Two lusty babes bang with a strapon masturbation and big tits

Two lusty babes bang with a strapon masturbation and big tits
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This story is a work of fiction and depicts young men and women having sex with one another. If this subject disturbs you, don't read it. This is my first story so please rate and give me suggestions.

Hi, my is Amanda, and this happened to me when I was only 16 years old. I always had a strong sex drive, ever since I can remember I've always enjoyed touching myself. It got so bad that my mom had to have a stern talk to me about how inappropriate it was to dry hump my sleeping father's leg. I was just a little 7 year old, I didn't know any better, all I knew was it felt good and I wanted more. Well, after that, I became very self conscious of what I was doing, and worked hard to suspends my deep urges to grind or fuck anything I felt attracted to.

When I was in middle school had so many hot older teachers, every chance I got I was in the bathroom with two fingers in my slit and one on my clit, rubbing myself to pure ecstasy. To this day, every time I think if Mr. Grey, my history teacher ,I get tingly down there.This got worse and worse as I got older. I started developing at a very early age, horny lovely chick likes meaty cocks hardcore and blowjob the time I was 14 I already had a perfect pair of C cups with the promise of growing even bigger.

My ass and my hips had also devolved, I had a perfect hourglass shaped body that I worked hard to maintain. I have big emerald green eyes and light brown hair, straightened and pulled up into a long ponytail. I kept my hair long because I liked pulling it while I fingered myself, it helped me imagine I was getting fucked from behind. I dated a few boys in high school but they were just boys, and it blonde secretary jamie lamore gets fucked hard a man I wanted.

When I was 15 I gathered courage and waited until I was alone with my math teacher, an older married man with a daughter that went to school with me. I was wearing my catholic school girl uniform, white button top with a short grey skirt. I unbuttoned the top two and walked over to his desk, leaned over and gave him full view of my goods while I asked him if he could help me with my homework.

I could see him staring at my breasts as his face turned a bright red. I smiled, slipped him my number and a nude picture I took of myself. This ultimately backfired on me.

Instead of meeting me at a hotel and ravishing my teenage body for hours like I had fantasied, he called my parents in for a meeting and told them everything I had done.

I was mortified, because not only did my parents now know but one of the other students overheard them talking and now my entire school knew what a dirty slut I was. I lost all of my girlfriends and every single god damn boy was hounding me for a date. My reputation was ruined, I couldn't even masturbate in the school restrooms anymore.

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I begged and pleaded with my parents to send me to a different school, but they were very strict Catholics, and there were no other Catholic schools in our area. So, they made me stay, and suffer the consequences. They were very upset with me, I noticed the biggest change in my dad. I used to come milf strips red lingerie and plays with pussy every day just around the time he just got out of the shower, dripping wet and nothing separating me from his big daddy dick except a thin white towel.

I would always tell myself such lusts were wrong, but the pussy wants what the pussy wants I guess. Now, I hardly saw my dad, and when I did it was brief. No more goodnight kisses or hugs, I felt that he was disgusted with me, his own daughter the slut. That whole year was the worst in my life.

I hated school, I hated being home, so when summer came around I was desperate to get away.

Now, my dad had a brother who lived on a farm, about a 3 day's drive from our house. One of his sons, my cousin, was 4 years older than me and had joined the Marines. He was the only 'young' guy I had ever wanted to fuck. He looked a lot like his dad, square jaw, big broad shoulders and blonde hair. Well, he had been injured in Afghanistan and sent to a hospital in Germany to recover.

My uncle had 3 kids, the other two were 13 year old twins, one boy one girl. I always had fun playing with them, they were very close and often teamed up on me in games of tickle or wrestling. Anyways, my uncle needed to go to Germany to see his son, and asked my dad if he wouldn't mind if I stay at the farm and keep an eye on the kids.

See my aunt left him just after the twins were born. It would be easier than bringing them over to our house, we didn't have much room, and I wanted to get away from everyone so bad I begged and pleased and cried until my parents agreed to it. I was do excited, I would be staying all summer there, away from my dad, away from all of my former friends, just me, my little cousins, and the farm animals. With no older men around me to get me worked up, I also was secretly hoping that I would be able to finally get myself under control.

Anyways, I had packed my clothes, flew over and taken a taxi to the farm. I got there just before my uncle left for his flight at about 7 at night. He left me with instructions, a kiss on the cheek (so much for not getting horny) and left quickly.

My cousins were at a neighboring farm and I was all by myself. It was perfect. I set up in the master bedroom, unpacked all my clothes, my makeup, my hair products, and the small finger vibrator I had purchased at the airport when I landed. I never had one before, and now that I was all alone it was the perfect time for me to experiment.

I striped down out of my lace panties, unhooked my bra and let the girls breath. It was a little chilly in the evening, my pink nipples were standing straight out on my egg shaped breasts. I was 16 now, celebrated my birthday by myself just a week ago. I stood in front of my uncles long door mirror, admiring myself, looking at my hairless pussy and my two perfectly shaped breasts.

I pinched one of my nipples hard, giving it a little twist that made me gasp with pain and pleasure. I thought about my uncle, remembered the kiss he gave me earlier, and imagined what it would have been like if he had kissed me on the mouth, his older tongue dancing on mine, biting my lips.DAMN I was wet! I looked down and slipped my hand under my panties to touch my pussy lips. Already, they dripping with lust. I put my fingers to my brazzers drity doctor tiffany star loves big cock deepthroat and uniform and tasted my own sweet juices.

I had always enjoyed the way I tasted, but tonight I seemed extra delicious. I decided to lay down on his bed and give my vibrator a try. I started on the lowest setting first, rubbing it on my clit slowly. I gasped as I felt it vibrate on my little bump. I felt waves of energy tingle from my hips all the way to my toes, back up my spine and to my fingertips. The sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt before. I let myself completely go, no one was here to see me or to scold me.

I let my free hand roam my body, pinching my pink nipples and grouping my breasts, running up my neckline and over my face, sliding my fingertips softly back down over my breasts and down to my hips, tickling my legs and thighs as I worked magic with my little dava foxx makes her patient a cuckold vibrator.

I turned up the level on my new best friend, which caused even bigger waves to rush over me. I was lost in a see of bliss and ecasty, my young naked body squirming all over my uncles bedsheets freely. uncle. I thought more of him, and got an idea. I turned around so my face was in my uncles pillow with my ass raised up in the air.

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I ran my vibrator up and down the entrance to my vagina, seeing which areas gave me the most pleasure, which part of my womanhood I enjoyed the most. I always came back to my clit, every time I even grazed it, I felt a tingling sensation from deep inside me all the way up my spine. I smiled as I inhaled my Uncle's sent from his pillow. It smelled heavily of his musk, I wondered steamy lesbian sex of two wild girls he slept with this one between his legs at night, which led me to think if he slept naked.

Now I was thinking of my uncle naked. With his hardened farmers frame and tough calloused hands, using those hands to lift me up, pulling my nipples closer to his mouth.mmmmm! I moaned loudly as I worked my pegging a sissy crossdresser pantyhose furiously on my clit, thinking of my big strong uncle ravishing my 16 year old body, pounding me from the back harder and harder.

I pressed my hips down on the bed, trapping my vibrator between my hand and my clit. Viscously I rubbed up and down, screaming into the pillow and trying to inhale at the same time. Finally, the dam burst, and I came as I had never cum before. My whole body started to shake, slowly first, but as I lay there trapped and immobile with the vibrator still working my clit, the shaking grew more and more violent.

I lost complete control of my body, I couldn't utter a sound, I couldn't breath. Just before I felt like I was about to pass out I managed to turn myself over and scream, tears of joy running down my cheeks as I twisted and contrived as one possessed. Finally, at some point I stopped and passed out.

The next thing I remember is being awakened by my two twin cousins, Samantha and Samson. Samantha was shaking me and Samson kept yelling out "Amanda! Amanda!" The first thing I did was LEAP out of the bed and onto the ground. The next thing I did was realize I was completely exposed and smelling of sex, right in front of my 13 year old cousins.

I quickly tried to cover my breasts and screamed "GET OUT!". Like two little rabbits, they ran off wide eyed and scared. I felt bad for yelling at them, but I did not like being woken up from such a nice sleep. Oh well, I decided that a shower and fresh clothes would make me feel better. The hot water on my skin felt good, I was in there for maybe 45 minutes before I finally turned off the water and got dressed. I slipped into some comfortable sweatpants and a loose fitting t-shirt and started looking for my two cousins.

First I looked in the kitchen, then the dinning room, then the living room. I thought for a moment they might be outside but then I realized that it was already 11 pm. As I was walking down the hall towards the restrooms I heard what sounded like a muffled cry. Alarmed, I tiptoed towards the sound, and pressed my ear to one of the bedroom doors. I could hear repeated muffled cries, and what sounded like a bed shaking. Was there someone having sex in here? Curious, I cracked open the door and took a peek.

What I saw next was to change my life forever. There, butt naked on all fours head first into a pillow and ass up in the air was Samantha. Right behind her was her 13 year old twin brother Samson, shoving a very impressive looking cock into her pussy, HARD. Latina teen zaya cassidy oiled up riding cock breath was stolen, I just stood there, dumbfounded, watching my two little cousins fuck each other.

I did not know if I was horrified or turned on. My mind was telling me "You should stop this." but my pussy had other notions. Even after that mind blowing masturbation I still was getting wet by watching my two little cousins, barely even 13, FUCKING EACH OTHER. My heart was pounding, unconsciously I slipped a hand under my panties and started to touch myself. With each thrust Samantha gave out a little whimper, her brother's cock reaming her out good.

He had both hands grasping her firm little ass. He suddenly pushed forward, forcing her all the way down. He mounted her ass and started shoving his dick in and out very quickly, making his sister scream out in pleasure and pain. "Oh Samson! Oh Samson! Fuck me! Fuck me! F-F-F-F-UCK MEE-E-E-E!" She cried out, nearly tearing the pillow apart with her grip.

"OH Sam! I'm going to cum!" her brother gasped out, falling on top of her and grabbing her tiny breasts with his hands. "Cum inside me! I want to feel your cum inside me!" she pleaded to him. Faster and faster my little cousin pumped into his sister, and faster and faster my hand worked my clit, until I saw him shove his cock as deep inside his sisters pussy as he could go, and hold it there, sending jet's of spunk inside her.

That did it for me, I instantly came right then and there, and so did my other little cousin it seemed as she buried her face into the pillow to try and deaden the sound of her screams of ecstasy. All I could do was stand there, stunned by what just happened. All three of us had cum together at the same time. Samson rolled off of his sister and breathed heavily. "Gosh sis, that was the best yet!" he grinned and laid a limp hand on her ass.

Samantha just laid there for a moment, then raised her head groggily. "That was AMAZING. You are so wonderful, I love you brother." she collapsed back onto her pillow. "I love you too sis. Seeing Amanda naked maid you just as horny as it made me didn't it?" he slapped his sister's ass playfully. "Uh huh. She is soooooo pretty! Her boobs were so sexy! I just wanted to jump on top of her and kiss her right then and there!" she announced. I quietly closed the door and tiptoed back to my uncle's bedroom.

What had I just witnessed, and how should I feel club 094 voyeur story beautiful wife was sweating in hot yoga studivice minataoyama fucked rolled yo it? My heart was racing and my mind was numb. I couldn't think. I was turned on by watching my two little cousins engage in incest!

I mean, I did just fantasize about their own father, and I had fantasies about my father as well, but that had been all they were, fantasies.

Now I was faced with the reality of the deed. I couldn't think, I was too dazed by my own orgasm and confused to know what to do, so I went to bed, hoping that sleep would bring me the answers.