Nicole aniston whores to support family pt fucking cream pie

Nicole aniston whores to support family pt fucking cream pie
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I'm a shameful mother, what kind of monster am I? I let my 16 year old son take me into Taking his virginity. I felt sick and since that day I have not human Right to speak. To call myself a mother! I-I could say no, The thought of him losing it to trashy slut. But looks who's talking, I stared at the sink, I've been here 20 minutes. I felt so blue, sad, I had already finished washing the dishes what ells am I good for now.

I felt arms wrap around my stomach and soft curved Lips kiss my head. I shivered uncomfortably and push his arms Off me. "Rose, what's wrong" he asked. I looked back, "I-I get let you Touch me like that, and you don't call me Rosey. It's mom, just go back to your old self Clover: please" I whispered moving to the refrigerator.

"Why are you being this way, you still have my virginity and my heart!" He bravely gasped. "BUT I DIDN'T WANT TO! Ah, please Clover, you have to understand that it's wasn't Right of you to talk me into it. And I of all people, I'm not a bad women, And what we'd be doing is bad Clover!" I hissed stomping my foot.

For a moment sticking up for myself felt good, but he looked at me Painfully, I looked down. "I'm sorry Clover, but I refuse to do this anymore!" I huffed.

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He looked confused, "You can't! I-I'll tell everyone if you Wont love me back!" he screamed, his hands Becoming fisthe's, black mailing me? My own son, so I had to of Babied him.

I kept my eyes low as he lifted me up, putting me on top of the Sink. I sat there wish why I wasn't more strict, But isn't that why he need a father; to dad he died long ago.

I sat on the sink and he took of my underwear from my dress. What was I supposed to do, I've never been black mailed before: never. But why him of all people, Does it have to be my own son? What cruel fake have I been given? And why? He pushed my legs up so that my plat shoes were on Two sides of the counter. He can see everything… I felt like I wanted to cry and closed my eyes, I felt like a child being touched by An old man.

"Please don't hate me", he whispered. I kept my eyes closed hoping it would Go away soon, "Please look at me" he begged with his forehead To mine.

I ignored him and kept the closed, I didn't raise him like this. He sighed and his forehead moved, he slowly Parted and like my cunt. I bit my lip hard, trying to make it bleed. If I sin I want to live my god sacrifice, "Uh" I whispered. I didn't want a moan to slip out my mouth, "Do you like this?" he asked. DAMN! Heard me, I kept my eyes closed and felt my legs shake. He licked slowly up and down my cunt, I hated this, I didn't want it!

But why did this turn me on? He squeezed my cunt And I shivered, "Feels good?" he asked again. I couldn't help myself, I opened my legs a littler and her rubbed up and down my Thighs. I hated the fact the when he rubbed my there I felt More comfortable, he licked up and down my thighs and I laid back on the Window behind me.

I wanted to tickle and circle my cunt with My fingers. And pull and squeeze on my little Enlarged clit.

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I'm nothing, what the hell am I doing: letting my own son Black mail me? I taught him better, but I knew it would Be almost impossible to talk him out of it. His tongue slid back Down to my clit but he didn't start sucking it.

He circled it knowing that it was just as tender as my clit and I wanted him to Suck it now! But it wasn't him that turned me one.

The very thought of being sexual with my son is sickening but he looked Like his father, that's who turned me on.

For that moment I thought of Clover as his father and put a hand on his head. "Do my clit next" I moaned using my other hand to candy and diamond mason assquake bootylicious and twerking it with my finger. He licked my finger and I moaned, he held my hand Sucking up and down on it. Then for my needy clit, he flicked his tongue Which he tends to do a lot now. I moaned moving my Fingers on his head how I wanted him to touch me.

And he did so, "Ooooooooooooooh" I moaned putting a hand to up my shirt, I twisted my little nipple. He sat up and pulled his shorts down. "See, together are happy" he smiled kissing me, I wrap my legs And arms around him. I took one of my hands and lead his large erect cock To my cunt rubbing it up and down my soak in wet pussy. "huhmmmm!" he shivered well I did as well and he got too exsited.

He gasped and shoved it in and he took me of The sink: "aaww-ooh" I moaned as it went all the way in. I'm a bad mother, when he understands how wrong this, It'll be all my fault! I buried my face in his chest as he slowly humped up and down. This feeling like heaven, we moaned as he humped faster.

I moaned and heard someone had been knocking at our door. I bit my lip. Trying not to let out any more fantastic moans, "There's someone at the door" I whispered. He ignored me and laid me on my clean dining room tabled. I laid there was he fucked me roughly but he looked happy, I've never seen him so happy before.

Moans slipped my mouth but I gazed at him 'as if he were my first lover as he did to me, "Do, you love me?" He asked as he came close to cumming. "Hello, is anyone home?" a lady voice asked, Clover ignored it. He looked like he was having a harder time and he lifted My legs so that they were making me feel good. "Oooooh, more" I moaned a little louder, I really don't want to that Woman to hear us.

He trusted into to me, and I closed my Eyes, "I'm cumming, go faster!" I whispered loudly.

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Tears came from my eyes because I oddly felt Good about have sex with my son. But I liked it, and he liked it, It went against everything I know, "Me too!" he gasped. As we both came we fucked hard and deep till we both climaxed So hard we fell out of the off the table.

"You think she heard us" she whispered lying on me. I giggled, "Yea, I know" I teased. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hope you like my 5th story in one day, part 2: told you guys I'd finish it before 12:00am!!!!