Hung tit mother id like to fuck rides wang

Hung tit mother id like to fuck rides wang
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I thought I was dreaming. I thought I had died and an Angel had come to fetch me to heaven. My cock was alive, rearing, throbbing as soft lips enfolded it and soft tongue flicked this way and that up my shaft and saliva dripped onto my balls.

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My heart pounded, painfully so. "Oooohhh," I moaned softly. She stopped sucking, "Are you ready for your special treat?" she asked. "My head is pounding, who are you?" I asked in confusion. My gaze was hazy, I had no idea how I had arrived here or indeed where I was.

She was a vision in a crisp white uniform, though in a moment her skirt sunny leone fucking story online play down and her neatly shaved quim was revealed in all its glory. "What?" I queried as she started to climb onto the bed.

"Hush," she replied as she straddled me and reached for my cock. She grasped it firmly as she arranged herself above me. Satisfied with her position she sank down. I felt the warmth of her thighs against me, her moist quim against my cock head. She slipped on down as my cock eased unerringly into her passage until I heard her gasp at a momentary obstruction before I speared on into her warm wet willing womb with delightful ease.

Then she started to grind her crotch against me. My heart was at bursting point. A pain behind my eyes. Agony and ecstasy combined to swamp my mind. I gasped for air, my eyes were probably bulging.

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I moaned, "Oh!" and I convulsed as my seed shot forth in a series of violent spurts each seemingly more violent than that before until I collapsed with exhaustion. "Die you worm," she whispered, "And know that I hate you, loathe you, detest you." I passed out. Grey turned to black and red and I was as near to death as one can recover from. I woke. "Major Gregory, what on earth!" matrons stentorian bellow woke me.

I was on the bed. Pyjama trousers down, bedclothes on the floor and my moist curled penis on show for all to see. "A nurse," I explained. "You'll have none of my nurses near you," she snapped, "You are disgusting sir!" "One of them," I explained, "Sucked me." The slap was as painful as it was unexpected. I fumbled to fasten my pyjamas. "I shall report you to the Commanding Officer." she insisted and she strode away. I lay abed. I remembered the heat of battle.

I remembered my horse stumbled, then nothing. "What happened?" I asked but the room was empty. I dozed, a nurse came, ugly, grey uniformed. "What happened?" I asked. "Your horse threw you," she said, "Don't you remember?" "No, I was riding with the regiment then it all went blank." I explained.

"I'll get a doctor," she ventured, "But I think they said you stacked stunner amy rides a hard dick brunette and big tits chasing foxes and you didn't duck low enough and caught your head on a tree branch." I lay down in some relief, "And Boney, did we beat him?" "Napoleon, why that was nigh on three years ago, don't you remember?" she asked.

And I did not. My angel came again. This time she had a knife. "Waken, one last time." she whispered, "For I feel a little blood letting is needed." I became very awake very quickly, "Who are you?" I asked as I saw her holding a razor sharp dagger and felt it as she gently rested it on my throat.

"Don't pretend," she whispered, "You seduced my sisters, and promised to seduce me, well now Captain your end has come, I had hoped to ravish you to death but sadly you survived, so now it's goodbye." "Au revoir for surely we shall meet in hell?" I countered. "Thou shalt not kill?" "Say your prayers," she hissed.

I prayed as I have never done before and thank the lord a nurse came in at the very moment. "I say, who are you, what are you doing?" the nurse challenged. The girl looked terrified, I thought quickly, "My Fiancee, she has to disguise herself to get in," I lied. "Then out with you!" the nurse ordered, and as the girl bolted from the room the nurse continued "She's not your fiancee, she's a common whore, but it does explain the incident with the Pyjamas." "Don't tell matron please!" I begged.

"No, perhaps not," she agreed, "But you must save your energy, not waste it on pointless emissions." "If you say so," I agreed. A month passed, I was allowed out of the ward, indeed I was encouraged to go for walks within and without the hospital grounds.

The Royal Military Hospital Woolwich. I had my uniforms with me and yet I was told I struck my head riding to hounds, three years of memories had gone. The girl/nurse had not returned and I slept easy, the headaches abated, my legs no longer felt like jelly and physically I was close to normality, and I gradually began to remember what had happened in those three years.

I returned to my home, somewhat tentatively in case I had sold it and forgotten. I checked with by bankers and was completely astonished at the sum I found there, had I been robbing banks? I wondered. "There is a cheque which has not been honoured," I was informed, "A rather large sum, one thousand guineas." "Very well I shall look into it myself," I promised. I found the gentleman concerned. He had a town house not far from my own.

I called one afternoon. The Butler ushered me in and there I found the girl who had pretended to be a nurse. "Hello, have we met?" I asked awkwardly.

"Yes, you have had the pleasure," she countered. "Then may we talk," I requested. "I am most confused." "Surely not," she replied, "Ashamed more likely." "For what," I queried, "I own much of the past years is a blank." "You really don't remember do you?" she said in amazement. "I remember you, appearing like an angel and taking me to heaven," I said earnestly, "Then trying to slit my throat." "Then please come to the withdrawing room and I shall enlighten you." she simpered.

I followed, and she started to explain, "Last spring your friend Mr Warburton invited you to a game of cards where you met father and started a friendship. Subsequently you became a regular visitor and as an expert player and indeed excellent cheat you won a significant sum of money, much of it from father. One evening father bet his entire estate and lost." "I remember nothing," I said, "Please continue." "He had no idea of your wealth, he assumed he would easily cover your raise, but it was not to be and he was ruined until Mary my eldest sister offered her honour in exchange." "I took her honour?" I queried.

"Of course you did, and then a month later when father was in trouble you asked him to bet Eliza's honour too." she explained.

"And did I?" I asked. "Very much so, and so with another game in prospect," she chuckled, "I smashed you across the forehead with a cricket bat." "So why ravish me," I asked.

"I hoped your heart would burst," she laughed, "Obviously I could not try a second time for fear of falling for a child so I." "What do you mean, many women fall for a child the first time," I explained, "Why horny milf stepmom played with her mature wet pussy child could be growing within you now." "Don't talk rot," she snapped, "You are not serious surely?" "Well to be honest I should not mind trying again." I confessed.

"Trying to seduce my youngest now?" the father intoned as he entered the room. "Indeed," I agreed, "But I came about my cheque, it 'Bounced' as they say." "Father!" the girl sighed. "Now don't concern yourself Alicia gambling debts have no legal status," he chuckled.

"But you promised, no more gambling after Eliza," she sighed, "And its no good offering him my honour for he has already taken it." "As advance payment of interest on the Thousand guineas," I suggested as my mind whirled, "If Alicia makes herself amenable I shall accept that as interest until the capital sum is repaid, of course on my death it becomes repayable instantly." "You unspeakable cad sir!" he intoned. "And if I do not?" Alicia enquired. I thought a moment, "Then the world must be warned that you sir have no honour and do not honour your debts." "And you expect me to sacrifice my honour" she demanded, "To be your plaything, to serve your base desires just to save my fathers honour." "Indeed," I agreed, "And not just mine my friends might well avail themselves of your charms.

Why you might well disrobe this instant for I fear my sap is rising." "That fall must have addled your brain if," she said in the time it took me to loft her skirt and thrust my right arm deep inside it, gliding up her silky thigh until it brushed her quim.

"Stop it!" she wailed. But her body betrayed her and the moist softness yielded to my touch welcoming my finger tip. "Hush, lay for me, it is time." I whispered and with my other hand at the back of her head I kissed her lips before raping her mouth with my tongue.

Two then three fingers slipped inside her as her moistness increased. Suddenly she pushed me away, "Do it, take me now you evil monster," she intoned and she raised her skirts to reveal herself. I was taken aback, but my member was rampant and I could no more resist than fly to the moon. I undid my breeches to release the snake and as I advanced she hit me in the acorns with her knee. I doubled up in pain and she hit me in the face with the same knee. "Lay for you again, I would rather die," she snarled.

"Play that game would you?" I snapped, "Well let us see shall we?" I grabbed her firmly around the waist and thrust my hand up her skirts once more. Two fingers found their way directly to her still moist quim and slipped easily inside her while my thumb found her mound. She gasped as I crushed the tiny maggot within her mound at the busty broad screams when she reaches an orgasm masturbation and brunette top of the gash leading to her quim.

"No!" she protested and she beat her fists helplessly on my chest as I roused the passions within her.

"You are a weak and ruined whore," I whispered, "See how your needs race through your veins, see how your quim craves my seed, I have possessed your soul, it is time to accept that you are mine." "No! Never!" she protested. "Caress my acorns, rouse my staff, ready yourself for my cream," I cajoled. "No, Noooooo!" she protested, "Oh noooo." and her mind raced and she convulsed in her pleasure. Her hands fell limp in confusion, her eyes rolled and she was transported to heaven for a moment.

I laid her down as she stared as she tried to comprehend her plight and my I aimed my poor bruised shaft at the softness so recently vacated by my thumb. Her warmth soothed my aching acorns and soon I too was taken to heaven.

"Damn you woman, how can you protest when conjoining is such pleasure?" I asked. "I hate you," she snapped, "I hate. oh god that feels too good, stop this instant or my heart will burst." "Burst then," I replied as my first spurt leapt forth from my balls, "And bear me a child," I added as my shaft convulsed as it poured forth cream to flood her parts. "Ah Hem," I heard her father's voice. I had completely forgotten he was watching us. "I think you protest too much Alicia, may I venture to suggest that you sir make Alicia an offer or I am afraid I shall have to let you defeat me in a duel." "But father," she intoned, "You could no more shoot and hit a manyou could barely hit a Barndoor!" "So make yourself decent and induce Major Gregory to make you an offer." he insisted.

"Better still direct me to your bed so we can make an afternoon of it." I offered. "No never!" she insisted but when I tucked my shaft back into my breeches and lofted her over my shoulder she made no protest.

I carried her upstairs, and by a process of elimination delivered her to her bed room whereupon I laid her on the bed. "I own you are determined to ravish me to an early grave," I suggested, "So tell me why?" "You ravished Mary and then you ravished Eliza," she insisted. "So why does it fall to you to avenge them?" I demanded. "Someone has to stop you," she snapped, "Before you ruin every maiden in Christendom." "And your sisters?" I asked, "After I ruined them?" "They had to marry beneath their station," she explained, "Instead of marrying a nobleman." "And was that not fair exchange for your father's estate," I asked, "Do you not think I was generous?" "If you had made Eliza or Mary an offer you might have been," she opined.

"An offer, good lord I have met warmer snowmen," I explained, "I remember now, do you know I do not believe I conjoined fully with either sister, it truly was a miserable experience." "And I?" she asked. "You my dear are an Angel," I explained, "The Angel of Death perhaps but I own seeing you pounding upon my member as I woke is an image I shall carry to my death bed." "And an offer?" she asked.

"Be my whore and I shall say nothing of your attempt to kill me," I suggested. "I meant marriage," she insisted. "I think not," I replied, "For you shall surely try to kill me anew if I wed you, and stray into the arms of another." "Naturally," she agreed, "As I shall if you don't wed me and stray." "So what choice do I have?" I asked.

"You made your choice when you chose Mary and Eliza over me," she explained. "Dear god," I explained, busty ebony nailed by nasty pawn keeper thought you too young, too beautiful, too innocent to ravish for my passing pleasure." "Now you flatter me," she sighed, "And your offer?" "Be my whore," I suggested.

"With smart clothes in the latest fashion and a smart townhouse, a generous allowance, servants and every opportunity to spread my affections to other gentlemen?" she asked, "Surely someone to warm your bed each night and provide a son and heir would be a better bargain?" "No, I desire someone I can respect and love for my wife." I insisted. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned," she warned me, "So let me show you what love is." "You will nag me and stop me gambling," I explained.

"Of course, now stop talking and ravish me," she invited as she lofted her robe over her head and sat in her corsets which caused her mounds to thrust up provocatively. "Do not scorn me!" she warned mia khalifa big tits in the pool pornstar and bigtits she rubbed her parts seductively.

"Oh hang it," I declared and I cast my breeches aside, stripped off my shirt and leaped upon her with no decorum what so ever. She guided my member inside her self and then set about kissing my mouth and wriggling her parts around in a quite bizarre manner obviously intended to rouse me to greater pleasure and I own she succeeded for my seed was soon flowing and bursting forth to flood her parts.

"Marry me," she said as my member pulsed and pumped. "Oh very well," I agreed. "Ohhhh!" she squealed as she drained my member, "Thank the lord I thought I would have to wed that oaf Bunty Sutherland, he is Forty years old if a day and fatter round than he is tall!" "An interminable bore and a cheat at cards," I opined, "And a malodorous drunkard." I laughed, "I suppose I should be flattered that you prefer me." "Do not flatter yourself," she opined, "I meant to slice off your member at the root but when it swelled." "Yes?" I replied.

She took a big breath "I wanted it inside me." "So we are of one accord," I agreed, "I too want my member inside you, so let me recover a moment and we can resume our conjunction, or would you prefer to announce our engagement first?" "No conjoin first," she suggested and she grasped my member and stroked it quite firmly.

It swelled anew. "How many times each day does it rise?" she asked hopefully as she straddled me and sank down on my member again.