Anal fuck and facial for tiny tit cutie shrima malati and petitehdporn

Anal fuck and facial for tiny tit cutie shrima malati and petitehdporn
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Lily I walked into the store as Matt hold the door for me. I smile at him thanking him as I walk in. The store is a bit dim with small lights that shows enough of the merchandises. "Wh… What kind of store is this?" I asked Matt as I look around. There are a lot of small and medium sized electronic items that I am not sure what their functions are.

But some of the boxes does give me hints by showing naked girls or guys. I look around more and see a lot more toys like plastic cock, or a dildo as on the box says.

And there are varieties of them on the shelves. Materials, colors, textures, you name it. And at other shelves there are plastic pussy.

A pocket pussy as it says. I blushed as I wonders does it tastes the same if guys fucking that toy. Matt wraps his hand around my waist. As I noticed there is this young guy.

I am not sure his age but I hope he is more than 18. Reading some porn magazine before he take his eyes up from the magazine and look at me. I blushed. I am wearing a pastel pink hijab covering half of my chest, a tight long sleeved shirt that shows the shape of my body and my rounded tits. And a pair of fit jeans that shows the shape of my legs. I noticed his eyes are all over me.

I can see Matt smile at him and pulls me to an aisle where all sort of sex enhancement pills and jelly are on the shelves. "What do you think?" He asked me. "Well, kind of, interesting shop. Are you looking for something?" I asked as I noticed the young man take another peak at my ass as I walk. Making me blush. "Sort of… But I want to show you something more interesting." He said as he takes me to a counter.

"Hello?" Matt called for someone. Then a girl come out from under the counter. "Oh hi! Sorry. Was taking care of some, stocks here… May I help you Matt? And I see you bring another girl this time…" She smile as she winked at me. I smile back. She is a really tall girl. Long black hair, typical Caucasian skins, blue eyes, and red strong lips.

She have a fishnet shirt on her showing her body with visible pink bra underneath. "Well, I want my friend here, to try a glory hole. Do you have an empty cubicle for my friend here?" Matt said. My eyes widens. "What is a glory hole?" I asked. He smile. "Well, sure. Here you go. Have fun! And don't forget to put 20 percent of what you will get in here." She said as she tap the small box in front of her as she hand over a key. Matt take it as he pulls my hand again.

I blushed as she wink at me. "Erm… Matt, masseur gets his cock wanked and fucked are we going?" I asked innocently.

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Matt smile. "Having fun." He replied. He takes me at the back of the shop. One of the cubicle is closed as he takes me to the other end empty cubicle. He unlock the door and take me in. It is just a bit bigger than a typical public toilet with a box of tissue on the side.

And there is a hole. A bit smaller than hand sized hole. "What are we going to do know?" I asked innocently. He smile again as he pinned me on the walls. "Now we wait…" He replied as he kisses my lips. I moans as his hand reaches for my bubbly juicy ass. Groping me on my tight jeans. Our tongue intertwined fast and deep as our saliva mixed. His other hand slides on my chest and squeeze my rounded breasts under my hijab.

Feeling me, making me moans lustfully. I put my hand on his bulge and feels his already hard cock. I blushed in kisses. Then we hear a knock. We break our kisses as from the hole, something is poking in. It takes me a few moment before I realized it's a cock.

A fat cock. Not as huge as Matt but sure he have all the thickness and the veins. I whisper to Matt "Matt, why is he doing that?" I asked naively. Matt keep squeezing my ass as he spank them a bit. "He wants a blowjob… From you… Look, he even offers some cash…" I do noticed a money note folded on his cock. I blushed. "You, you want me to give him a blowjob?" I asked him. He smiles. "As I fuck you… Don't worry, you will enjoy this… You will be 'fulfilled'…" He teased.

I blushed. "Well, if alina li and veronica rodriguez at webyoung tube porn say so…" He smile as I answer that. Then I take a look at that cock again, I kneels and wrap my fingers around the stranger's cock as I take the money and put it aside.

I can hear his moans. I blushed as I give him a few more stroke. Feeling that thickness and warmth around my hand. "Lick him…" Matt said. I look up at him and smile naughtily as I take out my tongue and runs my tongue all over his shaft. Tasting his cock. I keep stroking as my tongue runs all over his head, licking and tasting his precum. I moans on his cock as Matt suddenly pulls my body to bend me over and make me on my four. He then kneels behind me and grope my ass as he grinds his thick bulge between my plump juicy ass.

I moans as I keep licking the stranger's cock. Then I slowly slides his cock into my mouth as I suck it. My warm wet tongue flicks all around his veiny shaft as I feels his cock throbs in pleasure.

"Ohhh fuck…" He groans on the other site of the thin wall. As I feels Matt's hand keep groping my plump ass. "Ohh fuck this is so hot… Watching you a hijab naughty slut sucking another man's cock…" He groans. I blushed as I suck harder encouraged by Matt's word. I love being called a slut. I love being called dirty names.

Oh what a bad wife I am. I blushed as I slides his cock deeper into my throat. My lips touches the wall as I suck him hard. Then I moves my head back and forth giving him a tight warm wet blowjob from my horny married mouth. I keep bobbing my head fast as Matt keep grinding his cock on my plump ass, enjoying the view from back there. I bend my ass a bit as I hear his pants slides down, and he put his heavy thick veiny rod on my plump rounded ass. I moans as the stranger started to move his cock on his own.

I put my hands on the wall for support as his cock slides japan big girl sexx vidisex stories dawonlod and out fucking my mouth fast. "Oh fuck this is so great oh fuck oh fuck!" He groans on the other side. I suck harder as he fucks my mouth. Oh he is so furious. I can sense he is about to cum. I suck it harder and harder and there he is, he groans loud as he shoot his loads into my mouth.

I clenched his cock with my lips as his thick wet creamy cum spilled into my mouth. His cum shot is not hard and fast and even not that much I can summer daniels analyzed by black boners on the couch swallow them without wasting any drop. He groans and moans as I keep sucking. Cleaning him up as Matt keep rubbing his bare cock on my jeans covered ass. I moans as I let the stranger's cock go.

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I lick my lips as I smile at Matt. "How do I do?" He smile. "Like a slut" Which makes me blushed more. "Tap his mom forced son having sex. Meaning your job is done." I tap the stranger's limp cock and he pulls it and I hear the noises as he put his pants on back.

"Now what?" I asked as I grinds my plump juicy ass on his thick cock. He moans. "Ummphh, now we wait for the next one…" My eyes widens as I hear that. "More cock?" I asked a bit nervously but excited at the same time. He nodded. "Oh yes…" He bends over and kiss my neck lustfully.

One of his hand on the wall as his other hand grope my breast with his cock between my jeans covered ass. My neck is still covered by the hijab but he keep kissing my neck through it lustfully. "Ahh, ummph…" Then after a while, another cock slides through the hole with a money note.

He smiles. "You know what to do, slut…" I nodded as I wrap my hand around the new stranger's cock. This time his cock is bigger but a bit smelly. I quickly hold my breath as I lick his cock around. Licking another stranger's cock like a slut. My mind wanders a bit on Kyle. The guilt comes but its all gone as I slides his cock into my mouth, spreading my lips wide as I suck it hard.

"Ohh yes Lily, suck that dirty cock…" Matt groans as he reaches for my belt and undo it. I teasingly shake my ass a bit making him groan as I suck the stranger's cock hard. The stranger groans as he started to thrust his cock into my mouth. "Yes fuck bitch! Ahhh!" He groans on the other side as he moves his cock faster in every thrust.

amateur teen holly xxx our nasty birthday bash continues umpph ummphh" I moans as his cock thrusted deep into my throat. Filling my mouth with his musky cock as my saliva drooled onto my chin and my eyes waters from the gasped.

"Oh yes, enjoy that your slutty hijab wife…" Matt groans again as he keep grinding his thick meat between my panties covered ass now. Matt then slides my panties aside as he started to grinds his wet tips on my pussy lips.

I gasped as I sucked the stranger's musky cock a bit harder. He groans as he moans more.

I can feel he is putting his hands on the walls as he push his cock deeper into my mouth. I take it all as I suck it hard. "Oh fuck you take all my cock! Ahh!!" He groans on the other side. Then without warning Matt groans as he slides his cock into my pussy from behind. As my pussy squeeze his cock welcoming him eagerly, sucking his tips making the owner moans as he grab my waist tight. "Umpphh!!" I moans into the cock as I keep sluts want to play with hard weenie my head back and forth after pausing a bit.

"ohh fuck is someone in there fucking you?" The man on the other side groans. I take his cock out of my mouth and keep stroking it.

"Yes, sir. He is fucking. me. ahhh" I moans loud. "Ohh fuck this is hot! I… I am having a fucking threesome!! Now keep sucking my cock bitch as you got fucked!" He groans. And that's open eyes. Yes, he is right. I am having a threesome now. Like a slut. I blushed as I look at Matt. He smile naughtily as he push his cock slamming my womb. Making me moans and gasped in pleasure. "Suck his cock, married hijab slut…" He said.

I blushed as I smile naughtily and slides the stranger's cock back into my mouth. I suck him hard as I moves my head back and forth again making wet naughty moaning noises as my pussy being pounded by Matt's thick cock. My pussy squeeze his cock tight as he keep slamming me deeper and harder. The stranger too moves his cock fucking my mouth mercilessly making my body bounced back and forth from the forces of these two guys fucking me.

I feel like a slut. Like a naughty taboo wife who had his pussy and mouth filled by a huge cock each pounding me for their lust. I love being their slut. I love this sensation. Matt is right. I feels fulfilled… Though I know my holes will be more fulfilled soon.

Matt hold my waist tight as he pounds me harder. Wife first time monster cock slapping noises filling up the cubicle with our moans turning me on more. "Make him cum faster slut… I want to fuck you watching your hijab face filled with cum. A stranger's cum! Make him cum on your hijab covered face!" I moans as I hear his request.

I suck the stranger's cock harder as my tongue swirls around his shaft faster and harder giving him double the sensation from my wet married mouth. He moans louder. "Ohh fuck I am close!! I am close!!!" I can feel his cock throbs as my body sways back and forth from Matt's pound. I let one of my palm on the wall as my other hand take the stranger's cock out of my mouth and stroke it fast.

I open my mouth as I moans on his tip. "Ohh ahhh yes sir cum on my face… ahhh fuckk ahhh" I groans and moans like a trained slut. "Ohh fuck that is so hot…" Matt groans. Then I hear the stranger moans loud as his cock pulsed in my fingers and shot his thick warm load onto my face. I closed my eyes as he keep cumming.

His thick cum sprayed all over my face and into my mouth as my hand keep stroking him wanting more. "Ohh fuckk yess!!!" He groans. I lick the rest of his cum and suck him a few times before I tap his cock. I put my hands on the walls as I bend my ass more hot blonde takes a hard cock ride Matt looking at the stranger's wet cock withdraw from the hole before he slides another note.

Perhaps for the tips on how good I was. I blushed thinking that as Matt pulls my body up and turn me around and pins me on the wall. My legs wrap around his waist his hands on my waist. He look at my cum covered face with such lust before he slams his cock into my pussy harder and rougher than before. "Ohh fuck ohh yes youre so hot Lily!! Ahhh!" He groans as our eyes meet.

Then we kisses lustfully as he tasted that stranger's cum in my mouth. As my pussy being pounded hard making my body bounced up and down fast. I wrap my hands around his neck as he break the kiss and keep fucking me. "Ohh this is too much Lily, you are going to make me cum soon!" He groans. I chuckles and smile with my cum covered face. "Then fill me with your cum and fuck me again!" I tease. He groans agree as he squeeze my ass and fuck me onto the wall as he wants to break the wall together.

I moans as my body arched back in such pleasure. Feeling his cock hard and deep into me. "Ohh fuck fuck fuck!! I want to cum on your face too Lily this time! Let me!" he groans. I smile as I bite my lips.

"Then put me down tiger… And finish on my hijab covered face…" I siri ensnares penis with tongue amp saliva. He smile as he pulls me up so his cock slides off my pussy. I groans as my pussy throbs in a bit disappointment. He put me down and I quickly kneels.

I look up with my cum covered face as I suck his cock. My hand stroking his base fast as I keep sucking. "Ohh fuckkk!!" he put his hand on my head as he shoved his cock into my mouth. I can feel his cock pulsing hard before I pulls out and stroke it aiming it on my face.

I smile naughtily… "Cum on my face Matt. Cum on this married horny hijab face" I tease more as I stroke his cock. Our eyes meet as groans. Then my third cum shot for today shoots my face hard. Making my head backened a bit but then I chuckles as I let his cum shoot all over my face. Making my face all wet and sticky savannah fox gets a nice hard boner his cum. "Ohh fuck what a facial…" He groans.

I smile as I slides his cock into my mouth again and suck him a few times more. He chuckles as another cock slides in from the hole with another cash. "Last time I checked you didn't cum yet. Want to change that?" Matt asked. I smile naughtily as I grab that stranger's cock quickly and stroke it fast. Loving this as I bend over my ass for Matt again, knowing he is still hard. *********************** Kyle The shower run down on us.

But we didn't bother to take the shower.

The water just run down onto our body as our body again intertwined in such a lust. I pinned Sara on the wall as one of her legs lifted on the bath tub. My cock, again in her fucking her again.

As her busty breasts pressed on my chest. She moans into my mouth as I do into hers. Sara wrap her hands around me as our tongue intertwined. Her brunette wet hair falls on her back as my hands groping both of her fine bubbly ass as they jiggles being pounded by me. Sara, my neighbor just taught me on how good sex can be.

And how it is supposed to be. And I feels like I don't want to stop. Even the woman that I fuck right now isn't my lawful wife, but my neighbor's. And I am loving this.

Sara breaks the kisses as her body arched again. "Fuck I am cumming again!!!!!" She moans as her body jerks, her pussy clenches on Kyle's cock tight and hard as she explodes on his cock. Kyle moans he slams his cock deep into her as he too explodes into her wet cumming pussy.

Sara gasped in pleasure as she moans loud. "Ohh fuck yes… ahhh… I have never cum this much other than Matt!" She moans as she kisses me again. My cock spilled my seeds into her and drools onto her thighs. We both pant under the running shower as we smile. "I'll take that as a compliment…" Sara smile naughtily. "Of course it is… Now promise me, show Lily what you really got… or she might be fucking another man while actually she have such a stud infront of her… You don't want your sweet wholesome wife being pounded by some other cock do you?" Sara smile teasingly as she kisses my neck.

"I will Sara…" I replied as the image of Sara fucking another guy is running into my head. The changes of clothes, the overtime… Does she really? Fucking another man? And to Kyle's surprise, he doesn't feel mad. Just a spark of jealousy. And a lot of turned on.

"What are you thinking Kyle?" Sara asked naughtily as she plays with his soft cock now. "Nothing… Just thinking what the next lesson…is" He replied as he kisses Sara on her lips. Sara chuckles. dude i fucked your sister while yourre away naughty cock." She replied as she smile wickedly… ********************** Lily "Ohh fuck yess yess Matt!!!" I groans more as Matt pounded my pussy from behind so hard and deep.

My jeans are completely off as my panties are all ripped off. I am on my four again as Matt is fucking me filling me with his thick hard shaft.

And in my hand Big titts emiri mizusawa hairy twat drilled am stroking a fat short cock fast and quick. Hearing these two man moaning being pleasured by me is such a turn on. I am still in my hijab and shirt as the guy groans and without warning he shoot his cum onto my hijab. I shocked as I quickly take his cock into my mouth as I suck it and take the rest of his cum swallowing them down my throat.

"Ohh fuck that's a good bitch. Swallow them all!" The jerk on the next wall groans. This is so hot. Oh im cumming again. I am cumming again! The 6th cum on my face and I am having my 3rd cum by Matt's cock!

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"Oh him cumming again Matt!!" I groans as I slams my ass onto his cock and this time he slams back into me as both of us groans in such a lust and both of us jerked in explosion as I cum onto his mighty cock at the same time his cock pulsing and shoots his 2nd load this time, into me. I grab the stranger's cock hard as I lick it while im cumming. Feeling like a true slut. I then let his cock go for him to withdraw. Me and Matt both catches our breath. I lay down a bit exhausted as he pulls his cock out.

"Do you enjoy this Lily? Having two cock at one time?" He asked me. I nodded. "Yes… Yes Matt… I love it…" I said as I still feels the stickiness of their cum on my face. I lick my lips. Matt smiles as Son rap porn mom xxxcom hear he put his pants back on. "Are we leaving?" I asked him as I push myself up a bit. "I have to grab something… You stay here… I'll pickup you up in a few hours you cock hungry slut." He said as he smiles.

Knowing how turned on I am being called that. "Yes, sir" I replied as I sits, feeling his cum drooling onto my ass. He close the door and I hear he lock it from outside. I blushed. Knowing that I am locked here like a slut. A proper guy cums in girl with nice ass. To serve any cock that is shoved through that hole.

And make them cum on my face. Or in my mouth. Just for the money. It's not that I am desperate but this is starting to turn me on more. The thoughts of me cheating on Kyle are already gone somewhere when a stranger shoved his cock into my mouth while Matt filled my pussy up. Though I am still hoping that my own husband can satisfy me as these old man sex vedithe young girl. And perhaps even more.

A noise from the hole pulls me off from my self thought. I smile as I see that thick hard desperate cock. "Don't worry sir, I will make your cock feels better…" I said as I take the money and wrap my fingers around his shaft. Like a good gloryhole slut do.

A Few Hours Later I just take a quick shower and changed my hijab. Thanks to Matt as he grab me an exact one. We both walk around inside the shop a bit noticing there are more guys now. Hearing them whispering about a new hot girl that knows how to blow. I wonder who that is. We go to the counter as I put the 20 percent as promised into the box.

The girl smiled at me. "Thank you… You should come more often. Seem the guys like you." She said as she winked. I smile back as Matt waits for me at the door. I waved her as I noticed guys looking at me weird. Maybe it is weird that a hijab girl like me walking around in a sex store like this. "Thank you, Matt." I said as I got into the car.

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He smiles as he started the engine and went to a park. Where we fucked again in the car. I cum all over his cock again and this time he fills me in twice. We fucked like a lover.

Lustful taboo sex crazy couple. We fucked and fucked. Using all the time we get just before dinner until we went home. ***************************** Kyle I push myself up and turn around facing Lily. There she is sleeping besides me. She got home on time and she even brought us takes out. I don't mind eating fast food but I can see she is a bit tired. She then dozed off after dinner on the couch and I have to carry her inside.

Sara told me to fuck Lily tonight as I fucked her. But she admit that I will need some rest after all those lessons with her. And I do agree. I still feel exhausted brunette public sex for money pornstars european all the fucking.

I am sorry Lily. I should have fuck you the way a man should. I smile as I brushes her hair. No one ever seen that long dark black hair except me. I kisses her forehead softly as my hand slides around her waist and brushes her perky ass. I never really appreciate her ass until today. Her body. Now I looked at her, she have the body guys will die for. I smile feeling proud. And the thoughts of Lily is fucking another man suddenly come again. And it is turning me on a bit.

I shake my head off saying she wouldn't do that. I take a look into her sweet sleeping face. "Wouldn't you?" TBC