Terrific oral pleasure from brunette striptease hardcore

Terrific oral pleasure from brunette striptease hardcore
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Hi I'm Billy 17 yrs. old 5 11 and 155 lbs. and tonight I took my 8 year old baby sister Suzie Q to the drive in movies with me I had a baby sitter for her and first the sitter copped out being sick and then my date coped out that she had a head ach damned I just couldn't get a break I been wanting to see the flick for about two weeks. So what do I do now, well little Suzie said that she would be a good girl for me and put a dress on and stockings like mom and my girlfriend wear I kind of snickered and told her it wouldn't be the same she just wasn't old enough to understand.

An in her sweet little voice and the look on her face she asked why?

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As I was trying to explain it to her that the drive in was a make out spot she asked me what making out is it like mom and dad do on the couch sometimes when they think their alone I asked her how she knew what they did she looked up and said I sneak in and watch sometimes an hey I've watched mommy use that buzzer thing in her bottom drawer well I knew what that was and I asked Suzie how do know about that?

She said that this past couple months that she dug it out while mom was in the back yard and tried to sue it a couple of times she then said it hurt like hell and she bleed to but she got it in all the way in and it tickled, I Looked at her and you got it all the way in? She said I sure did you want to stick your middle finger in me like dad does mom to prove it?

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Hell what do you say when your 8 year old baby sister tells you that can stick your finger in her tight little pussy to prove that you can get it all the way in her, damned I'm just enough of a pervert to check this out so I tell her that were going up stairs to her room and if I can stick my middle finger all the way up her pussy and wiggle it around and she doesn't scream and cry then she can be my girlfriend tonight at the drive-in.

She grabs my hand and said come on then big boy I got a hot date as were going upstairs I think you know I just maybe in trouble tonight!

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We walked into her bedroom and drops her shorts and panties she hopes upon her and she says there you go stick anything in my pussy you want to prove it so I can be your sex date tonight. Damned she got a cute sweet looking pussy to so I get in my knees and lick her pussy with my thong and she giggles (that tickles Billy she says) so I say how does this feel then I spread her legs further and put my entire mouth over her pussy and start licking, sucking and sliding my toung in and out of her pussy as she squeals and bounces on the bed then I stick my middle finger in my mouth and slide it in her pussy while she's watching she sighs and says that feels good but what else are you wanting to stick in their dad has something in his pants the he puts in mommy?

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So I think I have one thing left to show her and I stand up open my pants and pull them off, well I'm hard now and she just stairs and go's wow will the all fit in me Billy how big is it. I say Suzie Q its 8 and ¼ inches long and 5 and ¾ inches around actually bigger around than your arm and almost as long so do we stay home and watch TV or do we go to the drive-in and I make you a woman by fucking you senseless and blowing a load of cum up your tight little pussy she just looks up at me with her big round eyes and ask if her red dress and thigh high stockings will do for a night of me fucking her in my car at the drive-in?

Yep I'm sexy hot girls nude fuking free story if I fuck her and get caught with my cock in her and dammed by her if I don't so I say get a shower and get dressed we'll get a bugger a fries first and popcorn at the drive-in. Twenty minutes latter were in my car and on the way to the drive-in but buggers first as we stop at the A&W and get burgers, fries and cokes the car hope says hi Billy what you and Suzie doing all dressed up so I say well the sitter and my date coped out tonight so Suzie Q here is my date for the drive-in tonight the car hop going for the young stuff now uh Billy?

I just say well were both tired of the house and this at least different right.

Wife gets ass load of gooey creampie now were at the drive-in got the popcorn and were parked in the back somewhere Suzie Q looks over and asks Billy so when are you going to fuck me I look up and say you in a hurry to have a hard cock stuffed in that little pussy of yours Suzie and she damned right I am I want my big cocked hunk of a brother take my virginity and make me his fuck toy I look at her and she has her dress up and a finger working her clit.

I say Suzie Q what is so damned important about me getting putting my cock in you she just mom's got dad and I got you but I might share you with her if you want (I think damned this is strange) I say it's not real dark as of yet when it gets dark you'll get my cock and not before we have to be care full and not get caught sis.

She says ok I'll just keep playing with her to keep her wet for you and your cock big boy. As the movie starts I pull her over and pull my cock out and tell her suck my cock and swallow my cum and then I'll fuck you my little fuck toy.

With a smile on her lips she goes down and starts licking and sucking my cock I'm bad Horney so it doesn't take long to blow a load in her mouth the dammed little girl ain't bad at sucking cock just needs more practice so I slid her over and pull the gasoline jar out and grease her little fuck hole up and most of my cock to then I pick her up and have her guide my cock in her fuck hole I'm taking it slow in a lil bit out a lil bit and I keep it up for about 8 up and down slide then I pull her down hard and the head of my cock is kissing her womb opening her mouth is open and she says "OH FUCK" your big she has a couple tears in her eyes I lean forward and kiss her cheek and say congrats you're not a virgin anymore and your now my fuck toy with that I start fucking her slow and building up speed until she starts quivering and shaking and about to scream then I cover her mouth with a rag so no one will hear seer scream as I'm blowing a load in her pussy there's so much pressure it's squirting out of her around my cock I holed her close to my and rub my hand up and down her chest and belly and say two out of three holed just one more and you totally mine she goes like shit I'M yours now and I'm sleeping with you evarytime I get a chance.

Well we don't stay at the drive-in but a few more minutes and when we get home we get a shower and true to her word she's in my bed that night and gets fucked three more times the last just before we get a call from mom that they'll be home in 30 minutes and just as they are pulling up out front she's swalling a load.

Well I thought I was going to get with fucking my little 8 year old baby sister but as mom hugs sis and goes to kiss her hello sis opens her mouth with my cum mostly still there and gives mom a big wet kiss and I think OH MY GOD I'M DEAD MEAT then mom reaches between Suzie Qs legs and slides two finger up her pussy pulls them out covered with my cum and sticks them in her mouth and smiles at sis and says thank you she then sophia laure fucked at yoga full video up walks over to me takes hole of my chin and kisses me while shoving her thong down my throat and winks and says baby boy you and I need to talk real bad and real soon smiles and walks into the house.

And as I watch her shake her as walking into the house sis takes my hand and says cum on baby boy you have things to do.