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Cougar shows how to massage their tits while all naked smalltits brunette
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Ryan was a junior college student at a small college in the deep South. He was young for being a junior, only nineteen years, and his light blonde hair, long eyelashes, bright grey eyes and clean shaven face made him look much younger. He didn't come from money, and therefore had to join the army officer program to pay for college. In his experience it wasn't bad. It gave him something to do in the day, and when they weren't training, he was just a regular college student.

And it gave him something to look at. Aside from Ryan all of the cadets, male and female, were ridiculously hot when they came in. Ryan had been a little heavy when he showed up, though he had since become lean and fit.

Unfortunately he never quite lost his baby face, and not being allowed to grow facial hair didn't help. Today, however, he didn't feel young. The new first years were coming in for indoctrination, and for the first time, Ryan had a part in it. It was his job to meet and inspect the new cadets after they went back to their dorms to change into their uniforms.

From there he would turn them over to the seniors, and their day would get quite a bit worse. The new cadets always looked so young to Ryan. He was only a little older than this batch, but they looked not a day over seventeen.

Ryan guessed that he looked that way when he was a freshman. Well, not quite like that. This group was quite a bit cuter. Five, three boys and two girls, dressed awkwardly for the first time in their army fatigues, patches misplaced and hair too long. Ryan thought about yelling at them, but decided against it. He was not aggressive like the other upperclassmen.

That didn't mean he was going to let them get away with it. He walked down the line of five haphazard would be soldiers until he came to a particularly terrified looking redheaded girl. She nouty amerika cute girl porn up quickly and looked dead ahead. Ryan met ebony hardcore hd when a stranger calls gaze.

She had freckled skin and beautiful eyes. Ryan gave her a sarcastic glance and touched her shoulder where her patch was misplaced. She straightened it quickly and Ryan moved on. The next cadet was a boy. He was a little shorter than Ryan, blonde and pale and thin, but other than that, they all looked the same in uniform.

Amateur wife with lover on real homemade when Ryan glared at this one, he stared back. His uniform was the best of the five, but his shirt was hanging out of the front of his pants. Automatically, Ryan tugged on the untucked shirt hanging right above the boy's belt buckle.

Like the girl, the boy moved quickly to fix it. Unlike the girl, the boy didn't look afraid. Ryan met his gaze again and saw a faint, seductive smile on the boy's face. Ryan tried to glare back but couldn't. Awkwardly, he moved on to the next cadet. He repeated the process hastily, the confidence he had asserted over the first cadet completely gone. When he was finished he found his voice and ordered them into the basement of the academic building that served as the military science department.

His role was now over. Thank god. After checking in with the instructors, Ryan went back to his dorm to change. He was going out with his friends, two other juniors also in the program.

They had their own roles to perform in indoctrination so Ryan had a couple of hours to get ready and relax. Only, he couldn't relax.

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He looked out the window as he unlaced his boots. The way the boy had looked at him was still making him uneasy. Was he being a smart ass, trying to play it cool, or was it something else? Ryan thought he liked guys, but he wasn't sure. He had lost his virginity to an older girl in high school, and since he had come to college there had been a few more, but no guys. The feeling in the pit of his stomach suggested he like at least this guy.

He walked into the bathroom that he shared with the other three upperclassmen in his apartment and locked the door. He stripped off his uniform, hat first, socks, then jacket, leaving only his t shirt and pants. He looked into the mirror, taking a second to indulge himself in how far he had come in his training. His arms were thicker, though not so muscular as many of the other cadets. He removed his shirt and revealed his lean, but not muscular body.

He had fought for years to have abs, but so far had been unsuccessful. He found himself rubbing the front of his pants absentmindedly, as the feeling in that had grown in his stomach after the boy smiled at him moved its way into his crotch. He looked into the mirror and imagined that same smile looking up at him, the boy on his knees undoing his pants and nuzzling his bulge with that sweet but mischievous face.

Ryan took off his pants and briefs, letting his seven inch uncut cock flop free. He turned on the shower and stood under the water, forcing himself to wash before getting down to pleasure. Finally after washing everything else he let his hand stray down to his now ridged cock. He made a pretext of washing it, rubbing soap round his heavy balls and between his legs. He gave up on the sham when he brushed his foreskin back and felt a powerful shiver run through his body.

He tossed the soap away and quickly turned the shower off. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he ran to his bed and grabbed his laptop. Sex saxe sex stories storys xxx com rather than looking up porn, he found himself on face book.

He went to the ROTC page and found the picture of the boy in the "following" list. Alex. Cute name. His profile picture must have been for high school, because his hair was longer. Ryan absently played with his rock hard cock while he scrolled through Alex's pictures. He was even cuter out of uniform. He was fit, but not muscular, and there were a few pictures of him in short track shorts and a sleeveless jersey that almost made Ryan cum right then.

His eyes were bright blue and his hair golden blonde. And he was always smiling. That smile was the most seductive thing about him. Ryan had never seen anything so innocent while being so enticing. It was half a smirk and half a laugh, and it made him look like he knew how sexy the rest of him was, even at his young age. When he came to a picture of Alex and two of his track team mates lined up bent over the starting line, Ryan closed his eyes, pictured stripping the shorts off that tight ass, and rubbed his cock as fast as he could.

He bit his pillow to keep from groaning too loud and let out stream after stream of hot cum onto his chest, the warm liquid giving him goose bumps even before the orgasm sent the rest of his skin to tingling. He closed his eyes for a good five minutes, just enjoying the feeling with the Alex's face still swimming through his head. He came to when he saw his friend Joel had called him twice since he had zoned out.

He called him back then immediately got dressed and went out to meet Joel and Adam for dinner. The rest of the night was almost normal as he chatted with his friends at the cafeteria over far too many cups of coffee.

When they were done Ryan bid them goodbye and received a sarcastic fuck off in return. Laughing, he headed across the quad back to his own apartment. After jacking off and chatting with his friends he almost had forgotten about Alex. He took in the late summer air and let his mind wander, for the first time since that morning, to sex toy in fresh luscious teen cunt other than that blonde boy's smile. His phone buzzed in his pocket, startling him out of his thoughts.

He pulled it out, expecting some jackass text that Joel and Adam were so famous for. It wasn't them. He didn't recognize the number.

He opened the message…"hey, Cadet Ryan, This is new Cadet Alex". Ryan looked up before he could finish reading. Fuck, he muttered to the empty campus.

"Well, I had a couple of questions if you don't mind me asking." Ryan texted back "okay, what do you want to know?" He wished he could think of something clever to say. He wished he could drop a hint like the hint he hoped that smile was. The phone buzzed again.

"What is our uniform for tomorrow? And do you want to get breakfast with me tomorrow? I don't know anyone around here." FUCK FUCK FUCK, Ryan thought. What to say? "Sure, I'd love to see you at breakfast tomorrow." The phone buzzed again. "I'd love it too." Did that mean something?

Damnit what was going on? Buzz. "And the Uniform?" Uniform. What was the uniform tomorrow? FUCK! "Show up in your PT shorts and a T shirt and bring another set to change into after the swim test." When Alex got back to his apartment and went to his room he laid back on his bed, sunny leone x story sil sawali even bothering to take his gym shorts off.

He kept thinking about Alex. He went over every inch of him in his mind. He was busy dreaming up what it would be like to run his hand up those short track shorts and inside Alex's thigh when he heard a moan coming from the room next to his. His roommate found a girl on the first night back.

Typical. Ryan listened to them through the thin walls for a few minutes.

The girl sounded drunk, her gasps coming at irregular intervals, but the bedpost was hitting the wall in fast, hard, regular beats, leaving Ryan to conclude that his roommate was sober enough to focus, or drunk enough go hard and fast without cumming. Ryan thought about jacking off again, but the girls screams just didn't do it for him tonight. Even when she let out a shaky moan as her orgasm hit her Ryan wasn't interested. His head hit the pillow and he fell asleep, still thinking about Alex's smile.

After he woke up and got dressed he went to check his email before going to breakfast. Not surprisingly, there was an email from the instructor in charge of new cadet orientation. "Cadet Ryan, as Cadet Adam apparently has academic business today, I need you to run the swim test. Meet the new cadets at the YMCA pool at 1300." Ryan sighed.

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Typical. He always got roped into stuff last minute. Well at least there would be no other upper class-men to notice the longing looks he was bound to give Alex when he finally took off his PT shirt and slipped into the pool.

And besides that, he could get a couple of laps in after he administered the test. When Ryan had first started the training program, he hated the running, the push ups, and the calisthenics. But he had always loved to swim. At home he had always relished the long summer afternoons turning laps across the pond. Smiling, and trying not to think about how nervous he was, he walked to the cafeteria to meet Alex for the first time since he had been struck so hard by his coy smile.

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When he walked into the cafeteria he breathed a simultaneous sigh of relief and exasperation. Joel and Adam were already there, and they had called Alex over to their table. As much as Ryan had wanted to meet Alex one on one, he was happy to have Joel and Adam there to lighten the mood. They were funny and sarcastic, and could keep a conversation going through the most awkward of topics with a well-placed comment and irreverent laugh. The breakfast great. By the end of the morning it felt like Alex had been a part of the group for years.

He laughed with at Joel's vulgar humor and listened to Adams wild eyed rages against unlucky college faculty. After about an hour, Ryan was almost at ease in the presence of the semi divine boy who had come out of nowhere to strike him speechless. At some point in the conversation, Joel revealed that Ryan would administering the swim test.

"Oh great", replied Alex. "I love to swim, but I'll admit I'm a better runner than swimmer." Ryan responded "good to know, because the newbies have to swim a lot if they fail the test, a lesson every week." Alex looked up from his coffee and Ryan nearly fell backwards out of his chair when he saw that smile again. "Do you run the lessons?" Ryan recovered quickly, though not gracefully and responded "I guess since I am giving the test I'll be expected to run the lessons, yeah." "Good" Alex said, "I'll just have to fail then." With that simple statement Alex glanced at his watch, threw back what was left of his coffee and walked out of the cafeteria.

Joel and Adam laughed the exchange off. After all, flirting with guys was a mainstay of college humor, especially in the military program. "But Alex doesn't know that" Ryan thought. He chatted for a few more minutes with his friends then got up to get ready for the test.

Walking back, his head was spinning. Who was this kid and what was he up to? For fucks sake Ryan was two years older and outranked Alex. But it didn't two foxy sluts and one massive rod. Alex was confident that he was going to get what he wanted.

Whatever that might be. There was something devious behind that adorable face, and Ryan hoped beyond hope that he would get to see just how devious this boy was.

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