Elena gets very nasty with her friend on her bedroom creampie brunette

Elena gets very nasty with her friend on her bedroom creampie brunette
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Copyright 2018 by tcs1963 Just a sex fantasy for everyone to jerk/jill-off too. All the people involved are adult. All people are fictitious and just a figment of my imagination. This story involves BDSM, bisexual, lesbian, and gay sexual activity etc. Something for everyone. JAILER- BAIT "Another twelve-hour shift," Sgt.

Cover my pretty face with your cum thought to himself, as he shuffled into work at the Arthursville Correction facility. Camelot as it is regretfully called by inmates, referencing King Arthur. Having nothing to do with Kings or Knights and looking nothing like a castle.

Camelot has become known as hell on earth to most sane people, yet became a kind of home to some of the more unsavory and criminal elements. Sgt. Tom Belial left the locker room and headed over to F block. F block is the tear we keep all the queers and trannies on, to keep them from being raped. But that's exactly what Tom had in mind, his wife has been lacking lately in the sex department. Entering the tear he told Joe, the officer on duty to take a coffee break. As Joe left he walked up to cell 2-J (second floor, room J) and banged against the door with his nightstick.

"On your knees, Cocksucker." As Tom entered the cell and saw there were two faggots on their knees with mouth wide open. Lee, in pretty pink panties that he had stolen from the ladies block, and chubby Billie with his dyed violet boxers and his little three-inch pecker hanging out the piss hole.

Chubby Billie started in with, "Please, Daddy use me today." Pulling his zipper down, Tom walked up and dropped his eight inch extremely thick cock into Billie's hot wet mouth. The Sarge liked how chubby Billie sucked a cock like it was food and he was hungry. Lee made some grumbling noises and jumped back in his bunk as Billie went right to work on Sgt. Belial's (Tom) cock. His tongue tickling the underside as he got japanese mom son game show mouth accustomed to Tom's girth.

Billie knew time was limited because Tom wasn't working the faggot tear today, so he got busy. Making Tom moan as Billie's throat started to open to make room for his cock. Massaging his balls and milking his hot cum out of them. Tom grabbed his head and started to relentlessly fuck Billie's pathetic cum hole. Billie gagged and choked but never stopped sucking and licking Sgt. Belial. As his balls slapped against Billie's chin. Tom's balls tightened up and he got ready to unload.

Pushing his cock into the fat fag's throat, he shot off a tremendous load. Maybe seven or eight full strong shots. Gagging Billie so bad some shot out of his nose. Tom just slapped his face and said, "Clean the fuck up, you nasty fat cock-holster." "Clean my cock so I'm presentable to my boss." Billie went right to work sucking up the creamy remnants of this morning's special breakfast from his jailer Daddy. Then Billie gently put his cock away and said, "Thank you, Daddy." As Tom walked out smiling he threw a candy bar on the cell floor at Billie's feet.

Payment for services rendered. "Keep that asspussy nice and fat for me, Cocksucker." Tom bellowed. Although he was feeling much more relieved, Tom was dreading this week because the inmates had been dangerously rowdy, as of late. Camelot's S.O.R.T. Team's (Special Operations Response Team) threat assessment was extremely high.

Due to the fact that they had just finished a major sweep of the facility, leaving several gang leaders in Ad.- Seg. and their followers without leadership.

Just as he walked past the front desk, Officer Joe returned with a fresh cup of coffee smiling, "Everything alright, Sarge?" Tom shook his head and walked into the hallway. Sunny leone sex story ttriple sex story hit story tstory one xxc his office to the outside gate. Walking across the courtyard, Sgt. Belial walked into the female dorm, G tear. There was a female officer standing next to room 1-K.

(Officer Gear) and one at 1- T.( Officer King) Tom had been told there had been a fight last night. The two inmates in question were Shantay (454569) and Hillary (454570). Shantay was a regular to Camelot and was doing time for domestic assault. Hillary was a first-timer and was in on a marijuana charge. "Discipline Time, ladies," Tom screamed through the tear. Walking up to 1-T cell door, Tom asked Officer King if the inmate had been good, overnight. Shantay is a small African/American firecracker of a girl, who loves to run the cell block.

She will attempt to intimidate or fight any inmate who threatens that title. Five foot six and one hundred and thirteen pounds of a mouthy street smart girl.

She has been in and out of Camelot for ten years since she had turned eighteen. Sgt. Belial and the female officers have learned in time, that some corporal punishment serves Shantay very well.

"I'm always good, Sarge. But when I'm not you like me better." Officer King spoke. Realizing late that Sgt. Belial meant the inmate. "Let's handle Miss Shantay first, Officer King." Tom smiled and winked at King. Officer King unlocked the cell and stepped in yelling, "On your knees, Slut." Tom walked in unbuckling his belt. "Imate 454569, you know the rules." "Prepare for your punishment." Shantay removed her jumpsuit, bra, and panties. Kneeling on all fours with her ass in the air, tears starting to roll down her cheeks.

Shantay was whimpering, "Please Sgt. Belial, I'll be good." "I know you will, after your punishment, Street Slut, " Sgt.

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Belial said. And then Tom's belt whipped through the air, striking her across her upper thighs. Making Shantay lurch forward against her bunk. The begging and squealing started immediately. Officer King reached down smiling while holding Shantay's hands.

Ten swats with his belt and Tom was semi-erect, staring at the cherry red stripes across her cheeks and thighs. "Okay, little girl it's all over," Tom said. "Officer King get the chastity panties for Shantay, please." "She will be wearing them for the entirety of this week." Officer King smiled and walked out of the cell and headed towards the supply closet. Sgt. Belial reached down and stroked across Shantay's tender asscheeks, admiring his handiwork. Then walked out of her cell.

Heading over towards cell 1-K and Officer Gear, or Bulldog as she is not so affectionately called by everyone. Bulldog is a very mean lesbian dyke, who enjoys the act of punishing the inmates. Two hundred pounds of muscle and ass can scare most of her co-workers and inmates alike, plus she has a mean streak as long as Texas.

As Tom walks up he says, "What do we have here, Bulldog?" "Newbie, Sarge and she looks very tasty." "Very young and very tasty." As Officer Gear licked her lips. Tom unlocks and walks into the cell to see an eighteen-year-old freshman in college scared to death. Big fat DD titties and a nice round ass, just chubby enough to make raping her worthwhile. Hillary was literally sobbing as she covered her black eye. Shantay will fight anyone, at any time, and Hillary was easy prey.

Pretending that her thoughts really mattered, Tom began questioning her. "Hello there, Sweetheart." "I'm sorry for your troubles." "But you do understand that for every action, there is a reaction, right?" Looking over at Bulldog Gear, Tom whispered, "Go get Bertha, Officer Gear." With a big smile, Bulldog said, "Yes Sir, Sgt. Belial." Bulldog was excited because Bertha was her idea for breaking in the newbies.

Bertha was Bulldogs personal strap-on, that she brought from home. Ten inches long and two inches around, of solid rubber cock.

Powered by Bulldogs athletic legs which she lifts weights with almost daily. Tom grabs his handcuffs and bends Hillary over the side of her bed. Locking her wrist to the legs of her bunk, leaving her head down and that sexy ass upturned. Bulldog walks back in with the strap-on attached to her waist and her big titties hanging out. Hillary sobbing got much louder when she saw the large muscular bull dyke. Sgt. Belial looked at Officer Gear and told her, "Bulldog, you have one solid hour to greet Hillary to our cellblock." "Any hole, or all holes, dealers choice." "No permanent injuries, got it?" Bulldog ripped her panties down and said, "Yes Sir, Sarge." "I'll make sure she knows the ropes." With that she shoved Hillary's ripped panties into her mouth, gagging her.

Then Bulldog spits into Hillary's asscrack and started spreading the makeshift lube by sliding Bertha between her tight pussy lips. Then with one hard push, she shoved Bertha completely into her, bashing her cervix and causing a muffled scream to escape.

Officer Gear smiled at Tom and began sawing that huge dildo in and out of Hillary's college-age pussy. As Bulldog watched her pussy stretch to accommodate Bertha, she slid her thumb into the girl's ass. Within minutes of raping the young girl, Hillary started slutty blonde ex girlfriend anya olsen scarfing down dick pov through her first orgasm.

Bulldog showed no sign of slowing as she pummeled this sweet little college girls wet pussy. Tom watched as Bulldog raped amateur cheating blonde wife we arrived at what seemed like suspects arguing at a young girl through three or four orgasms.

Then she pulled her thumb from her ass and lined up Bertha with her tiny anal passage. Just as she came to grips with her pussy being gaped wide open by the vicious dike, she felt the tip of the fake cock putting pressure on her asshole.

Hillary started thrashing around just as Bulldog thrust the cock into her backdoor. The scream silenced by her own panties shoved deep in her mouth. Bulldog started fucking just as hard if not harder into Hillary's ass, her pain was excruciating and it showed on her face. Just as the young girl passed out from pain, Tom bid Bulldog goodbye and headed out to the control room.

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As Sgt. Belial walked back through the outside gate into the control room the Officers all rose up out of their seats. He told them to relax, and said, "Goodmorning" to all. Tom noticed that Boom Boom (Officer Kathy Riggins) wasn't at her post.

So he asked them all if there was a call-out. Corporal Vasquez answered, "No Sarge, maybe she is sick or something." "But there has been no call-outs." Everyone smiled because rule infractions were punished with extreme measures and they knew a No call/No show would mean an in-cell gangbang for one of the cell blocks, and the cell that was up for a reward was Bottom Floor (Death Row). The last gangbang on the Bottom Floor was a horror, those inmates really ravaged that Officer.

Officer Paul Watkins was his name and he snitched on the Officers on his own shift. On punishment night the other Officers dressed him in panties and a bra and threw young Paul into the Last Floor. A minute later the whole cell block was opened. Paul was severely raped and beaten. His mouth and asshole were used extensively. Those inmates filled him full of cum as they laughed and whipped him.

It was a horrible experience but Paulie Pussyboy as he is called now never snitched again. Tom said, "Ok, you guys get to work and have Boom Boom sent to my office when she gets here." Sgt. Belial walked over to his office.

Thinking to himself that it had been a great day already so far. Walking into his office his secretary Sarah, jumped up and says, "Goodmorning Sgt. Belial, would you like some coffee?" Smiling at little Sarah, Captain Fox's eighteen-year-old niece, Sarge couldn't help noticing how young and gorgeous she looked today. Her tiny five foot two, one hundred pound frame decked out in a tight little-pleated plaid skirt and a plain white top.

White thigh high stockings and black stiletto pumps finished her look. She looked cosplay babes serah farron wants the spunk vaginal masturbation final fantasy young standing there with her hair in ponytails on either side of her head.

She was definitely a highlight in Sgt. Belial's day. When Sarah brought in the Sarge's coffee, he mentioned to her that he needed her to take some dictation. Sarah smiled and said, "Yes Sir Sgt. Belial, give me a second to grab my stuff." Sarah turned to swish her cute little teen ass and scurried off to the restroom.

She knew exactly what Tom wanted when he asked her for dictation. She entered the stall and removed her bra and panties. Sarah had been working for the Sarge since she graduated High school, and he had started training her right from the first day. Soon enough she was a professional at meeting his needs. Walking out of the restroom she headed directly towards the Sarge's office.

Walking in, Sarah said, "All ready Sir, where would you like me?" Tom said, "I have a meeting with your father, Captain Fox so you better slip under my desk." Tom sat down in his desk chair and rolled out some to make room for Sarah.

She crawled under and went right to work, unbuttoning and opening Tom's pants. She pulled them down to his ankles and immediately started licking the precum off the head of his cock. Her tiny tongue causing Sarge to have small trembles up his legs. She had become a skilled cocksucker in the three months she had been working with Tom.

As she engulfed his eight-inch monster. Then she heard a loud knock come to the door. Tom said, "Come in, Captain. How are you, Sir?" "I would stand but that old knee injury has me on modified duty." The lie flowed like wine.

Captain Fox started by saying, "No problem, Sarge, I understand." "Have you seen my niece this morning?" "I wanted to invite her to lunch and see how you are treating her." Sarah was slowly throating his cock and massaging his balls, and it had Tom going crazy in front of his commanding officer. He could barely think as her drool pooled on his ballsack. "Yeah Captain, I think she is having a snack, Sir," Tom smirked. Sarah went on sucking Tom's cock as the conversation between her boss and her Dad went on.

Captain Fox wanted to find out about the fight in the female dorm and the actions being done against Boom Boom. Sarah was massaging his balls and sliding a finger into his ass, milking the cum from Sarge. She had become quite the little slut sexually. As the Captain left, Sarge stood up and took control of his blow-job. Receiving a fat jock in her mouth Sarah's pony-tails and roughly face-fucking her.

Sarah opened her mouth and let Sarge use her as he wished. Sliding his cock down her throat until his pubic hair tickled her nose. Tom kept thinking that Bulldog sure knew how to train these young women, she must have used Bertha to fuck Sarah's throat for days.

Sleeping skinny small teen wet pussy and tight asshole readied her throat for the barrage of semen that she was about to receive.

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She could tell because the throbbing in Tom's cock was like a heartbeat. He came so hard the first shot made her gag, then Sarah settled into her chore. She sucked so thoroughly on Tom's cock, that he mentioned that she could suck start a 57 Chevy.

When Sgt. Belial's sensitive cock could take no more of her warm mouth and rampant tongue, he had to push her away. Pulling up his trousers he ushered Sarah to the door and asked her to retrieve him a cup of coffee. Sgt. Belial sat down satiated, and ready to finish the day. Thinking to himself, " What a great job I have." and he settled in to get some work done before his next set of prison rounds.

THE END. For now