell, we have been through a lot and noone deserves to finally relax and enjoy herself more than Rita.

Speaking of, she should've already been out of bed by now, being more excited about today than I was, I guess I had to get her out of bed, one way or another, and knowing me, I preferred another. I rinsed the rest of the soap off of me and turned off the water. I pulled back the shower curtain and was greeted (more like scared half to death) by a half dressed Rita looking back at me with crossed arms and a slight grin on her face.

"What's this? Why didn't you wake me up? I would have gotten in with you!" "Not with dad home you can't, besides I was planning to wake you up when I got out of the shower," I grinned back as I grabbed my towel to dry off. "Well maybe I can go back to sleep and you can come in and do what you were gonna do." "Nope, too late, you're already up, guess you missed out," I joked. "You know what, it doesn't even really bother me because guess what? We get to spend all day together, just me and you, for the first time in who knows how long!" "Yeah I know, we better make the best of it." "Oh you know I will," she said creeping to me and pushing her lips to mine.

She put her arms around my neck and walked backward until my back hit the wall, never once breaking the kiss. It was only when I felt her hands creeping down my back and squeeze my ass did I realize I was still naked, that and the smile forming on her lips when my cock hardened between us. "Umm you know I'm still naked right?" I asked. "Yeah I know, I was planning on doing something about it." "You just love the chance of getting caught by dad don't you?" "It gives me a rush, what can I say?" "Well if we wanna have more moments like this we gotta be more careful around him." Rita sighed.

"Fine, but one of these days you won't be able to resist groping me in front of dad." "Maybe you're right, maybe I should wait till he comes in the room and pull you into my lap and start sucking your titties right in front of him." "Ooh I would love that!" Rita said with excitement. "Haha take a shower, we got a long day ahead," I smiled as I left the bathroom. I went to our room and got dressed and headed downstairs to see what's going on for breakfast when dad rounds the corner first and cuts off my momentum.

"Your mom just told me you two were spending the day together, like that's different from any other day but yeah, where are you two going?" "Don't really know yet, just kinda wanna get out of the house, we've been cooped up here a lot lately, not counting yesterday." "Ok.

The real reason I wanted to talk to you is that I need a favor from you two." "Umm, what kind of favor?" "Not a big one, my main client at work, the one who will get me the promotion if everything goes well, has two kids, his son isn't here, but his daughter is, and according to him she's been acting a little snobbish since she moved out here with her mom a while back.

I need you two to hang out with her, show her around the city or something until he gets here, try to get her to lighten up a little." "Doesn't she have her own friends that can help her out with that?" "Not the kind he takes a liking to, they're the kind that encourages her bad behavior, you know the type, that bad girls clique or whatever its called today.

Besides, I volunteered you both to do it anyway." "What? Why'd you do that?" "If it'll help me get the promotion then its worth it, take one for the team son." I sighed. He only said that when he really needed something, which wasn't often, so he didn't wear it out yet. "Ok dad, when do we have to?" "I'll let you know, thanks again son," he said as he smiled and went back into the kitchen. I went back upstairs and opened the door to our room just as Rita pulled up her panties.

"That door was shut you know," she grinned. "I didn't see any tape cute lovely chick widens legs girlfriend and homemade it so no beans," I smiled back.

"Dad just volunteered us to be friends with some stuck up sexy teen jayden black gets all her holes wrecked pornstars hardcore until her dad moves to town." "It could be worse, we could be showing around a bunch of stuck up girls every day, by ourselves, for a month, only seeing each other when its time to go to bed." "Well when you put it like that I guess it doesn't sound so bad, I guess you're right." "Of course I am, now lets hurry up and get breakfast out of the we so we can get on with Rita and Randy time," she said as she pulled on her pink short sleeve shirt and black capri pants.

I followed her downstairs while looking close at her ass that looked amazing in those tight skin hugging pants and sat down at the kitchen table to a light breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast. "So what do you two have planned to do today?" Aunt Lisa asked us. "We'll just drive around until we see something we wanna do I guess," Rita said. "Sounds gas guzzling, maybe you should stay here and figure it out before you leave," dad said. "That's the fun of it dad, when you see something on a whim it makes you wanna do it that much more, like that time we rode past the shooting range, you didn't come out for two hours," I said.

"Touche. So what do you two lovely ladies have planned today?" "Shopping. There's a few things I need to buy while they're on sale," mom said. "I don't know why I ask questions I already know the answer to," dad laughed. "Well what are you doing? Probably going to the golf course aren't you?" Aunt Lisa asked. "Nope, just gonna stay home and do absolutely nothing." "You should go shopping with mom and Aunt Lisa, you might find something you want," Rita said.

"Nahh that's ok, I don't need anything right now." "Yeah come on honey, it'll be fun, plus we could use help carrying some bags," mom said. Dad threw his head back in mock excitement. "Yeah that'll make me wanna come." "Come on dad, take one for the team, you never know, you might have fun," I grinned.

Dad stared at me with that knowing look as I flipped his own words against him, I knew I was gonna pay for that later, but if he agreed it would be worth it, dad being home all day could really put a damper on our plans of we came back to the house early. "Fine I'll go, but were going to some places I wanna go to as well." With everyone in agreement, we finished our breakfast and everyone got up to leave the room.

Rita started on the dishes and when I went to help her she said she wanted to do them herself, but she was smiling the whole time.

Knowing she was up to something I left anyway and went back to our room. I wasn't in there for a minute before mom followed in behind me and shut the door. "So really, where are you two going?" "We really have no idea, we're just gonna wing it I guess." "You don't even know where you're gonna eat? Some date you are," mom joked. "I don't wanna keep going to the same places over and over, it gets old fast." Mom crossed her arms under her breasts and sighed.

"What the hell. You know that place that opened up a few months back on Marie and Jim's side of town, Melt?" "Yeah, Stephanie and Chris said it was the best food they had in a long time, but it took them like two hours to get in because you need reservations or something, its not even a fancy place." "You need reservations because the food is that good.

Anyway, you two can take ours, I was gonna go with your father but we had a change of plans earlier." "What? No we can't take em mom, it probably took like two weeks to get those reservations." "A month actually, and fifty dollars, but its ok, take them.

You just better not waste the trip." I leaned in and gave mom a hug, sure she was a gorgeous manipulating con artist, but she was still our mother, and things like that really make you appreciate her.

"Thanks mom, you're the best." "Just remember that next time you decide to leave me unsatisfied," mom whispered in my ear as she slipped some money in my pocket.

I pulled back and she had a knowing grin on her face, like she was gonna use the reservations as leverage to get something out of us, but if this place was as good as everyone said it was, then I don't think either Rita nor I would care. "The reservations are at eight tonight, so don't be late, if you're not there within five minutes they give your table away, that's how we got in last time." "Ok mom, and thanks again," I said as she turned to leave. "Oh mom wait a minute!

There was one more favor I wanted to ask." "Yeah what is it?" "You think you can keep dad out past midnight? We might get back early and." "Say no more, I'm already on top of it, or should I say I'll be on top of him," mom giggled. "Ok a little too much info, but thanks." "Don't say thanks just yet," mom mumbled under her breath as she left the room. I lay back on the bed waiting for Rita to come back upstairs, which took way longer than expected seeing as there were only plates and forks in the sink and she's been away for around forty-five minutes.

As I lay there I feel myself starting to drift asleep, but knowing what the day held I wasn't gonna let that happen, so I jerked myself awake and was on my way to sitting up when the door pushed open and Rita literally flew right on top of me. "Come on lets go! Everything's all set and everyone's leaving." "What's all set? What were you down there doing?" "You'll see, when we get there, come on!" We went downstairs and out the front door just in time to see mom, dad, and Aunt Lisa getting in moms van, probably because they were gonna need all the extra space with all the bags they're gonna have.

"See you guys when you get back," Rita said as she got in the drivers side of our car. "Don't get into any trouble, and Randy look out for your sister," dad yelled out the window.

"I will dad, see ya." Little did he know how true those words were. We pulled out of the driveway and went down the north end of the street, the side where none of our usual hangouts are, good sign because were not going to the same old places we do to on the regular, bad sign because I still didn't know where we were going. "So where we going?" I asked when she turned on the main street.

"Not telling, its a surprise." "You're not even gonna give me a hint?" "Hmmmm, its something we used to do as a family, but lately I wanted to do with you alone." "Oh come on that could be anything, we used to do a lot of stuff!" "Exactly, enough information but not too much.

You'll like it, if not then you better pretend to." "Yes ma'am, I'll like it or you can punch me in the face." "In the dick." "Well now nobody wins there." "Dammit, you're right, I'll punch you in the ass then, you don't use that, yet," she grinned.

"Yet my ass, I prefer not to get probed." "Yet you probe me all the time." "That's because you want it, almost all the time." "That's not. ok yeah I do so what," she laughed. "Exactly my point." We joked the whole ride until we ended up on Stephanie and Chris' side of town. We rode past a lot of places I thought she was gonna stop at until we came across the park that ends right before the beach on their side of town starts, and she pulled in.

She parked and we got out and she opened the trunk, where she pulled out a big picnic basket with the cliche red tablecloth covering it. "Surprise, its a picnic!" "That's a big basket, how much food did you fit in there?" "Enough to last us all day in case we didn't go anywhere to eat." "You got a spot picked out where you wanna sit?" "Yep, over there by the trees, we can just see the water from there." She grabbed the basket from the trunk and I followed her to the spot she just picked out, listening to her giggle all cute teen fingering and teasing on webcam way there.

We got to the spot and she laid the blanket out and pulled out just about every sandwich and fruit you could think of, from peanut butter and jelly to ham to turkey, to grapes and peaches and watermelon, she had it all. "How many people were you expecting to feed?" "You just never know what you're in the mood for," she smiled. We fed each other sandwiches and fruit as we watched people pass by us, some just walking, some running, some on bikes, some walking their dog, and a few even set up their own picnic.

"See? I inspired other couples to get out and have a picnic," Rita gloated. "Did you hear what you said? Other couples. Were officially in that group now." "Yeah we are, finally. It feels so good to finally be able to be out in public!" "We should keep some memories of this, here let me get my phone out." I took out my phone and started snapping random pictures of her doing whatever popped in her head. I got her sticking her tongue out, playing with her hair, looking at the sky, throwing grapes at me, I even got her attempting to stuff a entire sandwich into her mouth, and then trying to kiss me with it still there.

She then took her phone out and took pictures of me taking pictures of her, until she tackled me to get my phone and ended up sitting on top of me snapping pictures of the many faces I made as she moved her weight around over me.

"I want a picture of us kissing," she said as she got a little serious for a minute. hot brunette fucked on tape watch part on liacamcom don't know why we don't have one in the first place." "Who knows, but before the day is over I want at least one genuine picture of us, one that when someone looks at it they can tell we're in love." "We shouldn't force it out then, just let it happen." "I still want em anyway just to have em, we literally have none, I." I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her down to my lips and kissed her.

I know it wasn't going to be that all out romantic kiss like she wanted, but it was a start. I could hear her clicking her phone next to our heads as she took pictures in a rapid fire motion, then she sat up and leaned against a tree and I started taking pictures as she did.

By the time we finished clicking the buttons we had well over a hundred pictures in each of our phones, some great shots but most of them catching just the side of our ear or the tree or some other random thing.

"Come on lets go over there by the rocks, we can take more pictures over there," she said. We left our picnic stuff where it was and headed to the rocks on the water. We ran across them like we used to do when we were kids and all the way back until we got back to where we started, then we sat down.

I took the opportunity to take more pictures of Rita looking out at the water, her hair blowing in the wind, skipping a rock, and one perfect shot of her looking at me and smiling, she looked so happy, so full of life, so beautiful, definitely the best picture shes ever taken in my opinion. "I wish we could stay here all day," she said breaking the silence. "Yeah me too, its like one of those getaway places, know what I mean?" "Yeah it is, I bet it looks even better at sunset." "Maybe we can find out later if we remember to come back." "You know what would make this moment that much better?" A smile crept on my face and she interrupted me before I could say anything.

"No you filthy boy, well yeah, but I meant ice cream. Oh you're so nasty," she laughed. "There's an ice cream shop we passed on the way here, its like a block away from that plaza across the street, we can walk there." She agreed and we walked back to our picnic area, gathered up all our things and headed back to the car.

We put everything back asian ex girlfriend mila jade loves sucking on big black dick the trunk and headed to the ice cream store.

She grabbed my hand in hers and held it as we walked the short distance to the shop, and just like the last time she grabbed my hand in public, she was smiling big for the whole world to see.

"I take it by that huge smile on your face you're happy?" I joked. "If you only knew. Moments like this make me appreciate what we have." "I know what you mean, like a "we live for these moments" kinda thing." "Yes exactly! If only they would happen more often." "Don't worry, I know they will." We got up to the window and decided to share a king size banana split with all the fixings, picked a table outside looking towards the street and sat down.

We got through half the sundae before we said anything, due to it being a good ass sundae and me thinking about random funny stuff. "You wont believe what Ste." "NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP!" I said out loud then burst out laughing.

"What the hell was that? Did you just rickroll me?" "That songs been in my head all day, ever since I woke up." She was forcing herself not to laugh.

"And you choose now to just blab it out?" "It seemed like the perfect moment," I said still holding back a laugh. "Well anyway, like I was saying before Stephanie said she." "NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP!" I couldn't help it. "Dammit Randy! Fine then I won't tell you." "Hahaha ok ok I'm done, I promise, go teen sex ona bola seks. That was too funny." She gave me a skeptical look before continuing on with her story, and waited for me to calm down laughing just to be sure.

"You better not do it again, not playing with you,"she said trying to hold back her own laugh. "But yeah, Stephanie said she wants to have a threesome with you and me." That caught me completely off guard, turning the whole situation into more of a serious discussion. "And what did you tell her?" "I didn't tell her anything, I just said that it was a slim chance of that ever happening.

Then she tried to convince me it would be worth it, but it didn't work." "I swear you two talk about sex more than every other guy on the planet." "So does that mean you wanna do it?" "What? Where did you get that from?" "Answering a question with a question, that means yes." "I didn't even say anything! Don't use your woman tricks to flip around what I say before I even say it!

And you think men are crazy." "You still didn't answer the question," she grinned. My head was screaming "ITS A SETUP MAN Ebony babe with dsl big tits and cumshot BE STUPID!" but I knew this was one of those times when you just have to tell your brain "shut the hell up" and tell the truth.

"You know I don't wanna be with her, I wanna be with you, sitting here, smashing a king size banana split that I only got about ¼ of." She smiled instantly. "I know, a girl just likes to hear those things, and you ate more than that," she said as she reached over the table and punched me in the arm.

"I have thought about it though." "You what?" "Nothing. Come on lets go to that plaza and see what stores they have over there." I wanted to know more, but I decided not to push the subject and look like I was prying for information so I dropped it and we got up and walked towards the plaza.

It was just like any other plaza. lots of stores, lots of people shopping at those stores, lots of people walking out with lots of bags from those stores, the usual. I browsed everything with my eyes, but nothing in the direction I was looking seemed to stand out at me, but something stood out to Rita by the way she kept pulling at my hand. "A pet store! I bet they have the cutest little puppies! Come on lets go in!" Before I could even utter a single word out of my mouth I was being pulled into the pet store.

When we got in it was like it was her first time in a candy store to Rita, she was wide eyed and had a huge smile on her face as she took in the sight of all the animals around her. "Ooh look at all the little kitties and puppies! Let's look around," she said giggly. She took my hand as we started our own tour of the store, with her taking of pictures of every puppy we passed. For being a store holding hundreds of animals, many different young buxom bitch showing her ass skills at that, it was pretty well kept, and didn't stink, so I didn't mind walking around with her and looking at all the animals.

There were dogs, cats, fish, birds, ferrets, hamsters, turtles, almost anything that can be legally kept as a pet was there, but Rita mostly hung around all the small animals, mainly the puppies, huskies and german shepherds to be exact. "Ooh they're all so cute! Its a shame they have to be locked in cages like this." "Its either that or have them all running crazy around the store." "But does it have to be a cage?

Its like they're all in jail." "There's no other way to keep them brunette gina valentina deepthroats a bigcock in the bathroom, I'm sure they let them all out every day." She finished looking at the puppies for the moment and walked around the rest of the petite babe deep anal fucked at the gym. There was cute teen nikki kay got pounded on a couch kid trying to feed a bird a cracker it didn't want, so he threw the cracker at it, and the bird had a temper tantrum at the kid and scared him half to death, but to us it was hilarious, he cried like the kid who got scared by his father from the maze game on youtube.

"Randy that's not funny," Rita said as she play hit me. "Then why were you laughing too?" "I only laughed because you laughed." "Then you're just as guilty. Come on, lets go look at the shark fish." We were walking towards the back where the fish were and as Rita rounded the corner she stopped dead in her tracks and dropped down to her knees.

"Awwww! Oh my god hes so adorable! Look at him!" I caught up to where she to see what she was looking at and in a cage by itself was a newborn black and white huskie, no more than two weeks old. "We just got him in yesterday," a lady employee walked over and said.

"Why is he in a cage by himself?" Rita asked. "He's the only one of his litter, and he hasn't had shots yet," she said then walked away to tend to some other animals trying to get out of their cages. I could see the look on Rita's face as she looked at the puppy and it was clear as day, she wanted it. Its the same look everyone she knows is used to when she wants something and will do anything to get it. She put her hand on the cage and the puppy sniffed it and put his paw right up against her hand.

"Awwwww! I want him, we have to get him Randy!" "I thought we were just coming to look around?" I laughed. "I know, but look at him, hes so cute and lonely in a cage all my himself." "You don't wanna look at any other animals in the store?" "Nope, I want HIM.

Who's a cute little puppy? You're a cute little puppy that's who!" she said talking in baby voice at the puppy. "You think mom and dad would let us have a dog?" I whispered so noone would hear. "I don't see why not, we innocent bookworm is tempted and rode by older schoolteacher a cat remember?" "That was a long time ago, and they didn't mom laughs at me and my little penis sph lady fyre let us get that." The shop lady walked back over to us.

"Well if you're serious about buying him he still needs to get his checkups and get caught up on his shots, so that should give you some time to figure out if you want to get him. "Ok,can you hold him for us?" I asked. "We'll do what we can, his appointments might take a while so you'll have time.

Rita stood up off the floor and fixed her clothes,then she wrote her number down on a piece of paper and gave it to the lady. "Thank you, when he gets all his shots and stuff can you call me please?" "Sure thing, I'll call you when hes all ready to go." We thanked the lady again and started to walk out of the store when Rita's phone rang, scaring some of the animals. She fished it out of her pocket and hurried up to answer it not even bothering to check and see who it was, just so the animals would stop their little tantrum attack.

"Hello?" "Hey Stephanie what's up." "Actually we're on your side of town, me and Randy are spending the day together." "Haha shut up, this time is different." "What are you guys doing?" "Not in a long time, you never really forget though." "I don't know, I don't wanna fall like three million times." "How long are you gonna be there?" "Ok then we'll meet you there, where is it?" "We're in the pet store in the Biddulph Plaza, how do we get there from here?" "Oh it is? We didn't see it on the way here." "Ok, meet you there in a little bit then." "Haha you're such a slut, see ya." "Umm so what exactly just happened?" I asked her when she hung up the phone.

"We just got invited to go ice skating with Stephanie and Chris, I told then we used to skate a long time ago but haven't in a while so we'll be falling a lot." "Ring isn't even on your finger yet and you're already setting up double dates," I laughed. Rita looked at me as if she was looking at a unicorn carry a leprechaun over a rainbow. She didn't say anything, just looked a me with that big smile of hers.

"What!" I said now confused. "Yet?" "Yet what?" She oiroke ptakaityou to warugaki seitokai kitajima rei now fully smiling. "You said the ring isn't even on my finger "yet", I heard you." I rewinded the incident in question in my head and realized I did say just that, and without even knowing either, it just came out.

I couldn't help but smile. Her smile got bigger. "Oh my god, I could be Mrs. Randy Stevens! Lets go buy a ring right now!" I laughed. "Come on Mrs. Stevens, we don't wanna keep the other married couple waiting," I joked. She held my hand as we walked out the door and all the way back to the car, luscious milf julia ann gets boned by stepson while I was driving to the rink, cutie plays with her tight wet pussy was closer than we realized.

Even though I was paying attention to the road I could feel her looking at me, and each time I would smile or glance at her she's rub my hand or hold it in both of hers and keep her gaze on me, wanting to say something but not wanting to clash with the mood that had been set in the car.

In no time we arrived at the rink, went in, rented some skates, and went to look for a place to sit and spotted Stephanie and Chris putting on their own skates. We snuck up behind them and pushed their heads together in a mock kiss. "Hey who the. oh its just you two, real mature," Chris said. "Oh quit acting like you didn't wanna do it, or did we make you kiss the wrong body part?" Rita joked. I tried not to laugh, but it was too nicely set up to hold it in, Stephanie laughed too seeing as it was her joke to begin with.

"Everyone's got jokes today, just wait till we get on the ice and you guys bust your ass over and over again, then I'm gonna be laughing," Chris retaliated. "Yeah but until then you're the kiss ass," I said, receiving a punch in the arm in the process. We all got our ice skates on and held on to every wall possible until we got to the ice, but Chris didn't wait for us, being a hockey player he was already on the ice and had done three laps around the rink before we even got off the carpet.

Finally though we got on the ice, and we weren't doing much better there than we were on the carpet. Slutty lesbian hotties are opening up and fisting anals fell immediately, Rita wouldn't let go of the wall, and I slowly slid one foot in front of the other going a whopping one and a half miles an hour on the ice.

Just as I started to get the hang of it a little Chris flew past me, throwing of my concentration and making me fall on the ice along with Rita and Stephanie. "You guys are looking pretty good over there, twenty more years and you'll be pros in no time!" Chris yelled back as he took off around the rink.

"You can skate like Wayne Gretzky all you want but you're still a kiss ass!" Stephanie yelled back. "That joke is never gonna die is it?" I asked. "Probably not, especially since he literally does kiss my ass." "And who knows what you do to him." Rita added, laughing. "Haha you don't wanna go there, I'm sure you and Randy." "Ooooook we're gonna stop right there! No need to get into any details," I jumped in.

"Rita's just gonna tell me later, so you might as well get it out now." "Dammit. Well at least wait till I'm not around." "In here? Yeah that's not gonna happen anytime soon, here help me up." We all helped each other stand up and slowly built up our progress on the ice until we were all able to skate without using the wall, but we were nowhere near as good as Chris was, who was making his way back to us, gloating as he did. "Well its not pretty, but its progress, I'm tired of skating by myself." "Then quit leaving us," Stephanie said.

"Its better than watching you guys fall every three seconds." As they were talking, Rita snuck behind Chris on the ground and Stephanie tabletopped him over Rita's back, causing him to crash down on the ice, both of them laughing out loud (actually laughing, not lol).

"There, now were all even," Rita said as she and Stephanie skated away before he could get up. I went to help him up but before I even got close to him he was already back on his feet and flying after them.

I followed behind as best I could but there was no way I was catching up to them just yet. When he caught them he tackled them both to the ice and held them down.

"Stop it Chris the ice is cold,"Stephanie whined. "Uhh, no shit Steph, its ice, its supposed to be cold!" "You know what I mean, get off!" I finally made my way there and went to pull Chris off but lost my balance along the way and fell on top of the pile, which veronica da souza and claudia rossi hot sexxxy it look like I was helping Chris to keep them on the ground.

"Oh you're playing like that Randy?" "Like what? I lost my balance and fell!" "Lost your balance my ass! When I get up I'm gonna throw you into the wall!" "You too Chris, unless you say you're sorry right now!" Chris got off of them and helped Rita up, then helped Stephanie up and started skating away with her, a little too fast for her to be able to keep up, then out of nowhere he started spinning around in a circle holding onto her by her hands.

"Ok I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you talked smack in a place where you clearly have a disadvantage!" Stephanie was holding on to his hands for dear life as Rita and I looked on. "You asshole! I swear to god if you let me go Chris I'm gonna punch you in the nuts!" He just kept spinning around with her, to the point where we knew she would be dizzy in no time, and Rita took out her phone and started clicking away again.

When he finally did let her go, she was so disoriented she couldn't skate straight or keep her balance to save her life, and fell almost immediately. "Just wait till I can see straight Chris, you're gonna be doing a lot of ass kissing tonight!" "Blah blah yeah yeah yeah, we already know where this joke goes," he said still laughing.

"You better not do that to me, or were both gonna be celibate for one whole week," Rita said. "Now you know we wouldn't last one whole day, why put us through that?" I mock reasoned. "I think you get my point, no spinny Rita, at least not like that." I pulled out my phone and snapped a few pictures. "Gotcha." I said not letting her know if I was talking about her being spun or saying I got her on camera.

In no time our fun little skate time turned into one big TNA (because WWE fuckin sucks now) wrestling match. I don't know how, but both Chris and I both ended up under our little sisters being pummeled with tiny fists as their wrist jewelry jingled back and forth with every contact to one of us.

In my case, the punching stopped and we looked over at Chris who was still getting smashed. "Don't look at them look at me!" Stephanie said as she grabbed his head forcing him to look at her then went back to slapping and hitting him." "Ok ok you win just stop hitting me!" Chris gave in, trying to protect his face.

"Say I'm the queen!" "NO!" Her face turned up and she gave him what looked to be a very painful ass nipple twister.

"Say it!" "Oooooow! Ok you're the queen! Ow!" "And you're a kiss ass!" "Ow ow ow you're the queen and I'm a kiss ass, there you happy? Let my nipples go!" "And don't you forget it," she said as she let his nipples go and crawled off of him. "That was cheap. That make you feel better?" Chris said rubbing his nipples.

"Lots, now were even." "Good thing there are no little kids in here or we'd all be kicked out,"I laughed as both Rita and I took pictures of Chris getting his ass beat. "My nipples feel like they're about to fall off, you bitch,"Chris complained. Stephanie went to lunge at him but fell just as soon as she stood up, and Chris took the chance to skate away from her.

While I was distracted by Chris and Stephanie, Rita took the opportunity to sneak best amateur sex tape brunette and handjob on me and wrestle me to the kinky elise pleasures a throbbing boner orally cumshots brunette. "Hey I thought we were done with that," I said trying to get free. "Nope just took a break, make sure you get a lot of pictures Steph," Rita said.

I heard Stephanie's phone make the picture snapping noise over and over until she felt she needed to give Rita a hand and came over and sat right behind her on my chest, pushing Rita closer until she was pretty much sitting on my face. "This doesn't look good for the cameras in here," I mumbled from under Rita.

"Yeah but it'll look great in ours," Stephanie said while taking more pictures of the who of them making themselves comfortable on my chest.

It really was a good thing no kids were there, we would have been kicked out, banned, and damned to hell a long time ago. "Ok I think moms amerike sex hot breats big had enough, just remember this next time you get on my bad side," Stephanie bangbros sexy latina pornstars with big asses play soccer and get fucked. "What?

I didn't get on your bad side, Chris did!" "Well you're a guy and you were with him, so you're guilty by association, so you get it too!" "Stephanie if you twist my nipples like you did Chris I swear I'm gonna punch you in the vagina!" I don't know why I said vagina, it just sounded like the better word to use at the time. "Oh, you will now? Now I have to." "Not these nipples Stephanie, if anyone's gonna do anything to them its me," Rita interjected.

"Then I guess I'll just have to make up for it with your nipples!" "Now that's what I'm talking about!" Chris said as he skated back to us from out of nowhere, still tending to his nipples. I myself moved Rita off of me and scooted from under Stephanie and sat up in anticipation, wondering if she was bluffing or if she's actually do it.

"I don't think so, if anything's gonna happen to my nipples its gonna be licking or sucking," Rita said. "Holy shit that's even better, that'll completely make up for the nubs I have left," Chris said.

"You think I should? Right here on the ice rink in front of everybody here I should just pull out one of her titties and start sucking it?" Stephanie said smiling at Chris and I then at Rita.

"If you guys think I won't do it." Stephanie continued as she put her hand on Rita's shirt and moving it to the side a little while moving her mouth closer to it. Chris was about as anxious as it gets as she put her lips right on Rita's cloth covered tit, bit on it a little making Rita moan, and went to pull her shirt off to the side to expose her tit to the world, then she stopped completely and grinned an evil grin at Chris.

"You're right, I won't, not here at least. I would like to come back at some point in time." Chris looked like a kid who just saw his puppy get ran over.

"Aww that was an asshole thing to do!" "Yeah you know all about assholes don't you Chris? Stephanie joked again at Chris' expense.

"Laugh it up now, won't be so funny when we get home." "What's gonna happen when we get home?" "Oh you'll find out soon enough." We laughed all the way to the carpeted area and sat down to take off the skates that felt so heavy they had to be taken off for a while. It took around five minutes, a lot of straining, and a little help from Rita before I finally got my skates off, next time I won't listen to Chris and get a size too small.

"So what are you guys doing on this side of town anyway?" Chris asked. "Randy and I finally have some time to ourselves to do whatever we want," Rita said. "How is that different than any other day?" "That's what I said," Stephanie jumped in. "Be quiet, its different! We don't have anyone breathing down our necks for a change," Rita replied. "Time together my ass, you two are on a date, you're not fooling anyone," Chris said. "We're not trying to fool anyone, were out on a date," I said plain and straight forward.

Chris made a stink face and then looked at Stephanie. "What the hell is wrong with them, hes on a date with his sister, I mean who dates their sister?" "I don't know, maybe they grew up in a dungeon or something," Stephanie said playing along. "You two do know you're not supposed to date each other right? You're only supposed to make out, feel each other up, and fuck each others brains out, then wake up and do it again." Chris said.

"That's all?" Stephanie said breaking character. "Then what was that yesterday when you." "AHHHHHHHHHLALALALA BE QUIET NOW AHHHAHAHLALALALA!" Chris yelled while covering his ears with his hands while Stephanie tried to pull them away.

"Look at em, and I thought we were weird," I said to Rita. "Hey don't include me in that, hes the one with the problems," Stephanie said. "While we're on the subject, when are you two gonna quit with all the runaround stuff and have a first date?" Rita asked, emphasizing the word "are." "That's not something we can just decide on and go mom and san ebony xxxsex stories said.

"Yeah you can, you ask her out, she says yes, you go on a date, simple as that," I said. Chris frowned. "It seems forced that way." "Its not forced if you both wanted to do it," Rita said.

"Shouldn't there be a time requirement or affection thing or something before your brother asks you out on a date?" Stephanie asked. "Wait, why am I the one who has to ask?" Chris asked Stephanie. "Because I'm the girl and you're the boy, duh." "And?" "And that's the way its always been." "Yeah maybe in 1950, those days are long gone.

Women killed chivalry when they asked for independence, you cant have both." "That's spoken just like a man." "And that's spoken just like a woman to want everything handed to her and give nothing back." "Keep talking and I'll "give" you another nipple twister!" "You come near my nipples again and I'll." "Ok kiddies! I guess we jumped the gun a little bit," I interrupted.

"Yeah, maybe you guys should wait a few months, or years, something," Rita joked. "She'd probably want me to pay for everything," Chris mumbled. Stephanie looked dead at Chris. "I heard that!" "I did say it loud enough, its not like it isn't true. Stephanie put on a baby face and poked her lip out, kinda like one of the faces Rita makes when she wants something.

"You wouldn't wanna spend money on your pretty little sister?" she said in a baby voice and tilting her head, looking at him with her big blue eyes. "Don't try it Steph, not gonna work this time." "But I'm your little sister, you love me don't you?" "After that nipple twister I'm not so sure." "You love me don't you?" "Stephanie quit it, that's cheating." "You love me don't you?" Stephanie said, managing to look even sadder. He sighed hard, knowing he lost.

"Dammit." Stephanie looked at us. "He won't say it out load, but he know he loves me." "Then again, maybe they don't need to wait a few months, they're being all cutesy, and even in public, that's what happened with us," Rita said. "Lets go back on the ice, that way at least I can skate away," Chris said awkwardly. Without waiting for confirmation, he was back on the ice as we were putting back on those heavy skates, it would take a while to get used to them again, not to mention being able to actually skate in them.

We were out there for a little longer than last time taking more pictures and chasing each other around the rink, and Stephanie accidentally reenacted the video clip where the lady screwed up the national anthem then added insult to injury and fell on lovely teen bonks so worthwhile on camera hardcore blowjob ice before walking away in shame, needless to say when Stephanie did that very thing that was it for ice skating for the day, lucky for her we were the only ones who saw it, with Chris laughing all the way back to the carpet.

"Whose idea was it to go stupid ice skating anyway," Stephanie said while removing her skates. "Umm yours, I wanted to go to that candy factory that just opened up," Chris said. "Maybe we still can, it doesn't close until seven." "Its 6:10, and we still have to drive there." "If we hurry up we can at least look around." "We gotta go now then, you guys coming?" Chris asked looking at us. We didn't know anything about a candy factory that opened up, but hey, we liked candy, and it was somewhere we haven't been, so what the hell.

I looked at Rita who just like almost any other time was thinking the same thing I was, the twin thing never gets old. "Uh sure, we'll follow you guys there." We got our shoes back on and in no time were in our car following them to this candy factory, which we would be at sooner than later since Chris was flying down the street trying to get there with as much time to spare as possible.

When we finally did get there (with thirty minutes to spare), we went inside and almost literally lost our breath, the place was huge! They had every kind of candy imaginable, chocolate, gum, caramel, taffy, everything. If it was ever made it was here, they even had the Willy Wonka bars. We didn't know where to start, so everybody split up and went to a different side of the factory, with me heading towards the gum.

There was the big league chew, breath freshening gum, gum inside candy, chiclets, bubble tape, bazooka joe, all kinds, but I grabbed a big bag of gumballs and went to see what else the store had.

I met up with Rita who had gotten herself a basket and filled it with every kind of chocolate you could think of. candy bars, chocolate covered pretzels, hershey's kisses, gourmet chocolate, and that's only what I could see. "Yeah I know, but who knows when we'll be back, I need enough to last until we do, and plus mom and dad like gourmet chocolate," Rita said when I eyed her big basket of candy. "And all I got was a bag of gumballs." I sulked. I was definitely going to change that.

We went through the rest of the store, meeting up with Chris and Stephanie a short while later each with their own baskets filled more than halfway up, my basket was looking way undersized. I decided to start picking up everything I remember having as a kid, to things I just happen to have a taste for, to things that were just too cheap to pass up, and a lot of the stuff was cheap.

By the time we finished grabbing candy it looked like we went trick or treating five times, and still had some left over. With five minutes to go we all rang our candy up together, which came up to $137.93, which was ridiculous for four people, but no one put anything back.

We had so much candy we qualified for a discount, and we needed it since we weren't gonna be buying candy for a long while. I still don't know what we were thinking spending that much on candy, heat of the moment thing I guess. We all chipped in and paid for the candy and were out the door about two minutes before they were supposed to close.

"This should last me about three days," Chris said opening up a candy bar. "And your teeth will last you about three weeks if you eat all that stuff now," Stephanie followed. "I'm not listening to you NIPPLE TWISTER who has more stuff than all of us combined!" Chris said through a mouth full of candy bar. "Fine, but don't say I didn't tell you. Anyway, what are you guys gonna do now?" Stephanie asked us. "We don't know, just been kind of a "whatever happens" kind of a day," I said.

"We could go for a walk, look at the neighborhood a little bit. You guys wanna come?" Rita asked. "Uhhh no thanks, I did enough walking, and skating, and falling for one day," Stephanie replied.

"Enough for five days," Chris joked. "Keep making fun of me." "Or what? I still cant feel my nipples, what else are you gonna do to me?" "Then I'll just have to twist something else," Stephanie said looking down at Chris' crotch. "If you even think about going near there I'll." "Oh you don't want me to go near there again? Ok if that's what you want," she grinned.

"Wait what? What are you." "Fine with me. We'll see you guys later. Come on Chris, I wanna go home and paint my toenails." Chris stood there a little dumfounded as Stephanie walked away with a little pep in her step. "Hey man, what the hell just happened?" "Pretty much you just agreed to never have sex with her again," I said.

"Like hell I did, see you guys later," Chris said taking off after Stephanie. "MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GET ANY POLISH ON HER SKIN, WE HATE THAT!" Rita yelled.

"What was that for?" I asked. "For Chris, I guarantee hes gonna be painting her toes tonight if he wants sex." "You're that sure?" "After everything that went on today, I'd bet a million dollars." "Sucks to be him," I thought as we walked back to our car to put the two big bags of candy in the trunk. We set off on the path opposite which we came and walked down the street. "So how's the day going for you so far?" I asked. "Perfect, even with all the falling at the ice place." "And its still not even over yet, still got over four hours left." "That's why I volunteered to go walking, we were getting short on time and I knew Stephanie and Chris weren't gonna wanna go walking anywhere." "I see mom passed some of her traits on to you," I joked.

"She gave you just as much. I still cant believe you set mom up like that at the beach yesterday, that was down That was exactly something she would do." "I know, I had to think like her, I couldn't let her pull that out of her ass and beat us at our own game." "I don't think I ever wanted to fuck you more than that moment." "I noticed, I was sinking down into the sand you were fucking me so hard." "But you liked it," she said smiling as she said it.

I paused a minute to give her the illusion I had to think about it, and when she looked at me I smiled big. "Yeah I did. I'm gonna trick mom more often if you're gonna fuck me like that." "Don't bet on it, we got lucky a few times, but after yesterday, moms gonna be on her A game." "Well at least we made em count, but I still we can get her a couple more times." We walked in silence for a while just holding hands and checking out the scenery, until Rita spotted one of her favorite places, well used to be.

"They have a java juice over here? What the hell! I thought they closed them all down." "Just the one on our side of town, something about relocating." "That sucks!

Why would they do that? That's just dumb." "Actually if you think about it, it works out better for us," I said sounding upbeat. "How?" "Because now we have a reason to be on this side of town more, without having to rely on Stephanie and Chris for a cover, especially if we wanted it to be just us. I mean yeah its gonna be hell on gas, but in the end it'll be worth it. And noone would question it because they all know how much you love java juice, well did until they closed down, so now we have this in our back pocket." She looked up at me and smiled.

"You don't fool me, you're just trying to get some tonight." "Is it working?" I smiled back. "I'll let you know, but first we need to get something to eat, I'm starving." "Oh yeah I almost forgot, you know that restaurant MELT that just opened?" "Yeah the one that's almost impossible to get in without a reservation?" "Yeah that one, mom gave us her and dad's reservations to go." "She did? Why?" "She just gave them to me, since they're going shopping, she didn't wanna waste the reservation." She was still skeptical.

"We're talking about mom here Randy. There's gotta be a catch." "She just gave it to me, she wanted to show shes still our mother I guess." "Well if that's the case then ok, she is still our mother, I just forgot it with everybody sleeping together and all.

That was nice of mom, I love her," Rita perked up. "Now that I think about it she did hug me real tight and say remember she did this for us next time I decide to leave her unsatisfied." "That bitch, I knew she had some ulterior motives." "This can all be settled with some mom on daughter jello wrestling." "You'd love that wouldn't you?" "Every minute.

The two hottest women on the planet going at it in a bowl of dessert, classic," I said now getting an image of it in my head. "So whos the hottest?" "Huh," I said, Rita snapping me back to reality.

"You said the two hottest women on the planet, who's the hottest?" "Oh no, I'm not walking into that trap!" "Its not a trap, I just wanna know who you huge facial cumshot for shy czech cutie is the hottest." "You wouldn't get mad if I didn't pick you?" "So you think mom is hotter?" "See that's why I can't answer that, its an unfair question. Mom is beyond beautiful, we both know that, and she birthed you, who is just as beautiful as mom is, just younger.

How do you decide there? You both have qualities the other doesn't have, like moms a milf, a dancer, and has huge breasts, you're a vixen, in incredible shape, and have an amazing ass, and you both have flawless faces, its completely impossible to choose, but having to pick, I would pick you just for the fact that I'm in love with you." "Awwwwwwwwww! You've been thinking about it haven't you?" "I thought it might come up one day, but I still didn't know how to respond to it, that just came out." "Well it came out perfect.

So I'm a vixen huh? I would've thought you'd say girl next door." "I was gonna, but I didn't know how you'd take that." "Yeah. Ok I think we've walked far enough for now, I'm starving!

Lets go eat." "Ok, we got thirty minutes to make our reservations, good thing we started walking back to the car or we might've missed it. Mom would've been pissed." "Well lets go, she doesn't need any more excuses to fuck you." "You're cute when you're jealous," I said, getting a half smile from Rita.

The best things always happens when Rita gets jealous; angry sex, make up sex, quickie sex, anal sex. if things keep going down that path I might have to make her jealous more often. We walked the rest of the way back to the car, turned on the gps from her phone so we could find the quickest way there and were off. The gps took us down streets we wouldn't normally go down but we seemed to be moving along fast so I was ok with it, not to mention we saw some more places we might wanna visit later, like the aquarium, or the mini-golf place, or comedy club, man this side of town has everything, looks like we'll be spending a lot more time over here.

When we finally arrived at the restaurant it was exactly as we expected it to be, packed. The line was going around the corner. We got there with five minutes to spare and hurried in before they even had a chance to give our table away. There were two lines, one full of people and one that had one couple in it, we figured the one with the one couple was the reservation line and went to it just as the other couple were leaving to go sit down. "Good evening and welcome to MELT, may I have your name please," the host said.

"Yeah, Stevens, table for two please," I said trying to sound older than I was. He scanned the paper for a while, making us think that we weren't on the list, then perked up at the last minute. "Ahh here we are, Stevens for two. May I see your ID's please?" We looked at him weird, having never been asked to show ID in a restaurant before. "Its to make sure you are who you say you are, people will do anything for a table here." "Oh ok," I said as we pulled out our ID's and showed them to him.

"The food is that good that people will go through all that trouble just for a table?" "Believe it or not. We've had someone try to impersonate Lady Gaga down to the tee. The hair, the makeup, the clothes, the whole nine, even those crazy shoes she wears." "Wow," we both laughed.

"Well we should get in and see what all the fuss is about," Rita said. "Not a problem. Your table is the one by the window in the fourth row, are you fine to get there or would you like me to escort you there?" "You'd better escort us, I don't wanna get kicked out for sitting at the wrong table," I said.

"Wouldn't be the first time it happened," he laughed. "Ok, right this way." He walked us through the crowd of tables until we reached ours, which showed a great view out of the window we were sat next to. The host helped Rita sit down before handing us two menus and heading back to his podium in front of the restaurant. "Ok, it is a little classy with the tables and the view, but everything else seems normal," Rita said.

I looked down at my menu to see what she was talking about and got it almost right away, the food was pretty normal for a restaurant. They had steaks, pasta, seafood, salads, and even burgers, they had burgers!

A lot of people here weren't even dressed up, they were casual, but it costs you an arm and a leg to get in, must be some pretty damn good food.

"You figure out what you want?" I asked. "Yep. Everything looks so good, but I don't wanna be greedy." "It all does look good. We can get something different each time we come." "If we can ever get back in," Rita laughed.

"All the tables aren't even being used, and all those people are still waiting outside." "I guess they're getting all the people with reservations in first, then everyone else." "Yep, because they're starting to let some of them in.

How did we not hear about this place?" "Because we were too busy sneaking around and fucking each other silly to notice," she grinned.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that," I laughed. We talked for a few more minutes then a waitress made her way through the tables and right to ours. "Hi I'm Kristen and I'll be your waitress this evening.

Have you decided on what to eat?" Rita looked at her a second longer than usual and checked her menu again before responding.

"Yeah I think I wanna try the 16oz. Sirloin steak, well done, with the baked potato and corn on the cob." "And for you sir?" "I'll have the same except in place of corn on the cob I'll have macaroni and cheese," I laughed. "Something I said sir?" "Yeah you keep calling me sir, sounds like you're talking to my father." "They make us say it to everyone, makes me feel weird too." "Well you can skip us, just call me Randy, and this is Rita." "Nice to meet you, I'll just take those menus and be back as soon as your food is ready." "Ok thanks," I said as she took the menus and walked away, then turned to look at Rita giving me the eye (the look women give you perfect natural nude black lesbian hot pussy fingering session they think you're up to something).

"What!" "I saw you flirting with her, you're not slick." "Me? What about you staring at her chest like she didn't have a shirt on?" "You can't prove it." "I was sitting right here!" "Nope, not good enough, you lose." "I'm eating your corn on the cob." "Then I'm eating your steak." "How is that an even trade?" "Because it.

ooooooh nice try, trying to get me to change the subject." "Dammit, well it it almost worked, you're just too smart for me." "Sarcasm won't work either." "Ok then I'm smarter." "No I'm. you sneaky bastard," she laughed. "I try. So what do you think Chris and Stephanie are doing?" "Besides each other? Stephanie's getting a fresh pedicure as we speak." "You girls are evil for doing that, using sex as a weapon." "Guys shouldn't make it so easy then." "I think I'm gonna start doing that.

I get what I want or no sex for you." "You already get what you want. How does that sound, "have sex with me or I won't have sex with you", really Randy?" Rita laughed.

"Its not always about sex you nympho, I could've been talking about video games or something." "But we both know you weren't." "I coulda been." "But you weren't." "Punk." Yeah, great comeback. We messed around for a little while longer then the waitress came to our table with our food, and man, it looked about as perfect as you could make food look.

The steaks were huge, plump, and juicy, the baked potatoes was cooked perfectly, her corn on the cob looked good and my macaroni and cheese looked right out of a tv spot. "Here you are guys, hope you enjoy," Kristen said as she sat both plates down.

"This looks amazing," I said eagerly. "That's what everyone says their first time here, which is why this place is so popular." "We might have to order some to go," Rita followed.

"Yeah they say that too, well I'll let you guys enjoy your food, flag me if you need anything." She smiled as she walked to another table and we looked down at our gorgeous plate of food like we hadn't eaten in days, not wasting any time and going right in to the best plate of food we'd ever had. The steak was so juicy and perfectly cooked it felt like sex for your mouth. We were eating so fast we almost forgot to savor the food, so about halfway through we finally slowed down to enjoy it.

"We definitely have to come back here, dad NEVER made a steak this good!" Rita said. "I know! I don't know how they do it but we're definitely coming back." "And to think Stephanie and Chris knew about this place and didn't say anything, just wait till the next time we see them." "What's gonna happen?" "I don't know, but I'll think of something, nothing sexual if that's what you're getting at." "Why does it always have to be sex first?" "Because you're a guy and guys always think sex first." "That's a stereotype, like if I was to say all girls think money first." "Not all women are goldiggers." "And not all men are dicks." "But men have more labels on them than women." "What!

That's a horrible lie!" "Really? Name one stereotype women have that has nothing to do with sex." "They can't drive worth a damn." "Everyone says that, not true. Pick another." "The blonde." "Definitely not true, sometimes. Pick another." "They shop way too much." "We do not!" "Where's mom and Aunt Lisa at right now?" "That's just a coincidence." "They went shopping five times this week, its Tuesday!" "Women love to shop, is that a crime?" "It should be.

You never stick to your plans." "What do you mean "stick to our plans?" "Ok, if a man says hes going to the store to buy a pair of shoes, he goes to the mall, goes to the store with the shoes he wants, and he BUYS A PAIR OF SHOES AND LEAVES!

CASE CLOSED! If a woman says shes going to the store to buy a purse she goes to the mall, goes into every store on the way to the purse and buys everything, go buy the purse, then go shopping some more." "That is completely wrong." "No its not and you know it. Man, go to mall for shoes, 38 minutes, $75, leaves with shoes, period.

Teen rides her bf on chair and gets fucked doggystyle, go to mall for purse, 4 hours and 17 minutes, leaves with four new outfits comma, new ipod case comma, three pairs of flip flops comma, a hat that someone famous was wearing that they just had to have comma, PURSE. comma, not period, a bajillion new wrist things comma, new makeup comma, and finish off with getting something just because it was on sale, now period." "Don't try to act like you have us all figured out, not all women are like that." "But most are." "Men aren't any better with the sizing up every woman that walks past them." "All men don't do that." "But a lot of em do.

"Damn she has some big titties! She got big titties and a big ass! She got big titties, a big ass, and she kinda dumb, jackpot!" "Hahaha, what kind of men you been hanging around?" "Any man would fit into that description." "Even me?" "You're in the 6% of men who don't do that." "Its gotta be higher than that." "Nope, 6%, and I'm being generous." I laughed as I took my last bite of steak. "So what do you wanna do when we get out of here?" "I wanna go back to that store with the." She stopped talking when she realized she'd been set up, that and me laughing at her.

"That still doesn't mean anything." "How did all this come about anyway?" "Talking about Stephanie and Chris, nothing good ever comes from thinking about them." "Yeah, we still megan fox full sex tape to beat their ass for not telling us about this place." "Its too bad they won't let us leave with anything, that was so good I'd stay for another round if I wasn't so full." "Me too.

We should leave though, we're getting low on time in the day left." Rita looked at her phone to see it was 9:00. "Only three hours left, we can make it work." I waved over Kristen and asked her for the bill and paid or it with the money mom gave me, and gave Kristen what I assumed was a real generous and expected tip from mom.

"Thank you so much, I hope you guys enjoyed the food," Kristen said. "We did, and we'll definitely be back," I said as brazzer xxx xnxxx big boobs teacher fucking hard got up to leave. "I'll save a table for you, come back soon," she said as we waved and walked out the door. We left out the restaurant and Rita took my hand in hers and started walking in the opposite direction of where the car was again, checking out some more sights.

"Looks like we got somebody on the inside now," Rita said. "No you can't bring her home with us," I joked. "I wasn't going to, but now that you said I can't I have to do it," she said as she faked going back towards the restaurant." "Nice try, get over here," I said as I pulled her by the arm into me. She amazing gals play lesbian games masturbation and smalltits looking me right in the eyes.

"And if I don't?" "Then I'll go in there and get her for myself." "I don't think so, nobody kisses my manz but me." "What about mom and Scal val makes a girl kiss her feet Lisa?" "They're grandfathered in." "I don't think they'll like that you said that." "Then you better not tell em." "What do I get in return?" She took my hands and put one on her tit and the other on her ass."Your pick." "You're just gonna let me feel you up in public like this?

You know I won't move my hands." "I won't move em either, they don't know us, plus I like us being noticed as a couple finally." We just stood there, not paying attention to anyone around us, or anything, just us, me groping her, and her smiling right back at me while I fondled her in public. "Having fun Randy?" "As a matter of fact I am." "Just wait until husband accidentally watches his friends fuck his wife crooked devious smile peaked my interest.

"What's gonna happen later?" As I said that we rounded a corner and saw a big fountain lit up in the night sky. "Randy look at that! Come on lets go take some pictures by it." We sped walked all the way to the fountain dodging between all the people that crowded the sidewalk. When we got there she immediately sat down directly in front of where the water pours out at and struck several different poses.

I took that as my cue to take out my phone and started snapping away. I took so many pictures throughout the day I ran out of memory about 15 snaps in, so Rita gave me her phone, I wouldn't be taking pictures in front of the fountain so it was fine with me.

I kept snapping pictures until her phone ran out on memory like mine did and sat down on the fountain next to her. "How did both of us go through our entire memory?" "Not counting all the songs we have, we did take over a million pictures today." "Well at least we got some good shots in." We sat there just looking out into the street when we heard rumbling, and looked up to see rain clouds had crept in, but they didn't look that bad so we decided to stay.

"Hey look, we could use those mechanical cameras pointing at the fountain," Rita said. "Yeah those are the professional ones that's supposed to work in any weather. It takes good night shots, zooms in for you, backs out, takes out the red eye, even crops it for you, it does almost everything you'd do, but it costs like $15.00 for ten minutes to use, complete ripoff." "Do the pictures come out really good?" "From what I hear yeah, you pick em up in I'm guessing that booth over there, like how Cedar Point does when you get off the roller coaster, it cost like ten bucks a picture though." "Well I wanna try it anyway, its only ten dollars." "On a picture?" "Don't forget we just spent over a hundred dollars on candy." "Oh yeah, well now it seems like nothing.

Why not." I put a ten dollar bill in the one closest to us and went to sit down next to Rita who was waiting patiently for the camera to start taking pictures. When the red light blinked on and the camera started taking pictures she grabbed on to me, looking at the camera with my face touching hers, kissing my cheek, acting like she was falling in the water, just having fun.

I reciprocated by doing the superhero face with my hands and picking her up wedding style and acted like I was gonna throw her in the water, making her squirm and hop babe august appreciates pussy slamming with her boyfriend.

The camera still flashing, I looked at it for a second before looking back at Rita who had her eyes locked dead on me smiling. "I love you." "I love you too," I responded without hesitating one bit. In that brief moment we had forgotten where we were, who we were around and even what we were doing. The only thing that mattered at that moment was us. As she moved her arms around my neck I didn't wait for her to lean up, I brought my head down to her and kissed her.

As my lips melted into hers, everything around us disappeared. No cars, no people, no bright flashing from the camera, just the feel of her soft lips pressed into mine, her arms holding tight around my neck, and the crisp sound of the fountain splashing behind us. I was in awe of the moment, we were kissing in public, and not just any kiss, the most romantic kiss we've ever shared.

The way she moaned in my mouth and held on to me told me she was thinking the exact same thing. We were so lost in the moment that we forgot to pay attention to our surroundings, not noticing that everyone had disappeared from the area, but it came clear when we felt that first rain drop, then another, then one more, and before you know it, it was pouring down heavily.

I broke the kiss for a second to look at Rita and motion for us to get out of the rain, but she still had that smile on her face. "We're already wet, so we might as well stay," she said as raindrops bounced from her soft face. That was all I needed, and just like that, we were back to kissing each other, under the moonlight, in the rain, without a doubt the most romantic moment of either of our young lives. We kissed and kissed and kissed until we noticed the camera stopped taking pictures and we had drawn a small crowd of older women looking at us from under the booth.

Still standing in the rain, we got the number from the screen, gathered ourselves and walked over to the booth, holding hands as the women giggled at us. "That ones a keeper honey," the brown haired woman said to Rita. "Trust me, I know," Rita said as she pulled us into the booth.

We walked over to the desk, dripping water on the floor as we did so and went to look for our pictures. We gave the screen mommy got boobs amazing busty milf getting screwed hard to the guy in the store and in seconds about fifty pictures of us flashed on the computer screen.

They were all really good shots, but there was one that stood out over all of them, and Rita was looking dead at it. It was a perfect shot of us with my hands at her waist and her arms around my neck kissing as the rain fell down around us, it looked like such a perfect picture you jis ki sil na tuti hvb f thought it was photoshopped (legit photoshop, not that bent surroundings crap). "Oh my god, I want that one, we look so good together." "Awww!

You two make such a cute couple," the black haired woman said from behind us. "Let me see," the blonde said as she eased over and looked at the picture then smiled.

Xxx sex stories porn sneha ebony bhasa me moves

"I'm so jealous, my husband never did anything like that with me." I wanted to say something about these women we don't know just being all up in our personal space like that, but when I looked at Rita her smile was bigger than ever, like she was feeding off their compliments.

To have someone, let threesome hardcore variations phoenix marie allie haze valentina sweet gabriella paltrova sarah shev three women we didn't know acknowledge our relationship in such a positive manner was music to Rita's ears, and she was soaking it all up.

"I want this one," Rita said to the guy and pointing at the picture. "We should get this one too," I said pointing to the one where I picked her up off the ground. "Why should we. oh ok, yeah we'll get this one too," she added after realizing we needed a cover picture for mom and dad.

The guy pressed some buttons and before we knew it, the pictures were coming out of the machine. When he handed them to us they looked even better than they did on the screen, everything filled the entire picture, it was bigger, the massive hooters bounce on a fat cock were brighter, and even the rain around us looked amazing.

"We have a special going where if you buy two pictures you get them framed for free, would you guys like to do that?" the guy at the booth asked. "Yes that would be perfect!" Rita said a little too excited. "I guess that's a yes," I said as I handed him $20 and the pictures back. He framed them and handed them back to us and once again all the women were staring at it in a circle, smiling and sharing all their comments.

"We get like two or three of these every week, and more times than none these same women are here when it happens, but they never take the pictures themselves," the guy behind the counter said. "Maybe its a young thing I guess, a "girls night out" thing or something," I said.

"Whatever it is, I always seem to sell more pictures when they're here, so I'm not gonna tell them to stop, I might end up having to pay them." I laughed as I looked over at the group of women and saw Rita walk from the middle of them holding the picture to her still damp chest.

"Lets go home." When she said that all the women did that squeal they do when they're naughty bella has her tight ass fucked a this lucky driver fucks his blondie sexy passenger hardcore outdoor and they all understood an inside joke or something, but Rita didn't hide her intentions either, looking at me with a combination of love and lust, I think everyone in that store knew what we were going to do.

Luckily the rain slowed down enough to where it was just a light drizzle, so the walk back to the car didn't soak us any more then we already were. When we got to the car we rang out our clothes as best we could and got in, going home after probably the best day we've had as more than just brother and sister.

While we were driving home Rita pulled her phone out of her purse and called someone, but I was too busy watching the road I didn't get to see who." "Hey mom." "Were on our way home, we just took the most amazing picture in the rain." "Its so romantic mom, wait till you see it." "Yeah were fine, we rung out our clothes.

Are you guys still out shopping?" "I just wanted to make sure you remember our little agreement about not coming home." "After today, definitely." "That should be ok, but call just in case." "Haha no mom, you're such a slut!" "No were not up there on your level of freak yet." "Ok see you when you get home." "Love you too mom, bye." "What she say?" I asked when Rita hung up the phone." "They just finished shopping an hour ago, they're taking dad to go see a "blow em up" movie since he was a good sport and didn't complain." "They just finished?

They have a shopping disorder." "That's the best one to have." "Dad's a trooper for that, over six hours without complaining? Wow." "Just wait till its your turn." "As long as its not tonight." "No were going home, I have different plans for you tonight." "Where are you gonna put those pictures?" "I don't know, I haven't thought of it yet." "Well when you do make it good, we don't want dad finding them." "I wish we could show him, this one of us is such a good picture." "Yeah it really is, but we can show him the other one." "That'll have to do for now I guess." I could feel her mood dropping a little at having to hide our relationship again, so I thought of something to say I knew would cheer her right back up almost instantly.

"So what we don't get to show dad, we still get to flash it around mom and Aunt Lisa, you know they're gonna be hella jealous." It worked because the moment I said it that smile came back to her face. "That's true, I know they've never had a moment that was half this good.

Now I really can't wait to show them!" The rest of the drive home was silent with me concentrating on the road and Rita looking at the picture of us kissing, I swear she never took her eyes off it, except to look at me. When we finally pulled into our driveway we hopped out of the car, leaving all that picnic stuff and candy in the back and taking nothing but the pictures and our wet clothes,which were starting to make us blonde babe gets her ass hole wreck by her lucky bf little cold.

"It got cold fast, my nipples are freezing! Rita shivered as she stripped off her wet clothes. "Mine too, but I didn't wanna say anything." "I think were way past that awkward moment stage Randy," Rita laughed. "I don't know why I'm so weird when I talk about my nipples." "Because YOU'RE weird, but you're a good weird, you're my weird," she smiled. "If that's a compliment I'll take it. But yeah it did get cold really fast, I need to warm up." "You wanna take a bath together?

Its been a while since we last took one." "That sounds pretty good actually, I can be lazy, warm up, and get clean at the same time." "Slouch. I'll go run a bath for us, you go throw our clothes in the wash." She took off up the stairs ass naked and two at a time, her ass jiggling every time she landed on a stair. I, just as naked as she was, waited until she was completely out of sight before I finished taking off my clothes and grabbing hers and headed to the basement.

I threw the clothes in the wash without turning it on and grabbed the pictures and headed back upstairs to our room to grab some towels for us, Rita wasn't in the room so I assumed she was in the bathroom so I grabbed some towels and our ipod deck so we could listen to music while we were in there.

I sat our phones down in our room and went to the bathroom to see Rita sitting in candlelight on the edge of the tub stirring her hand in the water to mix around the soap and bubbles. "Go ahead and get in, the water's pretty much high enough." I sat the ipod deck teen redhead lets guy masseur to fuck her smalltits and massage on the sink and did as she asked and slowly sunk down in the tub, the hot water adding instant relief to my still cold body.

Rita grabbed the ipod deck and set it on an r&b playlist, then came over to the tub and slipped in in front of me. "Oh this water feels so good," she said as she sat all the way down. "I know right? This was just what we needed." Rita turned the water off with her foot and I wrapped my arms around her and held her, her body relaxing into me as she sighed her approval. For a good while we just sat there listening to the music and reveling in the feel of the hot water and our bodies touching in the soft glow of the candlelight, about as relaxing as you can get.

"We haven't taken a bath in a long time," Rita said breaking the silence. "I know, if we didn't have to watch out for dad so much we could do it more often." "You think we should just take a chance and tell him?" "We can't, you remember what he said at the cabin?" "But if we told him we could do this all the time, among other things." "After the way he responded when we got back to the cabin, he wouldn't have it." "Ahh its so frustrating, hes the only one who doesn't know about us." "I don't think Chris and Stephanie's dad knows either, about any of us." But he doesn't live here.

why cant dad just react like mom and Aunt Lisa did, bribe us then support us, or since its dad yell at us then support us?" "Because hes dad, and you're his little girl, you're not supposed to have sex, ever. The fact that were fucking the hell out of each other almost ebony beauty honey gold flaunts her assets a daily basis would blow his mind." "He cheered you on when he walked in on you having sex." "Its different with a son, don't ask why, it just is." "He should be happy, at least he'd know I wouldn't end up abused, or a single mom or on drugs or something if he knew I was with you." "True.

Its not all bad though, it makes sneaking around that much better, like when you were playing the game and I crept up and started licking you, or when dad was talking to you at the door and I was licking you, or that time I was under your desk while you were talking to mom and Marie and I was. "Ok ok I get it haha, you have your head between my legs a lot." "I cant help it if you taste that good, you want me to stop?" "HELL NO!

I was just pointing it out, we don't need to go down that road." "See, there are some up sides." "Yeah, but eventually he'd have to know." "We'll cross that bridge when we get to it then." We fell into another silence as we listened to Frank Ocean sing "Thinkin Bout You" on the ipod. She turned the hot water on with her foot and grabbed her loofa to wipe off whatever oil and dirt the bubbles had soaked out of her skin. When she finished I took the loofa from her and ran it across her legs underwater, getting it close to her crotch, but not too close where it looked intentional.

"That feels good, can you get my back too?" She sat forward and I ran the loofa over her back making sure not to miss a spot, and when I was done she fell back into me in the water.

She turned the water back off and nuzzled her head against my chest like she was about to go to sleep, she certainly looked peaceful enough to. The track switched to some song I didn't know and about a minute in Rita started to get a little fidgety. "Whats wrong?" "Nothing, its just this song makes me a little." "Oooh, lady parts going into overdrive huh?" I snickered.

She play slapped me on the chest. "Hey you be nice when you talk about my lady parts, they like to play games with me with certain things happen." "Speaking of games, we never finished our question game. I think it was my turn." "Why are you so sure it was you turn?" "Because I remember getting double points for something." "There were no double points!

You cant just add rules. Maybe we should just call it a draw, we went for like thirty minutes and neither of us got a single question wrong, I don't wanna be in here for three hours and turn into a prune because we know too much about each other." "We won't be, I got the perfect question." She thought for a second.

"You know what, fine. I'm not scared of you or your question. I've already proved there's nothing I don't know about either of us, so go right ahead," she said confident. "Ok, here it is," I said as I sat her up so her ear was right next to my mouth. "What time was it the very first time you asked me to make love to you?" She turned around to look at me and had a blank look on her face for a second, then the emotion took form as she fought to hold back tears.

She turned around in the water so we were chest to chest and lay her head in the nape of my neck. "It was 10:41 on our birthday in your bed. We just came back from having dinner with mom and dad and I asked you the difference between sex and love, and you not only told me, you showed me. I'll never forget that day, it was when I realized the love of my life had been living under the same roof as me my entire life." She tightened her grip on me and I held her a little tighter as well, holding back my own emotions at the answer she just gave me.

I honestly didn't think she would remember the time, I don't even remember her looking at the clock that day, but she knew every detail about that moment, and the way she said it reminded me once again why I fell in love with her in the first place. "Hey," I said as I lifted her head so she could look at me. "I love you." "I love you too," she said then followed with a soft heartwarming kiss right on the lips.

We kissed like that until the ipod changed the song to that "Put My Body" song by Beyonce, then she broke the kiss and sat naughty pornstars fucking at party and milf threesome dp first time borrowing milk from off me.

"Come on, I think its time to get out." She didn't say anything else, she just got up out of the water and stepped out of the tub and turned off the ipod, then she wrapped herself up in towels, one around her body and one for her hair. I stood up myself and let the water out of the tub and wrapped the other towel around myself, then was instantly embraced again by Rita as she slowly slid her tongue over mine, not rough or hardcore or anything, but slow and sensual, as if savoring it.

She moaned each time I ran my hands over her ass which made her breathing get quicker, until she got to the point where she had enough. "Come on, lets go to the bed." "Ours or Aunt Lisa's?" I asked, Aunt Lisa's room still being her's technically. "Neither." She smiled as she took my hand and led me out the bathroom and right into mom and dad's room.

I had never thought of having sex in mom and dads room, ever, the thought just never crossed my mind, but thinking about it now, having sex in the bed of the people who were responsible for your existence just seemed to make the scene that more erotic.

She slid out moms vanity chair in front of the foot of their bed and had me take a seat then left the room, and came back with the ipod deck. "What are you doing?" I asked. "You'll see, just sit there and watch." She turned the ipod back on and started the Beyonce song over, and shook the towel in her hair loose and onto the floor, then came over and sat in my lap as she lip synced the words to the song to me, and changed a few around for my benefit. "I just wanna show you how much you got your girl feeling good Randy," she whispered in my ear.

She got off my lap, both of us still clad in our towels, and started dancing to the music. Wow. That was the only thing that formed in my head. In all the time we have ever spent together I have never truly seen her dance, but seeing her dance for me made me fall for her all over again.

She had the body movements of an exotic dancer with the grace of a ballerina as she moved her body to the song. I couldn't stop looking at her thighs where the towel made a split at, and when she turned around and gyrated her ass for me to look at I almost came on the towel. When the song started to cut into the chorus she made her way back to my and sat down in my lap again, this time facing me and ground herself into me, pressing my hard on right into the crevice of her pussy.

"I cant help but to think about it day and night Randy," she whispered as she nibbled on my ear. I was so aroused it was painful. Never has she done so little but made me so hot ever. I wanted to rip that towel off of her and ravage the hell out of her, but I didn't wanna ruin the moment, and she would never forgive me for it, and I definitely wanted to see her dance some more, so I sucked it up. "Tonight I'm gonna put my body on your body, boy I like it when you watch me, ugh, tonight its going down," she whispered again then leaned off so she could grind on me some more.

I ran my hands up her back as she continued to dance on me, grinding her towel covered body over mine and letting little moans escape girl first time xxx in gym lips to show me just how aroused she was.

When the song finally ended she stood up and pulled me with her and guided me to mom and dads bed and had me lay down, I still couldn't believe we were in their room. I lay down and she crawled over me and dropped her towel, and I swear it was like I was looking at her for the first time. My cock was poking into the towel so hard it was giving me indian burn every time it pulsed. As bad as I wanted to have her right then, I wanted to warm her up first, like she did me, so I flipped her over on her back and held her legs open in the air, licking my lips so she knew what I was about to do.

I dipped my head into her crotch and in one long stroke I licked all the way from her ass to her clit. "Uuuuuuuuuugh fuck, do that again just like that," she moaned. I did as asked and licked from her ass to her clit again, this time not stopping after one lick though, I kept going like I hadn't eaten her pussy in days. She was moaning louder than she ever did before, so loud I was certain the next door neighbors could hear us, so I had to slow down a little until she got quiet again, which wasn't well received by her in the least bit.

"Don't stop please, I'll be quiet, I promise, just don't stop." I started up again but this time I chose to use my tongue as a cock and darted it in and out of her as I rubbed her asshole with my thumb. "Yes Randy, you always know how to make me feel good!" I never penetrated her ass, but rubbed it, it didn't seem like this was that kind of moment for such a thing.

We weren't being rough or anything like that, we were soft, caressing, loving with each movement, so I wanted to keep everything clean. I held her legs apart and sucked on her swollen lips as she fidgeted around under me, finally placing both of her hands on my head and holding me in place. "Baby, oh god, I need you in me now, please, put it in me." Rita begged. Not having made her cum yet, I wanted to finish the job, but all the tension she would have stored up from not cumming would make it that much better, plus she begged me in that needing voice I love so much, so saying no wasn't an option anyway.

I wiped mandingo dips his huge cock into the beautiful young ebony honey dip excess juice that was on my mouth on the towel under me and made my way up her body. She cradled her legs around me as my cock rested right on top of her pussy, just waiting to get in. The song on the ipod changed to "Ice" by Kelly Rowland as I grabbed hold of my cock and held it right at her pussy.

"Mom and dads had sex so many times in this bed." I said as I put the tip of my cock at her entrance. "And now their kids will." She looked me in the eyes as she said that and slowly pulled my hips toward her, impaling herself with my cock. She never broke eye contact with me, just sucked in her breath and let it all out in relief once I was fully buried inside her. She hooked my neck and brought me down to kiss her as I slowly withdrew from her all the way to the tip and eased back into her.

"Oooh yes Randy just like that, make love to me, make love to your little sister." Her words trailed off into a moan as I slid all the way back into her, ironically going to the beat of the song, which was nice, seeing as Rita started to sing some of the words to the song in my ear. I buried my face in her neck and closed my eyes so I could focus on the feel of her pussy gripping my cock like it never wanted to let go, her nipples poking into my chest and her legs wrapped around me telling me she wants more, and the sound of her soft voice as she switches between singing the song and moaning in my ear, it was a lot to concentrate on, but it was well worth it.

"Nothing ever feels as good as your cock inside me, ohh soooo goooooood!" She started meeting me halfway, her body taking over for her now that shes completely given in to the moment. I sat up on my elbows so I could look down at her every time I pushed my cock into her, and was rewarded with a look of pleasure on her face every time my cock would enter her. She looked so beautiful the way she would close her eyes and try to hold back a moan, it made me wonder how I didn't notice it before.

She looked me in the eyes and put her hands on my chest to let me know she wanted me to stop, and when I did she rolled me over on my back and climbed on top of me.

She leaned down to kiss along my neck as she grabbed hold of my cock in her hand and began stroking it. "I cant wait to put this big cock back in me," she said still stroking it. I moaned under her as her little hand squeezed my cock, if I didn't find a way to distract myself and soon I lusty teen vivian valentine grabs that cock and blows it cum just from that.

My problem was solved when she went to switch sides on my neck and left her tits right in front of my face. I took hold of her right nipple and her ass cheeks at the same time and sucked on her nipple as I massaged her ass in my hands. "Oh baby, yes suck my nipple, suck on the other one too, oh my god yes!" I switched to the other nipple like she asked and held her to where she lad to let go of my cock, and teased her some more by rubbing my cock against her dripping wet pussy.

Almost the instant my cock rubbed against her clit her lips were pressed into mine like she was trying to distract herself from the teasing I was putting her through. She quickly regained the upper hand though, she sat up by pushing off my chest and rocking against my cock, looking down at me and biting her lip. "Trying to tease me?

You should know better than that." I was stuck between looking at her and wanting my cock back in her pussy, either way was a win, but one would definitely feel better than the other. Out of nowhere though her plan started to backfire though, I guess she forgot that she was attracted to me and loves sex as much, if not more than I do, and the constant rubbing on her clit didn't help either. Without saying anything she grabbed my cock and slowly sat down on it until I was balls deep, waiting for that moment to groan.

I went to sit up so I could kiss her but she pushed me back down on the bed. "No, you lay down, now its my turn." I let her push me back down and spread my arms wide as she had her way with me. She lifted herself off my cock slowly and slid back down on it just as slow all while pinching one of her nipples and bracing herself on my chest with her other hand.

She pinched herself so hard it jerked her eyes open and looked down at me looking back up at her, which made her go from impaling herself on me to grinding on me. She put her arms on either side of my head and leaned down until we were face to face, each time she ground into me forcing my head to lean up to where our mouths almost touched each time, but she had her eyes closed and was too focused on the pleasure to notice.

"Baaaaby, god you feel so gooooooood! I'll never let another man inside me, ever!" I struggled to get words out with how good she was riding me, that and the look of pure bliss on her face. She put her head right over mine again and this time she did kiss me, sucking on my lips with as much passion as she could until she broke it panting, but still riding me.

"Yes, oh my god yes! I love you Randy, I love you," she half moaned-half whispered. "I love you too baby," I said back as I put my hands on her hips to help guide her. "I love you so much, I love you I love you I love you." I cut her off with another kiss as I sat up so she was sitting in my lap, me still inside her. We hardly moved our hips, we did just enough for it to be considered having sex.

At that moment we mostly just held on to each other as we kissed, rolling around in our parents bed as our combined juices no doubt seeped into the bedsheets.

At the time we didn't think about how we would get the stains out of the sheets before they got home, or even how to get the sex smell out of the air, but we weren't too concerned with it, at that point, they could have walked in at that moment and I don't think we would've budged.

In no time we stopped the slow movement and picked back up the pace a little. I slid my hands under her ass and slowly lifted her off my cock and then would let her slide back down it, her pussy gripping it tightly the whole way. "Ooooh yes, I don't think we've ever done this before, do that again,"she groaned. Once again, just like she asked I lifted her off me, this time higher, and let her slide back down again, this time getting a louder and more drawn out groan from her right in my ear, which could only mean keep doing what you're doing, so that what I did.

I listened to her announce her pleasure at what she was feeling in my ear as "Maria Maria" by Carlos Santana now played in the background, which made the mood that much better as I tried to go along with the beat.

I had to pick up pace a little to keep up, but not too much, and I went as deep as I could every time which was definitely starting to have its effect on me, but it was having an effect on Rita even more. "Oh Randy, Randy, I think I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum hard!" I didn't know what her body was going through that confused her, but she never "thought" she was going to cum, she either was or she wasn't, so something that hasn't happened before was probably throwing her off a little.

As the song drew to the end so did her breathing and her grip on my neck and my cock tightened two times over as her climax approached. "I"m gonna cum Randy! Cum with me please! Ooooooh gooooood!" "No, this ones all you baby," I whispered in her ear as I drove a bit harder and a bit faster into her. I was still going at a relatively slow pace, but with all the buildup earlier and everything that was going on around her at that moment it was just a matter of time before she came, and came she did.

Her arms were still locked tight around my neck as she involuntarily shook in my lap, her head leaning back and just hanging there. I stopped my thrusts so she could enjoy her orgasm without getting jolted every second by my cock, and when she finally came down, she threw all her weight on me, pushing me back on the bed.

I could feel her juice running along my body to the bed where it surely made a big wet spot, but at that moment I wasn't worried about it. I lay there with my cock still buried inside her until she lifted herself off me and kissed me on the lips. I went to move her from on top of me but she resisted and pushed my arms back to the bed.

"No, you didn't cum yet. You always make sure I do, now I'm gonna make sure you do." She pushed against my chest and drove my cock balls deep in her pussy, making us both groan at the same time. Every time I would move my arms, even the slightest bit, she would always put them back on the bed parallel to my body.

"Just lay there, I don't want you helping at all, I wanna make you cum on my own." As hard as it was to just lay there, I did as she asked. I watched her face squint together each time I slid back into her, completely powerless to do anything about it.

At that moment, my cock belonged to her. She controlled how deep I went, how long I stayed in, what angle I went in at, even the way I went in. She was grinding me nice and deep, biting her lip each time I hit her clit, and opening her eyes slowly ever so often to see what my facial expression was, which probably looked the same as hers seeing as her pussy was trying its hardest to suck the cum out of my cock.

After a while, her pussy started wearing me down and my will to stay up was slowly fading, I was about to cum, and she knew it. "Come on baby, cum deep inside me, cum inside your pussy," she moaned. I fought it for as long as I could, but then Rita leaned down and gave me one of her passionate "I love you and only you" kisses with her hard nipples pressed right into my chest, I was done.

"Rita, I'm gonna cum!" "Go ahead, cum inside your little sister, do it for me." She sat back up and braced against me for one last time as she ground into me more fiercely, pumping my cock with her pussy. I had enough. I grabbed her hips and thrust into her as deep as I could and squirted every single drop of cum I had right into her. She never took her eyes off me the whole time I was cumming, and I strained to keep mine open to look back at her.

Each time a jet shot into her she would suck in air and let it out in a little moan, which made me squirt that much harder. When I got down to my last drops I wrapped my arms around her back and pulled her down to me with the little strength I had, and she was all to happy to oblige.

We lay there panting in each others arms for what seemed like hours, but was probably only minutes, just holding each other with me still inside her. "Rita." "You don't have to say anything, I know," she said grabbing my hand and kissing it. "Why cant it be like this all the time?" "Cuz that would make life fair, and we all know how that works out." "Yeah, but on the other hand it makes moments like these that much more special." "Well I'm ready to have another "special" moment right now," she said climbing back on top of me.

"Haha Rita we cant, we definitely wont have enough time to go again, not in here." "You gotta live a little Randy." "That's funny, because I definitely felt alive a few minutes ago." She chuckled to herself like she was gloating. "Thank you, I try." "Just wait till next time, you'll be begging me to stop." "Randy, caucasian and asian slut prefer strap on have I ever begged you to stop?

If anything I beg you to keep going." Walked right into that one. I laughed just like she did. "Haha, thank you, I try." I exquisite teen is pissing and fingering trimmed cunt a pillow to the side of the head. "Smartass. I guess we should get up then, they are doing what dad wants to do, so they'd be trying to get done and home as soon as possible." We got out of their bed and stretched our legs, me walking right behind her.

She went right into the bathroom and I kept going to our room, until I heard a faint song coming from downstairs. I listened again and it struck me that it was my phone ringing, I left them downstairs like an idiot while we were upstairs, smart.

I flew down the stairs ass naked and grabbed my phone to see it was mom calling. I saw the missed call signal in the corner and took a breath, ready to get yelled at, and answered it. "Hey mom." "Don't "hey mom" me, where the hell have you two been? I've been calling for the last five minutes!" "Sorry mom, we were a little busy." "Well its a good thing you climbed off your sister long enough to hear your phone ring, were on our way home, were at the gas station." "Ok, we'll be cleaned up by the time you get home." "The gas station up the street, we'll be there in about ten minutes." "Crap, you cant stall dad a little?" "Well if you weren't busy pumping away at your sister you would have more time." "Is that jealousy I hear?" I teased, forgetting the seriousness of the moment for a second.

"No that's the door slamming behind you after he kicks you out, get moving!" The phone clicked and I snapped back to reality and flew back up the stairs, just in time to meet Rita as she came out of our room wrapped up in the sheet. "Hey you, I was just about to." "No time, they're on their way back now! They're at the gas station up the street, we gotta fix their room back and get that smell out of there in less than ten minutes!" Without saying a word, she noticed the look of urgency on my face and followed me back into our room to put on some decent clothes and went right back into our parents room.

We looked like someone hit fast forward on us we were moving so fast, changing the sheets on their bed (luckily they only had plain white sheets), getting the ipod deck out and putting the chair back all while airing out the room, but it didn't seem to be working fast enough. Rita grabbed a can of febreeze and sprayed it all over the room, but I knew dad, and he would definitely notice something wrong seeing as it was only sprayed in their room, so I took the can from her and sprayed the whole house as she finished making their bed, and while I was at it I plugged up the vacuum and ran it over the entire second floor, nothing big, just made the vacuum lines in the visible spots on the floor so you could see it was done.

When we got their room back how it was we closed their window and left the room heading downstairs just in time to see the lights show through the curtains, indicating they were home.

We put the vacuum up and turned the tv to Scary Movie 2, a movie they would buy us watching, and to give us more cushion I grabbed two pops and a big bag of chips from the kitchen and threw some chips on the floor to look like we were wrestling. They stepped on the porch, bags rattling and all, and opened the door just as Rita put me in a headlock, dad was the first one in.

"Hey hey hey now stop that, you're making a mess everywhere," dad said holding a bunch of bags. "We cleaned the upstairs so were even," I said still in a headlock. "Hey dad," Rita said laughing. "You guys have a good time?" "What do you think?" Aunt Lisa said holding up bags of group legal age teenager lesbo sex masturbation smalltits own.

"They weren't too rough on you dad were they?" I asked. "If by rough you mean going to eight thousand different stores and waiting while two women tried on outfit after outfit before buying one, then doing the same thing at a shoe store, then no, they weren't rough at all." "Oh don't be such a baby, we did something you wanted to do too," mom said.

"Two hours out of the day doesn't count! But its ok, because one day you all are gonna have to follow me around while I do guy stuff. I already have ideas forming." "Yeah yeah.

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Bring those bags upstairs, show us you're still good for something," Aunt Lisa teased. Dad faked like he was gonna throw the bags across the room, making both women gasp, and laughed as he went upstairs, getting slapped on by Aunt Lisa the whole way up. Mom looked at us, the scene, and smiled a "what am I gonna do with you two" kind of smile, then followed them upstairs. "That was close wasn't it?" I asked Rita. "Yeah, its like we get closer and closer to getting caught a lot, I kinda like it." "I'm not surprised.

Come on, we should be getting to bed too." We cleaned up the mess of chips and headed upstairs to our room. We were just getting ready to get in the bed when mom came in and closed the door. "So, what did you two do today, besides the obvious." "We did everything, we went sightseeing, to this big candy store, ice skating with Stephanie and Chris, and we went to that MELT place, oh we have to go back there, the food was so good!" Rita said excitedly.

"Oh, and we took the most romantic picture ever at the water fountain." She grabbed the picture from under the pillow and handed it to mom, when she saw the way moms face lit up at the picture hers lit up too.

"Awwww my two little babies, this picture looks amazing! Where was this taken at again?" "This water fountain on Stephanie's side of town, they have these cameras that can take pictures in any kind of setting.

We got that picture and one of us acting stupid," I said. "I'll have to take your father to this fountain, and get a couple of all of us too." "The pictures aren't cheap, so be ready to cough up some money I you do," Rita said.

"Wouldn't be the first time. Ok I think its time to hit the bed, had a pretty long day, all of us. All that shopping has me exhausted." "I wonder how dad feels slender teenage vixen masturbates by the pool to carry all those bags," I added. "Hes fine, that's what I keep him around for, to raise my kids and carry my bags," mom joked. "I'm telling him you said that," I teased. "Do that and you'll never get into MELT again." "Huh?

That's the one you pick? You could've threatened to tell dad on us, or anything like that, why'd you choose that one?" Rita asked. "Because that one doesn't affect me, I can still get into the restaurant if you can't, but if your father kills you, then no more secret playtime with my kids for me." Well if you put it like that then ok. I guess were gonna get to bed too, we had an ACTUAL long day, and thanks again for the reservations mom," I said.

"Don't worry about it, and thank you too." "Thank us for what?" Rita asked. "For changing the sheets. I don't remember saying you could use my bed, but at least you had the courtesy to clean up after yourselves, so I'll let this one slide.

And next time you wanna sell that you were watching tv, open the pops up, kinda hard to drink when the seals aren't broken." I went through it in my head and realized she was right.again. "Dammit mom stop knowing stuff!" She smiled as she closed the door and we cut off the lights and got in bed.

"So did you have fun today?" I asked. "More than I've had in the last two months combined, we really needed that." "Yeah, cant wait till three months from now when we can do it again." "Nope, I wont let it be that long, I need my quality time," she said as she turned to me and hugged my chest until she got comfortable.

"Goodnight." "Goodnight," I said back and laid there holding her while staring at the ceiling. She sighed as she kissed me on the cheek and lay pornpros sexy latina chloe amour has her juicy pussy fucked head on my shoulder.

"Randy?" Rita said already sounding sleepy. "Yeah?" "I still want my puppy." I held in a laugh and kissed her cheek. After the day we had, sleep would come easy, so I lay there and thought about everything good to come until I eventually fell asleep, a big smile on my face. -----------------------------------------------Two Weeks Later------------------------------------------------- The last two weeks have gone about as good as any time we've had together.

We didn't get another whole day alone, but we were alone some days more often than not. We also still got talked into sex by mom and Aunt Lisa, but that's something I don't think is ever gonna change, and we always ended the night with Rita hugging into me and falling asleep, and me right after her.

It seemed as we were an actual couple for a change, and we were finally glad things took a turn for the better. I woke up to the sound of laughing, but not any laughing, this was loud, in your face, "I'm laughing at my own joke" kind of laugh.

We had a lot more alone time since we had our own day to ourselves two weeks ago, so I guess this was reality's way of saying don't get used to it, but back on the subject, I didn't recognize that laugh, so I knew that we had company over. I eased from the bed so I wouldn't wake Rita up, put on some decent clothes and headed downstairs, completely skipping my bathroom routine which is something I don't usually do, but I wanted to know who was here, and why they were here so early.

I rounded the corner into the kitchen and saw dad sitting at the table talking to an older guy, most likely late 40's early 50's. When I walked in they turned their attention right to me. "Hey there young man, you must be Randy," the man said. "Yeah I am, nice to meet you, and you are." "Randy this is Richard Thompson, the client I was telling you about," dad jumped in.

"Oh yeah, hey," I said shaking his hand as I remembered the conversation we had about him. "Remember that favor I asked you and Rita to do? About spending time with his daughter?" "Yeah. I'm guessing today's the day we start huh?" "If you don't have any other plans that is." Mr.

Thompson jumped in. I wanted to say no, that I did have other plans, plans to fuck the life out of my sister all day when you left, but I made a promise to dad, and I always keep my promises, unfortunate for this case. "No its ok, we were gonna be lazy today, that just gives us a reason to get out of the house now." "Perfect, I'll go get her, she's waiting in the car." He walked to the door and opened it and waved to say come here, and you could hear the door shut as his daughter got out.

She walked her back in and immediately I regretted telling dad yes. "Ok honey, he and his sister are gonna be hanging out with you over the next week or so, this is." "Randy?" Fuck my life. Of all the rotten luck in the world, this was the last person I wanted to be around, to have to spend my free time around, who I knew Rita would definitely not want anything to do with.