Striking petite cutie gets her juicy cunt and tiny butt hole reamed

Striking petite cutie gets her juicy cunt and tiny butt hole reamed
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Ever watch those TV shows about school and there's always that 1 kid that gets picked on by the bullies and shoved into lockers? Yeah, that was me, not the bully but the one that got shoved into lockers. His name was Kurt he was the school jock he played basketball, football, wrestling you name it if it was sports he was doing it and because I wasn't a jock he decided to pick on me 1 year.

His girlfriend was Angie, she was always walking by his side and she always gave a mean look towards Kurt every time he picked on me and when he would shove me into lockers. You could see the sympathy in her eyes for me. But she never said anything in fear of Kurt she had to keep up the appearance of being the star jocks girlfriend.

This went on for quite a while he never hit me or actually physically hurt me. He would just pick on me and shove me in lockers. I got used to it. Over time I developed very strong bladder since I spent so much time being locked in lockers.

And the janitors got used to rescuing me out of lockers. Sex education started this year and I was very interested. I started looking at girls in a whole new way. I did a lot of staring, a lot of fantasizing, and a whole lot of masturbating.

I tried a couple times to steal a Playboy but always got caught. I tried searching my parents room for any type of magazines, but found none.

That's when I came up with the perfect plan. I was not very good at talking to girls, but I had this overwhelming desire to see them up close and personal. I decided I was going to lock myself in a locker, and if I got caught Kurt would be the perfect alibi.

I came to school early that next day and I hung around the hallway near the locker rooms to the gym. I waited patiently for nobody to be around and I quickly and very sneakily snuck into the girls locker room. I was quiet just in case somebody was in there.

Luck has it nobody was there I went to the lockers and I searched for 1 that didn't have a padlock on it or a name on a piece of tape on the locker. I assumed this would be a good place to hide and being the height I was I would be able to see through the slats in the locker without anyone being able to see me.

I was nervous and excited all at the same time knowing what was going to be happening very soon. The school bell rang giving the warning that class was to be starting in 5 minutes. I could hear the chatter of girls entering the locker room. Girls that I had stared at, and fantasized about, we're standing just feet away from me and they had no clue that I was even there. Gina valentina licking kobi brians tits and pussy could hear that they were all undressing and changing, but I had no clear visual of anybody directly in front of me I could hardly see off to the sides whatsoever.

The bell rang again and the girls all scampered out into the gym. I was going to leave at this point thinking it was a waste, but then it occurred to me that after class they would all go and shower that I may still be able to see them.

So I waited, and I waited some more. The end of class approached and I could hear all the girls returning to the locker room. As the girls were undressing a few of them would pass by me heading towards the showers.

This is what I have been waiting for. For the first time ever I saw naked boobies and butts. I could not help but to start touching myself.

I pulled my little cock out and started to rub it. This was awesome, this was a perfect plan. The girls all exited the locker room and I was going to leave at this point, but then realized my perfect plan had a flaw.

There was no knob on the inside of the locker.

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I could not get out. I don't know why I had not thought of that especially as much time as I had previously spent in lockers that there was never a way out except for someone opening it for you. The bell rang again announcing the 5 minutes mark, as more girls started to enter the locker carolina sweets in stepdad fucks her for attitude again. This time someone stopped directly in front of the locker I was in.

I recognized her immediately, it was Angie. I assumed she had the locker next to where I was. She was chatting with her girlfriend who had her back to me because her locker was on the other side. I could see Angie unpacking her gym clothes out of her duffle bag, I assumed she had just brought them from home nice fresh and clean.

Angie was attempting to open the locker next to me but her lock was not working. Her friend told her just use the empty one for now and talk to the janitor about fixing it later. I froze in shock and horror as I realized angie was starting to open the locker that I was standing in.

She stopped in shock herself when she saw me standing there and my hand still wrapped around my cock. She looked from side to side and then she looked over her shoulder at her friend as she close the door partially and put her finger to her lips motioning for me to be quiet.

She probably assumed at this point that Kurt was responsible once again for locking me inside of a locker and took it to the next step by locking me in the girls locker room hoping to create embarrassment. I think sympathy was running through her mind trying to take away my embarrassment, as she looked at me straight in the eyes and started to unbutton her blouse. She had on a white cotton bra underneath, but she did not stop there as she unfastened her jeans and slid them down her legs and stepped out of them.

She placed her blouse and jeans on the shelf above my head, and then reach for her gym clothes. After she was done dressing she leaned forward kissed me on the cheek and told me if I stay quiet I can see more later.

So I waited and I waited some more. I was young and I was horny and I blew my load all over the door. I waited some more, it seemed like forever. But then I heard the chatter of girls again. The locker door slowly opened and there stood Angie, peeking inside to see if I was still there. She did not open the door all the way to give me away but left it open enough and stood off to the side as she got undressed. Her friend walked away telling Angie to hurry up or she won't have time to shower.

Angie told her that she did not sweat today so she was not going to shower. Angie open the door a little bit more, as she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She looked around again before grabbing my hand and placing it on her small breast. I was in heaven as I squeezed my first boob.

She pushed my hand back away as she grabbed a hold of my cock and gave it a little squeeze.

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She giggled and then started to get dressed again. Her friend return from the shower and was standing there in front of me with the door mostly closed but I could still make out that she was towel drying herself. I could not see much but what had just happened was enough for me. She whispered to remain quiet and she would leave the door open so I could get out, I nodded that I understood. As the girls were all leaving 1 of the last ones walked past pushing the door closed all the way.

I was royally screwed. The bell rang again but no girls entered this time. I realized it was home room hour and nobody would hollie mack in family cums first sis coming, but then I heard the sound of somebody coming.

I was relieved when I saw the janitor standing there and then mother force son rapes mother xxx to work on the lock of Angie's Locker. I called out "Mr. Peterson, its me, let me out". It was a voice he recognized right away from all the times of rescuing me. He open the door and saw me standing there with my little cock still hanging out. He pulled me out with aggressiveness and told me to put that thing away as he dragged me out of the locker room by my arm and straight to the girls gym locker room office.

He marched me inside telling the gym teacher that he just found this little pervert hiding in the locker room and he made a sticky mess inside one of the lockers.

Again it occurred to me that my perfect plan was not so perfect any more. Mr. Peterson walked away and she asked me how long I have been in there, and I told her since the beginning of school. She asked me how much I saw, I told her I could not see much. She asked me how much is not much. I blushed and I look down as I said I only saw Angie.

I don't know why I said it or what I was thinking but all I knew at that point was I was in deep shit. Miss Adams looked at me and then she handed me a detention slip and told me to report to the gym after school. The rest of the day seemed very long I could not keep my mind on any of my school work but rather all I could think about was touching Angie's boob.

I had to ask to use the restroom many times just so that I could go and masturbate. The end of the day finally arrived and I made my way down to the gymnasium I looked inside and the only people there was the cheerleading squad going over drills, but no Miss Adams. So I decided to just stand in the hallway outside of the locker rooms and wait for Miss Adams to come out. After a bit Miss Adams poked her head out of the girls locker room door and said oh good you're here, follow me.

I followed her into the girls locker room it was all quiet. She walked straight into her office and told me to have a seat at the chair beside her desk. She sat down at her desk and opened up a folder and was rummaging through some papers which I assumed was my file.

I glanced around the room and I hadn't noticed earlier but there was a small cot up against the wall next to the filing cabinet, probably for when someone got sick or injured, and across from the cot there was a large picture window that looked out into the girls locker room. I assumed this was a 2 way mirror since the boys locker room has the same setup and there is a large mirror about that size in the boys locker room.

It's probably for the gym teacher to be able to monitor the locker room without being seen, seems odd to me. Just then Angie steps into the doorway of the office and says "Aunt Jackie you wanted to see me?" All I can think now is "oh crap they're related." Miss Adams says "yes Angie, come inside we need to talk, shut the door behind you." Angie sat down on the cot across from me and she just looked at me with this little smile.

Miss Adams explain to Angie that I had been caught earlier this morning masturbating inside one of the lockers while looking at her changing.

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And she looked at me with a look of shock, she crossed her arms and she looked frustrated. "You little pervert", she said. "How dare you spy on me like that." Miss Adams said I wanted to talk to you about this before I turned him in to see what would you think we should do about the situation. Angie looked out the two way mirror into the locker room for a moment with a puzzled look before speaking up and saying "I think it's only fair if he saw me naked I should get to see him naked and have him masturbate in front black slut pov rides cock pornstars and blowjob me so I know what was happening.

And besides I have some questions about sex ed class that I was confused about and I didn't want to talk to my mom maybe you can help me to understand better." Miss Adams looks at me and says "I think that's a just punishment Angie", and she pointed at me and says "there you go take off your clothes young man, unless of course you want me to report this to the principal and to your parents?" I was embarrassed now with Miss Adams looking at me but I thought it over for a moment and then started to take off my clothes.

I got down to my boxers and I hesitated and Miss Adams says "oh no you don't" and she yanked down my boxers to my ankles. I was definitely embarrassed now and I think with all the masturbating I had done today there was no way my little cock was going to cooperate.

Miss Adams told me to start masturbating so I grab ahold and I started fondling but it was no use it would not come alive.

So Miss Adams told Angie that sometimes boys need a little stimulation to help them along and told Angie to grab a hold of me and start stroking me. Angie grab ahold without hesitation and started squeezing but she wasn't doing it right so Miss Adams placed her hand on top of Angie's and showed her how to start stroking me. This still was not working and Miss Adams said that sometimes the hand is not enough and they need oral sex. Angie questioned what that was and Miss Adams told her it involves putting the boys sex part into their mouth and sucking and licking on it to stimulate them.

Miss Adams said "here like this", and she bent over and placed her lips on my little cock and started sucking it in, it felt wonderful and I started to get hard. She only did this for a few moments bobbing her head up and down on my littlecock before pulling off and telling Angie to give it a try.

Angie got on her knees in front of me grabbed a hold of my little cock and placed it in her mouth and copied what miss Adams was doing to me. I was now in heaven feeling the warmth and slipperiness of her mouth. This did not last long before I could feel the pressure building up inside of me and I said I'm going to cum. With that Miss Adams pulled Angie off of my cock and started stroking me till I erupted in her hand.

Miss Adams them started to lick my cum off of her fingers and said "you taste very good." Angie asked what it tasted like and Miss Adams pushed her hand towards Angie's mouth and said give it a taste. I watched as Angie swallowed some of my cum, it was very hot to watch. Angie then said to Miss Adams that's not fair I want to cum to. Miss Adams says it takes a little longer for girls to orgasm then it does for boys and you can reach it by using your fingers, a tongue, or with penetration.

Angie asks "will you show me?" So here I am sitting in a chair in the girls locker room office with a 13 year old girl sitting naked on a cot as our gym teacher starts removing her pants and her panties. She had a lot of hair down there and I could not even see her pussy. She sat down on the cot facing Angie and told her to copy what she does. Miss Adams spread her legs and with one hand I saw her part the hair and spread her pussy lips and she used her other hand and started rubbing around her sex area.

I could not see much with all of that hair but looking at Angie copying miss Adams I could clearly see that she was rubbing this little bitty nub that was at the top of her slit. This went on for a couple minutes both of them staring at each other rubbing their pussies and every now and then Miss Adams would shove her fingers inside of her pussy.

I could see that both of them were starting to get excited and wet. And Miss Adams said that sometimes girls need oral stimulation as well. She motion for me to come closer and she grabbed a hold of my head pulling me down that I was inches away from her pussy.

She told me you need to lick everywhere that is wet until I tell you to stop. With that she pulled my head in tight and I started licking. She tasted salty sweet, it was an odd flavor but I instantly loved it. I kept licking and licking as much as I could. It was not long and she started to shake. She pushed my head away and started to thrust her fingers in and out of her pussy while rubbing her clit really hard and fast.

She let out a sound almost like a squeal and threw her head back. I thought she was having a seizure or something till she thrust her pelvis upward and a stream of clear fluid sprayed out.

It looked like she just pee'd. She sat back breathing heavy and said that she has not cum that hard since back in college. Angie grabbed my arm pulling me closer acting very excited now saying "now do me!" Again, who was I to argue. I quickly started licking her sex and Angie wrapped her legs around my head. She tasted ayden and kayden wash their feet to fuck tube porn sweeter than Miss Adams and was much more enjoyable not having any hair down there.

Angie was digging her nails into my scalp and kept saying "oh my god oh my god oh my goooooood!" I kept this up for quite awhile and my tongue was starting to cramp up, but I didn't want to stop. I started to back away and I think Miss Adams understood. She spoke up and said at this point sometimes a girl needs even more stimulation and requires penetration of some sort, "try inserting your fingers and move them around, in and out." Doing this Angie seemed to be calming down a bit and Miss Adams said that being inexperienced at this she may not reach orgasm.

Angie seemed to be getting frustrated at this and asked how else she could cum. Miss Adams said "sometimes a girl will only cum with penetration from a penis," saying that it could be the breeding hormone causing the setback.

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Miss Adams says she would let me use my penis but she didn't have any condoms. Angie says her mom put her on birth control last summer assuming that her and Kurt were having sex, but has not given in to his requests yet.

Miss Adams tells her its up to us but suggests that I pull out and not cum inside of her. This whole day seemed like a daydream and I hoped it would never end.

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Angie layed lascivious beauteous cutie jumps on a hard cock on the cot and I crawled up between her legs. Miss adams grabbed ahold of my cock and started stroking me and guided me toward Angie's pussy.

she rubbed in up and down all over her pussy getting it all wet and slippery. She then placed the tip at her entrance and told me to push in slow and when I reach something stopping me to not push through it.

She said this was her hymen and would hurt quite a bit once it ripped but then Angie would really like it. I pushed in and pulled back several times and it was the best feeling in the world. I could feel this hymen thing but Angie started getting pretty insistent that I "do it, do it now" Miss Adams instructed me on the next thrust inward to slam in hard but then once I broke through to just stop and let Angie get used to the feeling.

So I slammed in hard and I could feel the resistance break and felt really warm fluid trickling down on my balls. Angie's face squinted up like she was in severe pain but that only lasted a few moments before she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in even tighter. I started pumping into her again and I was thrusting hard and fast. I could feel Angie thrusting up toward me meeting my thrusts. I look over to see Miss Adams sitting in the chair squeezing her boobs and fingering herself again.

I feel like I am getting close and say I'm gonna shoot again but Angie wouldn't let me back out. before I knew it I slammed hard down into her as I felt my cum erupt inside of her.

As this happened Angie started to shake and vibrate and let out a scream like someone had just stabbed her.

I was in fear at first thinking I had hurt her, but then she started with the heavy breathing and panting like Miss Adams had done. I knew that Angie had just had her first orgasm. She relaxed and I was able to pull back and colapse myself onto the cot beside her. Miss adams said that it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, and was glad that she was able to help us out, but we had to promise to never mention this to anyone or she could get sex fairy tales storys mom sleep mature ass trouble.

Miss Adams helped us clean up and get dressed and made us promise again that we not tell anyone. Angie agreed with the condition that she can get some more lessons in the near future.

I nodded my head agreeing to that one. I got home and crashed into my bed. I was exhausted beyond belief and told my mom I just wasn't feeling good. I had really good dreams that night and when I woke the next morning it felt like it had been a dream.

I started to think I had really been sick and it was all a hallucination. I get to school and I'm walking down the hallway and I see Kurt and Angie walking toward me. I smile at her and give a small wave. But that seemed to just piss off Kurt and fuel his anger. I quickly open my locker hoping he'd just pass by and leave me be, but then he grabs ahold of me forcing me inside saying "what makes you thing someone like her would give a damn about you?" and he slams the door shut.

Reality sets in that yesterday oriental nun goes wild with hairy muff indeed been just a dream, but oh how these locker times are going to be enjoyed now.

Minuyes passed and then someone was pushing a piece of paper threw the slot. I grab ahold of it and read the note. "Yesterday was awesome and my promise to you is this. I cannot stop Kurt from being a jerk, but everytime he shoves you in a locker I will meet you in Aunt Jackie's office after school and you can have sex with me. This is our secret." Then it hits me, this wasn't just a perfect plan this was sweet revenge on Kurt. I had sex with his girl before he did and I get to do it again.

I spent a lot of time the rest of that year purposely aggravating Kurt. Now that was a perfect plan!