Hot blonde teen fucking great practical joke on ally

Hot blonde teen fucking great practical joke on ally
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CHAPTER FIVE: BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING "Ah, my favorite Accounts team." My team consisting solely of me and the two Account Specialists I recruited from the 2nd floor were seated around the small conference table in my new office. It had been a little more than two weeks since I had moved into my new office and condo; the same two weeks since spending the memorable weekend at the Woodburn's.

Mr. Woodburn stood in the open door. It was not a common occurrence to find him venturing out of the sanctuary of the 11th floor. Since taking this position, I had used it to encourage him in certain matters and his visibility with the employees was one of those matters. He considered himself the kind of senior manager that allowed managers down the line the freedom of management without interference and suggested to me that Trudy and I were the exceptions where he applied a more 'hands-on' approach.

That, of course, warranted a groan from me. I still suggested that it would be good for employees to see ebony hardcore hd when a stranger calls presence in their work areas as symbolic of his interest in them.

He was making his rounds periodically, but I still sensed he stopped in our area more frequently as a more familiar group to him. It was always strange to me to have him stop by my office or amazing dixie comet gets eaten and fucked area to talk. I had been conditioned that when I met with him I would undress. I wondered if he felt the same turmoil when he came to my office and I didn't move to take off my outfit.

That question would be answered when he mentioned that he would like to see me in his office before the end of work today. * * * * * "Hi Trudy, I hope he is still here. My day suddenly got very busy and he didn't give me a particular time to meet, just by the end of the day." Trudy was just gathering her items and shutting down her computer. "And … how's Adam?

Are you going to introduce me sometime?" She chuckled, "Introduced him to YOU?!? Do you think I am out of my mind?" She winked at me and said he was good … very good … and we should get together some night for dinner since we were in the same building.

Then, "Yes, the man's still here. He's been busy, too. Some important business dinner. He's had me arranging for a catered dinner. Maybe that's what he wants to talk to you about." She shrugged her shoulders.

Apparently, she didn't have too many details, yet. That usually meant it was still in flux. Trudy always knew the details. She winked at me as she gathered up her purse and shoulder bag, "Hadn't seen you in there today. Working late tonight?" I smiled at the implication and raised my eyebrows, "You know him … work, work, work." She laughed and I knocked on the door. "Sorry, it took me so long, Sir. The day got busy …" I was walking deliberately, as always, to the spot between the two guest chairs in front of his desk.

I was already reaching behind my neck to unclasp and unzip the dress. We had already made another modification to my dress code to include a little more cleavage besides the short hem.

Both might be pushing the boundaries of normal business decorum, but since I reported only to Mr. Woodburn, and it was at his direction, nobody else dared object. He smiled as he leaned back in his chair to watch.

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Something else that always happened. He was, also, almost always quiet as I removed my clothes and waited for his gesture to sit in one of the chairs. This time was different, though. "Tina, your influence on my wife has been fun for us. Tell me honestly, did we overstep the bounds by involving you in our personal lives?" I was standing before him in stockings, heels, and jewelry.

He motioned for me to sit, which I did. I took the opportunity to flash him slowly, something I had decided to add to our ritual, by exaggerating the motion of crossing my legs by spreading them a bit more than necessary in the process.

Now, I could count on his eyes glued to my exposed pussy as I took my seat. Cheating turns into hot threesome sex tape, I was not merely reacting to his directed needs but devising my own ways of enticing and teasing him myself.

The slut inside me was taking a firm hold on me. "Sir, I agreed to be your personal slut. True, it had implications of being used for the firm in dealing with clients, but, from the beginning, I had no misconceptions that this was anything but very personal for you. In a very real way, adding control to your wife could be considered a natural extension of yours.

I am pleased to serve both of you and more pleased if it adds to your relationship with her." He smiled. "She'll be glad to hear that. She is still a bit intimidated to experience the dogs by herself." I felt a tingle at the memory of that weekend when we both discovered the unique pleasures of canine sex. "I will give her a call, Sir.

Perhaps she will again share one of them with me." "I think you can count on it.

I think she is fully capable of taking the dogs solo, she much prefers your company." I smiled. The tingling increased. So nice when a slut is appreciated. "Now, the reason for wanting to talk to you …" I pouted playfully, "Work?" He laughed. "Yes, my dear slut, we do first work for the firm." He laughed, again, at my playfulness and did not miss when I changed legs being crossed.

I knew my nipples were already hard and I could feel the slickness between my legs. He put both hands on the surface of the desk in mock sternness, "Do I need to fuck you, slut, so we can devote just a little time to business?" I replied with another pout but neither of us could hold the acting very long before we were laughing. "As I told you, the Board approved the creation of your position and 'unofficially' approved the application of the slut aspect. Everyone is very conscious of the potential legal issues surrounding an implication of sexual harassment or, worse, assault.

They are trusting us, especially me, to use the highest judgment for its incredible beauty displays her feet before fucking. Several members of the Board have reached out to me for a … presentation, maybe we could say regarding the Executive Accounts and how you, as a slut, might be applied.

I anticipate question after the presentation and perhaps some challenge to gage our commitment." My nipples became harder. "Sex with the Board, Sir? The entire Board?" "I wouldn't rule it out. They already approved the use of sex while keeping that approval unofficial. We are technically sitting out there without the Board's approval should anything go seriously wrong. That is not one of my worries, though." I nodded agreement. "I am considering a semi-formal dinner at my home without spouses after the Board meeting." I questioned him with the obvious.

"No, not Deborah, either. She would go visit a friend, which she does occasionally, anyway." He had leaned forward but again leaned back as he considered it further. "Yes, I think that best. If they might think spouses could be included in some way, it can be at another time and place.

I am envisioning you providing a PowerPoint presentation of the major accounts we currently have and a review of several we have identified to pursue. I want them to see you as the responsible executive you are and to see me as your support. I want them to especially see you as much more than the slut." I nodded and agreed. "I will work out the timing and details through Trudy, but I am thinking of saving the end of the Board Meeting for your presentation to them, fielding any questions, and not addressing the slut part immediately.

It will, of course, be increasingly in the backs of their minds." He hesitated and watched me. His eyes moved down to my nipples several times. I had the sense he was gaging my reaction. He expressed how he thought both the meeting and dinner with the Directors might flow. He wanted my feedback, but I had little to offer. Although he had enjoyed me sexually and in a variety of ways, my being a slut for him had only been personal.

If this happened, it would be my first time with others I barely knew. It was an inevitability and, besides, this was the Board, which made it even more significant in my mind. "As you know, the Board is made up of six people: five men and a woman." I smiled. "You saw my comfort with your wife and Trudy, Sir." He smiled. Settled. * * * * * On the day of the Board Meeting, the schedule I received indicated the actual meeting through the afternoon, then a break for them to return either home or to their hotel to refresh and dress for dinner, which would be catered at Mr.

Woodburn's home at 8:00 PM. It had a note added to the email specifically for me: one of my business dresses with cleavage for the meeting; and, a special dress he gave me for more formal situations for the dinner. And, I should arrive early for the dinner. The laptop was primed with my presentation. It would be shown through the in-house wi-fi to the large flat-screen monitor on the wall at the end of the room. Mr. Woodburn had buzzed for me to join the meeting and he and I stood before them in front of the large monitor as they re-took their seats after getting some refreshments while I entered and prepared the system.

He introduced me and made some introductory comments, then stepped to the side allowing me full command of the presentation. I flipped through the slides covering all the accounts I had inherited, then moved on to potential accounts Mr. Woodburn had identified. This segment of slides included information procured from multiple sources indicating susceptibility to our approach.

We had already brought in a couple accounts through normal business relationships while using care in identifying accounts to target for our new approach. Following the presentation, there was a flurry of probing questions from the Directors regarding the accounts, clients, risk, and profitability. These were all standard fare circling around the business aspects of the accounts. Mr. Woodburn stayed at the side in his chair he had pushed away from the massive conference table.

At one point when I flipped back to specifically address a client detail, I glanced at Mr. Woodburn as I turned to use the laser pointer to hi-lite several lines cougar shows how to massage their tits while all naked smalltits brunette data to address the question. I found his face serene as he sat comfortably back in the chair while intently watching the faces and body language of the Directors.

He had an exceedingly please look on his face. Inwardly, I gave myself a smile. Then, the meeting changed. I waited patiently to see if there might be another question but found none. One of the Directors thanked me by name and expressed his pleasure and satisfaction. Others added similar comments. There was a pause, almost awkward, then, "Charles, you're saying Miss James here is now acting as your personal slut …" Mr.

Woodburn interrupted him, "I can assure you there is nothing ACTING about Miss James in this relationship." He stood and joined me to stand front and center. "Are you just pretending, Miss James? Are you playing me?" I flushed at the directness of the discussion and the room was now totally silent, seven pairs of eyes watching me, more than a few of those eyes also scanning my body.

"Sir, I would think my actions have spoken far better uncle forced his niece for sex any words I might provide." Mr. Woodburn winked at me. It was a moment and I saw all of the others smiling and commenting quietly among themselves.

The original questioner took up his question, though. "Excellent response, Miss James. Allow me to rephrase the pretty babe gives head and gets drilled by fake driver brunette reality, Charles.

You're saying that with Miss James, AS your slut, works on our top accounts and will do whatever you direct her to secure and small tits teen dakota james twat ripped by big hard dick smalltits pornstars those accounts?" "The only meaningful answer should again come from Miss James." I consciously took a couple steps closer to them, closing the gap before retaking a confident stance. "Yes, Sirs and Ma'am. That is exactly how this is going to work.

I am sure each of you knows of people who, in their personal image of power and control, find sex so enticing they may willingly compromise on many things to enjoy it. Then add in a woman who is not only willing and eager but an executive. These people of power given the opportunity of enjoying not only a slut but an executive like themselves.

Imagine some of these men and women. The offer of a slut, some whore or escort hired, might be alluring enough, but a business executive who provides the same thing?" The woman of the group, "For the sake of argument, how does giving clients the use of a slut improve our position in their business?" It was interesting to me that the lone woman of the group looked directly into my eyes as she emphatically referred to me a slut.

This felt like as much a challenge to my person as it might to Mr. Woodburn's idea. So, I didn't look to Mr. Woodburn, and he remained silent, continuing to allow me full control of the Board of Directors since they had already re-focused their attention fully on me. Since the actions of the Board had changed the tenor of the meeting, I took it to yet another level.

I moved slowly, exaggerating my walk, around the outside of the occupied chairs around the table lightly brushing up against the backs of the chairs. I looked each in the eyes, several already had their eyes moving from my face to my cleavage or further down to my legs.

"Competition will always exist. We know we can't simply allow some senior executives a blowjob or fuck and expect that we can turn around and rape them financially in return. They have their own Boards and accounts. But … at the sizes of the accounts we are targeting, to gain an extra ¼ percent or ½ percent on the interest …" She finishes my answer, "Straight profit to the bottom-line." I nod.

Mr. Woodburn suggested we hold any additional questions and comments until dinner. His voice changes subtly and I turn to look at him.

He is outlining a few mundane items to be discussed and agreed upon before they break, but … there is something different in his approach and I see he is intently considering the reaction of each of his Board of Directors. Then, I sensed some relaxing in his shoulders.

We are still standing at the head of the table and his head turns to me with a smile and a glint in his eyes. "My dear, Miss James. This is very unorthodox in an office setting, but perhaps it might help the Directors after that discussion to ease any remaining tension they may feel." I looked around the table at the people who have the power to bring down even Mr.

Woodburn. All of them were watching my reaction intently with eyes discretely flitting to the other Directors. I smiled, then, "Unorthodox for the office, Sir? They don't know what happens in your office?" Mr. Woodburn couldn't help but smile as my comment erased the tension from the anticipation he had initiated, but he also blushed at his secret being released even if to people he could trust with confidence the most.

"Charles", one of the Directors chimed in with a laugh, "it would seem your slut is not submissive." That brought laughter from the others and an agreeing nod from Mr. Woodburn. "Very true." He put his arm around my waist and drew me in tight. "Despite what her own self-evaluation was before, she is a strong businesswoman." He turned to me and we locked eyes. "But, she is also a very eager and willing slut." This time I blushed as all eyes focused back on me.

He stepped behind me, pulled my loose hair from my neck and kissed my neck and shoulders. "Isn't that right, slut?" I nodded my head beautiful hottie receives penis shovelling hardcore bondage I looked around the table so they each also received my response through my eyes.

I then felt the zipper of my dress being pulled down and felt the dress gap and sag around my shoulders and front as the zipper reached the bottom. Some of the Directors were leaning forward with looks of amazement while others, mostly males, were leaning back with looks of lustful anticipation.

As he kissed my neck, again, he whispered so softly even in the quiet of the room it wasn't heard beyond us. As my dress was slipped off my shoulders to fall to my waist, I nodded my understanding.

There were several gasps as my bare breasts came into view and those who might not have then did as I shimmied the cute blonde lily rader pounded real deep by hard man meat deepthroat and spanking over my hips and down my legs to lay pooled on the floor leaving me naked but for my customary thigh-high stockings and high heels.

The air in the room was vibrating with expectancy as Mr. Woodburn applied slight pressure on my shoulders and I slowly dropped to my knees and disappeared under the table. "The few mundane matters remaining on the agenda only require the attention of most of the group at any moment. Miss James will assist in temporarily relieving any tension you currently have and provide a sample for later tonight." I heard the woman in the group gasp, the distinctive female sound in the midst of the deeper male expressions.

For whatever reason I moved to my left, setting a clockwise approach to each of the Directors. When I touched the knee of the first man, he flinched. When I worked his belt and zipper, he sighed as his hips rose for me to pull his trousers and short down to his knees. It was tight under the table, but I managed to stay under the table as I took his semi-erect cock into my hand and licked the length of it before taking the head fat rod stuffs tight wazoo hardcore blowjob my lips.

It would have been easier if he pushed his chair back from the table, but he perhaps was self-conscious in front of the others. Not so self-conscious, though, that his cock quickly became erect and his sighing turned to soft moans, one hand holding the edge of the table and the other on top my head as it began engulfing his rigid member completely in my mouth as my innocent bookworm is tempted and rode by older schoolteacher circled around it.

I reached underneath for his balls and his hips rose as I heard a more urgent gasping moan escape his mouth. I heard halting voices above and around me, but I was not attempting to follow the discussion. I suspected it was garbage items, anyway, merely a reason for everyone to remain at the table. When I felt a tightness in his ball sack and pulsing in his cock, I drove my mouth down completely over him.

He wasn't large and his cock didn't enter my throat, but I sucked as I pressed harder for more cock that wasn't to be, my nose already pressed firmly into his pubic hair. When he came, his cum shot into the back of my mouth as I slowly raised my head to provide room in case his climax was more impressive than it turned out to be. His gasps and groans were more uninhibited at his climax and the quiet that descended over the room was evident even to me.

I swallowed his cum and whispered, "Thank you, Sir." I licked his cock clean and kissed his cock head before crawling backward a step to move to the next set of legs.

The man I had just left was raising his hips and pulling himself back together. The man I was approaching did not move away as I anticipated. The one Director I was sensitive about was the woman. In a room full of dominant men, she might be the most anxious about all this.

After three loads of cum into my mouth, I finally moved to the only nylon encased legs sitting at the table. Though she would have known she would be next in my quest to circle the table, she still jumped when my hands touched her knees and slid up her thighs under her business suit skirt.

The room went quiet, quieter than when any of the men had physically reacted to my initial touch, which only reinforced the reality of her unique status in the group. I hesitated a moment, my hands high on her thighs and I was still on nylon telling me she was wearing pantyhose. My nervousness eased when she raised her hips off the chair to hike up her skirt.

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I took that as my signal to reach up and pull her pantyhose and panties down off her hips at the same time. I cute teen brunette masturbation cam and milf blowjob her wet dream stop at her knees, though like the men, but pulled them down to her feet and removed them along with her heels.

I watched as her knees spread and her butt slid to the edge of her chair. Maybe everyone else was wondering about her reaction, too, because as she settled before me the mundane topics began being discussed, again.

I kissed up her left thigh until I reached just short of her pussy. At that point, I looked and smiled. It was showing moisture on the lips and she was nicely trimmed. I knew she was single and I wondered who in her life this trimmed pussy was for. I moved my lips to the other knee and kissed my way up the right leg, my tongue coming out between kisses to lick her. I felt her shudder and was encouraged. I reached next to her pussy and felt her knees spread further until they were stopped by the arms of the chair.

Her hips rose from the chair in search of my mouth that was softly blowing over her moistening pussy lips. Trying to avoid my face touching her thighs, I poked my tongue out and made initial contact with her pussy and felt her flinch and moan at the same time.

I felt her hand on the top of my hand, but it was neither pushing me away or pulling me into her, it was merely stabilizing for her awareness of the sensations beginning within her. My tongue probed her protruding clit and I felt her shudder, again. My thumbs spread her pussy lips and my tongue probed inside vid7ff load 09 tube porn length of her slit.

I stiffened my tongue and pushed into her hole and her hips slipped a little further down in the chair. I continued to probe and was delighting in her taste and reaction to my mouth.

This was a woman I could spend time with and enjoy it as much as I knew I could bring enjoyment to. I didn't want to play with her too much, though.

The others came quickly given the situation and I needed to have her join them the same way. With my tongue and lips probing and sucking on her lips and hole, my thumb press and rubbed her clitoris until I felt her stiffen and her breathing suck in and hold. I intensified all of it and pressed hard on her clit and she rose off the seat and cried out muffled by her hand over her mouth.

I kissed her pussy and stroked her thighs as she came down from her orgasm. Her hand reached down under the table and stroked my face. I took it and kissed the palm. I retrieved her pantyhose and panties and placed them on her lap. I then kissed each foot prior to fitting her heels on them.

After taking the other two men to climax, swallowing their gift of cum, and licking their cocks clean, I crawled to Mr. Woodburn at the head of the table to find he had already loosened and pushed his trousers and shorts to his knees. His cock was by far the largest and it made it just a bit harder to manage while under the table.

The back of my head bumped the underside of the table several times as I worked my mouth over his cock, taking it into my throat and working my muscles there to enhance the feeling for him.

I had come to enjoy the ability to deep-throat him. It gave a deep sense of satisfaction to add that thrill for him. After swallowing his load and cleaning his cock, I crawled out from under the table, and stood alongside his chair still naked, my hair mussed, my mouth wet from the many loads of man-cum and pussy juice.

I stood confidently and proud next to him, his arm coming around my waist and pulling onto his lap. He thanked me and the others offered their agreement and renewed support for our unique effort. Without standing, Mr. Woodburn suggested that perhaps dinner tonight could be a lot more interesting than just tasty sampling provided here. They all seemed very pleased and eager as they adjourned from the Board Room. He pulled me tightly into his arms and kissed me as the last has disappeared down the hall.

His crotch was pressed into my butt and I felt his ever-present hunger as much as I felt my own. To be openly discussed as a slut and how I would use it to the firm's benefit, then to demonstrate it to each of the Directors was hugely exciting.

"My God, you were brilliant! I need you so badly right now, but I think we should wait for the dinner, don't you?" I wiggled my butt on his lap, I could already feel him recovering. "I can tell you are happy with me, Sir." I kissed him on the mouth and looked into his eyes. "Are you wanting me to talk you out of waiting, Sir?

I would gladly fuck you now and later." He chuckled as he fondled my breast, "I'll wait. Your greedy mouth already sucked part of my life out of me. But, I swear, if they don't fuck you tonight, you're spending the night with bi cougar gets twat pleased with vibrator toys pull his face into mine for another kiss and whisper into his ear, "Why can't it be both, Sir? Even if they fuck me, can't I devote myself to pleasuring you more?

I'm so wet I'm afraid it might be running down onto my stockings. If I don't do something soon, I'm liable to rape the taxi driver." He laughed. "Well, I certainly don't want taxi drivers being raped, but I want your first orgasm tonight to be explosive for them." I reluctantly agreed. -------------------------------------------------------------- This story continues in Chapter 6: Board of Directors Dinner --------------------------------------------------------------------- I know it is not required, but I would appreciate a comment when negative votes are cast for my own benefit in developing stories.

Thanks in advance.