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Bunny mexican fucks phat booty stefania mafra
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For you all who aren't familiar with My Brothers Bestfriend series, it would be best to read those before you read this. But for you all who dont feel like reading, heres a recap: I thought it was bad enough that my boyfriend lloyd is my brothers best friend. But one night Lloyd's brother Phil, seduced me as I amazing blonde babe and four hung guys out of the shower. I had always been attracted to Phil but I choose to ignore it since i was with Lloyd.

But when Phil revealed his humongous cock to me, I fell into a trance I couldn't get out of. There was something about Phil that just took me over the edge. My love for Lloyd was strong, but my lust for Phil was stronger. remember to pick up some condoms too!" I said excited.

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"alright babe see you tonight." Lloyd said in a soft tone. it was my 16th birthday & i was beyond excited to see my boyfriend. as expected at school, I was greeted with a decorated locker, balloons as well as money. Sitting in my room fixing my hair and clothes i was greeted with the sound of.the front door doorbell. I took one last glance at my self before.rushing down the stairs to see my boyfriend. I opened.the door.and there he was. Lloyd looked good as always but behind him sat a pearly white truck.

he had a car to match his looks. he drove a white range rover (which he obviously rented) but i thought it was so cute.I "my lady" lloyd said grabbing my hand leading me outside to his car. He opened the door for me and doom joined me in the new car fresh scent ed car.

"this is wonderful babe. You know you didn't have to do this." I said with my hand on his cheek. "but "i wanted to" lloyd said. He got out the car opened the door blonde gives riding and sucking hard cocks with swallow me once again and led me in to one of my favorite restaurants.

Since I told my parents i was sleeping over a friends house t, after we ate, we went back to lloyds place. I kicked off my six inch heels and plopped down on Lloyds leather couch. Lloyd soon followed. We channel surfed and finally settled on some action movie. My head was resting on his chest. His heart beat slow and persistent. I sat up feeling uncomfortable because of the tight clothes i had on. So i left lloyd and headed upstairs to lloyds room.to find a shirt to wear.

Lloyds parents were gone to see a play, but Phil was still there. As walked up the stairs, i saw baby pictures of lloyd, phil and their parents.

I walked down the hallway and saw Phil in his room watching tv. "hey you." Phil said. "hey." I said walking away trying to avoid him.

"where are you going?" he said grabbing my arm. "im going to lloyds room." I said. "oh okayy.

Ive got my eyes on you. He said. "haha, whatever Phil." I said walking away. I opened the door to Lloyds room, and embraced the smell of my boyfriend.

I browsed through his dresser drawers and found a comfortable college shirt and pajama pants. I walked down the stairs and saw lloyd still laying down watching the movie. I walked in front of him. " "what?" I took off the tight blouse i had on to reveal my pink laced bra. Even though lloyd and i had fucked quite often, when i got naked for him his facial expression looked as if he found something more fascinating about my body this time.

"goddamn erica" lloyd said sitting up straight and leaning back in the couch.

I took off my black leather pencil skirt slowly to reveal some sexy panties i bought just for that night. I turned around and shook my ass a little bit. On my ass it read "Its all yours" Lloyd smiled at the saying and gave my ass a little slap.

"lets wait alittle bit" lloyd said. I was alittle startled and suprised but i guessed that meant he had something good in store for me. With that i put on his clothes and snuggled up next to him.

We watched intensely as Matt Damon tried to save someone. My head was now rested on his lap. Toward the end of the movie, lloyd placed his hand on my waist. He moved his hand up and down my torso. Lloyd found the bottom of my t shirt and slowly slid his hand up to squeeze one of my boobs. I let out a moan. "mmmm" He pulled his hand out of my shirt, grabbed the remote and turned off the tv.

It was pitch black. I couldn't see anything! I sat up and reached out with my arms to find lloyd. He wasn't sitting next to me anymore. I got up and mom and boy 14 kinfilm pushed my shoulders down. He was hovering over me from above. He kissed me and touched my boobs with both hands. his touch gave me a chill. Lloyd walked around and pulled me close to him.

I climbed on top of him and kissed his neck. Lloyd ran his hands down my back to gently squeeze my ass. I rolled my hips in circles as i dry humped him. Lloyd grabbed my hips to a complete hault. He placed his hands on my pussy through my underwear. He rubbed my clit slowly. "uhhhh" i moaned. Lloyd sped up the pace until my juices were leaking through my underwear.

I took my underwear off and laid on the couch on my back. I spread my legs wide, and began to touch myself. Lloyd smiled in awe. He crawled over to me and mounted over me.

His face came closer to mine and we kissed. Lloyds tongue swirled around in my mouth. I felt lloyds hips grinding over my pussy. I pulled his hips closer to mine. Lloyd smiled.

"hmmm a little feisty there huh?" i wrapped my feet around his back and dug my feet into his back. He whIspered in my ear: "i just can't get enough of you." I smiled at this and kissed his cheek. i reached down &shoved down Lloyds pants. Lloyd flipped over onto his back to let me take control.

I took my hair out of the pony tail and crawled as sexy as i could over to my King. I looked into his eyes as I took his underwear off with my teeth. Lloyd was amazed at how freaky I had gotten. I tossed the underwear out of.the way, and crawled back over to him.

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I teased him by licking the head of his penis. Lloyds head fell back. I giggled.

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I gave the base of his penis a lick. Lloyds legs started to curl. "i love teasing you." I said. "fuck you" Lloyd said. just before he could finish that sentence, i deepthroated his average sized cock. "uhhhh. Fuckk." Lloyd moaned. He placed his hand on my hand which lay on his inner thigh.

"ohh my god babe." lloyd moaned. Lloyds cock was petitehdporn wet fuck and facial marina angel and bathtub sex like crazy. My lips finally escaped from his penis. Lloyd pushed me back so that i was lying on my back. He laid on his stomach& inbetween my legs. he gave my pussy one lick. I bit my bottom lip hard. He rubbed my clit in circles with his mature amateur masturbating pussy slap orgasm while he fingered my drenched pussy.

I grabbed the pillows around me as i felt that my climax was near. "uhh, yess baby right there". I scram. My hips bucked up and down as my orgasm took its toll. I laid on the couch in satisfaction.

I got up and pushed lloyd back on his back. I gave him a peck. I whispered in lloyds ear; "are you ready to fuck me?" Lloyd laughed then nodded his head. I grabbed his cock and placed it on my pink opening, then i rubbed my clit with the head on his dick; teasing him. "you fucking tease." Lloyd said. I finally sank down on his dick. Both of us let in a huge gasp. I bounced up and down on his cock.

"yess babe yess" lloyd moaned. He kept his hands on my ass. I slowed down alittle so i could show him some of my moves. I swirled my hips around then up and down.

lloyd started to talk dirty to me which turned me on even more. I rode him slow as he said "my dick feels so good in.your pussy. Erica yess.so fucking tight.yess right there baby.

im so deep. Ugh." I smiled i looked forward to the staircase and there was Phil. Just staring at me fucking his younger brother in awe. "Ill give him something to look at" i thought.

I wanted him to be even more jealous. I sped up the pace again and this time i looked at Phil the whole time while fucking Lloyd. "ive been a bad girl." I said looking down at lloyd now. "yeaaah you have." He said smacking my ass. Then Lloyd pushed me over until I was on all fours. His dick dove into my pussy again but from the back.

My back arched and my toes curled. "Yess daddy yess." I scram. His balls slapped on my pussy with every thrust. Lloyds breathing became hard so i knew he was gonna cum soon. He fucked me harder and harder until we both came together.and collapsed on the floor.