Hairy milf visits her big dick doctor for a right cure

Hairy milf visits her big dick doctor for a right cure
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At university, cheap drinks are both the best and worst things a student could have. My name is Leo. I'm 19 years old and once I began hitting the clubs I discovered how easy it was to find both girls and boys to take home to my flat for sexytimes. I'd visited home for three weeks in some spare time between exams and new classes, and I was enjoying a nice walk to my parent's house in the timid spring sunshine.

Suddenly a young boy I recognised caught up with me. I recognised him as Kieran, a friendly 13 year old kid that I used to have a laugh with and help out at high school. 'Hi Leo!' Kieran shouted. I noticed that Kieran couldn't take his eyes off me. I wasn't sure what I should do, so I began talking to him normally and we continued walking together. He'd always been a forward kid, and he seemed to have 'How's uni life? How many guys have you fucked?' was his first question once his group were out of earshot.

I can't say I was surprised by this question, whenever I had talked to him before he always managed to bring up the subject of sex. Alcohol isn't the only thing that's inside my body when I'm drunk; I'm just a big slut. Kieran knew this, so I decided to tease him a bit. 'Ohh, well there's a lot more hot guys at uni than here, and a lot more alcohol too, so I've managed to get a good 20 guys in bed since going to uni.' Kieran was a very good looking 13 year old boy, with long brown hair and bright blue eyes behind a cute pair of glasses.

He was obviously trying to flirt with me. I had always been into boys younger than me, and I definitely wasn't going to pass up any opportunity I got with Kieran. 'Big slut!' Kieran responded. 'Me to. kinda. yep', he hesitated, but answer in the end.   'Why are you a slut then? I asked him, hoping to get a quick turn on by his answer. True to his style, he managed to make me hard almost instantly. 'Well since you have been gone I tried to suck my own dick, and I slowly managed to get more and more in my mouth.

One day I came in my luffy and nami funny hentai one piece and it tasted good, so I swallowed it like I heard you do. So I came to the conclusion I like dick and cum, and I've sucked off a few guys since then.' 'Kieran, have you had sex with a guy?' was my next question to him, trying to keep the chat as hot as it currently xxx mom ebony kichan me. 'No, I've not had sex, but I've been fingered a few times' We'd been talking too much and walked past the shop.

We were heading towards the woods that nobody goes into. We didn't even need to ask each other, we just entered the woods by about 200 metres.

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I was going to take my chance with Kieran. I grabbed his face and kissed him before he had a chance to think about it. I wasn't sure of his reaction when he pulled away. But he soon grinned and we started kissing again. We went behind some rocks and trees that shielded us from any passers by.

I tugged at his t-shirt.

He held up his arms and I pulled it off him. He was a wonderfully pleasing upper body, with soft pink nipples. I kissed his lips again and worked my way down his neck, and began sucking and tonguing his nipples. He moaned softly, enjoying this as he ran his fingers through my hair. I moved to the other nipple, still rubbing and gently squeezing his other one with my fingers.

I moved down to his naval, and kissed and licked his belly button. I had never been properly attracted to Kieran before, not like this anyway.

I tugged on his jeans with my teeth, and he undid the button for me. I did the rest with my mouth, and began working on his lower body. I squeezed his cute bubble butt through his tight pink underwear. I loved boys who wore tight pink boxers, so I was currently in heaven, kissing and licking his already grown bulge inside these panties.

I luscious hottie gives rodeo on cock homemade hardcore him for a bit through his boxers, and he began moaning. I kept spanking and squeezing his lovely ass, while he stroked my head.

I pulled down his tight pink boxers and was greeted by a large soldier standing to attention. For being 13 years old, Kieran was certainly quite large. He was slightly bigger than I was, so probably about 6 inches, with big hairless balls. If Kieran had a 6 inch slab of meat at 13 years old, I could only imagine how big he would be at my age.

  I kissed and tongued the head of his dick then moved down to his balls. I kissed and took them in my mouth and he teabagged me for a bit. I moved up to his big piece of meat again. I began to take his cock into my mouth and before long I was deepthroating him.

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If Kieran thought he was good at sucking cock, then he was in for a shock as I deepthroated him with ease. I remembered he said he'd been fingered before. I stopped sucking him for a while, turned him round and began kissing and licking the area around his butt hole.

Being 13, he was still hairless everywhere, apart from a few pubes round his dick. Just how I like my boys. I started by sliding a finger in, and to my surprise it went straight in. I reached round and grabbed his big dick and began to wank it madison ivy thankful for madison fingerblasting his ass. He kept moaning louder and louder until he finally shouted out, 'Ughh! Toungue punch my fart box!' I giggled at this comment (or request) and began to stick my moist tongue inside his cute hole.

He shuddered with pleasure and grabbed the back of my head, slamming it against his ass.

'That's soooo good!' he managed sister an brother xxx storys say between aaaah's of pleasure.

Just when I wondered if he was going to shove my entire head inside his ass, he broke off and turned round, begging me to finish him off with my mouth. I began sucking him again, but this time with a finger inside his smooth ass. I fingered him as I deepthroated him. He moaned louder with each moan. In no time at all, he grabbed my hair and said, 'I am going to cummmmm!' I simply patted him on his smooth ass, winked at him and fingered him faster than before, and let Kieran's 13 year old cum squirt into my mouth.

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Three fairly big squirts into my mouth, and I held it on my tongue for a while whist sucking the rest out of his twitching dick. I looked up at him as I did this, and swallowed all of his cum. I stood up, whispered thank you in his ear, before sharing another wonderful kiss with him. He was still shaking from the pleasure I have him, so I helped him get dressed again, and we headed off our separate ways.

I kissed him one last time, and he smiled sweetly at me.

He had got what he was after, and he was back to his cute self now. Before he left I quickly called his name. 'Oh Kieran, one more thing' I shouted. 'What?' he asked, wondering what else I could give him today. 'That's how you be a slut, take notes' I winked at him and he grinned at me. I watched him as he walked out of sight, satisfied in the knowledge that I'd now have my own personal slut to enjoy whenever I visited home.

[To Be Continued…?] Let me know what you think of the story, and if I get a good response I will make another chapter mom forced son having sex