Sophie evans aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures

Sophie evans aka filthy whore scene x traordinary pictures
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Her warm skin on my cold wet flesh felt good, but I tried to think with my big head. I stood at a loss for words She abruptly let go with her hug, and with a super perky and excited voice asked "Do ya' trust me!" I guess I really had to, so I nodded yes.

She darted back to the front office, returning with an overnight bag of some sort. I was really concerned, was she planning on staying the night with me? "Turn around and close you eyes" she said as she fiddled with the bag.

I herd aubree jade cam girl pussy2 rustling around with the items in the bag as some fell out and hit the floor. "Ooh, try this" she said as the sound of a bottle top being unscrewed met my ear. "Here, take it" she said as she tapped hot busty blonde nikki dream spreads her legs for hard fisting arm. I popped one eye open to see what it was.

I was a plastic cup, halfway full of a purple drink. I held it to my nose, it smelled like grape. I could tell by the way it moved that it was thicker than your average soda.

"What is this?" I asked. "Don't ask, just drink it, here I'll drink one with you". She reached around and tapped the plastic cups together. "Cheers!" she said as she downed hers. "Oh don't be a puss and drink it! You said you trusted me." I tipped back the cup; it was sweet, really sweet like snow cone syrup.

I asked what it was again, "Its loooove syrum!" she giggled. I heard her fumble around with the bag some more. "Ah ha!" she said with glee, "Hands behind your back punk!" she said in her most authoritative cop voice. I played along I felt the cold of steel on my wrists, it was real handcuffs!

"I hope you have a key for those!" I said trying to mask my nervousness. "I do, but your gonna have to work for it." She whispered in my ear in a sultry manner. She then put something else on my wrists next to the cuffs, then again on my ankles. She moved to my side and put something around my leg. I opened my eyes to see what it could be. She cinched up a wide leather strap around my upper thigh right up against my crotch, then again on the other.

I turned to see what was on my ankles and wrists; they were black leather restraint cuffs. "I said keep your eyes closed!" she commanded again as she reared back and slapped my hard across the ass. My throbbing erection stood straight up in attention. "Mmmm, you like that." She said, noticing my increased state of arousal.

Just after I closed my eyes again, I felt her swing again, this time slapping me right across the cock with a smack. I felt the impact, and jerked my hands forward instinctively to protect my manhood from further attack, but couldn't from the handcuffs! My throbbing member began to sting from the slap. I opened my eyes to survey the situation SLAP again, this time straight down. I felt the tension in my skin as my dick flung downward, then back up to slap against my chest.

Do you want me to let you go?" She asked in a serious tone. I managed to grunt out a "NO" through my gritted teeth. "Then keep those eyes shut and relax" she instructed. She began to dig around in the bag again. "Here this will help." She said as she pulled a black mask, similar to a sleeping mask, but heavier, over my head.

She then stepped in the chain of the handcuffs to force my hands to my feet. She fiddles around with the restraints, hooking them together. I was on my knees, leaned way back. I tried to situate my self to distribute the weight evenly. big butt teen biatch harley jade gets screwed by stepdad no use, you are along for the ride now.

You are ALL MINE" she said in a playful giggle. I was a bit relieved that she wasn't getting too serious. I wanted to enjoy it, not have to recover from it. I heard the truck door open, then close. "Stick your tongue out" she ordered. I complied, and again felt cold steel. She had retrieved the cock ring from the truck and had me wet it to help slide it on. I felt her tug, pull and tuck at my cock, trying to get the ring in place.

She stopped momentarily. A few seconds later I heard the door on the ice machine slam shut. ZING! The sensation of the ice on my cock and balls was almost as intense as the slap. I wiggled and squirmed to try to escape the cold, but was immobilized by the straps. She again pushed and prodded, I felt one testicle big titts emiri mizusawa hairy twat drilled thru, then the other. I was gritting my teeth and my heart and lungs were racing, moaning at the intensity of the sensation.

She then put something against my lips. "OPEN" she ordered as if I were an animal. I complied, though slowly. She placed a round rod of some sort between my teeth. "Bite down" The rod was a plastic like material. I felt her wrap something around my face and head; it was a strap to hold the rod in place.

She then clicked something to the cock ring, and then put thick collar around my neck. I felt the coldness of a chain that ran from the collar to the ring lying against my chest. Moments later, I heard the sound of the shops step ladder in front of me, then the rattling of something directly over my head. Kristi then unclipped the restraints and took off the handcuffs.

"Stand up. Now's your last chance to run, if you can." I heard the sound of a rope being pulled over my head as I began to stand.

I almost fell over, I only had the smallest of movement with my feet. The restraints were tied together and only allowed for small steps.

As I stood, I felt my wrists being pulled up behind towards the ceiling. As they rose, I had to bend at the waist extremely elegant toy and tight asshole erotica movies keep my shoulders from hurting.

"Too late!" she laughed. I could hear her tying the rope to the heavy workbench. What strong sexual urge possessed this tiny gal to want to tie me up? I played along, wondering what would happen next, and hoping my curiosity wouldn't kill me! Over the music, I could hear the click of her camera. She must have taken two dozed photos from all angles. I was relieved to have the mask on to obscure my identity. I tried to make a joke and tell her I wanted copies, but that bar in my mouth made it impossible to speak clearly.

The clicking stopped; I could see the lights go out from the gaps around the corners of the mask, followed by the swish of the swinging door. A minute or two passed, nothing but the music. "Kristi? Kristi? KRISTI!" I tried to shout through the mouthpiece, but nothing. Several minutes passed, and again I tried "KRISTI! KRISTI!" I called out, but again nothing but the music and blinking colored lights from the DJ gear.

Another several minutes passed. I was trying to convince my self she had not left, that this wasn't a prank.

I had to be close to 3am by now. No one would hear me shout, no one would be here till Monday to find me. Maybe I'd get lucky and someone would come up Saturday and discover me. What would I tell them had happened?

I began to pull at the rope, trying to free myself. I moved as far as I could in each direction, tying to feel if anything could help me get free.

I bumped into the stepladder and it fell over with a crash. Surely if she were here she would come see what the noise was, but again nothing. I began to feel heavy. My arms and legs were getting weak. It felt like I was being pressed towards the floor from all over. Even the discomfort of my position vanished. I wondered of all the straps were restricting the blood flow.

What would happen to me if I passed out like this? A moment later, I saw a bright light from the corner of my mask, and a loud noise. Garage door! It was the garage door opening! I didn't know weather to panic or be relieved. I began trying to make up a story in my stupor.

I know, Ill tell them I was robbed! I thought to myself. Just then I heard more giggling. It has to be Kristi. "Bad, Bad Boy!" she shouted as she entered the shop. Over the music, I could hear a car running outside the door. I heard its bespectacled floozy rides on a throbbing penis creampie brunette open, and the engine stop.

Several minutes passed when I heard the ruffling of the bag behind me again, then the swinging doors again. The light from the garage door opener turned off.

I felt the damp midnight air fill the shop. It was hot and humid.

There I was, hanging naked from the rafters in front of a large open garage door. Minutes passed and I continued to fade. I must have been nearly asleep or passed out. I was snapped real life storys of brother deflowering sisters pussy to reality with another slap to the cock. Strangely I was still rock hard. I was aware something was different. The sounds were different.

"Rub this in all over" she instructed. I was tied, how could I follow her order? I felt hands move over my back and shoulders. They were really warm, like they were heated. "All over, don't miss an inch" she said. I snapped through the fog in my head, realizing she was talking to someone else. I tensed up, I didn't want another person with knowledge of what we were doing.

"Relax and enjoy it, while it lasts!" She said in that sultry voice, but she was in front of me now, hands still working something allover my back. The mystery hands slid up my arms, neck and back down past my rear all the way to my ankles, then back up between my legs. As they met my rear, fingers slipped between my cheeks over my anus and up to my balls.

The hand then wrapped its fingers around my sack and shaft and slid all the way off the tip. The hand was very slippery, gliding effortlessly across my skin. The areas the hand had been began to get warm and tingle. I was a mess of sensations, a jumble of emotions. The hand retreated back between my legs, then made their way across my ass around my hips to my cock again.

They squeezed hard on the tip and forced their way down to the hilt. The warm tingling sensation and my skin reaching the limits of elasticity were intense. The rope lowered so I could stand straight. There were now 4 hands gliding over my body. I was in euphoria, I dint want it to stop. I didn't think it could get any better, but then I felt it.

A warm mouth taking the full length of my cock, I could feel a face pressed against my abdomen. The head slowly mover back and fourth on the entire shaft. The heat from the summer night combined with the hot oil on my body made me begin to sweat. I felt a hand push me out of the mouth that had been pleasuring me. "His first orgasm is mine." Kristi commanded.

I snapped back to reality and began concentrating on figuring out who the mystery person was. I was imagining in my mind some sort of face to go with the body. Who could I fantasize about this being? Who would I want it to be in reality? Both bodies circled and began rubbing on me confusing me of who was where. I felt a tug on the chain attached to my cock ring. "Follow me." Kristi commanded she led me by pulling me around by the ring, turning circles, like I was an animal on a leash.

"STOP, turn around, now sit!" she again commanded. At least I was sitting, not tied in some pretzel position. I could tell I was sitting on the rack of the very ATV we hid behind during our earlier encounter. "Lean back, back, further" she instructed. I was arched backwards over the handlebars, head touching the fuel tank.

"Give me your hands" as I mi primer video espero q te guste carinoo back she took them and secured them over the handlebars, and to the front rack. "Lift your legs up" as I lifted them, she pulled my knees to my chest and secured the thigh straps around the back of my neck so I could not lower them.

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"Is this what you wanted?" Kristi asked. I wasn't sure how 2 bitches fight over a dickleather answer, but again, she still was not talking to me. What could the mystery person want with me like this? I felt something gently bumping against my exposed balls and cock. The bumping became more of a light slap all around.

The cock ring made my balls bulge and hang out farther than normal. I felt the mystery person fondle them, squeeze them. The object began to slide side to side over my package. Then I felt it slide past my balls to my ass. It felt cold as it pressed against the opening, and I clenched tight and began shaking and shouting NO through the mouthpiece.

"Relax and let it in, if you let her do it to you, you get to do it to her" Kristi assured me. At least now I knew it was a girl, someone with a fantasy of fucking a man. I was NOT able to relax, even a little, but then the whole world felt like it was pushing me down. I went limp. Like putty oozing over the handle bars. I took a deep breathe and exhaled. It had to be whatever that grape drink was.

I felt like I was on medication. I felt the pressure against my ass again, pushing, pushing. My groans again muffled by the mouthpiece. I was struggling against the restraints trying to free an arm or leg, but no escape, I didn't have any strength.

"Lets start him off with something smaller" Kristi said as she crossed the floor back over to where her bag of "pleasures" was. The mystery person began stroking my cock, like it was consolation for not getting the job done "Well give him a pony tail for now" she said as she returned. I continued to shake and mouth NO!

I did not want to play this part of the game. She lightly circled my anus with something; it was quite pleasurable compared to the brute force they tried before. She massaged my balls and fondled my rear. I began to settle back and almost enjoy the sensation. Just then she pushed another object against my ass, hard this time. A couple of quick jabs and big shove and it was over. I screamed at the top of my lungs, expecting extreme agony. She tugged at it as if she wanted to be sure it would not come out.

I could feel my cock heaving up and down with every beat of my heart. It was still rock hard. I was not sure how the sensation felt. It was not painful like I expected. I felt the muscles contracting around it. It was just a strange sensation. Kristi hopped back on the ATV and she and the mystery person let my legs down, but then brought them up behind me almost where my feet touched my hips and secured them again.

The mystery girl again went to the cock with her throat. Swallowing it all the way down. While lightly tugging at the tail. I kept trying figure out who she was and if I knew her or would ever know her.

She popped me out of her mouth with a loud sucking sound. I felt her nails rake my chest from my collar to the hilt of my erection. My body quivered as they slid. "Fuck him!" Kristi ordered. The mystery body obeyed and slid over mine.

I could feel things dangling from her as she went, like a long necklace or beads, and what I was guessing was a strap on that she was trying to use on me. Her body was hot, I mean HOT. It felt as if she were going to burst in flames ant any moment. She ran her tongue up and down my neck and chest. She paused over each nipple and sucked them and bit them. She ground her pelvis into me and slid her clit against my cock. I heard more clicking of the camera, shot after hot fairhair with long hair having sex, from all sides and above.

I heard the sound of keys rattling.

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Kristi was fiddling with the controls of the ATV she kept turning things on and off, even honking the horn. The mystery person finally made a sound. "No, it's this one" she whispered, tying to help Kristi figure out the controls. A few more fumbled switches later, and the engine began to crank over. What was this crazy bitch trying to do!!

The ATV lunged forward and jerked to a halt, then again with Kristie's crotch hitting my face with every lunge. "Hey look, built in tonguing device" Kristi laughed uncontrollably as she lowered her pussy on my face. If I dad not had that bar in my mouth, I would have bit it! If she's trying to do what I think she is, were all gonna get hurt.

The mystery person lowered her self on my dick, slowly riding up and down. We were stationary for the moment I was terrified we would not stay that way. My cock was still rock hard, even though I was no longer enjoying myself or experiencing ANY pleasure. Kristi sat back down and pushed on the gas again as I felt the handlebars turning under my back as the they tore small tits zaya cassidy fucked real hard by monstercock smalltits pornstars my skin.

We quickly accelerated and rocketed outside, then a sharp turn. I thought we were going to flip over. We slowed to a stop, somewhere out back of the building. "I SAID FUCK HIM" she said in an animalistic tone. Mystery woman obeyed and begin riding up and down rapidly, her strap on slapping my chest with every pounce.

The ATV sprung up and down with the rhythmic pounding Mystery woman was giving me. There was no reason why I was still rock hard, and I could not understand why I was. The base of my cock was getting sore from the abuse.

I tried to shift my body to get the handlebars from hitting my shoulder blades. I felt Kristi's legs slip up over my shoulders attempting to hold me down. I felt drops of sweat from the mystery girl drip on to me. She was wild with sexual energy.

I kept trying to figure out who it was. I could tell she was much bigger in size than Kristi. She had to be somewhat athletic to be pounding me like that. She rose up all the way and crashed down hard every stroke. I couldn't imagine who Kristi would have such command over like that; then again, she does have me tied to an ATV with a tail in my ass.

Mystery woman fucked me hard and non stop for several minutes. "Fuck him with your ass!" Kristi commanded. Mystery girl tried to obey.

She lowered her ass down mom and son hug sleeping my dick. The head of it pushed hard at the opening.

I had never tried anal before, but even with the oil on our bodies it wasn't going to happed. I felt Kristi hop off the seat, and seconds later I felt the weight mystery girl was exerting on my cock double. "I said FUCK HIM!" she sounded in a hysterical tone, nearly screaming.

Under any other circumstances that would have been a complete turn on. Now I was worried she was going psycho. Mystery girl and I were groaning and grunting in rhythm as Kristi began to bounce her onto me, trying to force my cock inside. The heat from her body and ATV engine was unbearable.

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I was sweating buckets and it was burning my eyes. I kept trying to see anything from the corner of the mask. I could only see the glistening forearm of mystery girl. Just then the ATV engine died. I was hoping it was a reprieve; the constant crushing of my cock was beginning to take its toll. "I have something for this!" Kristi proclaimed as she hopped back on the seat. She tried to start the ATV several times, but nothing. The heat of the headlights was beginning to burn my back.

Mystery girl laid her body over mine, which didn't help my situation. I can't get over lusty lady all her fuckholes screwed by big black cocks incredible heat that came from her body.

She began sucking on my neck and ear while grinding my aching dick. I could tell was almost as tall as me, and felt like she was well stacked. I couldn't help but feel like I was being used for some sick sexual game. My mind kept racing, thinking of what could I do to ebony babe enjoys a pov pussy slamming out of the situation and how would I keep it quiet but the fog my mind was in was too thick to think straight.

There MUST have been something in that grape concoction. Mystery girl slowly slid het sopping wet pussy over the head of my cock. It was soothing. Its heat seemed to help relieve the pain. Kristi gave the starter another try and the ATV sputtered to life. She slowly turned and drove. Mystery woman kept up her slow up and down strokes as we rode along. We rolled along for a moment, then speed up as we entered the shop again.

Kristi jabbed the breaks, forcing Mystery girl down onto my cock hard as she fell off the front of the ATV to the floor. I screamed in agony as my dick folded over and popped out as she fell to the girl.

"OH FUCK! SHIT!" She shouted as she fell. It was like we were being punished for not following her commands. I almost recognized the shouting voice over my own yelling and the music that was still playing from the DJ set up. I heard Kristi fumbling with the straps and buckles on Mystery woman. "On your hands and knees!" Kristi commanded. "Give me that" she said as she ripped at the tail in my ass with a series quick of pulls. I arched my back, trying to ease the pressure as she pulled.

Seconds later, I heard a yelp in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Kristi was doing something to Mystery woman, I just couldn't see what. I could hear their bodies flop around, with an occasional grunt and groan. My mind raced with visuals of what they might be doing. I wanted desperately to get a hand on my cock so I could relieve the pain and pressure but it was useless. I had given up trying to get free or knock the mask off my face so I settled back against the bars, trying not to pull against the restraints and let the purple potion do its work.

I must have passed out or fell asleep again and again I felt a sharp slap against my still hard cock. I jerked awake. I don't know how long I was out. My legs were now loose and touching the floor.

Kristi whispered in my ear "If I let you loose, are you gonna be a good boy?" I nodded yes and grunted "uh huh" through the mouthpiece. She removed the chain from my cuffs and two sets of hands helped push me up. I tried to lift my sore arms to my face to remove the mask, but before I got to it, it was off, Kristi's mistress godiva ballbusts a slave for andrea dipregrave taking its place.

"Are you shure you wanna see? Or let it be a mystery?" She said in a gentle voice as she loosened the mouthpiece. I thought seriously about for a moment. I quickly went so stand up to get out of arms reach and turn to see them, which was a big mistake. My knees buckled and down it went on the cold hard wet floor. I heard them gasp when my head hit concrete. They rushed to my side and rolled on to my back, the cold concrete felt good and sobering.

Everything was a blur, just colored blobs, blinking with the DJ lights. I felt my head being lifted. "Are you OK?" said the mystery voice I heard it clearly this time.

As I began to put the name to the sound of the voice, she came into focus. It was Sarah! She was sitting legs crossed, resting my head on her ankles and caressing the growing knot on my head with her milf adriana chechik tries foursome in the kitchen. I was staring up at the underside of her chest.

I could make out her facial features in the cleavage of her well defined melon sized breasts with pierced nipples with little charms dangling from them. I began to chuckle, then laughing uncontrollably. "What's so funny?" Sarah prodded. "All this time I've been killing my brain truing to figure out who it was, and it was you!" I said, trying to catch my breath.

"What's that supposed to mean" she replies in an indignant tone. "Nothing, you were the last person I would have thought of, meaning I never thought you would do me." I confessed. I asked them how long I had been out. They told me about 40 or 50 minutes and I kept dozing off on the. So they had fun without me. "Did I miss anything cool?" I asked in my most macho tone. "Hell yea, but we took lots of pics and video though." Sara said with a smile.

"Wanna see!" Kristi cheerfully offered. Kristi grabbed her camera and laid on he floor next to me, holding it up so we could all view the screen. She started scrolling through the images passing the regular pic stuff like places and people till she got to the pics of her and Tony from last weeks escapade.

"Oh look, here is me and Tony, we were right over there." She said as she pointed to the floor by the workshop. "Yea, I was watching." I touted. Kristi gave me a little back hand slap to the stomach "You perv!" she accused. "That's what you like about me!" I exclaimed "You sent me pics anyway!" I continued.

"True" she said as she continued scrolling. She made it to the pics of when she was tying me up. Sarah, having not seen them, grabbed the camera to examine them closely. "Now that shit is fucking HOT!" she proclaimed as we continued. We then got to the pics Kristi took of Sarah and me on the ATV. I was excited to finally see what was happening, trying to put the images to the sensations I was feeling.

Our bodies were covered in an oily lotion that Kristi later described as a warming oil. Sarah had on a black corset and fishnet stockings and gloves and was wearing a strap on. The images of the colored lights glistening of Sarah's body were erotic.

The images were well composed, not just snap shots. There were in all different angles and perspectives. She she wont stop jerking him even after he cum took a video of herself watching us while she rubbed here body and fingered her pussy.

More images of the pony tail she had put in my ass. "I wanted to ride you around like a horse" Kristi confessed. After a few images I felt Sarah's hand pass by my head down to her crotch.

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I could feel her wrist moving and knew she was fingering her clit. Kristi had taken pics of us outside; they were dark and grainy but still erotic none the less.

"I loved being naked outdoors, and fucking even better." Sarah admitted. "Ok! Ok! Here is more of what you missed" Image after image of them in a heap on the floor, withering and caressing. She even set the camera down and took a video of them grinding their pussies together. As the video played I noticed Kristi's other hand on her chest, pinching and twisting her nipples as she watched the video.

My battered cock was at full attention and throbbing. I reached down, just to grip it, trying to keep the throbs from becoming painful. "Mmmm, stroke that cock" Sarah murmured under her breath. I was not planning on doing it, I was just trying to contain the discomfort, but I began to ever so slowly run my hand across the length of my shaft. In the pics, Sarah's corset was now gone and she had a chain clipped to her nipples that Kristi had in her hand, as if to direct Sarah's movements.

Another video with Sarah on her back, Kristi had a strap on, and was toying Sara's ass with the horse tail plug. They fumbled around a bit and went on, having abandoned the anal play. "What can I say, I have never had anything in it before, its tight" Sarah confided. We viewed more pics of Kristi screwing Sarah with the toy. Sarah reached up and covered the screen with her hand.

"You sure you wanna show him those?" Sarah pleaded with Kristi. "Oh yesssss, he will like them, trust me" she replied with that devilish grin. The next item was a video. It was a close up of Kristi's hand slapping across my cock trying to awaken me.

She slapped it 3,4,5 times, then slapped at my balls, but I was dead to the world. Sarah was pasting my face and cheeks, and then pinched hard nini leone sexy new bur far my nipples. My head turned side to side in a delayed reaction, but still out of it. "I was getting scared you were dead for a moment till you moved!" Sarah exclaimed.

The next series of pics was Sara toying at my ass again with the strap on, then another clip of her fucking me with it like a wild woman trying to get revenge. I kind of felt a little violated, but more aroused than upset. Sarah was watching my reactions more than the video; she wanted to see if I would be upset. Kristi, having noticed me touching my aching cock, laughingly asked if I would like some ice for it. "No I got something better!" Sarah offered up as she lifted me up where I was propped up by my arms.

She crawled from behind me, making a sort of a big circle so I could see her ass as she crawled in the colored lights. She was in front of me, on all fours, making unblinking eye contact with me as she dipped her head and chest to the floor and on to me, ass sticking high in the air.

She took the whole length of the shaft all the way to the base where the cock ring was, all while gazing into my eyes. She sucked lightly, sliding her tongue all around. "You have got to teach me how to do that without gagging!" Kristi said in astonishment.

Sarah's gaze was intense; I could not stop staring into her eyes. "I gotta get this" Kristi shouted as she fumbled to get the camera in record mode. I was in heaven, I didn't want to move an inch or even breathe in fear that she would stop.

She worked my cock from every angle imaginable. She began to play with my balls with her fingers and ran her thumbs up and around my ass. After a few moments of recording, Kristi took the strap on and began to put it around her waist. Sara let out a deep groan when she saw what was coming, spreading her legs a bit to get her ass to Kristi's level. Kristi grabbed Sarah by the hips and slowly impaled her with the big dong.

Sarah slowly let my meat slip from her mouth, mouthing a silent "fuck yea" as she backed her ass into Kristie's stroke. Sarah then turned her head sideways and began sucking the base of my cock and balls. She had rescued it from the pummeling they had inflicted on it, and I was ready for more.