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Rich ebony babe aaliyah hadid sneak away with whitey
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Traveling Through Alabama While traveling through Alabama on business, I stopped one Friday afternoon at a motel that was within just a couple of miles from my appointment on Monday morning.

I had been on the road for several weeks and was in need of a nice long weekend to rest up, take care of some the personal chores like getting my truck cleaned up and the ever present laundry done. While checking in, I asked for a room in the back of the motel thinking it would be quieter and more suitable for all the sleep that I was planning.

I carried my gear into my room that was one door away from the end of the building and started putting my laundry together. Figured that I might as well get that over with so that I could lay back and enjoy the rest of the weekend. I changed into a pair of old gym trunks. Actually they were so old and then I should not have been wearing them anywhere, but they were just too comfortable to throw away.

I started my laundry and on the way back to the room I noticed a couple checking into the room next to me at the end of the building. Seemed like a nice older couple that appeared to be in their 60's. I was pleased that a construction crew was moving in with plans to party on the sideway late each night.

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I got my clothes out of the dryer and brought them back to the room. I had already set up the ironing board to complete this task and get it out of the way. As usual, I always have a few shots of bourbon as I do my laundry to ease the pain of this boring, but necessary chore. I had closed the door, but left the curtains to the window wide open. I slipped out of my gym shorts and began the task.

Not sure why, but I always iron in the nude. Just love the feel of hanging free and feeling Mr. Happy swing back and forth as I iron. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the lady from next door walk by. I really didn't think she could see into the room because of how bright it was outside and the room was only lighted by the sunshine coming through the open window.

However, in just a few moments, she came back by and I noticed that she did glance into the room as she walked by. I pulled on my gym trunks waiting for her husband to knock on the door to complain or a call from the front desk or even worse the police knocking on my door. Fifteen or twenty minutes went by without a knock, ring or an arrest, so I slipped out of my gym shorts and finished my ironing.

When I had my clothes put away for the next week, I checked my daily planner again to make sure that I had not overlooked anything that I should be taking care of that weekend and was satisified that I had the rest of the weekend to myself for a change. I pulled on my gym trunks and headed to the ice machine on the other side of the building by the swimming pool. I looked over the pool hoping there would be some hot lady there taking in the sun, but just my luck there was only a family there with three very loud kids playing in the water as mom and dad watched from the comfort of their lounge chairs.

As I approached the ice machine, I noticed the lady from the room next to me walking up the walkway to the ice machine. She was an older lady, but was very tall and very slim.

She was wearing a blue terri cloth shorts outfit and was very complimentry to her older, but very nice body. The terri cloth top revealed that she was probably not wearing a bra and the shorts were very short. This wasn't the outfit she was wearing as she passed my room window just earlier. I stood back and motioned to the machine to let her get her ice first. My good deed was rewarded as she bent over to get the ice, I did get a very good birds eye view of those lovely breast.

Not larges ones, but very full and very nice from what Icould see. She thanked me as she finished getting her ice and then headed down the walk back toward her room. Just as well.

Mr. Happy was starting to beautiful blonde with big boobs gets pummeled a nice buldge in those old thin gym shorts that I managed to hide with my ice bucket until she left. While I was getting my ice, I heard a crash behind me and looked around to see her picking up her ice bucket and the contents all over the walkway. She knocked the spilt ice off the walkway with her sandal and then headed back to the ice machine.

I had finished getting my ice and was walking toward her as she passed me to get another bucket of ice. She laughed slightly as she passed and made a comment about being clumsy. I smiled at her as she passed, but didn't say anything. I heard the old ice machine start churning out more ice and looked back and was glad that I did.

She was bending over again, but this time I got the view from behind and those short terri cloth shorts were revealing to very nice cheeks. I didn't hang around though. I figured that I had already gotten more of a thrill that I was suppose to and headed back to my room.

I put the ice in the room and decided that I had better lay off the bourbon until I had the truck cleaned up. That Florida sun would have made short work of me with another couple more shots of bourbon in me.

Besides I had a nice buzz already from the two shots I had while doing the ironing. As I worked on the truck, he came outside their room and waved at me, but didn't speak. Later she dental hygenist doing her second video 10 years after her first porn i tube porn out a couple of times and got something out of sanny leone sex xxx storys van and went back into the room.

Not sure she even look over my way on either occassion. I finished up the truck and washed out my rags and hung them on the shower to dry. I didn't feel like walking over to the cafe next to the motel and just ordered a pizza for the evening.

While I was waiting on the pizza, the gentleman from next door walked by the window and knocked on the door. I thought to myself either she told him about walking by my window and me standing there in my birthday suit or my taking a nice long look at his wife's lovely breast at the ice machine. I opened the door and braced myself. I was surprised when I opened the door and instead of punching me out, he stuck out his hand to shake hands and introduced himself as asked if I would like to join them for dinner.

I told him that I had already ordered a pizza, but thanked him for the offer. He then asked if I would like to join them for a drink later and told me they were going to order one of those pay per view movies the motel offered. I told him that if I was still awake when they came back, I would join them for a short drink. About an hour and a half later, there was a knock on the door and it was the gentleman from next door again.

He asked if I wanted to join them for a drink. I told him that I would be over in a couple of minutes. I put on a shirt and pulled on a more acceptable pair of shorts and grabbed my bottle of bourbon as I headed out the door.

Their door was standing open, but I knocked on it before stepping into the room. He was sitting at the round table next to the window and she was seated on the edge of the bed next to the sofa that was in the room.

She introduced herself and took my bottle and fixed me a drink. She was wearing what appeared to be a man's long sleeve white shirt and it hung down to past her mid thighs and I couldn't see if she was still wearing those short terri cloth shorts.

She poured coke into the glass with the bourbon and ice and ruined the drink, but I didn't say anything. He told me to take a seat and I sat down on the sofa after she handed me my drink. She sat back down on the edge of the bed. The movie "Quigley Down Under" was just starting. Shortly after the movie started, she stated, "See I told you he does look like that guy." He focused on his drink and blew her comments off. We watched the movie and from time to time she would ask me a question about myself.

He continued to focus on his drink and the movie, occassionally glancing out the window if a vehicle drove by. She got up a couple of times to fresh up the drinks and as she passed between me and the window, I could see through the white shirt and could tell she wasn't wearing a bra.

She was sitting on the edge of the bed to my left and he was sitting at the round table to my right. Step mom tatood big tits second time she got up to freshen up their drinks, I had waved off on another round, as she seated herself back on the edge of the bed, I could swear that another button on her shirt was opened.

As he glanced out the window at a passing vehicle, I shot a quick glance toward her and the white shirt was completely open and I could see her breast almost fully exposed. Now my cock was getting hard. I thought to myself what are you doing here looking at this man's wife lusting after her body, getting a hardon and him sitting five feet away. She knew that I was looking and moved where the shirt opened even more giving me an even better view of her breasts.

Holding her glass to the side of her face she just smiled at me. He was still focused on the movie and appeared to be completely lost on the activity in the room with him. She asked if I wanted another drink and I accepted. She moved off the bed and took my glass and filled it with only ice and bourbon at my request. As she turned around and moved back toward me the shirt was open all the way down and I could not only see part of her breast, but the very nicely shaped V of her pubic hair.

He never took his eyes off the TV as I reached for my drink, he stated, "We are swingers and my wife is doing her best to seduce you right now." I almost spilled the drink. He continued, "It's alright. I don't mind at all. I can't do anything anymore and I just enjoy watching her have fun." My mind was now racing 100 miles per hour.

Wondering what I had stumbled into, if this was a set up, if I was going to be a statistic on the morning police blotter or had I just fallen asleep and was dreaming all this. She broke my thoughts when she stated, "Don't worry, we are asian pretty babe tames hard male cocks japanese hardcore clean and the only thing we want from you is to have a little fun." I didn't know what to say.

The lady had a very nice body and Mr. Happy was certainly very interested. She slide down onto the sofa with me and began unbuttoning my shirt pressing her body against me as she did. She took hot blowjob by member alisuka from milfsexdating net by the hand and lead me to the edge of the bed where she sat down in front of me.

My cock was growing in my shorts just inches away from her face. She placed her hand on my cock through my shorts and then pulled the front of my shorts down enough to pull my cock out.

I pushed my shorts down farther so that my cock and balls were completely loose in front of her. My cock was already hard by the time she took my cock into her hands and slipped my knob into her mouth. Her mouth was very hot and it felt so good feeling her tongue run around the rim of my cock head and then take me deep inside her mouth again.

Damn she was good and it had been over a month since that cock had gotten any attention except for me in the shower.

She let my cock slip out of her mouth and then ran her tongue down the full length of my cock and licked at my balls. Then she looked up at me and smiled as she laid back on the bed, spread her legs wide and pulled me down on top of her. I wanted to look behind me to see what he was doing, but she had reached in between us, took my cock in her hand and had guided the head of my thick cock to the hot lips of her pussy.

I could feel the heat of her pussy against the head of my cock as she pushed the head inside her. She moved her hand and I pushed the rest of my cock deep into her. She then whispered to me, "Now fuck me cowboy." I started with long slow strokes pulling almost all the way out and then sliding my cock deep into her again.

She spread her legs even wider and put her legs straight up into the air and then grabbed her toes holding her legswide apart. "Quit teasing me and fuck me harder," she moaned. I filled her pussy with deep powerful thrust and could feel her raising her hips to take me even deeper inside her.

My balls were slapping against her ass so hard it was almost uncomfortable for me and I was going to slow down, but then she cried out, "Just like that. Fuck me. Oh, that cutie ready for two stiff cocks facial cumshot and fingering it. I'm cumming. Don't stop. Please don't stop. Fuck me. Fuck me." The fire had completely engulfed her and I felt her body shutter as it was completely overcum with her orgasm.

When her orgasm had subsided, I slipped my cock out of her and rolled her over. I moved around so that I could see what he was doing and got up behind her. I didn't know these people. They seemed like a nice couple, but I couldn't get the thought of her husband being right there and watching me as I fucked his wife.

He was still sitting at the round table nursing his drink and appeared to be still watching the movie. I slide up behind her, reached under her and pulled her hips up and then slipped my cock back into her wet pussy. I again started with the long slow strokes, but soon was fucking her hard again at her request. Sometimes my thrust were almost hard enough to push her all the way down on the bed, but she just kept pushing herself back against me taking all of my cock.

She would drop her head down onto the bed and take her hair in her hands pulling it and biting at the comforter and then would be back up again and pushing even harder back against me.

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As the fire overtook her again, she pulled at the comforter and tossed her head back and forth and then took the comforter into her mouth to muffle her cries of pleasure. When the fire died down, she pulled off and slide off the bed to fix her another drink. As she fixed the drink, he stated, "She hasn't been fucked that hard and that long for a good while" and then got up to fix himself another drink.

She came back to the bed and laid down across the foot of the bed and sipped her drink. Thinking she was done with me, I started to get up and put my shirt and shorts back on. She stopped me told me that she wasn't through with me yet and wanted to be filled up. She took a piece of ice from her glass and slipped it into her mouth and then began sucking my cock again. I could feel the contrast of the heat from her mouth and the coolness of the ice on my cock.

That was one very erotic feeling. After the second piece of ice, she had me lay down and slide down on top of me. She rode my cock like it was the last cock she would ever get. Then I felt the fire stirring within my balls and told her that if she didn't slow down I was going to cum.

She looked down at me and smiled as she said, "Fill me up and give me all of it." That was enough for me. My balls exploded and I filled her wet pussy with a thick load of hot cum as she continued to rock back and forth on my cock. It felt like I came for a full minute and I could feel my cum flowing back onto my balls and legs as she continued to rock on top of me. When she felt me stop cumming, she slide off me and slide down and began licking my cum off my cock, sucking the last drops from my cock and then licking my cum off my balls and legs.

After she had cleaned me, she got up, took her drink and moved over to refreshen her drink again. She came back to the bed and laid down with her head on the pillows. I started to get up, but she motioned for me to stay where I was. She then called her husband over to the bed. I moved off the bed as he came over.

I sat on the sofa as he kneeled down on the bed and she spread her legs wide. He moved in between her legs and then she then took his face into her hands and guided him down in between her legs and told him to lick her clean. Without hesitation, he began licking her pussy and licking my cum out of her pussy as she moaned in pure pleasure.

In just a couple of minutes, she was cumming again. When she had finished, hegot up and moved back to the round table without saying a word. I had gathered my clothes and redressed as he was going down on his wife. After he moved back to the table, I thanked them for the evening and started to leave. As I was walking out the door, she called after me, "Sweetie make sure you leave your door unlocked just in case I want any more of that cock tonight." I told her that I would and was good to my word.

She didn't come to my room that night, but we spent the next day together at the pool and going out to eat. That afternoon at the pool, she ask me to go back to their room with her. We played that afternoon and then after dinner, we played again in their room.

He was still sitting at the round table and watching a movie as I nasty fucking for cute oriental pretty babe his wife on the bed across the room form him. When I left that night, she again asked me to leave my door unlocked and I did.

That night she did come over and slip into bed with me. Didn't hear her when she left the room and when I got up the next morning they were gone.