Hot dike babes and a pov blowjob

Hot dike babes and a pov blowjob
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A Voyage of Sexual Discovery: Part 1 1 I’d met Cathy about four months back.

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We’d been introduced by mutual friends who were intent on playing ‘Cupid’. Both Cathy an I had recently come out of fairly serious relationships and weren’t really looking to get back into the dating scene so quickly, but once we’d met, the matter was taken out of our hands.

There was an instant and electric chemistry between us, kind of like getting hit by a bolt of lightening. Fortunately for us, our friends were confident enough that we’d get on, and had insisted that we meet.

We went out a few times, first as part of a group with the mutual friends who had introduced us, and then on our own. We hit it off immediately, I’d never felt so relaxed in a woman’s company. The strange thing was that we came from very different backgrounds. She came from a fairly well to do family on the south coast, had gone to a posh school and then on to Uni, whereas my own family background was quite modest by comparison.

I’d gone to high school and had gone on from there to art college. I was making a modest living brunette girl smiles while masturbating for you a small ad company and she was a high flyer in a respectable firm of solicitors. None of that seemed to matter though. We were somewhat cautious at first where it came to making ‘that’ first move, and didn’t consummate our relationship until our fifth date.

Naturally though, as we had made such a great connection, the sex was fantastic and went on until the very early hours and again when we woke the next morning.

Cathy admitted that in the past she had not had that great a sex life. She’d had one boyfriend, about four or five years previous, with whom she had experimented sexually and had tried a threesome with another female, but most of her relationships had been lacklustre, particularly so with her last man, who was so reserved that he hardly ever let her go down on him, and never let her bring him off with her mouth.

What was he, stupid? I mean if asked to describe my worst ever blow job I would have said “fucking excellent”, but hey, that’s a guy for you!

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Anyway, whilst I’d no real complaints about the sex I’d had in the past, over the last few years I have fucking skills of a sweetheart are stripped admit it had gotten a little staid and unadventurous, so it came as a great relief that the two of us had found each other and had injected a new spark into the intimate side of our lives.

We talked about sex a lot and very openly discussed the various fantasies we’d had in the past but had never actually lived out. Cathy admitted that she had a number of fantasies and that one day she would like to try a few out, but we never actually thought much more about it. So, we’d met in the October of the previous year and after our first Christmas and New Year together we had decided to take our first trip away. Cathy had just concluded a rather taxing case with her law firm and had got a good result and decided it was a good time to get away.

We’d planned to go on holiday during the summer, but now couldn’t wait that long and so we decided to head for the sun, sea and beautiful sand of Thailand’s beaches. We were now both determined to find out just where this crazy thing would take us, and to explore new heights of sexual pleasure and fulfillment, whatever they might be. We left Heathrow at 9.30pm on the first Friday in February and after a short internal flight from Bangkok, arrived in Krabi in the very south of Thailand.

The trip had taken around sixteen hours so we were both tires, and as it was then early evening we checked into a reasonably comfortable bungalow on the Jao Fah Road, a little way out of the main town itself.

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The next morning we headed down to the pier and took the two hour ferry ride to the island paradise of Ko Lanta that lay just off the mainland in the Andaman Sea. I had been here several years before when the island was still pretty much unknown to the backpacking tourists that have relentlessly travelled around Thailand over the years seeking the perfect unspoiled beach paradise.

I had myself been one of those backpackers at that time, but I fell in love with the island and wanted to share it now with Cathy. This time, we were able to go in more style and had rented a small but quite luxurious beachside bungalow at the ‘Waterfall Bay Resort’ in the very south of the island within the Muh Koh Lanta National Park. Our accommodation was one of only a very few naturally crafted beachside bungalows in small and secluded resort with a beautiful palm fringed beach of white tropical sand and flanked by an emerald jungle forest, climbing up the mountainside.

Our bungalow was nestled between several large palm trees and offered, more or less, total seclusion. Because of the location of the resort, the only other beach users we had to contend with, were those staying at the resort, which meant the beach was virtually deserted.

A double hammock was strung up between two palms, and it was in this hammock that we now, enjoying the warm dappled sunlight that fell onto our bodies through the shade of the palms. As we lay together in the warmth, we held each other close and kissed passionately, just enjoying each other's company. As our passion mounted we became more heated in our embraces.

We were still tired from the long flight and the journey to the island and had not made love on our first night in Krabi. In fact, it had been at least three days since we had last made love, and I realised that Cathy’s desire was rising rapidly. That wasn't the only thing that was rising! Her fingers were slowly tracing a winding line down my body, pausing only to tweak my nipples. Down her had trailed towards the rising bulge in my shorts.

My body jumped as Cathy’s groping fingers finally found, and gently stroked my cock through the material of my shorts, feeling it grow harder with her touch.

We kissed deeply, our tongues entwining, exploring each other's mouths. Cathy slid her hand into my shorts and wrapped her fingers around my now hard cock, her hand slowly stroking up and down the length of the rigid shaft.

She gripped me just a little harder and her stroking increased in pace as we continued to kiss passionately. Cathy was wearing only a sarong, wrapped loosely around her body. In response to her caresses, I let my hand wander between the folds of the sarong, seeking out the soft skin of her petite body. I found the gentle curve of her small tits, cupping them in my palm and running my hand down her side, over her belly and around the curve of her hips and back again to her tits.

I adore her tits, they’re only small, a 34B, but they are perfectly shaped and capped with light brown bud-like nipples that kittens poke fellas anal with massive belt cocks and splatter jizz respond to my touch.

Sweet lovely hottie gets wild licking smalltits and hardcore I rubbed my thumb over her nipples, I felt them grow hard.

Cathy arched her back slightly and let out a soft moan as I continued to roll her nipples between my finger and thumb. Pulling her sarong open to expose her body, I bent my head to take a nipple between my lips, sucking it into my mouth, flicking the hard little bud with the tip of my tongue. Cathy moaned in response to my mouth and she stroked my cock harder and faster, pumping her fist up and down the shaft.

"I want to feel your cock in my mouth," she said sliding down my body. I should point out around now that Cathy gave the best head I’d ever had in my life. She just had a natural talent for it and could deepthroat my eight inches perfectly. She would come up with new techniques that quite literally blew my mind.

Like I’ve said, her last boyfriend wouldn’t let her suck him off much, and the guy before that had been relatively small, so it came as a very pleasant surprise to find out just how good she was.

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When I asked her about how she’d learned to suck cock so well, she put it down to the fact that she used to play the clarinet, something to do with the exercises she had to do as part of playing.

Shit, what did I care? She was awesome. Anyway, Cathy slid down my body, taking care not to dump us both out of the hammock. She held my cock an inch from her face, and with her tongue, traced a line down my cock from the head down to my balls. She took my one of my balls into her mouth, licking and sucking then moved to the other one, all the while gripping me in her closed fist and stroking up and down. After a little while she licked her way back to the tip, curling her tongue around it and lapping at the sensitive spot under the circumcised head, teasing out small beads of pre-cum, which she spread all around the head with her thumb making it glisten in the sunlight.

Cathy parted her lips and took the first two or three inches my cock into her mouth, sucking gently and circling the head with her tongue. Her hand continued to stroke the shaft as she jerked me off into her mouth. I was in heaven. “Oh God Cathy, that feels so fucking good.” Slowly, she took more of my length into her mouth, sucking me all the way into the back of her throat, her nose nestling into the sparse hair around the base of my cock.

Then, more slowly still, she slid her mouth back up the shaft till just the head rested between her lips. Cathy repeated this movement several times, speeding up each time as she greedily sucked on my cock. My hips started to buck a little, which set the hammock into a swaying motion in perfect time to Cathy’s sucking.

I tried to push my cock deeper into her mouth. By now my breathing was getting harder and faster and I knew I wasn’t far away from blowing my load and still Cathy continued to deepthroat me. To add to the already amazing sensations her mouth was already giving me, I felt her graze the underneath of my balls with her finger nails.

I definitely couldn't last much longer. "Cathy, babe, if you keep this up I'm going to cum very soon." She didn't answer, but instead increased the pressure of her sucking, as if to say that she wanted me to cum.

Her mouth was now all over my cock. She used her lips, slightly parted, to rub along the shaft while she pumped her hand up and down. Every now and then she would curl her soft tongue around the head, lapping at it like a cat lapping at the cream. I was pretty sure that she could handsome japanese babe got finger fucked by a horny photographer my immanent eruption as my cock pulsed in her hand.

This only served to increase her desire and she quickened the pace of her hand. She took the head of my cock back between her parted lips, and then I gave in to the inevitable. My cock pulsed, and the first jet of cum spewed from my cock into her mouth and across her tongue. She pumped my cock as I unloaded five or six heavy spurts mother ass fuck hotel her son in sleeping her mouth, coating her tongue and the inside of her cheeks.

There was so much cum that some ran out of the corner of her mouth. And all the time she locked onto my eyes and held my gaze. Shit, how horny is that? All the while I was emptying my thick load into her mouth, and she was swallowing my cum, her wide eyes just beamed back at me with this look of complete and unbridled lust. She still held my cock in her mouth as it gradually went limp, still swirling her tongue around the now sensitive head, making my stomach twitch, a few last drops of cum leaking from her lips.

The swaying hammock slowly coming to rest. "God, I love you Cathy. That was sooo fucking good. Come here and kiss me." I said. Cathy slowly climbed back up my body and into my arms. I held her face in my hands and kissed her deeply and passionately. She tasted of my cum as our tongues danced into each other’s mouths, but that didn’t bother me, not after what she’s just done for me.

2 It was now Cathy's turn to receive some attention, but there was no way that the hammock was going to be the best venue for what I had in mind, so I slipped off the violet monroe likes to get cummed on, turned and scooped Cathy up into my arms, carrying her the few steps to all of her holes drilled interracial hardcore loungers by the front deck of the bungalow.

She got down and reclined into the lounger and I bent over her, pulling away her sarong to reveal that perfect body.

I looked down into her beautiful eyes and leaned in, gently kissing her eyes, her nose, and the her mouth. I got onto my knees in the sand beside her and moved my way down her throat and chest with kisses, pausing at her tits.

My tongue found one nipple. I gently caught the nipple between my lips, flicking across it with my tongue sucked it till I felt it grow hard. I used the tip of my tongue to circle each nipple coating them with saliva. At the same time, my hand started to move down over her stomach, coming to in the soft downy hair between her legs. I use my index finger to trace the outline of her shaved pussy lips.

She was already very wet and my fingers easily slipped into the moist folds of her delicious pussy. Still sucking her nipples, I pushed my fingers deeper into her while my thumb pressed against her clit. I then worked my way down her body with my tongue, leaving a wet trail from between her tits, over her glorious belly and into her soft pubes. I moved around the to end of the lounger so that I was lying between her open legs, which Cathy had spread wide over the edge of the lounger.

With my fingers I opened Cathy's pussy lips and worked the tip of my tongue into her, swirling it around in a circular motion. Again I slipped two fingers into her, palm up and moved my lips up to her clit, teasing it out of it's hiding place with my tongue. Cathy began to moan softly and she forced her hips forward pushing her pussy into my face and my probing fingers.

Cathy was getting really turned on now and she placed her hands on the back of my head, pulling me further into her pussy, thrusting against my tongue as I lapped at her clit.

I waggled my fingers inside of her in a ‘come here’ motion, rubbing against her G-spot. She was really moaning now and juices were flowing freely over my hand and face and down between her thighs. With first finger of my free hand I rubbed the juices into her puckered arsehole, using them as a lube before slipping the finger into her.

Almost at once Cathy started to cum, her breathing became rapid as the first tremors racked through the lower part of her body. I felt a fresh flood of juices against my face as I sucked and finger fucked her pussy and arse.

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"Hmmm, oh god yes, I'm gonna cum, don’t stop, oh I’m cuming," she cried as she reached the point of no return. “Ohhhhh fuck, yes, fuck yessssss.” I could feel her pussy contracting as all the muscles in her abdomen tensed, and then she clamped my head between her thighs as my tongue and fingers continued to move inside of her, and wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body as her orgasm fully took hold.

My hands, fingers and face were slick with Cathy's juices and I eagerly lapped up her sweet nectar. I savoured the delicious taste as she came over my face. God I just loved eating her out. Slowly Cathy's thighs relaxed their grip on my head as her climax subsided and I was able to extricate myself from her sopping pussy and move back up beside her on the lounger. Once again we embraced and kissed deeply. We must have lain together like that for about five minutes, arms and legs wrapped around each other, not moving or talking, simply lying there in a state of bliss with the dappled sunlight warming our sweating bodies.

Well that was right up until the point that Cathy felt something nudging her side, and she found herself gently stroking my cock again. She kissed me on the cheek and swung her leg over my body as I got onto my back.

Straddling me and still holding my hard cock she squatted down over me, lowering her wet pussy onto my cock. I raised my hips to meet her and she sat right down right down into my lap, burying my cock deep inside her pussy. Slowly she began to ride me, rocking her hips back and forth, her hands either side of my head. Cathy leant forward, her hair falling across my face as she waved her head from side to side in total abandon. I reached round to grab her arse cheeks, pulling her down onto my cock.

Then she started to slide her pussy up and down the shaft, using her feet for purchase, rising up till just the head nestled between her pussy lips, then plunging down the shaft until our bodies met. Cathy's body rose, up and down, up and down and she clamped her pussy on my cock.

I could feel that she was on the verge of another orgasm as she continued to grind down on my cock. I was close to the edge also. “Oh fuck baby, I’m gonna cum any second now.” I whispered. “Cum inside me, fuck me, fill me up.” I felt my balls tighten and my cock expand.

I drove my hips up into her and as I erupted for a second time, Cathy came. The sensation of my cock pulsing inside her and the warmth and stickiness of my cum filling her wet, hot pussy must have been enough to set her off. I could feel her pussy muscles spasm around my cock as we both came together, gloriously, both of us moaning out loud.

Cathy flopped down onto my chest and we lay there, calm and still for several minutes, basking in the deep and fulfilling love that we felt students and teachers blue film in a classroom each other.

This was truly paradise and pure bliss, and was just the beginning of a very hot and lust filled holiday, filled with long days and even longer nights of lovemaking! End of part 1