Silor luna her stepdads hard spank good measure

Silor luna her stepdads hard spank good measure
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My crossdressing started in Jr. High. When I started to get curious about girls, and also about other boys. I started crossdressing with my moms things, and slowly started to collect my own. By the way, I'm Mat. or Ashley as i'm known. I'm 17 and I guess you could call me Bi-Curious. Although after this story you could call me purely Bi-sexual.

I have a friend, Katelin is his girl name but everyone knows him as Jake. He's the same age, and we've been good friends for quite a while. We found out about each other last summer. When a pair of panties I thought I had hidden, suddenly came out into the open. Before I could react, he grabbed them and started asking me all kinds of questions.

"Whos are these, what are they doing here, How did they get here". Finally after 20 minutes of him bugging me I finally came out and said it. "There mine." I said with my head looking down.

He started to chuckle then realized that I wasn't joking. "But why??" he asked with a strange tone. "I dress up like a girl, and then just wack off" I said. "Its just a thrill I have and I like doing it". This struck him as odd as he started to get up off of my bed. "How long have you been doing this" He asked with a scared tone.

"Since Jr. High, I started with my moms stuff and now I have my own." "Theres more??" He asked very suprised. As I walked to my closet I pulled out a very familiar backpack to him.

It was his old one that he was going to throw out. Black man let the pawn guy fuck his lady used it for my baseball gear at first, then just kept it in my room after the season was over.

As I opened the backpack you could see a amateur dorm redhead cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in of everything that I owned. Stockings, Garters, Bras, Panties, and more. Even some fake boobs I had ordered off of the internet. He stood there speechless, looking at me then at the backpack full of my things. I saw him swallow hard before he spoke. "So you just do this to get off right??".

"yes" I said as I nodded my head along. His next comment shocked me, "could I see you dressed up??". A wave of fear and excitement came over my face and body.

I had never been seen by anyone before, much less even told anyone about my dressing. As I moved to the side of my bed, I picked out a pair of pink frilly bikini panties, A pink lace bra, and a pair of white stockings. As I made my way to the bathroom my heartrate jumped up quite a bit. For once I didn't have to dream anymore, someone was going to see me for who I wanted to be. Ashley. Before I closed the bathroom door I said "Give me a few minutes ok??" He nodded and went to sit down on my bed.

I closed the bathroom door and started to get undressed. Taking off my pants and underwear, I pulled up my panties and tucked my tail behind me. I just loved the look of a female crotch on my body, and it was making me hot just by looking at it.

I took off my shirt and put on my bra that I grabbed. Of course I can never forget my stockings which climb up my legs ever so sexily. As I started to exit the bathroom, I saw my moms ruby red lipstick sitting on the counter. I decided to try it, and put it on decently.

I took a sheet of toliet paper like I saw my mom always do, and blot my lips. As I opened the bathroom door, I told Jake to shut his eyes. As he did I walked into the room and sat down beside him on my bed.

After taking a deep breath I said "Ok you can open them". On those words Jake opened his eyes and saw Ashley for the first time. As he looked me up and down his jaw started to drop, and I could tell he was getting excited. "Speechless" I blurted out breaking his concentration.

"No" he replied "but you are looking very sexy".

Looking me up and down again he could tell I shaved everything, and how he didn't notice before I'll never know. He wanted to admire me more so he grabbed my hand and pulled me up to a standing position. He twirled me around like a ballerina, making sure to take in every inch of my body. As I had my back to him, he took his hand and placed it on my side and dragged it accross my back.

This sent tingles down my spine, as Ashley got her first touches by a man, a real man. This started to be a weekly thing between Jake and I. He would come over and I would dress up for him. We would touch each other, feel each oldnanny fat big granny have a sex with young guy tube porn, and try the ever so risky kiss or make out nurse xxx storys big tits. As things started progressing more and more, He started calling me by my girl name "Ashley".

We went further and farther testing the limits. Untill one day I was caught completely off guard. "Ashley, Would you give me a blowjob??" I was in utter shock, I wasn't sure what to do. "I marie and jade have shower lesbian sex I could try" I said with a shaky voice.

I made my was down to his shorts, kissing his chest and stomach on the way. As I undid his belt I started to get really nervous, but yet its like I knew what to do. I pulled his shorts to his knees and briefly stared at the bulge in his boxer briefs.

Removing his underwear the scent of a male crotch hit me, it was so intoxicating. Looking at his cock it was a nice thick 6 inches easy. Cut and wanting to be touched and sucked. As I grabbed his shaft with my right hand, I moved my mouth close to his head and licked it. Jake gasped and let out a relaxing sigh. I gathered more courage and licked around his head, making sure I took my time and soaked his throbing head. I continued further by dropping down to the base of his cock, and licking all the way up the shaft.

I kept doing this untill his entire rod was soaked. As I came back up to the head of his cock, Jake looked down at me in amazement. He knew what was about to happen, and he wanted it even more than I did. I opened my mouth and positioned myself over the top of his cock. Slowly I lowered my mouth and started sucking on his cock. A soft moan escaped his lips as he brought his hands to the back of my head. Sucking on his cock must have gotten him very excited, he was trying to push down my head too much and I started to gag.

I dug my fingernails into him and he relaxed again, allowing me to suck his cock normally. Trying to pick up my speed I heard the slurping sound I was making on his cock. That sound started to turn even me on, as I took my free hand down to my panties and to my tucked rod. Rubbing it, Touching it, and getting it harder. Hoping that I could cum in my panties, just like a real girl.

Sucking on his cock for 10 minutes, my jaw started hurting. Although his cock was swollen thick and ready to explode. "Ashley" jake said with a breathy voice "Let me cum in your mouth" I took my mouth off of his cock and smiled at him. "ok" I said to him keeping my eyes locked with his as I took his cock back inside my mouth.

As I sucked further down his cock I started to turn my head from side to side. Making a corkscrew and swirling feeling on his cock. It didn't take long for him to start moaning much louder as his orgasm approached. I was continuously rubbing my crotch in hopes I might cum as well. Inside my panties just like a girl during her orgasm.

As I approached my own orgasm I started trying to take his cock deeper in my mouth. Trying to make him cum harder than he ever imagined. Rubbing myself still I realized I was going to cum, I could feel it building it was just a matter of when. I removed my hand from my panties and brought it up to his rod.

I reached both of my hands behind his ass and pulled him forward and pushed my head down onto his cock. Deepthroating a man for the first time. As I pulled back to keep from choaking, I felt him explode in my mouth. Gush after Gush of hot sticky white sperm in my mouth. Filling my mouth completely, and giving me the shock of how much he just came. Realizing what was in my mouth, I opened it to show jake. I then closed my mouth and swallowed.

It was a odd taste but I was sure to get used to it. Getting up I realized that the whole underside and ass of my panties was soaked from my own cum. After we had relaxed on the bed, Jake got up and proceeded to get dressed. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and headed out the door. That night I wondered what he was thinking, about what had happened and what the status of "US" was. I found out the next day.

When Jake came over he had his backpack with him, I didn't think anything of it. As He entered my room I was already dressed and lying on the bed for him.

Coming inside and closing the door he told me to close my eyes. As I did I heard the bathroom door open and shut, the light and fan being turned on.

And the rummage of things in his back pack. I thought maybe he had went and bought something kinky for us to play with, and I was about to find out how kinky. As the door came open through my closed eyes I saw the light being turned off and heard him walking towards the bed. He layed down on the bed and I thought I smelled the fragrence of female perfume.

"Ashley" he said as I opened my eyes and looked beside me. Jake was dressed as a girl, and to tell you the truth. Better than I was. He had a red lace bustier, matching stockings with a String bikini panty. My jaw dropped as he came in for a kiss.

His kiss felt different, it was softer but yet a strong kiss. We started making out, both of our bodies and hormones raging. This time it was his turn to suck my cock.

The more he sucked my cock the more I wanted to cum, but he kept holding me off. Making me wait untill he was ready to accept it. Finally he was ready and I filled his mouth full of my cum. He swallowed just as I did, but came up to me and french kissed. Feeling his tongue cum covered and the taste of my own cum drove me wild. This continued for the next couple of weeks, off and on as one of us sucked the other.

He was still the dom in the relationship, but I didn't mind. One time as he sucked my cock, he spit on his finger and invaded my little hole. The sensation was painful but also thrilling. As I calmed down from the pain, he started playing with my prostate.

More and more it built up in my cock until I couldn't take it anymore. "KATIE!!!" I screamed out as I came in his mouth, wave after wave as I felt my hole clinch around his finger. I kept cumming and cumming, almost like my orgasm would never stop. I kept trying to buck my hips to continue my orgasm, but I was worn out. Trying to catch my breath, I tried a couple of big breaths which didn't work.

Finally I started to calm down, "Whos Katie" I heard him ask. "Who??" I asked him back without knowing. "Katie, you screamed that as you came", I paused for a minute to reflect on what he had said.

"Did I ??" I asked myself trying to decipher what was going on again. "You called me Katie, Ashley don't you remember that??" "I guess not" I said as I giggled a bit. As he laid down beside me I started mumbling to myself. "Katelin" I said in a soft whisper. "What??" Jake asked being puzzled. "Katelin, thats your new name" I said with a wink. We both relaxed on the bed, holding each other and every now and then coming to each other for a kiss.

Over the next couple of months we started experimenting with dildos, vibrators, and other kinky items. Lube was always a must, but pleasure was more than worth the price we paid for some of our toys. As we kept adding to our collection and getting into some of our fantasies more, one of them came out that both of us wanted to try. A fantasy that both of us are girls, and we have a "Daddy" taking care of us, Loving us (both in the fatherly and incest way), and always making sure we had the cutest outfits.

After a little bit of debate, we decided to look online for someone willing to do this for us. Posting what we wanted on a crossdressing site.

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It didn't take long to get an answer. Within 2 hours we had at least 10 "Daddies" wanting to take care of us. We started chatting back in forth with each of them. Another week or so weeding out the weirdos and we narrowed it down to Three. One guy was in California, The other two were pretty close. The first was about 2 hours north of us. The second was about 3 and a submissive maid is ready for her hole strength test by kendra star and her husband hours away.

All in all these seemed like the best options. And since two of them were close it made it that much easier. Making the decision wasn't going to be easy, but we chose the two closer ones to finalize the decision.

After another week of talking to both men we made our decision. The first guy Jim was his name and he lived 2 hours north of us. In a small town out in the country, so no worries about any peeping tom neighbors. We talked about meeting up first before we even tried anything sexual. He aggreed and met us at a local diner.

Jim was about 35 years old and was into crossdressing himself, although lately he has stopped. At the diner, we talked about where we were from. Our hobbies, interests, etc. Jim let us know he hasn't done anything like this before, and might be a bit rusty on being a "Daddy" for us.

Katelin and I both agreed that wasn't a problem, just as long as everyone was happy. He agreed and proceeded to pay for dinner. We thanked him and gave him a kiss on the cheek when we got out to his truck. Jim opened up his truck door to reveal two cards, with our names on them.

As he handed them over he remarked "I want what you buy with this to be matching and sexy" We both nodded, and smiled. As we ran back to our car, we jumped in and couldn't wait to open the cards. Inside was a 100 dollar gift card to Victorias Secret.

Both of our eyes gleamed and couldn't wait to get home. On the ride back we talked about what we would buy. It hit us when we entered my room, A matching Bustier, with attached garters. Matching stockings, and a nice bikini panty. Katelins would be Blue with pink bows, mine would be Pink with Blue bows. The next day we rushed to Vickies and bought the outfits. The sales ladies looked at us wierd, we just told them our girlfriends were Bi together.

They didn't buy it, but we got out of there without being publicly outted. When we got back to my place, we tried on our outfits.

Wow we looked sexy. I couldn't wait until the coming weekend so we could finally have our fantasy fulfilled.

The days seemed to drag by, hour by hour, minute by minute. As we both started to pack, I made sure I had everything of mine. Including a few toys and favorite things. Although Katelin and I had never tried anal sex since we had stretched each other with dildos.

So it was going to feel good no matter what. When friday got here, I was so nervous. I had told my parents that Jake and I were going camping, and not to worry because there was a payphone at the campsite.

Which was bogus but they seemed to play along. When Jake pulled up to the house, I helped him get his stuff in my car and we embarked on our trip. The whole way there we were both nervous about what we were doing. We also knew this guy could be a psycho and we would never know it untill it was too late. Our trip ended at Jims house, he had provided a address in our cards. As we pulled up to the house it was huge. Easliy a 3 bedroom or more. Katelin and I got out of the car and grabbed our backpacks and our suitcase and went to the front door.

I rang the doorbell and I could hear footsteps coming towards the front door. Jim answered and gave us each a hug and a kiss on the forehead. "Ready to see your rooms?" he questioned?? Katelin and I both nodded our heads and followed him up the stairs. As we approached the top of the stairs, Jim led us to a room on the left. That was Katelins room, it was a nice light blue color with frilly bedspread.

Katelin tried to hold in her excitement but couldn't and gave Jim a kiss on the lips. then went into her room and started to unpack. Jim led me accross the hall where my bedroom was. It was a nice pink color, everything in the room was pink.

As Katelin had done for Jim I raised up to give him a kiss on the lips. Only when I kissed him he held it for a bit longer. As our kiss ended Jim reached behind me and grabbed my ass. "I can't wait to make you my little girl" he whispered as he walked away and back down the stairs. Stopping at the top of the stairs Jim told us to get dressed in some underwear that we didn't care about and come down stairs into the kitchen.

Katelin and I bounded down the stairs together and sat on two bar stools. Jim entered the kitchen from the basement saying he was finishing some laundry. "Wanna help me finish it??" he asked "Sure" Katelin and I both answered in unison. We walked down the stairs to the basement infront of Jim.

The basement came into view, It was a sex addicts playground. All sorts of machines, devices, and even looked like a few torcher things in the corner. Jim came up behind us and put his arm around our shoulders. "You see that black bench over there girls?? I want you to go over to it, get on your knees and bend over it" Katelin and I did as we were told. Giving each other looks of excitement and being scared shitless. Jim came up behind us and pulled each of our panties down.

Rubbing his finger near our holes he put some sort of lube over them. As his finger pushed in a little I heard Katelin moan, I looked back to see a needle shaped object being pushed into her hole.

Jim squeesed the contents from the hard anal fuck ends with leg shaking orgasm into her. She kept moaning and started to breathe more heavily. I thought Jim had hurt Katelin but then I found out what it was, something invaded my hole and released a warm creamy liquid inside. I started to moan as well, feeling the cream invade my hole. Jim grabbed Katelins hand and helped her up and over to a bathtub. Jim stripped Katelin naked before placing her in the tub.

Having her sit down he came over to me, grabbing my hand and took me over to a machine. He told me to lay down, I did as I was told and felt something poking at my hole. It was a dildo, and strapped to a machine that would surely fuck me good. "Can I turn on my stomach?? I want what your going to do to Katelin to be a surpise for me" Jim nodded and I turned over, he placed the dildo at my hole and inserted it 2 inches or more.

It wasn't very thick but it was long, probably 9 inches total. The warm liquid which I found to be lube as Jim turned on the machine and it started its dirty work. Plowing my little hole, and making me moan more and more with each stroke. As I closed my eyes I felt a needle prick my butt, I opened my eyes suddenly but couldn't see anything. I just went back to enjoying this machine.

Katelin on the other hand was about to have a new experiance. Since Katelin and I had never tried Anal sex, we had never douched or been given a Enema before. Katelin was about to have a first hand experiance. Jim told her to get on all fours, and grabbed a silver wand from the wall.

As Jim put the wand to her entrance, Katelin moaned and let out a big "oooooooo" as he slowly moved it up inside her. Reaching up with his other hand he undid the clamp, flooding her hole with a distilled water and fragrance mix.

He reapplied the clamp and pulled the wand out of her entrance. "Push it out" he told her. As she did the contents of her bowls were emptied time after time. Finally after 7 pushes she was clean. Jim grabbed her hand and stood her up, handed her a towel and instructed her to dry off. Jim came over to the machine that was fucking me, He turned it off and removed the long dildo from my hole. At first my hole didn't want to close, but soon it started shrinking to its normal size.

Jim helped me off the bench, when I tried to stand up I almost fell. After I caught my balance "Bend over" Jim said. As I did I felt my hole being filled with the lube again. Jim led me over to the bathtub and helped me step into it. He told me to get on all fours just like Katelin.

As I did Jim went to take care of Katelin, I looked to see what machine she was going to be put on. She was put in a swing facing away, and fucked from underneath. As Jim started the machine I saw him grab another needle and give her a shot in the butt. Katelin didn't notice, she was enjoying the dildo too much.

Jim came over to me and turned my chin towards him. He kissed me with a long deep kiss holding it as our tongues intwined. We broke the kiss, he smiled at me as I just blushed and turned my head forward again.

I heard Jim grab the wand and knew what was coming, I felt him probe my entrance. Jim pushed in with the wand, I felt it invade my insides. As Jim removed the clamp it was a whole new feeling, my insides being rushed with a filling liquid. Jim flushed me 4 or 5 times before I was clean. As he stood me up I whispered "What was that other shot you gave her??" "Hormones" he said "You got one also".

I stopped and paused looking at him with a strange glare. "Female hormones" he said again "to help with your actions and thoughts" I nodded not knowing what they would really do to my body. While I was drying off I heard a grandfather clock strike 8 o'clock. "Ahhh its time" Jim said with a smile on his face. Jim helped us both up the stairs to the main floor, and also up the stairs to our rooms. I helped Katelin still to her room, Jim said "Dress in your matching outfits then come see me in the living room".

Katelin and I both nodded and I left her to get dressed. When I got to my room I shut the door, I turned around to get my outfit and Jim was sitting on the bed. He spoke before I could say anything brother fuk hot sixy sister, I want you to take a few more shots" "Of what?" I asked. "More Female Hormones" he said without flinching.

"I want you to become my little girl" He said continuing. "But what about Katelin??" I asked. "Katelin can still come over, I just want you to be more female than her" he said with a caring tone. "Ok then" I said coming over to the bed and bending over for him. After the 3 shots, Jim left the kinky orgy session with busty stunners brunette and big tits and I got dressed.

Walking down the stairs, I felt different something was affecting me but I didn't know what it was. or did I. When I sat down on the couch, Jim grabbed the remote and turned on the tv. Katelin was sitting on his left side and I was sitting on his right. Jim turned to the porn channel and we all started to get worked up. "Ashley" Jim sighed "Why don't you suck me first" "Ok" I replied.

Jim moved into the corner of the couch where I was sitting. I unbuttoned his jeans and started to pull down his boxers. He stopped me for a second, "Katelin" he said "Come and put this inside her, then lick it" As Katelin grabbed the needle she put it to my back entrance. When Katelin squeesed the needle, I was flooded once again with a lube, but a thicker lube this time.

I pulled Jims cock out of his boxers, and was amazed at its size. 7 inches and a decent thickness, as I started to tongue Jims cock head. I was stopped by Jim. Just then I felt my clean and lube filled hole being tongued by Katelin.

A warm wet rough tongue going in and out of my hole. "Mmmm Cherry" Katelin said. Katelin buried her tongue deep inside me as I let out a deep moan. I tried to regain my concentration as much as I could to suck Jim's cock. I'm not sure what he was enjoying more, watching Katelin eat out my hole or the cock sucking I was giving him. After another 10 minutes or so he stopped me and told Katelin and I to switch places.

Jim handed me another needle, I put it to Katelins back hole and I slowly released the contents into her. Katelin arched her back while accepting the creamy liquid. I inserted my tongue with a pleasent suprise, mine was Strawberry. As I pleasured Katelins hole she moaned and jerked up and down on Jims cock. Jim looked at me just as I forcefully inserted my tongue into Katelin ravaging her hole. He stopped Katelin from sucking his cock anymore as I removed my tongue from her pleasure pucker.

Jim turned off the TV and said it was time for bed, it only being 9:30 for now I expected he had more planned. "Would my girls like boobs??" Jim asked. Both Katelins and my eyes lit up as we always dreamed what it would be like. "It will probably make your breast a little sore, and it will only stay like this for tonight.

In the morning your body will have absorbed this saline. OK??" Katelin and I both nodded and waited for the injections. A trip out to the garage and Jim was back with 6 needles. "2 for Katelin and 4 for Ashley" He said. Katelin gave him a dirty look and he explained "The saline you are going to get is more powerful its thicker and provides more growth" Katelin then smiled and took her injections.

After Jim was finished Katelin had a nice B cup and started bouncing up and down enjoying her new toys. "Now go up to your room katelin and I will be there shortly" Jim said.

Jim couldn't finish his sentence before Katelin was halfway up the stairs. He turned to me and gave me a devilish grin. Jim picked up the needles and started injecting the saline. It stung a little bit, but was well worth it.

After Jim finished I had a nice C cup. So perfect that Jim bent down to suckle on one of my nipples. I was thick bbw white pussy banged in the trailer parklick to edit heaven, I actually had breasts and someone was sucking on them. As Jim released his mouth from my nipple he swatted me on the ass and told me to go to my room.

"yes daddy" I said with a wink to boot. I bounded up the stairs and actually felt the bounce of real breasts, it was so exciting. "Ashley" Jim said stopping me at the top of the stairs. "Use this while your waiting" He handed me a Tongue shaped vibrator. He winked then proceeded into Katelins room and shut the door behind him. I couldn't wait to start using it, as I shut my door I heard some moans coming from Katelins room.

It turned me on so much to hear her scream and moan in pleasure. He kept pleasuring her making Katelin scream out in pleasure. After the first 5 minutes I was already on the bed, naked and had the tongue vibrator shoved in me. I was so turned on by Katelins screams and moans. Finally I heard some high pitched screams, faster and faster I heard them. "Oh daddy, daddy ,daddy, Yes yes yes yes daddy oh daddy, yes daddy yes daddy YES DADDY!!!!!!!

CUM NOW DADDY!!!!!! CUM IN YOUR LITTLE GIRL!!!!! I heard Jim grunt roughly, knowing he was emptying his balls into Katelin. A few more grunts from Jim and some moans from Katelin and it was quiet. I heard another big moan from Katelin, wondering what it was from. I figured Jim had just groped Katelin. I heard Katelins door open and shut, steps accross the hallway when my door opened. I was laying on my bed face down when Jim came in. I looked up at him and smiled, he returned the smile and moved towards the bed.

He only had a pair of boxers face hole amp slit drilling smalltits and hardcore, and they were a little thin at best. Jim sat down on the side of the bed, as he took one of his hands and started rubbing my legs. Up to my thighs and to my butt he rubbed. "Hows Katelin" I asked "Sleeping peacefully" He said. This made me relax and enjoy the massage he was giving me that much more. You straddle me and sit on my legs as you still massage my butt, I feel two more needle pricks in my butt cheeks.

I know that Jim just gave me more female hormones. I felt a rush of warm over my body as I relaxed. He gave me another fill up of lube in my hole, Jim slid one finger in as he worked it in and out. Another finger was added as he stretched my hole. He got up and removed his boxers, coming behind me again his cock fell inbetween my butt cheeks. Near my hole and making me that much more wanting his cock inside me.

Jim worked his fingers in and out of my hole lubing up his cock as he went along. Placing himself at my hole and removing his fingers, he leaned forward. I felt his head enter me, It seemed thin but I knew it could wicked czech kitten spreads her soft slit to the extreme. More he pushed into me, impaling his cock inside.

His cock was almost fully in when I felt him hit my prostate, my magic button, the no coming back zone. Jim pumped in and out of me, forcing me to enjoy his long deep strokes. As I started to moan, Jim handed me something. It was a condom "Drink it" he said as his strokes pushed me closer to my orgasm. I tried to sit up the best I could and tilted the condom up so the contents dripped onto my tongue and into my mouth. It was cum, I moaned as I swallowed it.

"Thank you daddy" I said as his strokes were starting to shake my body. "No need to thank me baby, thats from Katelin" Lowering my head I tried to enjoy the strokes more, Jim thrusted so deep inside me I had never felt so much pleasure.

"Oh baby" he whispered out in a moan, I decided to try and help a little. "Daddy??" I asked "Do you want to cum??" A long sigh was heard from Jims mouth. His cock was getting bigger as he thrust in me. I could feel my hole expanding to fit. Jim kept thrusting and starting to grunt a little. I was ready for him when he was, but I had to find out how close he was to cumming. As he thrust into me more, "Daddy do you like your little girl?? I asked. "Of course baby" he replied "Do you love your little girl??" I asked "Oh yes I do baby" he replied again "Would you cum inside me and get me pregnaut Daddy??" I asked suductively He paused for a moment, Holding his breath and his thrusts.

I thought I scared him, but was met with a powerful thrust. Deeper than what his normal thrust was, he was in to the fucking just how they love it telsev and knowing I liked it. I started to moan as I obviously loved the feeling. A long pull out and Jim thrust in again. Full long strokes was his style now and I liked it that much more. From my stomach he pulled me up on all fours, and started pounding me harder.

Jim grabbed the condom that I had drank out of and pulled it over my boy item. Wanking me off as he was pounding my back entrance, it took no time for me to cum the male way.

He took off the condom and handed it too me again, once again I drank the cum this time it being my own. Swallowing the cum, I bucked my hips back towards him trying to engulf his cock inside me. Harder now he started to thrust into me, from time to time he would hold in his thrust just to let it linger in my hole. I awesome gals receive nailed by male pornstar hardcore stay silent anymore, I had to let him know what I wanted.

"Daddy, do you like fucking your little girl daddy?? mmmmmm your cock is so big, i'm sure your about to cum aren't you daddy. Would you like to cum daddy??

Inside me daddy??? Cum inside me??" As I finished my sentence, he started thrusting faster trying to build up his orgasm. It was exciting him so I decided to continue. "Daddy Fuck me harder daddy!!, Please fuck me harder. Oh God daddy please cum for me, cum inside me. Please daddy fuck me harder and CUM inside me.

KNOCK UP YOUR LITTLE GIRL!!!!" While screaming this JIm started grunting I knew he was close it was just a matter of the right words for him to cum. I decided a last effort. "Cum inside me daddy, inpregnate me!! Get me pregnaut by cumming inside me!!!" Thats all it took, I felt my insides being filled with his hot sticky cum.

Grunting and pushing foward Jim was emptying himself inside me. As he relaxed from his orgasm he pulled out and got something off of the dresser. I felt one of the injectors coming to my back hole. Jim pushed forward and injected the contents into me, which was followed by a second and a third injector. "What are in those" I asked as I felt my hole filling up. "Cum sweetie" Jim answered. "Why would you want more cum inside me??" I asked. Suddenly I felt a fourth item coming to my hole.

It was plastic and it was cold, "So I can do this sweetie, and you can feel like a real girl". He pushed the plastic device into me, slowly I felt something imerging from it. As he removed the plastic, I felt a tampon start to swell inside me and felt a string hanging out of me.

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The Tampon was soaking up the cum thats inside me. Jim started to get up as I grabbed his arm. "Yes sweetie" He said as he looked at me. "thank you daddy" I said as he came up to kiss me on the cheek. Good night princess I'll see you in the morning. I rolled over and went to sleep knowing tomorrow would be a much better day. I got up for breakfast and made my way down the stairs still naked except for my stockings. Katelin was already in the kitchen when I walked in.

I rubbed her ass and slid my finger underneath her. Jim had done the same to her, inserted a tampon to soak up his cum. As we started to kiss Jim came in the kitchen and smacked us both on our bare asses. Our tongues intwined and Jim spoke up "Alright girls time for your morning milk"