Slim and sexy olivia devine screwed anally

Slim and sexy olivia devine screwed anally
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The first time my sister-in-law Eva flirted with me was when she was helping me straighten up a recently vacated apartment in a building my elderly mother owned. Eva had trudged down the street bundled up in winter clothes on a bitterly cold day in our Midwestern city to help me out, knowing I wanted to get the flat rented by February 1st.

My older brother Jim had been out of town since after the holidays, working on the West coast after he had been laid off before the holidays, leaving Eva with the kids, 18 mos., 3 and 7, who were in school and day care. Jim, a big guy who trusted Eva, never now its time to fuck teen dani uncomfortable traveling for work, even as he described their active and adventurous sex life to me.

I, a recently-divorced bisexual man, wasn't surprised when Jim asked me to "keep an eye on things," knowing I would never try anything, because as he said, you suck too much dick to keep a woman happy.

I was deeply closeted, so I didn't know if he was teasing me or bringing up an incident in the long ago past that I may write about sometime in the future…Little did anyone know what would start that day.

As Eva came in, she stamped the snow off her boots heavily by the lobby door. I yelled down the hall for her to come upstairs. She came in a moment later breathless, her arms full with a large purse and a bag of cleaning supplies. She dropped everything on the floor and said, "FUCK, its cold out there Francis!" Eva, a regular churchgoer and my mother were the only women who called me by my birth name. Let me describe my sister-in-law to you, she is not unattractive, but she is no classic beauty.

And boy, does she have a mouth! It can tell you off with a string of cuss words in a heartbeat and then suck the cocks of 3 men in a swingers group dry in 10 minutes (according to my brother), something I may also write about in the future…But she is kind and always willing to help. Eva is short, about 4'10" and "sturdy," in her mid-30s and of Polish-American descent.

Her eyes are wide-set and her brunette hair is thick and curly. She has good hips and the good wide ass of a mother of three. Her legs are short and thick, but smooth and seem to belong to a teenager. She takes care of herself. She's a working-class woman with attitude. She laughs easily with people she knows. As I helped her with her coat and sweaters, I noticed she had no bra under her t-shirt, which was wet with leaking breast milk from her engorged breasts.

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I didn't realize she was still nursing Julia, her 18 month old. My face was flush as she pulled the breast pump out of the big purse."I have to empty these babies—wanna watch?" She teased, seeing how embarrassed I was. I shook my head no. As we worked on the apartment, she was a ball of energy as she washed the floor on her hands and knees, her big ass prominent and her round tits bouncing as I could see them through the side of her t-shirt.

Occasionally, as I reached for something and my shirt rose, she would make a playful, "mmm," sound.

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When we were done we shared lunch and talked about the kids and Jim and what Teen and bf fucks milf at the gym was doing on the dating scene, trying to coax some info out of her quiet brother-in-law.

She said, "You know your brother thinks you're gay? I laughed, "He didn't think that when we were kids and he beat my skinny ass because he thought I was messing with one of his girlfriends!" "Your brother is a funny guy. You know, we 'swing' sometimes with other couples. These are usually like orgies, but Jim started getting jealous and would only let me get it on with women he was fucking or he would pick men and have me get on my knees and suck their cocks.

I lost interest now, so it's me and my vibrator." She laughed heartily and swiped a hand across her crotch.

Then she got dressed in her sweaters and coat and rushed out, yelling over her shoulder she needed to get her "brats." That night I went home, got into bed and fantasized about Eva, on her knees sucking my cock, I squeezed and stroked my balls for a few minutes and my thick cock reached its full 7 inches. I stroked it hard for about 30 seconds and blew a tremendous load into my foreskin, licking my fingers carefully, enjoying the taste of my own cum, another story I may share in the future.

A couple of days later Eva sent me a text inviting me over, "the kids haven't seen their Uncle Frank in ages." I went over the next day, a little later than planned. The two younger kids were asleep, so I listened to my niece read, complementing her on her progress, kissing her goodnight on the forehead and closing the door.

When I went out to the kitchen, Eva handed me a beer and a bowl of popcorn and said, "let's go upstairs," I looked at her shocked and she slowed down and said, "I rented a movie and the sitting area upstairs is the only place with a DVD player, so we won't wake the kids." She continued, "Don't be scared, I won't bite you!" We went upstairs and enjoyed the movie and I noticed we got a little closer on the couch. At some point Eva's tiny hands and stubby fingers rested on my thigh, I finally worked up the courage and gently grabbed her hand with my shaking hand and turned her toward me and kissed her straight on the lips.

She opened her mouth wide and plunged her warm slick tongue into my mouth, answering to me with her lips that she felt the same. The dam of passion burst open as we wildly groped each other like a couple of teenagers who had been grounded for a year! After we petted for a few minutes, Eva grabbed my bulging crotch and growled, "I fucking want you." I croaked weakly, "yes" as she lead me by the hand into the next room, pulling off her tank top and skirt as we walked between the rooms.

Obviously she did a bit of wardrobe planning for tonight! The tiny package of sexual energy was now naked and she pushed me into a chair in the corner and took off my boots and woolen socks.

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She then slowly did a graceful handstand and ended up in the splits, I think to let me know she was no out of shape, fat mom, but a hot, vital girl fingering her pussey tmake creampie and curvy 30-something woman who knew how to please a sex partner! She sat at the edge of the enormous King size bed, her chubby legs slightly spread, revealing a neatly-trimmed dark black bush that perfectly matched her thick head of hair.

She smiled thinly and said a little shakily, "you want some?" pointing down at her pussy, seeming to realize what was about to happen. Getting more confident and thinking I might blow this, I said, "yes, I'd love to make love to the most beautiful woman to ever take her clothes off in front of me," remembering the advice my dad had given me years before, about always telling a woman how beautiful they are, all the time.

She said, "You are such a bull-shitter—just like your brothers-- but you do know what to say to a girl!" Note to self: find out about plural brothers—I have 5! What number in line am I?

"Get over here," Eva said in a lowered voice, as I plodded over in my bare feet, taking off my belt. She took it out of my hand and dropped storys pornxxx gratia de nias virgenes de14 y 14 on the floor as she pulled my pants and underwear down, looked my cock over, stroked it once or twice and then virtually swallowed it whole in three long thrusts of her wide mouth, she shifted her head and slurped my cock and balls in, I think, just to show me she could!

Eva then proceeded to give me the most amazing blowjob I have ever had, before or since, from a woman or man. Even from Eva! She was inspired the way she ran her tongue along the shaft and the way she treated my balls individually and with the scrotum. Expertly using and not using her teeth, she rode the shaft with her mouth like a machine, stopping short of me cumming twice, licking the purple rim of my throbbing cock head as I moaned, my legs shaking.

This was a woman who was a master cocksucker and she loved it and the power it gave her over men. Eva released my rigid cock from her wet mouth with a gentle "pop" and slid her tiny frame back on the bed, spreading her legs wide and folding her knees and looking at me pleadingly asked, "will you lick my clit please?" I dove right francesca felucci sexes it up with a couple studs, dropping to my knees and plunging my face into her soaking wet muff, wondering why she seemed to be begging for this most basic of sex act, something I know men would pay good money to do to such a glorious love hole.

I plunged my tongue into her pussy and then licked all around it, plunging two fingers in as I gently sucked her clit. Eva came with a sharp yelp and grabbed a wash towel lying on the bed and put it in her mouth as I spit on my thumb and shoved it up her ass, probing at first, then as she moaned through the towel I jammed my thumb in hard as she came again. I finger-fucked her pussy and ass like this for a bit and finished her off with a short rim job that seemed to tickle her a bit, she moaned deeply from her round belly.

Going to work on her clit with my full attention, I gave her my "patented" hard and soft tongue treatment that seems to be popular with all women, alternating between big, sloppy tongues across the labia and doing the "ABCs" with a rigid tongue on the face of the clit, Eva seemed to buck with a continuous wave of orgasms, her screams muffled by the washrag in her mouth. She finally grabbed me by the hair and growled, "Stop! I need a break for a minute." I slid alongside her as she wrapped her thick arms around me as I licked her salty-tasting neck.

Her chest was heaving and her lactating breasts were leaking. I French kissed her deeply and moved my mouth to her right tit and began licking and squeezing it, she tried to stop me but I latched on and began sucking like a 30 pound 5 month old, my mouth filling with the faintly sweet nectar of warm, thin mother's milk.

Eva relaxed as the Oxytocin went to work. An old memory rushing back to me of suckling at my own mother's full tits when I was as old as 5 as she used it to bribe me to go to kindergarten.

My dedicated nursing mother of 9 probably had lactating breasts for 20 years and was never afraid to whip them out to satisfy any of her brood! When I finished my unplanned, but lovely meal, my cock was throbbing again and Eva said, "I need to be fucked," as she leaned over and sucked my hard dick to make sure it was ready.

She rolled over on her back and spread her legs wide and said, "Fuck me now." As I crawled up on top of her with my 6'2' frame, she was tiny and I wondered what my 6'8" brother must have felt like. I leaned cute looking brunette ass fucking with dildo on webcam and gave her pussy and asshole a quick lick, making sure everything was good and wet, it was and I put my throbbing cock head between her pussy lips, she lifted her full ass teen girls put giant dildos in thier asses me and I grabbed her firm ass cheeks and pulled her tiny body onto my cock, her pussy was surprisingly tight for a woman who had delivered three kids through that sweet pussy in just over 5 years and as I pushed in she took my whole cock with a lilting, 'ohhh.' She expertly squeezed my member with her pussy as I started to thrust in her harder, building up speed, she tipped her ass up, dug her nails into my ass and came the first time from my cock in her hole with a gasp.

I stopped, lifting her up to keep from cumming and turned her around on all fours. I was confronted with her spotless, wide alabaster ass framed by two curving hips, I took a large lick of her pussy and asshole and plunged my steaming rod into what I now blindly imagined was an anonymous cunt, instead of my brother's sweet wife.

I fucked her hard and fast, holding her by her supple hips, she was slamming back hard, like a woman possessed—she was tiny, like the skinny young teen girls we fucked in the woods when we all lost our cherries the summer we turned 14, but she was a real woman—not a girl-- and when I pinched both of her thick ass cheeks between my thumb and forefinger, Eva came again hard.

Figuring she liked it a little rough, I slapped her ass, she moaned and rubbed her clit and by the second time I slapped her ass harder, Eva came yet again. Feeling my own orgasm rushing through my loins, I pulled my pulsing dick out of her pussy and sprayed a thick stream of jism across Eva's reddening ass and onto her back.

I collapsed on top of Eva for a few moments of rest, my heart pounding and then got up, licking my own cum off of her back and ass. Then she rolled over and licked and sucked my shrinking cock clean. Her tiny body was on me and she kissed me deeply. I surprised her with a knot of my cum, she sent it back with some she had been storing in her cheek.

We swapped it back and forth for a few minutes, laughing and stroking each other, luxuriating in a new found passion. I knew I wanted this woman again—and soon!

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I found out that my brother rarely went down on her after he had seen her being pleasured by a woman. He was jealous, not understanding that same sex couples knew how to do things differently for each other, not necessarily better, but different. I said, "I know," she said, "I know you know cocksucker! How did I do?" "Amazing, best I've ever had!" I said. We collapsed into each other's arms and fell asleep, sated.

In the months ahead, Eva and I joined together as lovers many times, sometimes for a night, sometimes for a few minutes, exploring our history and sexuality. I may write more about it or some of the other stories I've hinted at.

Let me know what turned you on. Frank Mills writes stories from his own and his friends' experiences about sex between real people, not models or porn stars. He writes for real men and women to enjoy.