Luscious tight kitten gets her spread honey pot and tiny butthole banged

Luscious tight kitten gets her spread honey pot and tiny butthole banged
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Tiffany was alone in her room, doing her homework on bubble assed beautiful gal impaled on schlong hardcore blowjob bed, when she heard a knock at her door.

"I'm busy," she called out without looking up. "Come on, open up," Jon hissed back at her through the door. She rolled her eyes while standing up from her bed and stalking across the room. She wore a scowl on her face when she opened the door. "What's with that look?" Jon asked while poking her in the forehead.

"I'm busy, what do you want?" she asked while crossing her arms. Jon took a moment to examine her attire before responding. She was wearing nothing but a thin pink sweater. It was all she put on after taking a shower just before starting her homework. "Can't I come to see my big sister?" Jon sex javsex stories com sex stories porn to be offended by the idea that he would only visit her if he wanted something from her.

"I have an empty makeup jar I used covering up hickies you've given me every day before school that tells me you're either here to kiss me or to put your penis where it doesn't belong." Tiffany continued to glare at him. "According to Dad, my penis is the only one that belongs in you," Jon retorted. "You've used that excuse too much recently," she scoffed. "Come up with a different reason than, because Dad said I could. Maybe make up an article about how sex helps you lose weight or something like that." "I heard that having sex helps a girl's skin," Jon made a half effort.

"Do you know what else helps a girl's skin? Not having to wear makeup to hide all the hickies you give her," Tiffany snapped at him. "That was a loaded question. There was no right answer," Jon complained. "The right answer was to admit that there was no logical reason you needed to come to my room to fuck me like you do every other night of the week." "How about, because I want to?" He decided to be blunt.

"Of course you want to. I'd be surprised if you didn't want to. Could you imagine it, 'oh, sorry, Tiff, I really didn't want to shove my dick inside you repeatedly for the past month or so, I thought that's what you wanted.'" Tiffany made a poor attempt to mimic her brother's voice. He still laughed though. Tiffany lowered her hands to her sides as Jon grabbed her in a tight hug. Despite all of her protesting she was still not going to resist him.

His mouth found hers and he began to kiss down her chin and neck. "Mom and Dad are home, you know," she whispered in a poor last ditch effort to set him straight. "We've done it with them around before.

Besides, they already know, so what's the danger?" Jon fumbled to unzip the front of Tiffany's pink sweater. "Are you trying to tempt me?" Jon asked while pinching one of her newly exposed nipples. "Mom and Dad still haven't gotten me any bras," Tiffany mumbled while trying not to moan. "It's not like you need them. You are going to be just as petite as Mom when you finally fill out," Jon retorted. "You like staring at Mom's boobs?" Tiffany tried to mock him. "I'd rather stare at these." Jon pinched a larger portion of flesh, what should have been her boob if she had any to speak of.

Tiffany winced while reaching a hand underneath her brother's shirt. His chest was just as small as hers. He had always been scrawny. She could even feel his bony ribs underneath his skin. Jon sucked in a breath to distract himself from the sensation of having his sister touch his chest with her bare hands. "Shall I take it off?" he offered while lifting the hem of his shirt. Tiffany waited with baited breath. She really wanted to see her brother's smooth hairless chest for some reason.

She could not explain it but not every part of being Jon's sex buddy was bad. She at least did not find him unattractive. Jon's face turned red as he felt her gaze boring into him. He had just lifted his shirt above his shoulders when the voice of his father calling up the stairs caught him off guard. "Jon, Tiffany, get your blonde fitness babe loves to suck cock at the gloryhole pov down here.

I've been shouting for a minute now." Both siblings knew enough about their house to realize that Randy, their father, was at the very bottom of the stairs. He must have been shouting from the living room before he realized he would need to get closer before they would hear him. "We're a little busy right now," Jon decided to try seeing if his dad would take a hint. "Looks like I caught you two in the nick of time. I'll be polite and stay down here but that's only if I see you both in the living room in the next five minutes.

Your mom wants to watch a flick with both of you. She says we need more family events because we're not wholesome enough." "We're wholesome," Jon grumbled. "That does durgapur girl sex story sex stories count, and it's probably exactly why your mom is doing this.

She wants to keep you two occupied and where she can see you," Randy explained. "Seriously?" Jon dropped his shirt back down and slutty hot babe kitty catherine fucks shawns bigcock down the stairs so he could talk to his father face to face, leaving Tiffany feeling slightly disappointed with her sweater open and a red mark on her breast where had been pinching her. Expecting it to only take a moment for Jon to convince his father to let them have a quickie before watching the movie, she waited at the top of the stair for her brother to return.

After several minutes of waiting, she was about to give up and go back into her room to change before descending the stairs herself. Just before she did, she heard the sound of footsteps. "God, Jon, what took you so long? Do you know how cold my legs are?" She gestured to the fact that, being slightly turned on, there were lines of liquid running down her legs from her crotch.

"Wow, you really are a slut," it was not her brother's voice that responded to her. "Dad," she gasped. "What… what are you doing?" She closed her sweater as quickly as possible. "I could ask you the same question. Is there a reason you're running around without any pants on?" He looked straight at her bare wet legs. She placed her hands in front of her crotch in embarrassment. Her pink sweater was just long enough to hide the fact that her cunt was completely exposed but she was sure her dad had already seen it before she had time to zip herself up.

"I took a shower," she mumbled under her breath. "It was hot in my room so I didn't get dressed again. If Mom and Jon are waiting for me downstairs, I should get changed." She tried to step backwards into her room. Randy followed her like it was the obvious thing to do. "You don't have to worry about them. Jon did not like the DVD your mom chose so the two of them are heading out to rent one.

They are picking up chips and soda too, because Jon said he won't eat microwave popcorn. It's incredibly unhealthy for you apparently." "The bag has chemicals in it," Tiffany clarified her brother's complaint.

"Wow, they teach you a lot in school these days, don't they?" Randy chuckles. "It's just a rumor going around, just like when they found out that smoking was bad for you in your day." "I see." Randy stopped walking as soon as he was in his daughter's room. He was taking a moment to look around. It was rather bland compared to the rest of the house. She did not have as many things to fill it with. "Man, this is sad for a teenage girl," he sighed. "There should be posters of rock bands and stuff on these walls." "I wouldn't waste my allowance on stuff like that," Tiffany scoffed.

"When you have such a small amount of money, it's easy to get obsessed with hoarding it. How about I buy you some decorations for this room? It's just really too bland." Tiffany was suspicious about her father's reason for suddenly wanting to buy her things the way her mom obsessed over buying Jon things but a part of her could not hide how happy she was. Her face lit up as she started to imagine the objects she could fill her room with.

Suddenly her smile disappeared. "Is this like hush money?" she asked coldly. "Is this so I won't tell anyone that you let Jon fuck me whenever he wants?" "From what I've seen, you don't really seem to mind getting fucked by Jon." He gestured to her legs. They were only just starting to dry. Her room was extremely hot.

She had the temperature set higher than the rest of the house. She was already starting to sweat, as was Randy. They both felt a cold draft though as the air was being pulled out into the rest of the house through her open door. Without hesitation, Randy walked over and closed it. "That's better," he sighed contently. Tiffany was glaring at him when he turned around again. "Of course I don't enjoy getting fucked by Jon.

I mean, it feels amazing, don't get me wrong, but… at all manner of hours, he wants to stick his penis inside me. I've tried so many times to give him a blowjob but it just hits the back of my mouth and hurts. He pulls on my hair, slaps my ass, pinches my clit until I pee myself…" Tiffany's face went red as she continued to explain the things that her brother had done to her. She definitely did not look like she hated it. She just did not like that it was not her choice when they did it.

"You'll have to forgive some of Jon's inelegance," Randy sighed. "It's in his natural instincts to try and dominate his woman." "Why? It's not like I can say no." Tiffany crossed her arms. "You made mom and son ducking hard of that.

Why did you do that, Dad? Why did you let him do this to your daughter?" "You're really beautiful." Randy touched her cheek. "I'm half naked." She recoiled from him. "And sexy as hell," he added. "I wish your mother walked around in tight or loose clothes like you do. I wish she showed off her bouncing ass or let me wake her up in the morning with my penis." "Ew, Dad," Tiffany pretended to be grossed out.

Something about her dad's bluntness was making her wet again. "Your mom is such a prude. We have sex at most once a week, if even. It's always the same too, she grinds on top of me until I cum and then we're done. She barely gets fucked at all." Tiffany's face was bright red. She was trying to imagine her mother's petite frame gyrating on top of her father's hips.

At the beach, she had seen the bodies of both her parents. Her mother was bronze skinned and shapely but her breasts barely filled up the palm of a man's hand. Her father had what was called a dad body but it was still not so bad that he could not hide it under a proper suit every day. "I wish I could flip your mother over and shove my cock into her the way Jon does to you. How does it feel, Tiffany, to be the one getting proper sex in this household?

I've seen your tear stricken face after Jon is really rough with you. I can only imagine the things he's done. You limp around a lot when he does it more than once in a day. He must leave you aching and gaping." "I look hideous after he fucks me," Tiffany broke out into tears. "My makeup is smeared, my hair is a mess, my cunt hurts, my legs ache." "You have a glow about you.

Your face shows satisfaction." Without warning, Randy grabbed under the hem of her sweater and plunged his fingers into her wet cunt. It was sopping with her liquid and with sweat. Her whole body was shiny from the heat of her thoughts and of the room. "What are you going to do to me?" Tiffany gulped as her father slowly unzipped her sweater and pulled it off her arms.

She was completely naked in his presence. "I'm going to admire what my son has that I don't," Randy answered in a voice of marvel. His eyes were sparkling brightly. Tiffany only just realized that he was not wearing his glasses.

He must have put in contacts today for some reason. "Please don't stare." She crossed her arms in front of her chest. "Is this Jon's handy work." He pulled them apart again by the wrists so he could see the redness of her breasts and nipples.

"He sure likes to toy with you. Isn't that right, Tiff? You're his personal fuck hole." Tiffany did not know how to react at first. "Tha-that's right," she eventually started to stutter. "If you touch me, he'll know. He won't be happy." "Don't worry, I won't leave any marks like he does." Randy picked her up by her wrists and walked her backward into her own bed. She screamed when she fell backward and he fell on top adorable teenie widens her legs during sex hardcore and blowjob her.

His face was close to hers and she could see the sweat glistening on it. She moaned when his knee pushed into her crotch. It was an unfamiliar sensation to have her cunt lips and clit mashed together.

Normally Jon just pinched her clit or plunged his fingers inside her. Randy kissed her on the lips, gently so as not to leave any evidence. He licked the sweat on her face and neck and eventually her breasts. He nibbled on her nipples playfully, once again making sure not to leave any marks. She was a moaning mess. Every few moments her lower body would jolt, as if preparing for an orgasm.

More and more liquid poured out onto her bed but her relief would not come. "Please," she wailed in agony. "I need to cum." "Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked while standing up so he could drop his trousers to the floor, along with his boxers.

She stared at his cock as it sprang up. It was definitely larger than Jon's by at least an inch, and thicker too. "Excessive teasing from your mother causes me to get overly excited easily," he explained.

More blood was pumping into his member than Jon normally had.

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"Do you want it inside you?" "No, you can't. Jon will know," she cried. "I can't betray him that way." "You're right, of course," he sighed. "We'll just have to go somewhere that will not stretch permanently." He ran his fingers down her slick cunt until her reached the small button that was her asshole.

"No!" she screamed. "That's not for sex." "It's round, just like my cock. If anything, it's probably more suited for it." He pushed his index finger against the closed hole.

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She groaned as she felt it in her muscles and her organs, all the way up into her stomach. "Please don't," she whimpered. She already knew it was pointless though. Her father had been intending to fuck her since the day he caught her and Jon together. This was his plan from the start. She groaned as his finger pushed its way through her hole. Despite the slippery liquid running down from her cunt above, it still gave a lot of resistance.

After getting it to open up at all, Randy began to scoop as much of her liquid into her asshole as he could, lubing the inside. Each time his finger slid deeper and black haired teen stepsis karly baker gets nailed good, until he managed to get two of them into her.

She grabbed her stomach and groaned with each intrusion. She had never had anything pushed inside her this way before and her body was reacting in reverse. It thought there was something she needed to expel. It took all of her effort not to clench her bowels and try forcing his fingers out of her.

She would not be able to live down the embarrassment if she emptied herself on her bed in front of her father. The pain of forcing back her natural instincts created a whole new sensation. She was fighting against her father's fingers and her own muscles. "That is so sexy," Randy whispered as he watched her stomach contorting beneath her skin. He suddenly placed his hand atop hers and pushed down. "No, you're going to make it come out!" she screamed while kicking him off of her and running to the bathroom.

He was unable to keep her from slamming the door but she did not have time to lock it.

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He opened it just as she was flushing the toilet. There were tears running down her cheeks and she was somewhat splayed out of the toilet as if the force of pushing out her bowels had knocked her unconscious.

Her eyes were still open though. She did not react when he grabbed her ankles and lifted them up over his shoulders.

He had to crouch down so his waist was level to the toilet seat. She finally seemed to wake up when he pushed the tip of his hard cock against the now slightly gapping opening of her asshole. "No!" she tried to push him away but her hands were too weak.

"It's not clean." "We'll both need a shower after this." He leaned close to her so she could feel stunning doll is popping out her opened wet hole in closeup sweat drenched shirt pressing against her bare chest.

It felt cool simply because her skin was so hot. As he leaned closer, his cock slipped further and further into her. Her hole was just barely too small but it could stretch and his cock could compress slightly. She grabbed her stomach and groaned again. If felt as if everything she just pushed out was being shoved back into her, except it was twice as hard now. "It's really going in me," she hiccupped as the wind was forced out of her. "I'm being impaled, stabbed, stuffed like a turkey.

When you pull it out, my organs will come with it. You're killing me." Her eyes rolled back into her head as she became delirious from the sensation. Her tongue hung out and drool babe kambriaxxx flashing pussy on live webcam dripping down her chin.

Tears had not stopped pouring from her eyes since she first entered the bathroom. "You look so beautiful," Randy whispered in her ear as he watched her face contort in misery confused with enjoyment. When he finally pushed his cock into her to the base, she let out a deep guttural groan, followed by another hiccup. Her eyes were still white but she seemed to be looking straight at her father, pleading with him to stop.

He pulled his cock almost all the way out. She relaxed into the seat of the toilet. With his hand he touched her clit, causing her whole body to spasm.

Her anus even clenched tightly on the head of his cock. "Ow," she whimpered in pain. The stretched hole was too sore already.

He played with her clit until her lower half started jolting again. She was once again about to cum. He let the new liquid from her cunt drip over his cock before using her hips to slide her off the seat toward his waist. His cock went into her with much more ease. At the same time, he pinched her clit one last time, sending her over the edge. She began to thrash about as her orgasm wracked her body. She pulled off and slammed herself down onto his cock repeatedly.

She was whimpering in pain and squealing in pleasure the whole time. He listened to her screams with delight, reveling in the fact that he could do this to her; that he was the one responsible for her experiencing this level of sensation. He started thrusting into her at the exact moment she would thrash, forcing her to feel the pain of being fucked in the ass at the same time as her blissful orgasm. One brought the other. She was not allowed to feel pleasure on its own. His enjoyment was cut short when he heard the door to the garage outside opening.

Lauren and Jon must have returned. Instinctively he covered Tiffany's mouth, trying to get her to be quiet. She continued to scream into his hand, thrashing about. Finally, he reached over and turned on the water to the shower, hoping to drown out the noise.

Realizing how sweaty they both were, he placed his hands behind her butt and hoisted her up into his arms. Her legs were still draped over his shoulders. He stepped into the shower and let the cold water pour over Tiffany's face.

It obscured her tears and it dripped into her nostrils, causing her to panic when she realized she could not breathe. A whole different kind of thrashing ensured. She was still impaled on Randy's cock though and still ended up fucking herself painfully as she bobbed up and down. Finally she worked her way to the end and slipped off. She nearly fell to the bottom of the bathtub but Randy managed to catch her by the ankles. He then set her down on her shoulders with her legs still in the air.

She was blinking up at him through the falling water, not realizing what he was doing until he crouched down and shoved his cock back into her asshole. She screamed out and began to thrash again. Everything was wet in the shower and she could slip around much more easily.

She managed to pull his cock out of her butt with an audible pop and then flip herself over so she was kneeling. He grabbed her under the armpits and lifted her so that her feet were resting on the side of the tub. Her eyes crossed when he shoved his cock back into her ass from behind.

He was determined to see this through to the end. He pulled her away from the side of the tub again, letting her slide down on his cock due to her own weight. Her feet stopped mere inches above the bottom of the shower. She was now being supported by her armpits and her asshole entirely. She screamed in agony but he repositioned her head under the water to drown it out. He then lifted her again and dropped her back down.

This time he did not ease her weight at all. She slid down so fast her stomach churned and she ended up puking all over herself. As she coughed and sputtered under the water. He leaned her forward so she had to push against the wall with her hands to keep from falling forward.

He grabbed a bundle of her hair and used it as leverage to thrust into her against the wall of the shower. Her toes curled in pain as she tried to find anything to set her feet down on in order to take the weight off of her asshole. It was no use though; she was too short to reach the bottom of the tub and he would jerk her away from storys colgados en la web de xxx peruanas arequipa edges every time she tried to rest her feet on them.

Eventually she succumbed to her fate, letting him smash her face and chest into the wall of the shower. The sound of water drummed in her ears until she became numb to everything except the feeling of her asshole stretching and her stomach trying to force his cock back out of her. Since she had already emptied herself, she was no longer trying to fight it. However, a new sensation followed. If she tried to push him out at the same time he thrust in, the feeling traveled all the way through her body like a bolt of lighting, causing her to flinch and spasm.

She was too exhausted to care when she felt him thrusting into her even harder. She knew the feeling from Jon. He was speeding up in anticipation of mom and san ebony xxxsex stories. The normal concern she felt when worrying if Jon would get her pregnant was not present. The only thought in her mind was of how inappropriate a daughter taking a load of cum from her own father was.

He pulled back on her hair at the same time he came, forcing her to face the falling water and close her eyes. She felt the warm torrent of liquid pouring into her. It came in several spurts that lasted longer than whenever Jon came on or in her. She recalled what he said when they started, the fact that he got way more excited than Jon because he never got to do it properly with her mother. When he finally finished squirting inside of her, he relaxed his grip on her hair.

She was able to move her feet to the edges of the tub and lift herself off of his cock. It slipped out easily as it was already going limp. Her feet slid on the side of the tub and she fell into it, making a loud thud. Randy crouched down to see if she was okay. She seemed fine but exhausted. She rested the side of her head on the floor of the tub with her butt still sticking up into the air. Her anus was puckering out and contracting repeatedly.

Eventually she started to squirt out large globs of cum from her asshole. Her eyes crossed again as she tried to concentrate on expelling the gooey mess from inside herself. Randy placed a hand on her lower back and rubbed it in circles as he waited for her to finish. When she was done she merely collapsed into the tub. "You are such a hot fuck," he sighed contently. "You are so much better than your mother.

I felt like a young man again. It's a crime for Jon to keep you to himself. From now on, when he's not home, you're going to be my fuck hole too, got it?" Her only acknowledgement was an indiscernible word mixed with a hiccup. "You are going to be amazing, baby girl." Randy laughed to himself. "I'm gonna do so much to you. Why did I never think of this before?

I am so glad I had a daughter now. You're my new favorite, do you know that? I'm gonna buy you whatever you want, just don't tell your mother." Tiffany grunted in agreement. Even the potential of escaping this situation would not be enough for her to tell Lauren what Randy just did to her.

After seeing how she reacted to catching Tiffany with Jon, she was sure it will not end well with her. Lauren would definitely blame her and not her daughter raping husband.