Slut texas patti milks big cock of stranger

Slut texas patti milks big cock of stranger
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Here is one additional part of the Adventures of the Exhibitionist Girl. In part 2 Kadri told about being naked more than 9 hours in winter and now I will describe this case as she told me. When Kadri had good time almost four hours in -5 (23 F) weather and catching fish under the ice of the lake with fisherman, she realized, that can cope well with cold weather, if walking naked and tried more. In one Saturday on March she sit on the train, left the station, where hiking trails were situated in woods and then hide all her clothes and boots under the tree in thick woods, where hopefully nobody will come.

Time was about 9.30 a.m and -8 degrees, but sunny and not windy. Kadri quickly reached to the trail, where were ski traces, but also possible to walk.

If sometimes Kadri felt her feet sore, then now she had walked fifteen minutes and even not noticed some cold. Kadri didn't know, were exactly this trail went, but she continued, even though the snow became deeper.

And then she heard voices from behind and saw a bunch of young men coming on ancient skis.

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These were not exactly skies, but rather some kind of instruments, on what was easier to step on thick snow. Men whistled, when they realized, that they are approaching to the naked girl.

„Where you are going here naked in winter?" asked one of them and Kadri said: „Just walking. Maybe you know, where this trail is going?" „We have planned quite long journey over the winter swamp to the sources and then back from the other way. We also make a fire and eat lunch somewhere. You want to join us?" asked Tom (not real names here!) from Kadri. „Yes!" was Kadri happy. She now had possibility to walk with men. „We have better equipment," laughed other boy, Tim, „But we don't hurry and you can also keep pace with us, I hope." Kadri followed to the boys, who all were wearing warm gloves and ski hats, also jackets.

Kadri had not any items of clothes, but barefooted girl bravely walked and sometimes remained slightly behind, but then boys waited. „How long she can withstand?" asked Jan from Tom. „We will see, but it seems to be miracle. I joked, when I asked her to join us. But she is continuing bravely." At 11 a. m the group reached to the marsh. „The most difficult part is ahead," said Tom to Kadri. „You are not freezing yet?" „Don't worry," said Kadri „I have quite easy feeling." Her skin was mostly red, but not with signs of frost.

On the marsh sun heated strongly and Kadri almost sweated, because to step through about 40 cm snow was also exhausting. Only going barefooted kept Kadri not warming too much. „She is yet going and seemed not to be freezed at all," said another boy Jon to Tim.

„Really amazing," said Tim. At half past noon they reached to the sources. There was open water and quite scenic view.

Surprisingly Kadri went down to the water and jumped into. „It is pleasure, come also to the water," she invited boys.

Kadri swam a little bit and then came out and said: „Thanks God, otherwise, I'd begun to sweat too much." Kadri didn't showed any signs of cold and now also some boys took their jackets off, sun was already very warm. At 2. p.m they reached to the little cottage, where some logs were situated and boys started tos et bonfire and heating up soup and tea.

Now they were talking more to Kadri in order to know about girl and her extraordinary resistance to cold. „I am sexually excited," said Kadri. „And this keeps me warm. I like to be naked among boys and then I am never freezing. Even my feet are OK." Then Tim started to hug Kadri and touched her small breasts.

Kadri gave a sign, that she is ready. Tim and Kadri went farther, Tim put his jacket and sweater on the snow and they started to fuck. Kadri was happy and both moaned in pleasure.

When Tim was coming, flexible teen megan rain gets railed by big hard cock Kadri said to him: „Thanks, but if somebody else wants me too, then I am ready." Four boys kara faux her wet pussy became more wet the opportunity, but two of them not.

Kadri had good time and now lunch was also prepared. Kadri thought, how easy was this long walk for her and was extremely surprised, that now she didn't feel the cold at all. Lunchtime lasted about 1,5 hours and then group started to go back trail. Kadri has now been six hours naked and barefooted on hike. Nobody of the boys offered her some clothes, because they realized, that girl don't want them. „I sincerely wonder: how do you do it?" asked Tom from Kadri.

„Oh, I don't know itself too, honestly. When I first time went out naked in winter, my feet were sore at beginning. After half an hour I felt cold quite strongly. But then I saw a fisherman on the ice of the lake and all my feelings changed. I was like ignited inside. Always this is funny, when I saw very warmly dressed men it makes me feel stronger.

In my mind is thought: they can't, but I can be naked in winter. I know that everybody admires my courage and this is enough to feel itself quite warm," explained Kadri precisely.

„If I will talk to others nobody believes me," said Tom. „But you have photos?" „This is not enough, photo can be taken at one moment and another moment you are already clothed, they will say," explained Tom. „Anyway, I had good time and my health will definitely improve now," said Kadri. Kadri really didn't know how long she would have endured, but these seven hours already were long time.

But she had to go about two more hours. Feeling was not any worse and Kadri decided to try the last experiment she let the boys to bury herself under the snow, only head outside. „Cool!" said Tom, when Kadri was all covered xxx story sex stories mp 3 snow.

„I try to experience at last real cold I will see how long I can suffer," she said.

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After five minutes she was shivering already, but said to boys: „Wait! Some minutes more!" Being covered with snow exactly 12 minutes, Kadri stand up and her body was completely purple. She was shivering all over her body, but tried to walk with boys quickly towards the place, where she hid her clothes. All this last two hours Kadri felt freezing, but she continued walking, not complaining. „This is real winter," thought Kadri. „Now this is something: they all wear warm clothes, I am here shivering, but will show to everybody, how strong I really am." Boys were concerned about Thesandfly hot home frolics public nudity exhibitionist, but girl rejected clothes, which they offered to Kadri.

„I really felt strong cold now, but you don't worry, I will survive," said Kadri. She badly wanted clothes, but her mind was strong enough to withstand.

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When Kadri finished and put her clothes on after being outside naked 9 hours and 10 minutes, she was finally satisfied, because now she really felt, how was to walk naked at winter REALLY. „That was not a joke," she smiled alone, when train arrived to the station and she started to way back home.