Exceptional czech centerfold lexi dona pleasures and climaxes

Exceptional czech centerfold lexi dona pleasures and climaxes
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I was 20 years old living with my parents and little siblings in a house with 3 rooms. My parents were born and raised in Turkey and so i am of Turkish heritage. For the past 2 years my parents rome major yasmine de leon amp moe johnson way on arguing repeatedly but would get back to their old selves quick.

However the situation had escalated and reached a point of no return. Arguments occurred daily and life in that house was terrible. My dad had become someone completely different and not in a good way. He became obsessed with material things and gave very little of his earnings to us. The incident really blew up when saw texts of him and several other women writing compliments about each other. This was the same time that I grew and obsession that only continued to grow.

I became extremely aroused by gay sex and giant cocks. Although I never really classified myself as gay or never watched gay porn in my life all my fantasies were about men with big cocks fucking me in my asshole and me giving oral pleasure to him. This led me to eventually buying some toys for my own pleasure. I stored them in a lock box to keep it hidden from everyone else.

One day my mother and I agreed that we had enough of my dad's bullshit and decided to pack a few things and leave with the kids. I grabbed the essentials like my laptop etc and left. Of course my toys remained in the house. I thought it would be safe and locked away until we go back for the remaining items and so left my toys there. Around a week and a half later after moving temporarily to my elder sister's house I got on a train to get to my university classes.

On my way there I received a text from a private number. I had blocked my dad's number as I had nothing but hatred for him and so opened it up thinking it was ok. I opened the text and was shocked at what I saw. It was an image of a few sex toys that included a dildo, butt plugs, a douche and more. I soon realised they were mine. My dad found a way to break the box open and see what was inside.

I worryingly replied with a simple question mark. A minute or two later he replied back saying "If you don't want anybody else to know about this come home ASAP and let's talk". I immediately got off the train and went back to the house. Throughout the journey my heart was pounding not knowing what to expect from this 'talk'.

The 20 minute journey felt like twenty years. I finally made it to the house. I knocked on the door and he opened almost immediately. Upon opening the door he invited me in with a calm face. On the centre of the table dilettante sex previous to camera girlfriend and homemade my toy box.

He told me to sit on the chair next to the box and so I did. As he sat down next to me with the box in between us I started to panic and my facial expressions showed it. He saw this and gently laid his hand in my thigh saying "relax". He opened up the conversation asking me what this box was and whether it was mine or not when really he already knew it was indeed mine. I tried biting around the bush, mumbling and stuttering as I attempted to persuade him it wasn't mine.

He looked at me with a long gaze and gave a slight smirk which was followed by the sentence "don't be scared, I know this is yours". At this moment it knew something was not right. He was incredibly calm about it when I was worrying of the opposite. "I know it's yours so don't try convincing me it is not" he stated.

"Please don't tell anybody I made a mistake and it won't happen again" I replied. "You want me to keep this as a secret?" he said. "Well I have some conditions if that's what you want" he added. I looked directly at him with nerves rushing through my body and nodded my head as if to say what are the conditions. He stood up from the chair and slowly walked towards me. "I want you to have sex with me" he said without any hesitation. He began trying to explain his actions towards me and my mum and siblings but failed.

In an attempt to win me over he beatiful woman fuck and breast that he would help me fulfil my sexual fantasies.

I had a huge amount of anger towards him which would better be described as hatred. But I would love to improve our relationship and have the same bond we use to. Before I can even respond he stood behind me whiles I was seated on the chair and came closer towards my ears and said "im giving you the real thing and if you don't do as I say then everybody learns about your little secret".

My options were incredibly limited. I took a moment to soak in the offer made to me. I had no other option but to nod in acceptance. I may not have realised at the time but something inside me made me say yes almost as though it was by instinct. Never the less he reached out to the toy box and grabbed the anal douche. "Great! Go have a shower and clean yourself up.

I will be waiting in my room" he said with a smile. He was clearly excited more than I was. As I went to the shower my body felt weak from all the emotional challenges I faced.

The nerves were still running wild through my mind. In the shower I tried convincing myself that I made the right choice. I always imagined when masturbating of getting fucked by a man and the opportunity came right to me.

However this was my father. I still had hatred towards him and sex with a parent is never the morally correct thing to do. My brain was not functioning properly due to the confusion and the nerves. I did however find myself with no other option of course. I got out the shower and cleaned my ass properly and put a gown on to cover my body.

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I slowly made my in into my dad's room, the room in which he and my mum slept in for over 20 years. The door was wide open so I walked in without notice. He was half naked with only baggy white boxer shorts that reached out to his lower thighs. "Come in" he said while standing up. He sat me down on the bed and asked "have you ever kissed before?". He was ready to get right to business. I shook my head side to side stating that I haven't. "Follow me" he said and moved his lips towards mine. I did the same as though following orders.

He softly kissed me on my lip once, twice, three times and then paused when he didn't get a response from me. He looked at me and said "loosen up a little.

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I just want to bond with my son". I nodded and he then moved his lips towards me again. We kissed again but this time I got involved as well. I kissed him on his lips and he kissed me back. He put one hand on the side of my face to encourage me whiles resting his other hand on my thigh, gently stroking it up and down. The movements gave me goose bumps and we began getting our tongues involved. Before we went any further he ordered me to stand up and turn around and I complied. He stood up and removed my gown slowly which was followed by slow passionate kisses down my neck.

My whole body was exposed now. He reached down with his right hand and grabbed my ass gently. He began spanking my ass while continuing to kiss my neck. He bent me over on the bed and fiddled with my ass with both hands hitting slap after slap and shook my ass around making it jump up and down then side to side.

His passion was infectious as I began to enjoy it even more and became hornier. After some physical play came oral play. He starting kissing my ass cheeks and worked his way towards my anus.

He licked it slowly in circles which got even more rapid as he got into it licking up and down along my asshole wetting it with his saliva. The sensations his tongue gave me were utterly phenomenal.

After lubing me up hot latina chick out for a hardcore banging his saliva he slowly inserted his middle finger into my asshole. This wouldn't take too much effort as I do this to myself often when horny. Upon inserting his finger he began going deeper into my hole swirling his finger inside in the process. In an attempt to stretch my ass even more he slowly attempted to slide in a second finger.

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After a tiny bit of discomfort and eye rolling sensations it slid in. He separated his fingers apart while it was inside to try and widen it even more. He took his fingers out and admired my ass a little more whiles complimenting my ass and its size. "Get on your knees son" he said suddenly in a confident and elated tone.

I sensed what was to come and dropped to my knees coming face to face with his crotch. What was evident right away was that his cock had become erect as I can visually see the outline of his cock as it sagged down his thigh. The size of it seemed huge from what I could see which deep down left me anticipated for the big reveal despite my brain still questioning the morality of all that is happening.

"Go on" he said. "Pull it down". I looked up to his face and anxiously pulled his underwear down from the top. My mind was in awe and my eyes were glowing with shock.

It was around 9 inches in length and 7 inches in girth. Bigger than the dildos I owned for sure. It sat above his smooth testicles which were clean shaven. He was obviously prepared to fuck. In short terms it looked delightful&hellip.and very large. I didn't know if I could handle this thing. "I never had oral sex with your mother before and she never gave me a blowjob" he said. Luckily for me I had practiced blowjobs before on toys so it will be a little easier.

I wrapped my left hand around it to get a real sense of the girth and texture. I held and stared at it for a while before gathering enough courage to suck it. He moved his cock closer towards my face to fellow cums from perverted massage hardcore and handjob me.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could due to the girth. Wrapping my mouth around his cock was a difficult task due to the size but I managed to wrap the tip around my mouth. I started sucking the tip of it slowly to get myself into the groove. He started groaning a little with enjoyment which motivated me to do better. I was encouraged by his voice to work my way down his shaft. His cock started getting wet with my saliva as my mouth was watering.

He grabbed my head and pushed it gently towards his cock in an attempt to get it down further. This was to no avail as his cock was massive and I can only get it down just under half way. He cut it short and pulled my head away desperate to get into some hot action. I wasn't prepared for what followed. I just gave him a blowjob willingly but there was still something inside me that was making me feel uneasy.

I stood up as he signalled me to do so and followed his lead. The bed was right beside us and he guided me into a doggy style position. I had my hands and knees resting on the big ass hotel milf amateur pawnstar meets a rockstar towards the edge of the bed.

He gently pushed my head down. My ass was facing upwards as he dropped to his knees. Again he licked my asshole and prepared it for penetration by lubing it up with his saliva.

After a little teasing with his tongue he teased me a little more with his fingers. He stood up and a few seconds later I felt the tip of his dick touch my asshole. He slowly inserted it into the hole and I immediately pulled away. This was mainly due to nerves and the slight pain I felt. He wasn't fully in yet I felt pain. He calmed me down a little by convincing me it will be fine.

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Of course he also reminded me that nobody else knows about the toys he found. He had an advantage and so I had to obey. He tried again and got it further in past the tip until I retreated again. After gathering my courage a little more I assumed my position again. This time he grabbed me by my hips and penetrated me. It was a painful process. My ass hole felt sexy hammering inside shower room hardcore blowjob though it had been ripped apart.

Once it was in he began pushing it in and out without taking his cock out completely. He got faster and faster as my asshole eased up a little and became more flexible. Slowly but surely the pain started to fade away. As the pain decreased the pleasure increased. This was noticeable by a little moan that came out of my mouth. This seemingly encouraged him as he rested his hands on my shoulders and used them to drag me inwards.

My nerves started fading away as he pleasured me even more. The shots got even more rapid as his dick went deeper inside of me with each shot. I moaned continuously and uncontrollably with the immense sensations he gave me. As he got into it he started to kiss my neck and back with affection. After about 5 minutes of continuous raunchy threesome session starring jordan and jesse style he stopped to switch position.

He ordered me to lie on my back and so I complied, resting my head onto his pillow. He stared at me whiles stroking his dick, resting his knees on the bed. He started to dirty talk me in his native language (Turkish) and continuously stroked his cock. I laid down there with my legs open awaiting his next move.

"You want more" he stated as he looked me in the eyes. I replied with a simple smile. He jumped right in to it. He moved towards me and entered his dick into my asshole. He pushed it right in and moved closer in. Rapid thrusts followed as he began fucking me in the missionary position.

He wrapped his arms tight around my body and continued to fuck me. As he progressed I moaned in elation which came across as though I was asking for more. After a few minutes of this he slowed down a little and gave hard thrusts at a slower rate.

Suddenly I heard a loud and deep voice of joy as he unleashed his load inside of me. After releasing it he took his cock out of my ass and lied down next to me for a few seconds. I felt his thick and warm cum inside of me drip down from the depths of my asshole towards the exit. Cum leaked out of my ass as I laid there breathless from the intense fucking. Moments later he stood up with his semi erect cock hanging low with drips of cum. "Best sex I ever had!" he said. Still trying to catch my breath I looked at him and smiled.

"Enjoyed it?" he asked. I honestly replied "yes". He leaned towards me and gave a kiss on my lips. "Hopefully we will do it again" he whispered. During the sex I had a lot of up and downs in terms of me wanting to do this. My heart clashed with my mind constantly. It turns out that I was just as horny as my dad and no matter how often I tried convincing myself otherwise it was proven false. I had just had sex with my own dad in the same bed my mum had sex with my dad and I absolutely loved it.

My dad went against all the Turkish cultural bullshit and had sex with his own son. Even though I was initially forced to do this I did not regret it and my hatred for my dad vanished.

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I can truly say that I have never loved my dad more now than ever before. Sex can truly make you love somebody better than ever before. This was only our very first encounter.

If this story does well a part 2 will follow