Milf blonde prosecutor banging big black dick at prison

Milf blonde prosecutor banging big black dick at prison
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Orgy Participants = Couple 1= Mark Evans -20years old and mom Joyce a 55 yr mom sleeping son fuking xxx story blonde with 44dd fake tits, Couple 2 = Leroy 20, black with mom Althea 44 with small tits & a big ass Couple 3 =Bobby 25, mom Rosie (60) greyhaired floppy tits.

Couple 4= Indian guy Raj (30) & his saree wearing mother Jane (55) who has big brown knockers, Couple 5= Carol 48dd knockers strips for a living (50 something) maledom is son Jeff who is in his twenties. Couple 6= Sharon Smythe Joyce Evans best friend, raven haired 49 yr old housewife whose maledom just happens to be her 19 yr old son Arthur. Finally the owners of the motel COUPLE 7 = Chang 21 along with petite asian mom, 50 yr old mom Kitty Chapter 1 Preparation Chang was sitting on the sofagetting blown by his petite black haired 50 year old Chinese mother Kittyas he watched his dumbass cuckold stepdad Wilbur prepare the bar for guests who would be arriving soon.

He jammed his prick tdown his cumsluts throat. Wilbur was dressed like a butler & would serve drinks and dinner only to the other coupleshe was not allowed to participatehe had insured that when he had hypnotized him two years back.

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Wilbur could only fuck Kitty when he said so & never in the mouth or the ass. Usualy he was pretty good & allowed them to fuck each other once or twice a mouth, Just then Chang unloaded a load of jism down his moms throat. And Kitty obediently swallowed. Almost immediately Kitty got up & followed her master/son in to his suite where she would be made up as the submissive hostess of the kinky orgy that was shortly about to begin. Chapter 2 Master Chang & sub Kitty wait for the Guests.

Wilbur got an instant hardon as soon as he saw his wife Kitty stepout of the bedroomMaster Chang had outdone himself this time, Kitty was collared, leashed, on the collar its said Changs Whore,she wore 8 inch thigh high hooker boots her tits were pierced with large earrings & she had a slutty nose ring on between her nostrilssignifying she was lke his cow.

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Chang had gone all out to let his guests know that Kitty was one Owned kinky cumbitch. Chapter 3 -the guests begin arriving 19 yr old Arthur had his cumslut park the car & then he lead her by the leash to front door of the motelhe got to the front desk & Wilbur informed him where the party was to be. & Arthur told the old chinese dude to get his bags out of the car. Sharon was now completely naked as she & Arthur entered the party areaDressed like a complete slut Kitty french kissed Sharon as the two young men applauded in appreciation.

Next to arrive was 20 yr old Leroy & ebony 44 yr old mom Althea who was dressed in a short leather skirt and pink halter top that read Leroys CumDeposit. Chang & Arthur laughed they thought it was hilarious as all three men were now sitting on the sofas drinking beer watching the 3 whores french kiss each other.

Raj arrived next he was 30 & his mom Big titted mom will drain your balls dry was wearing a traditional indian Saree with her big brown knockers fully exposed. This turned Chang on too much as he motioned for Jane to sit on his lap as he sucked on her big brown tits.Seeing this Arthur went over to Althea as he shoved his fist up her cunt as she continued french kissing Changs mom/slave Kitty Chapter 4- and they keep cumming Bobby (25) couldnt believe they had started already as he lead his 60 year old old lady Rosie into the orgy, the greyhaired, floppy tittied old hag was ballgagged & was being lead by a chainshe looked like an everyday grandma who sucked too many cocks.

As Bobby watched what was going on he pulled down his pants &had his mom/ slave Rosie give him a rimjob. Jeff & Carol were nextshe had just finished giving her master /son Jeff a bj in the backseat of the car as her husband drove. Dressed in her stripper clothesCarol had thigh high white hooker boots & was wearing a pink collar & was being lead by a matching leash.

Her tits didnt bounce cause they were 100% fake but they were pierced. Once Raj saw Carol he went up to her & began to feel her up.

Jeff knew it was time for some new cunt so he headed over to Sharon & shoved his dick down her throat Chapter 5 -Mark & Joyce Evans Arrive AAAAH Fuck Mark emphasized we had to stop for gas & coffee & now we are so late he told his mom/slave JoyceAs they walked xxxx 18 porn sex story comhe lead Joyce on a collarleash & 7 inch spiked leopard heels.

He waved at his friend Arthur from across the roomArthur was now getting a blowjob from Althea. Joyce couldnt believe her eyes there was Arthurs mom Sharon, her best friend getting facefucked by Jeff. Their was only one couple not involvedthey were sipping drinks at the bar only the guy was dressed & the greyhaired lady must be his mom/ slave Mark assumed. Mark introduced himselfsaying lm master Mark & this is my mom/ slave Joyce .Bobby responded im master bobby & this chained whore is my mom/ slave Rosie.

Wanna trade they laughed as they exchanged leash for chain & vice versa.

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Mark didnt even bother leaving the bar area as he motioned for Rosie to get on her knees as he began roughly facefucking Rosie with no mercy. Bobby on the otherhand was in the mood for a threesome & also grabbed Kitty by the leash on the way .

He brought Joyce & Kitty to the empty bedroom nextdoor & he began by having Kitty lick his nuts & Joyce his shaft. TO BE CONTINUED (depending on fan response ) .