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Hot blond jacky joy titty fucked and gets banged in pov pornstars big tits
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My first story, if you have any advice or criticism please mail me and I'll take it all to heart, thanks! The best day of my life was the day I discovered my sister's best friend showed up late. My name is Andrew and my sister Jennifer and my parents had just on a trip to tour a string of colleges across the country and had left me at home to take care of the house. Shes eighteen years old to my seventeen, and while I'm a bit teen pussy cumshot compilation first time kira adams gets a giant facial cumshot after the stocky side with short dark brown hair Jennifer is the complete opposite.

Tall, slender and blonde she had everybody in her grade and the two below drooling. On the day my story starts I got a surprise visit from Jennifer's best friend Catherine. Just two hours or so after my family left I answered the door to find Catherine standing sheepishly on the porch.

Catherine is in my grade but is my sister's best friend. She's seventeen like me but looks like she is at least a year or two younger.

She's small, not just a bit short for her age but also very slight. Complementing that is her dark brown hair that frames two large, dark, beautiful eyes and her innocent childlike demeanor. I've seen her tagging along with my sister like a younger sibling, almost in awe of her "big sister". They spent so much time together I was puzzled that she didn't know Jennifer was gone.

"Is Jenni home?" her adorable voice peaked shyly with her question as she peered behind me and into the house.

"No, she left with my mom and dad to visit schools." Her eyes fell and her bottom lip trembled as I told watch my daughter goes black. "They might not be back for a few weeks.

I thought you knew this." "I know, I was gonna say goodbye but my parents wouldn't give me a ride after I slept through my alarm. I had to walk here." Pretty impressive considering she lives an hours walk away. "Well, come on in, you shouldn't have to walk all the way back now." the sky had been darkening all day and I suddenly realized how cold it was. "Are you hungry? Can I make you something?" I felt kind of bad for her, coming all this way for nothing. "Yes please!" Her eyes lit up.

As I led her into the kitchen and got to work on the stove, I was seriously hungry and was soon pretty focused on the food. Catherine mentioned having left something in Jennifer's room.

I told her that I would get her when the food was ready and to make herself at home. In about twenty minutes I hadn't heard from her and with the meal ready I headed down the hall to my sister's room. The door was open about an Inch so I peaked in and saw the most amazing sight. Catherine was splayed across the bed, wearing only her t-shirt and rubbing furiously at her tiny pussy with one hand while holding a photo of my sister in the other.

I froze at busty brunette latina wet pussy masturbates on webcam door with my hand on the knob, entranced by what I was seeing. For a few minutes stood there watching her as she worked her nimble fingers over her wet pussy.

A mewl of pleasure escaped her lips and I was dragged back to reality. As I regained my senses I reached into my pocket for my cellphone. Opening the camera I started recording her as she began gyrating her hips into her hand, straining for more stimulation.

For five minutes I filmed her as her pants and gasps came faster, and the mewling grew sex xuxxx sex stories storys 3 g. After the timer on the camera hit five minutes I saved the video and sent it to my email.

Once this was finished I waited until she was on the cusp of her orgasm to fling open the door. It took a moment for her to register my entrance but once she did her reaction was immediate.

Her big brown eyes shot open wide and she tried to grab up the covers. As she struggled to hide under the blankets she stammered an attempt at an excuse. Knowing that I could turn a five minute video into a lot of fun I cut her off.

"What the hell are you doing?" I feigned anger as she tried to sink under the covers. "I. Uh, well." "Get the fuck up." She squeaked but slowly got out of the bed and stood uncomfortably next to it, hands covering her soaking wet sex. "Can you explain this to me?" I pulled out my phone and played a bit of the video for her.

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She opened her mouth but no words came out so she just blushed and looked at her feet. "No? Well come in the kitchen. Dinner's finished and once you explain yourself you can have some." Mute, and still beet red she crouched and started to pull on her pants. I looked at her sternly and moved next to the door. "No, you don't get those back yet." "But-" She looked up helplessly.

"I can send this video to anyone I want, remember that.

Wouldn't your parents be upset? I wonder what they might think of this, or everyone else at school. Not to mention Jennifer. So no, you don't get those." She cringed at the mention of her parents and Jennifer and I knew I had her now. She sulked out of the door and I followed her, enjoying the curves of her ass as she walked.

Once in the kitchen I pushed past her to the stove and got myself a plate of food, but nothing for Catherine. Sitting down to eat I told her to stand next to the table.

Reluctantly she did, but still covered her glistening pussy with her hands. "Hands at your sides." she glared at me but did redhead with glasses loves to suck dick. "What do you think I should do with this video?" I took a bite and waited for her to work up the courage to talk.

The silence lasted a minute or so. "Please don't send out that video. Pleeease??" She gave my the most adorable puppy dog eyes that under different circumstances would have turned me to putty in her hands. But I was in charge now, and she was going to learn that soon. "And why shouldn't I? I could send it out any time I want.

What's stopping me?" "Oh god! No! Please, you can't show it to anyone!

My parents will kill me if the found out, and Jenni would&mdash. Look, what do you want? Just tell me what you want for the video." She was starting to tear up now. "You'll do what I say?" "Anything you say, but you can't give out that video." "Deal. From now on you do everything I say and the video remains our little secret." I grinned sadistically to let her know I wasn't joking.

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"Oh thank you! Thank you thank you!" She ran over and hugged me before remembering that she was still naked from the waist down. She started to pull away but I grabbed her by the hair and first time virgini in small girl her back to me. She struggled for a moment before I told her to stop. "You belong to me know, understand? You are my little toy now, got it?" I held her face close to mine until she met my eyes.

"Y-yes. I understand." Tears started to well in her big brown eyes. "Yes sir! From now on you talk to me and you call me sir!" "Yes. Sir." She spit out the words grudgingly. "Good." I released her. "Now you look slightly ridiculous with just that shirt on.

Take it off." She just blushed and stared at the floor again. "Take it off!" She scrambled to obey. "Sorry sir." She pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her wearing only a pastel blue bra. I pointed to it and she slowly removed that too, revealing two small milky white mounds that were perfectly developed for her thin frame and I had to tear my eyes from them. "Are you hungry?" She nodded, then quickly blurted. "Yes sir". "Come here." I had her sit on my lap, straddling my leg and leaning back against my chest.

I fed her bite with my fork and took a bite myself. "As long as you listen to me I will take care of you. Disobey and I will punish you. If you ever do want to end our agreement, tell me to send the video four times. I'll send it out and you will be free." "Yes sir." I kept feeding her until she was full, then I had her call her parents and tell them she was staying over for the night. I talked to them and made some bullshit lie about how Jennifer had decided to skip the first college on their list so they had stayed home an extra day and that no, nobody else could come to the phone because my parents were at the store and my sister was in the shower.

Yes Catherine had eaten, I had cooked for everyone. Actually I had been working on her homework with her. Alright. You're welcome. Goodbye. As I hung up I turned back to Catherine. Only now did I notice her juices had dried and she looked pretty bedraggled so I sent her to the bathroom to clean herself up. I waited for a few minutes after the water started to enter. I pulled opened the door and was greeted by a wall of steam and that familiar mewling noise.

Astonished I peeked around the shower curtain silently to find Catherine once again rubbing at her clit. I was shocked, even after all the humiliation I just put her through she ryland ann and parker swayze threesome session in bed still turned on.

I quickly undressed and snuck in behind her, glad that she had kept her eyes closed. Now standing behind her I watched the water stream through her hair and down her body. Her breathing was heavy now, interspersed with moans of pleasure. I shot my right arm under hers and reached up to grab her throat, holding tight but not choking her.

My left arm crossed over hers right pinning her arm to her side as I kneaded the soft skin of her breast. She gasped and stiffened by didn't stop touching herself and if anything her fingers sped up. "You like me doing this don't you?" I asked, disbelief creeping into my voice as I pinched her nipple hard. She bent backwards into me and let out a low sigh of pure pleasure. "You do don't you?!" "Yes s-sir!" She stammered out her reply through the waves of her orgasm as her fingers set out a furious pace on her dripping pussy.

As the height of her orgasm rippled over her body she collapsed back onto me and would have fallen if I hadn't held her up. She was barely awake and saw her chest flutter with her heartbeat.

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"Good." I whispered into her ear. With that I lifted Catherine up and carried her into my room.