Babe in high heels and stockings in cab

Babe in high heels and stockings in cab
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I had been serving my master for about a week. One day when I accidentally disobey him, he tells me that I am going to learn what it is like to be punished, to be completely submissive, and the rules as his property.

I both loved and feared the idea. I had no idea what he had in store, but remembering his past, I knew it would definitely be brutal. "Come with me, you slut," he says threateningly in a way that turns me on. "Yes master." Wordlessly, I follow my master down the hallway, down some steps, and into his Secret basement/chamber. Before I belonged to master, he used this room as a torture chamber. It still has the same equipment in it, the knives, probes, a chainsaw-looking contraption, and a few other torure devices and machines I dont recognize at all.

which both fascinates and terrifies me. "Get on the table," He orders, motioning to a kind of black, metal examining table with restraints. I quickly climb up on the table and lay on my back. He restrains my arms and.and soon I am helpless and completely at his mercy which I doubt exists. He disappears out of my peripherals and I begin to get anxious and nervous. I feel a hand place a ball gag in my mouth and secure it behind my head. I don't think much of it until I look beside me and Master is standing there holding a wicked looking knife in his hand, a viscious look in his eyes.

He presses it to my shirt and with one quick swipe cuts my top free, exposing my torso. I tense up and he continues to cut away my clothing until I am completely naked.

"Are you scared? Nod your head if you are." I nod rapidly, and he chuckles. "You will learn not to fear the knife which I will use often but not to hurt you, but you will learn to fear the whip more than hell itself." My eyes widen as Master produces a whip and cracks it above my head. I scream in fear and, though he barely hears it, he stops. I feel relief."Your screams are childish, only moans of pleasure may come from your lips during our sessions." I scream around the gag but he continues and begins to beat me mercilessly.

And continues. And continues. Until my body is beet red and extremely tender. "Now, time for some more fun." With that, he produces a set of brutal looking nipple clamps and clips them on me, causing me to choke out a moan of pain. "This is for your own good, riding a desirable dick hardcore and blowjob nasty slut. I'm training you. I'm teaching you to handle the pain.

And I'm teaching you what to expect if you ever disobey me" I am in pure agony right now. My nipples feel like they are about to be ripped from my body, my body itself feels like it's on fire, and all I can do is try to moan around the gag and squirm fruitlessly.

"Shut 1 girl 10 boys xnxx and stop moving!

You aren't going anywhere, bitch!" With that he gives me a vicious blow right across my tits, causing me to scream in pain and begin crying. After several more merciless lashings, and feeling the searing agony that has replaced my nipples, Master harshly removes the clamps and puts the whip away.

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I sigh in relief, thinking that it's over. But boy, could I ever have been so wrong?

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He goes over to the cabinet and gets out two things that I strain to see, but cannot. Master carefully keeps them from my view and he goes immediately to my pussy. "Now, one last lesson and we'll be done with this. Sadly." He disappears from my sight once again. I tense up, wondering what form of hell Master thick pecker enters pussy and anal hardcore russian inflict on me next.

But I don't have to wonder for long as I feel something being pressed into my pussy, stretching it. I moan in pleasure and feel something else being secured to my clit.

I wonder what is going on, but am almost immediately rewarded with an answer as Master wordlessly flicks on these two objects and as the thing inside my pussy vibrates, two words filter into my seared conscious. "Vibrating dildo." Removing my mind from my tingling pussy with some difficulty, I figure out what is on my clit.

A plain vibrator. And the combination of the two are nearly sending me over the edge right then and there. Dimly, I hear Master speaking and struggle to listen. "Now, Slave, for your final test I want to see how long you can hold off your orgasm. Oh, but that's not all! You must ASK to be allowed to cum. If you do not, you will be severely beaten and this whole process will start all over again. Nod if you understand." I nod rapidly, my heart hammering in my chest.

Master turns up the frequency of the vibrators and soon I can't hold back any longer. "Master, may I cum??" I plead, practically in tears. "Beg for it, you filthy slut!" He sneers back. I begin crying "Master, please let your disgusting slut cum. She needs to cum so badly! Please let your bitch cum!! I'll do anything to cum!!

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Please!!!!" "Stop crying, you dirty whore. However, since you begged so nicely and have been so good today, you may cum." I squirt out what has to be the most intense orgasm of my life. My last thought is: I hope we can do this again soon.:)