Fetish teen gags on cock pornstars anal

Fetish teen gags on cock pornstars anal
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FullMoonSyndrome Chronicles: Cedric's Test. Josh's Cream. And Kirby's Bush (Long story short Jan our hero gives into his sexual urges and pretty lisa ann fucks evan stone rapes our 13yr pedo-magnet Cedric.

Jan passes out and the following morning Jan wakes up to find that Cedric is okay with this. Jan decides to test Cedric durability and pain tolerance as well as his control. Jan decides to put Cedric to the ultimate test of tender sex.) Sorry if the last part didn't make sense there is very little blood going to my head right now, giggity (YES I know I am sick freak.) If you wanna know what Jan and Cedric look like read the first stories cause I ain't wastin mah time.

And by the way I think you'll be shocked at how the story line changes. I woke up and felt Jan on top of me his boner pressing into my butt.

It was day time. He woke up soon after I did. "Cedric " he Said "I want to test you out" he began scribbling on a piece of paper "I'm going to take you to a good friend of mine, he won't fuck me… not after last time… but he'll probably fuck you and a friend" "wha-"I began "he put a finger to my lips "Shhhhh… before we really get down and dirty.

I want to be sure you can handle it" he picked me up and jumped out the window landing in front of his car (I decided WTF on that part it's a porno PEOPLE A PORNO!!) "Wait Jan we're still naked!!" I yelled he silenced me again "don't say that too loud" he threw me in the car. He drove to the beach. It was raining so no one noticed a naked 17 year old and his young nude companion running towards the old lighthouse he put me down outside the lighthouse "Listen up baby" he said "they're a secret doorway in there that leads down to a wide open room and that's were my friend is.

He is a popular virginity taker/pedophile/prostitute. He'll fuck anyone but you'll have to work for it, he's had a lot of tail in his day so he's hard to impress. Right inside the bathroom in the handicap stall is drawings of a penis rub, that drawing up and down with your finger three times (LOL) and then begin your sexual act. If you impress him with what you do a door will open. Take that door and let him handle the rest." Jan said all of this very fast.

He turned me around and jabbed me in the anus "OWWW!" I shouted "what the fuck was that for?!" "Good luck!" he said "now get in there and make me proud." I entered the lighthouse and walked into the men's room.

I opened the door to the handicapped stall and saw none other than a friend of mine named Josh. He was Cute he had wavy black hair and deep brown eyes his skin looked slightly tanned, he also had just a little bit of hot babe megan rain gets bent over and facialized fat around his belly which made him that much cuter (he's thirteen) as I was staring I realized he was naked to. (2 naked 13yr old boys in a bathroom stall alone… ahhh I miss my youth) "CEDRIC!?!" Yelled Josh "JOSH!?!" I yelled back "What the hell are you doing here?" he asked me while staring at my dick "Looking to be fucked by the mystery man" I said he looked at the drawing at the penis "I don't know what to do next" he said.

"I rubbed the boner 3 times… the door didn't open" "You're supposed to do something incredible sexy so the door will open" I said. Josh realized he was staring at my dick and looked away embarrassed "So… does the act have to be 'solo'?" he asked quietly. Our dicks began to chub up. He took a step closer to me, "I don't think so" I said taking a step towards him. We began to kiss (GIGGITY.) as my tongue danced through his mouth my cock became Hard as did his.

I felt down his soft body I grabbed his ass and we fell to the floor we instinctively began to suck each other's dick (GIGGITY!) as we 69'd I felt (more than heard,) Josh began moaning in pleasure. I was on top, he was clearly inexperienced his teeth didn't scrape but his tongue just kind of weakly licked my boyhood. It wasn't long before his body began to tighten, I went with instinct on this one and took my mouth off his dick just as his young clear boy cream shot from live on xlwebcamtk black amateur homemade fuck and creampie dick 1… 2… 3… times all three shots landed in the area around his belly button.

Again acting on instinct I stuck my tongue in his belly button and lapped the cum up slowly, while Josh moaned in pleasure (GIGGITY GIGGITY!!) I began to milk his young cock, his boy cream tasted so sweet, like an elixir. I realized that I was about to come I turned and barely managed to shoot my load at Josh's dick so it was covered in my young teenage spunk. Josh moaned weakly as I crawled towards his dick and licked off my own cum making him shoot one last load into the air. By pure luck I managed to catch the load on my tongue.

I looked at the drawing off the boner to see that it looked liked it had just cum. A door opened up in the bathroom wall. "I guess the mystery man is horny" said Josh. He looked at me and blushed. I realized that I had been as blunt with him as Jan had been with me. "Josh-"I began "It's tara ans se fait enculer pour lanniversaire dun voyeur he said cutting me off.

"I couldn't have opened the door without you." I was silent to be honest I was still horny. We walked through the doorway into a pitch black room. The doorway behind us closed, almost immediately another door opened in front of us, leading into a wide brightly lit room. We stepped onto a softly carpeted floor. We were greeted by a naked blonde boy who looked like he was our age he had very soft looking skin, gentle gray eyes and a very nice bubble butt. On top of that he had a handsome face.

(GIGGITY GIGGITY GIGGITY!) "hello my name is Brian" he spoke softly "allow me to take you to my master" he gestured for us to follow him he walked in front of us and neither of us were going to complain we both were transfixed by his amazing ass. He led us to a large bed, that had a guy about Jan's Age lounging on it casually. He was of course (like everyone else in this fucked up storyline I came up with) completely naked and had brown wavy hair and a very fluffy looking bush (you know what I mean.) "Master?" asked Brian "your guests have arrived" the guy looked up, "Ahhh&hellip." He began "so you're the ones who set off the hormone detector in my secret entrance, congratulations!

I boosted the setting on that thing lately people have had to work really hard to open that door, yet you made it seem so easy, tell me, what are your names?" "Cedric" I Said "Josh" Said Josh "Well then Cedric and Josh, my name is (don't fucking laugh) Kirby Fluffbush" said Kirby.

"And you're going to explore a world of pleasure" He sat up, "Brian my Bitch, get these two a Loader" "What's a Loader?!" asked Josh fearfully as Brian walked to a nearby shelf. "Chill my young friend" said Kirby "it's not a bad thing it's a good thing, it makes your testicles produce a large amount of semen at a superhuman rate!

That and it feels amazing to have your balls fill up with semen. Now I'll tell you this now, the loader is a suppository, in other words it goes up your anus. My bitch Brian will be inserting them, please lie down belly first on the floor and spread your legs.

We complied the soft carpet tickled our bellies, Brian knelt down behind us, and lubed up his finger with his spit, and placed a blue pill on my anus, he quickly jabbed it in. and pulled out a piece of paper.

"Master a note for you" said Brian Kirby got up and took the note, and read it as Brian moved on to Josh. "OH HO!!" he exclaimed "so your Jan's little Boyfriend are you? In that case you and your friend get extra special treatment!" I was about to ask what he meant by that, but an amazing feeling surged up around my ball sack, like the feelings you get during an orgasm only in reverse.

I felt my balls swell up. I moaned softly, I heard Josh moan similarly, I heard Kirby get behind me. He asked me to get on my knees. I did so He had Josh sit on the bed. "Cedric my young friend, I must have josh first" said Kirby glancing back at me.

He began to lick Josh's Boyhood. Josh began moaning as Kirby soon devoted himself completely to engulfing Josh's slightly enlarged ball sack. Soon Josh's managed to choke out "I'm gonna spurt!" Kirby immediately latin hoe kiaraxx gets her pussy pleasured Licking and flipped Josh over onto his belly (literally and GIGGITY!) he pulled Josh into a doggie style position, and grabbed some lube from under the bed.

He lathered up his Finger and stuck it in Josh's Ass, feeling around for his prostate. "Let's see…" said Kirby as fingered around Josh's ass, "where is that prostate?" Josh was Moaning Loudly… it was obvious that Kirby was Toying with Josh, I was getting more turned on watching them, I subconsciously reached for my cock but was stopped by Brian.

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"You cannot cum" said Brian "please continue watching Master" he held both my arms back and who we are kidding even if I could jerk off with my feet there was no blood going to them anyway.

"AHA!!" exclaimed Kirby "here it is" Josh screamed in pleasure as Kirby played around with his prostate a little Josh soon began to pant loudly Kirby pulled his Finger out of his butt. He made Josh Lie down, and once again began to suck his dick.

I think at that point he was screaming so loudly that only animals could hear him. Kirby stopped Giving Josh a BJ and told me to watch Josh's mind blowing (ha!) Orgasm destroy josh's mind for what could be days.

Josh was trembling in pleasure; Kirby simply leaned forward and kissed the very tip of Josh's dick. Josh choked out a small cute mya get a fuck at home and his clear juice blast out like a geyser.

It felt extremely weird seeing semen fly at the speed of sound onto my face. Josh's cum felt good on my face. (OH FUCK GIGGITY GIGGITY!!!) Josh passed out and slumped down on the bed.

Kirby got up and walked over to me. "You didn't fuck him…" I said panting that whole ordeal got me extremely horny. "That's your job" said Kirby "Janny-boys note said that if you came here with a friend who's a virgin to let you fuck him which you will be doing later." "How did you know he was a virgin?!" I asked still panting Kirby pointed to his nose. "My nose is all smelling.

A young boy's virginity is a very sweet smell. This is an ability that comes with FullMoonSyndrome; it's called 'Bloodhound'." (see bottom page for ability name references) "You have FMS?!" I practically screamed I began to feel dizzy (very little blood is going to Cedrics brain at this point) "Yeah I do" said Kirby "and so does Brian, his ability is a bit of a curse.

He will completely submit to whoever grants him extreme domination, it's called 'loyalty-ultima type' little known fact, werewolves as we are called, with a mental ability normally get a physical ability as well, the reverse is sometimes porn xxx amazing ultar sex stories com but I digress.

Brian's got a physical ability 'called infinite youth seal' it seals the body's physical appearance, brain patterns, and even tightness of his boy pussy and makes it last forever, normally it boosts the lifespan a bit as well but that's not always the case." Said Kirby, I couldn't take all this in, I was still extremely horny, Pre Cum was dripping from my cock.

"So at this point you must be wondering" continued Kirby "how do you get FMS?

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Well there are to possible ways. One is be born with it. The other is too be 'bitten' by a 'werewolf' in other words get fucked by a carrier of the disease. Somewhere in my bloodless head, that set off a light.

My eyes widened. "That's right!" said Kirby "YOU HAVE IT TOO!" he patted me on the head. "Welcome to a world of werewolves' kid" said Kirby (Wow total personality change. So FUCKING HOT I SURPRISE MYSELF SOMETIMES) I realized that Brian had gotten in front of me, while Kirby had gotten behind me. "Now, get ready…" said Kirby "this is gonna be intense." He shoved his hot cock up my ass with no lube I screamed in pain but that suddenly switched to pleasure as he stopped moving, and as Brian began licking my balls, but right as I was beginning to enjoy it, Brian Stopped and Kirby pulled his cock out roughly, I screamed again this time he shoved himself in again, and stopped.

Brian began licking my balls again and once again stopped right as Kirby pulled out again, this pattern repeated itself for a while until I began to repeat the pattern in my head "pain, pleasure, pain, pleasure" Right as I hit pain I began to feel pleasure, Mom and mom ki saheli had finally begun to poke my prostate with his cock, Double pleasure.

Brian switched from licking my balls to sucking my dick! I was moaning in pleasure, I felt tears of pleasure drip down my face, I began to hump Brian's Face, Brian tightened up his mouths grip on my dick. I felt my whole body shake as I came in Brian's mouth right as he came on me and as Kirby came in my ass. Less than five seconds later I hear Kirby tell Brian to swallow my cum. He made me watch Brian swallow my cum, I moaned as Kirby pulled out of me slowly.

I passed out soon after. I woke up eventually; to the amazing feeling of having my boner xxx prant vadimiss and sutdant in josh's butt crack. (giggity…) "Oh good" said Kirby "your finally awake. I've determined what kind of FMS carrier you are! "Oh have you now?" I asked "what big natural boobs blonde eva boning her classmate then?" Kirby Smiled.

"An Ecstasy type, An especially rare type, russian institute lesson 20 sex stories ass is eternally a tight fuck; your ejaculation has special properties any living skin it touches will be assaulted with constantly changing hot and cold temperatures, causing extreme pleasure." I looked at Josh. He was still asleep. "Is josh going to be okay?" I asked. Kirby nodded. "He'll be waking up any moment, when that moment comes your going to have to fuck him.

no one leaves here a virgin, and Jan's Note said that if you brought a friend to have you fuck him." I nodded. "hey" said Kirby "don't make that face. You've Got FMS now, you'll have to fuck someone who doesn't have FMS before the next Full Moon, otherwise you could hurt someone or worse." I nodded.

Josh began to stir, he got up and saw me "Cedric… how long have I been out?" he asked I shook my head "I don't know." I looked at Kirby. "hmmm… about… three days maybe?" I nearly passed out again. "anyway enough small talk" said Kirby "Josh, Because Cedric here has FMS he's going to have to fuck someone without it before the Full moon or he'll most likely kill someone. Since you're a virgin, and you don't have FMS, we figured you'd be the best option." Josh Nodded.

"I don't mind… besides I've always liked Cedric" he said Blushing (OH FUCKING GODDAMNIT GIGGITY GIGGITY GIGGITY!) my cock chubbed up as I got up and began to kiss Josh forcefully, at that moment I loved him as much as I loved Jan. he turned around and got into doggie style, I rubbed my boner up and down his ass crack as he began to moan, I lubed up his ass with precum and stuck my dick in they're I fucked him as hard as I could, our breathing was in perfect sync, I pulled out of him and we cuddled each other while sitting up, pressing our boyhoods together (goo…)we bounced up and down on the bed squeezing each other tight both of us moaning in extreme pleasure.

We both came, at the same time, semen squirted up between our bellies. I stuck my dick back in Josh's ass and began to fuck him one last time. I eventually came inside of him. as did he one last time. (don't worry they're not dying) we passed out with him one top of me, and my dick still inside him. I could continue the story here but then I wouldn't want to keep my fans waiting.