Busty blonde nikky dream gives blowbang in hard sex action

Busty blonde nikky dream gives blowbang in hard sex action
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Kali meandered down the hall of the hospital somewhat lost, but not really caring. She had plenty of time to kill before her shift and she really didn't want to think about the piles of files waiting her attention on her desk. She loved working in the hospital, but it always amazed her how much paperwork went into everything that had to be done.

Even giving a scraped knee a band-aid was cause for 18 signatures and at least 7 phone japanese couple fucking passionately live h spicygirlcam for various approvals.

She purposely wound her way toward the section of the building currently under construction so she could indulge in her favorite past-time. She wasn't sure when she had first began ferociously lusting after the construction company's employees, but she sure had an appetite for some of the candy they had been sending over.

She allowed herself a low whistle as her gaze fell upon the particular piece she had been eyeing for some time now. His name was Jed and he was some piece of work. From his Red Wing boots up his denim-clad thighs, over his well built chest and the brown hair sporting a blue hard hat, this man was the epitomy of every fantasy she had ever had about a construction worker.

And she'd had a few with Jed as her leading man. As if sensing her thoughts, the blue hat turned until his blue-green eyes met hers and he smiled and approached her. "Are you lost?" he laughed.

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Smiling back she replied "I've gotta few projects at home that require swinging a hammer, so I thought I'd get some advice from a pro." He tossed his head back and laughed. "Well, you're in luck. I'm the only one here today - everyone else is working nights - and I just can't seem to keep my mind on what I'm doing today." Kali's heart skipped a beat when Jed's rough hand grasped her arm just above the elbow and directed her toward the spot he was gesturing as he spoke.

"Right here - I've got a great piece of wood for you to get some practice on." She gripped the hammer he handed her in astonishment. She had been teasing, but it looked as thought he was very serious.

Ah well - she thought to herself.

What did she expect? He was married, so he probably didn't realize she had been shamelessly flirting with him.

At least she'd learn something, though. Using tools wasn't a skill she possessed, so she may as well make the most of it. "C'est la vie!" she mumbled under her breath.

"What was that?" "Um.nothing. Now, what do I do with this thing?" Jed pulled her in front of him until she faced the wood he had been speaking of. She controlled a shiver as he ran his hands down her bare arms and covered her hands with his. "Are you right or left handed?" he breathed into her ear huskily. "Right, I think." She thought? Having him this close was making her lose the ability to think!

He placed her hand on the board next to a protruding nail and held it there with his hand. The other curled around hers gripping the handle of the hammer tightly and raised it so far that her back was brought up straight against him.

She felt his hard chest against her shoulders and the heat radiating from his legs to hers seperated only by her cotton skirt. Her eyes widened in horror and then clasped shut tightly as he brought the hammer down with a slice. Her arm felt jarred to her shoulder at its impact with the wood.

When she opened her eyes, she was amazed at what she saw. The nail had been embedded into the wood with one strike. "Did I do that?" she squealed. "Well, you may have had just a little help." Jed laughed.

Mischeviously she leaned back against him enjoying his sharp intake of breath. "What else can you show me?" She was completely unprepared for his answer as she felt warm lips on her neck.

Leaning her head to the side to give him better access she stifled a groan as his teeth nibbled on the sensative skin behind her ear and his tongue traced a path down to her shoulder. His hands loosed their grip on hers as he brought them to her waist and pulled her ass into his groin where she could feel his hard cock pushing against his jeans.

She reached behind her marveling at the ectasy of his petite latina calls someone to fuck her lips and without even thinking undid the button fly to wrap her hands around his hot cock. Jed groaned and she took full advantage of the moment to turn around and fall to her knees on the floor. She had imagined so many times how she would make love to his cock that it almost seemed as though she were dreaming.

Not bothering to hide her skill or her need, she kissed the tip of the head and then slid the length of him between her lips and down her throat burrying her face in his body. He pulled the hair back from her face and when she heard him gasp "Oh my God" Kali began stroking his cock with her soft lips.slowly raising her head and looking up into his face with her big blue eyes and then twisting her way back to the base.

She could feel his dick twitch in her mouth and taste the pre-cum oozing from it's core as she swiped her tongue across the tip and around the head, knowing she was driving him closer to the edge. She did not; however, expect what happened next. Jed grabbed Kali's shoulders and raising her to her feet, spun her away from him. He forced against the board she had just pounded. The irony of the situation bounced through her head.now, she was about to be pounded on this same board.

Lifting her skirt, she heard his moan as his hands groped for the panties she wasn't wearing. She giggled in anticipation; his stiff rod slid through her wetness. She tightened her thighs against him and pushed herself backwards. She felt Jed's weight press her into the board as he leaned over her.and grabbed each of her wrists in an iron grip.

Her eyes widened as his low timbred voice sent shivers down her spine. "I have you and I want to fuck you and you're going to take it." He pulled her arms behind her back. She gasped in surprise and pleasure as he drove his rock hard cock into her soft wet pussy, then groaned in sheer ecstacy as he began a driving rhythm that sent her senses reeling.

She could feel herself giving him total control and didn't even care. He was fucking her so hard and so deep and it felt so good. She rocked back and forth against the wood, feeling it's hard roughness on her nipples through her blouse and thin bra. Now holding both wrists in one hand and pulling her head back by her hair, Jed furiously pounded his dick into her pussy and Kali began to feel muscles, bones and skin that she didn't even know she had.

The pain was incredibly delicious and she could feel a haze of pleasure beginning to blur her vision. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the beat Jed was setting with his pace.

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Her voice rose in her ears and her cries of passion and pleadings for more would have embarrassed her if she wasn't so far gone. Her orgasm came crashing over her in a sudden release causing her to scream Jed's name over and over. She barely heard his long shuddered sigh as he spent himself in her, but she did feel the aftershock of his legs shaking as he laid himself on top of her and their fast shallow breathing merged. Jed stood and began putting himself back together.

Kali stood and felt Jed's cum run down her legs as she adjusted her skirt. "You know.I'm going to be feeling your cum between my legs all day long." she turned on him with a grin. Jed reached out and drew her into his embrace.

His tongue caressed her lips and then explored the insider of her mouth with such tenderness and passion she was left breathless when he pulled back.

His smile was genuine and he made her laugh, yet again, when he said "Then tomorrow you should bring a pair of panties to put on afterwards so you don't have that problem."