Madison ivy thankful for madison

Madison ivy thankful for madison
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Chapter One "Can you believe its been a year?"I asked Liam." My partner, Liam, looked up from his Porn magazine. "I know, its insane." Liam, whose Black, raised an eyebrow and laughed. "It makes me want to go out and do it again"I said." "Do you think the feds are still out?"Liam asked." "Not as bad.

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It'd be easier for us to take prostitutes off the streets then to some random chick from the bar"I said"But now the lady suspender the underwear fitter has a street patrol officer.

And the only way to take the prostitutes is to get that street patrol officer on our side." "That won't be easy dude"Liam said"Officers will arrest us if they find out what we're doing." "I have an idea though"I said"If this street patrol officer is around prostitutes all day, he's gotta have thoughts. And when he has those thoughts, he's more than happy to help us." "Wait, did you already get him on board?"Liam asked"You dirty dick." "I talked to him at the bar"I said"He was more than happy to help us as long as we gave him a free membership.

Which I said was alright considering the girls were our money. He has to take pictures of every streetwalker so he can remember to check for each one. So we have pictures of all of the girls and we can decide which ones we want." "Your a fucking genius!"Liam said." "I always have been"I said." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We stared Andrew, the street patrol officer, down.

We were sitting in a private room at the local strip club. A female stripper would be in any minute so we had no time to waste. "Where are the photos?"Liam asked." Andrew's hand was shaking as he handed us a thick folder.

I flipped through the photos, quickly looking at the girl's bodies and faces. The girls needed to be appealing both in the face and physically. "Your doing good man"I said." "But what if I get caught? I will be fired! I have to provide for my wife"Andrew said." "We've been doing this for 5 years.

We have never been caught"I said"You will be fine." Andrew was still a little shakey. I could tell he had never experienced this before. It was perfectly normal for most of our customers.

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But he was our first customer to help us in this sort of way. We heard the door knob turn so I hid the folder in the back of my pants. This stripper was damn beautiful. She was Latina. She had long black hair that swooped across her shoulders. She had bright blue eyes. This girl was perfect. When she came over and gave me a lap dance, her ass rubbed against my cock through my pants and I felt a sudden sensation to rape her.

But I controlled my feeling and let her dance across my lap. I whispered something to Liam that the stripper couldn't hear. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After the private lap dances, we headed out back to smoke.

You weren't allowed to smoke up front so you had to smoke around back. There was a bouncer stationed outside since that's where the strippers exited. When the strippers started to exit, we watched for the Latina that gave us the private lap dances. She unlocked her car, a white Ford Taurus but she got caught talking to another stripper. Liam & I slipped into her car and was able to hide from her. When she got in, she was mumbling something to herself. She didn't even notice that we were sitting in the back seat with a knife and a gun, ready to attack.

She started driving but suddenly got stalled on a lone stretch of highway, close to our house.

We hadn't black haired teen stepsis karly baker gets nailed good done anything yet and she was close to our home. "Shit, now I gotta call Triple A"she mumbled." It was really dark out and the road was surrounded by trees. She was obviously too afraid to get out of the car. It was the perfect time to strike.

The tow agency would come and she wouldn't be there. It could result in a missing person's report but since she was a stripper, no one really cared about her.

I jumped up and put the knife under her throat. With one slice, I could kill her. "Get out of the car"I yelled at her." She slowly stepped out of the car. Liam and I both got out.

I walked behind her and held the knife against her throat while Liam pointed the gun at her heart. "Do you want money?"She asked, shaking"There's $2,000 in the glovebox." "You drive around with $2,000 in your glovebox?"Liam asked"That's pretty dangerous if you asked me." This girl was still dressed in her stripper outfit.

White with red lace, garters and fish-net stockings. "What's a girl like you walking around dressed like that?"I asked"Are you a streetwalker?" "N-No. I'm a Prostitute"she said"Wait! I gave you guys private lap dances!" I grinned. "You are correct. Now, what's your name?" "Mia." I grabbed her by the wrists. "Triple A will send a tow truck and you won't be there.

Most likely, there will be no missing person's report so you will not be missed. At all." Liam shoved the gun in his pocket and grabbed Mia.

He threw her over his shoulders. We would have to hurry through the woods. In all honesty, I didn't even know what kind of Animals lived in the woods. And we were perfect bait. Mia wasn't being quite at all so I shoved something in her mouth that she couldn't spit out. It was going to be a long walk to the house.