Girl fingering her pussey tmake creampie

Girl fingering her pussey tmake creampie
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2 bitches fight over a dickleather, it was probably when was nine, but me and my neighbor just got done watching a James Bond movie, and a couple other action movies of the sort, and thought it was funny that EVERY single time, Bond saved a girl, and then kissed her, etc.

A couple days later, we had the idea to make our own Bond "movie," by using an imaginary camera, like the ones you have to turn the handle. So we were running in our front and back yards, pretending to shoot the bad guys with our hands made like pistols, with the other chasing us holding an old camera, wheeling out arm around to crank the film. His uncle was in town, and had parked his boat in their drive-way, and we used it like it was on the water, steering it wildly around, dodging helicopter missiles and the such, then we would jump off to a backyard to find ourselves pinned down by yet more bad guys.

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teen blow job and facial compilation bad and breakfast Somewhere along the way, his little sister (seven-ish) had come outside and joined us, and she played the rescue woman.

I was the action hero the first time, and I would battle my way through the front yard, to find her in the creek in my backyard trapped in an imaginary cage. I would kick in the door, pick her up and throw her over my shoulder, and carry her to a secluded area in the creek where, if someone was looking, would not be able to see from the house. She would say the, "You're my hero!" and sling her arms around my neck.

We would kiss on the lips (we knew this wasn't acting now), with her older brother (same age as me) "filming" us. we shot many different movies, all with the same intro, and all with a different outro: sometimes she would bend down, and take my little dick into her hand, not knowing how to give a hand job, and lick it like a Popsicle, because that's what the brother learned form their even older brother (who never made it "on set").

Other times, I would bend down, running my hands down her side just to feel the waistband of her shorts, and tug them down to find her pussy. I stared at it the first time for a couple seconds, then licked it, a taste that I have regretfully forgotten.

Other times it would be me and the brother only, and one of us would be the rescue-woman, and we'd go down on each other, giving youthful, no-climax blow jobs. Recently, me and the brother have been getting into some heat, with every time I spend the night at his house, we end up cumming into each others mouths at about three o-clock in the morning.

The last time, his cousin was over. Now his cousin had a mom who drank while he was still unborn, so he is challenged, partaking in the Special Olympics every year. I spet the night, and we all slept on the pull-out bed in the T.V.

room, but I pulled a chair at the end of the bed, and put my head-end there, while the brother and the cousin had there heads at the top, separated by my legs. The cousin started to pretend that he was giving me an interview for ESPN (we all played baseball together), and the brother rolled over to face the cousin, and I felt something on my foot.

I thought it was his hand at first, and didn't take anymore note of it for about twenty minutes. I then began to get aroused, and started to rub my leg on his leg very softly.

That's when I felt that it wasn't his hand, but his hard tiny tina pleasures her moist beaver masturbation and blonde, about 5 inches.

I rubbed my foot around, letting him know I was in the mood. We then started to stroke each other with our feet for quite sometime, and interlocked legs, running our feet and rubbing legs.

I told the cousin, "Let me come up here for the interview," and I went under the covered so that we were all facing the same way, the brother on my left, and the cousin on my right. I then felt the brother's hand on my dick through my shorts, and I reached over, and we began to stroke, the cousin none brighter.

We then went under the shorts, with the interview still going on, with me giving "Mhms," and "Yups," because I was focused on the real task "at hand." The brother then sat up, and pulled the covers over his head, and went down on me, giving me a good blow job.

I put my hand on his head, and started to feel the buzz in my 15-year-old balls. He put me right at climax, and brunette milf lays in bed fingering and using dildo off, but I still went off the cliff, and he must've felt the first strand on his face, because he immediately went down again, going faster than before. I humped his face, getting every last moment out of the experience.

He kept his mouth on my dick until the humping stopped.

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He laid back down, and I took his dick in my left hand, which I do not use for jacking-off. I thought I couldn't go down on him for two reasons: 1. I just climaxed, so I really wasn't up for that, and 2. the cousin was still asking me questions, so if I had a mouth full of cock, how would I answer questions? So I jerked him off for about five minutes, going fast, then slowing down, and on and on, until I felt him flat chested blond strip doctors up, and I went really fast.

He took about ten seconds more to reach the cliff, and he shot his loads onto my hand and his stomach. I had to pee then, so I went into the bathroom, and washed up, getting the saliva off my still hard dick. We always act like nothing ever happened, even if we're alone.

(I have many more stories, this is just going to be a collection of these stories.)