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-one month later, late at night- (Rose is in the last week of her pregnancy, due any day now) I awake to another session of pain; the burning and stabbing continues to worsen each time it happens. Mark wakes up too.

His voice is heavy with worry, "Is it happening again?". I wince, another flood of pain ripping through my stomach, and nod yes.

He gets up from our bed and morphs. I'm getting Poppy this time. I will be right back. Stay here. And then he is gone.

I lay there, trying my best not to scream or move. The pain is unbearable. Unimaginable. And it somehow continues to grow worse.

I feel a sharp stabbing pain and feel something warm on my thigh. I panic and reach down, touch my fingers to the warm spot. I babe in high heels and stockings in cab my hand back up and look. blood. I am bleeding. I try to sit up, but scream in agony as another wave hits me. I feel more warmth on my legs. My panic stricken mind pieces the situation together. I am bleeding out. Something is wrong. -Mark's point of view- I sprint through the woods, not even pausing for breath.

Rose needs help. I reach the edge of the pack's territory. I stop, knowing Rose and I are not welcome.

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But she is in so much pain. I step over the line of scent and sprint to the cave Rose used to share with Poppy. Poppy! Where are you? Wake up! Rose needs you. Something is wrong with the pups. I send my thoughts out, desperate to save my mate.

-Rose's point of view- I stumble out of bed and clutch my swollen stomach as I walk toward the front of the house. I try not to think about the stream of blood. Or the sound of it splatting to the floor as I walk. I just need to find Mark. if I can get to him, everything will be okay.

-Mark's point of view- Poppy looks up and sees me, her ears down and teeth bared. what do you want. I step over to her, whimpering. exquisite teenie is pissing and rubbing smooth fuckbox Please Poppy. Rose is in pain. Something is wrong, I can feel it.

She needs help. Your the only other shewolf she trusts. Rose needs you. she let's her face relax and steps up, running from the cave in the direction Rose's and my cave is in. She yips back to me, hurry. She might not have much time.

-Rose's point of view- I scream and drop to my hands and knees, the pain crushing me to the floor. I start to feel light headed. I close my eyes and think to myself, this is it. I'm going to die here. Bleeding to death without my mate. I won't get to see him again. This is it. Just then Poppy and Mark enter the cave, I hear them.

Poppy's light fast paw steps followed by Mark's heavy set ones. I look up and see them, two huge wolves running to my side. Poppy morphs to her human form, one I havent seen in years.

She has lighter lips than I do, and slightly darker skin. Light brown hair. A wider nose than my own small one. But she is beautiful naughty thief hayden hennessy gets cock punishment the less. She rushes to my side and drops to her knees. "Rose how could you be so stupid! When was the last time you where in wolf form??". I try to answer, but only inaudible murmers come out.

She looks to Mark. "Uh. a little over a week ago. It's been about 9 days.", he tells her. She sighs and shakes her head. "Rose, you are carrying PUPS. not a human baby. Your human form isn't built to hold what's been growing inside you. Pups have nails.

And teeth. And they are big. You concieved in wolf form, so you needed to carry them in mostly wolf form! They are tearing you apart from the inside out." I scream again and collapse.

Mark puts his fore arm between my head and the floor, trying to find a way to help. "Mark I need you to get a big bowl. Fill it with water. And get lots of towels. We need to slow down her bleeding or we are going to lose her.". I hear her, but can't comprehend her words. All I hear is my heart pounding in my ears. I see her mouth moving, but no words are coming out anymore. My vision is faded, going black. Poppy rawan bin hussain xxx story my head and I look up at her.

She is yelling something, but I don't hear it. I feel something very cold hit my body and suddenly I am back with them. "Mark go get more water. Rose I need you to change, right now. The pups have been stuck inside you for over a day. If you don't birth them soon, the ones that aren't dead yet will die too." I nod and force the change, feeling my fur spread. My ears lengthen.

My tail bone extends into a long, furry tail. Usually I enjoy this feeling, but right now I am in too much pain to notice it. I whimper and yelp, more pain burning inside my stomach. In this form the sensation isn't as intense. The pain is a little less. I feel something else, a rippling feeling moving from my stomach toward my hips. And suddenly, I feel the need to push. Poppy tells me to lay on my side, and I listen to her.

After I am down she presses a towel between my legs. Mark returns with the water. "The pups are coming. I can't tell you how many are dead, but at least one or two should make it.

The pups moving inside of her is what had been causing the pain.

They are suffocating. Her water has been broken for a while now. Maybe even for a day or so." Mark looks between Poppy and me, thinking. "The pains started around three days ago.", he thinks out loud. Poppy seems more rushed after he says this. Mark morphs back into his wolf form and curls around me, his muzzle resting under mine. I whimper and he licks my hot girl karma rx fucks her tight pussy with big cock at home in response.

Poppy lifts my leg and I feel another contraction coming. She tells me to push. I do. The smell of my blood is thick in the air. I push again, feeling something moving between my hips. I breath and push harder, the pain lessens after the first pup is born. -Mark's point of view- I nuzzle close to her, forcing myself to stay calm. Poppy is here. Rose will be fine.

She will. I have to keep telling myself this. Rose will be fine. I feel her pushing and look to Poppy. She is holding something. It looks. wrong. Misshapen. She looks at me and shakes her head, setting the dead pup aside under a towel. I frown and lick Rose's face.

One of them is already dead. -Rose's point of view- I try to smile at Mark. Him just being here helps, even though he isn't really doing anything. Then I feel another thing coming between my hips. This one hurts. I push and it hurts worse. I whimper and look at Poppy. She checks on me and announces, "This pup is breach. It will be harder to get out but Rose you can do this. Your doing great". I nod and push harder, trying not to yelp. Mark nuzzles my face and licks my ears. I have to stay strong.

For him. I push again and whimper as the pain passes. Mark and I both look up as we hear a small cry. It's very quiet, but novinha transa gostoso com namorado em casa pup is whining. Poppy cleans it in the water and dries it off with a new towel. I smile through the pain as she presses the pup to one of my teats. I lick it gently, my mothering instincts already kicking in.

Mark smiles and licks my face. It's a girl. Rose, we have a baby girl! Mark is very excited. I can hear it in his voice. This makes me happy. However, our happiness is short lived. I push, feeling another pup coming. This one is easier to pass. Poppy picks it up and sets it aside with the other dead pup. This continues to happen. As each pup is sadly set aside, Mark and I lose more and more hope for another survivor.

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After the last dead pup is out, there had been 5 total, the pain is almost gone. Poppy feels my stomach and decides, "That is all of them." She pauses then continues, "Rose you did great. And Mark thank you for helping." We both smile at her.

Mark is first to answer. No, thank you. It really means a lot to us that you risked coming out here. I don't know what we would have done without your help. Poppy nods, then shifts to her normal form and walks over to us.

She nuzzles the pup then licks my face before she turns to walk back to the pack area. After she is gone, I look at Mark then at the dead pups. Poppy had wrapped them in a towels.

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She had also cleaned up the bloody ryland ann and parker swayze threesome session in bed from the floors. Mark asks, Would you be more comfortable in the bedroom or would you like to stay here?

I think for a minute then answer, The bedroom. But I don't know if I can walk that far.Mark nods then gets up. He goes to the back of the house. After a few minutes, he returns with blankets and pillows. He makes a sort of nest around our daughter and me, then curls up around us. I close my eyes, happy the ordeal is over. And that we at least have one pup to show for it.

Might not continue. Personally I am more into bondage sort of stuff, forced sex, domination/submission, etc. Which is where the story was originally going to lead. In the original plot, Rose was going to be Mark's sex slave. However, I figured I would try at least one romantic story. I think it turned out fairly well, but now writing this story doesn't exactly spark my interests.

Sorry. Although, if it's really that great and people really want it to continue, I wouldn't mind keeping it going. It just won't be a main priority any longer. Let me know.