Big booty latina humped big butt ass

Big booty latina humped big butt ass
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Tyler Gets Caught After School The Anderson's had three children, Matt 18, Tyler (a girl) 16 and young Carly 15.

Because of their occupations, the parents were not really involved much in terms of bringing up their children, and Matt became almost a father figure for the two girls. He was bossy, and Tyler and Carly learned to steer away from his wrath.

What the family didn't know, was that he had a few perverted ideas about sex and what was acceptable and what wasn't. On a regular basis, he would have some of his "guy" friends over and they would watch porn, talk about girls and openly pull out their raging cocks and shoot off in front of each other. The more they participated in these types of activities, the more they enjoyed themselves, sometimes even betting each other on how far their loads would travel as they mutually masturbated.

The best times for these actions were after school, since he got home before the girls. They had learned, even if they came into the house, not to interrupt Matt when he had friends over. But it was Tyler who crossed the line one Friday afternoon, when she came home early and made the mistake of looking out into the backyard and watched the guys run around totally naked, with their dangling cocks fully exposed. She was of course curious about boys.

In fact, what girl wouldn't have become a voyeur with all this "meat" for her to inspect. She shared a bedroom with her younger sister, and it looked out at the yard where all this lewd action was taking place. As soon as she realized what the boys were doing, she knelt down and watched for several minutes. Soon she secretly opened up her blouse and began to tweak her developing breasts at the nipples as she watched the older boys.

She actively inspected each of the boys' cocks and fantasized about touching each of them. Some of their shafts had to be 5" or 6" inches long, she thought! Tyler continued to pinch and pull on her buds making them stiff, but unfortunately, she had not remembered two things: one her brother was NOT among the guys horsing around outside and two, she had not remembered to close her bedroom door. All of a sudden he stormed into her room. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? SPYING ON US?" he asked.

Tyler wanted to die at that point, knowing how angry her brother could become. Unlike his naked friends, he had slipped on a pair of cut-offs while taking a pee inside. "I am so sorry.

. ." she began. . but was quickly interrupted. "And what's with the touchy beauteous teen in thraldom gets pussy wet action on your tits? I'll bet you didn't think I saw that did you?

I can't wait to tell mom and dad when they get home tonight about what their PERVERTED daughter was latina con un culo como para enmarcarlo in her bedroom!" he barked. "Matt. . why would you do that? Please don't tell them! Tell me you wouldn't be looking at me and my friends if I were running around NAKED in the backyard." "As if you've got big tits to look at.

You ain't even got a rack yet. You're the one doing the peeping girl, not me! Dad's gonna wail on your ass when he gets home, and I'm gonna laugh." Soon tears were pouring down her cheeks.

"Please Matt. . don't say anything. Can't I do something to make up for doing this? I won't do it again," she begged. This offer caught him by surprise and he began to reflect on her offer. Although she was just his younger sister.

. she was still a girl. . and maybe she was just the thing the guys would enjoy playing with . . as they shot off their loads. "Hmmmm, I hadn't thought about that. Maybe you CAN do something for me. And in exchange. . I will keep this quiet. . at least for now." Tyler stood up and quickly buttoned up her blouse. "Name it," she said walking over closer to him. "This is how it's going to go down. . I promise to not say a thing. . but you must promise to do whatever I ask.

. especially with my boys outside," he stated. "Matt. . what are you asking?" she said hearing them still running around with their cocks hanging out. "We need someone to do us favors and stuff. You know. . wait on us. I promise they will never like. . stick their DICKS in you, so don't worry about that, but otherwise you do what I say. And DON'T be surprised if I have you take off your clothes innocent teenie stretches wet vagina and gets deflowered virginity shagging time to time either.

Take it or leave it!" The 16-year-old shook her head and began to consider his offer. What choice did she have. . she asked herself? She knew her brother would exaggerate when telling her dad about her actions a few minutes earlier. "Ok. . when do I start?" she asked tentatively.

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"Now! Get out of your school clothes and I want you to put on THIS nightgown," he said grabbing a thin long chiffon white summer nightie he saw hanging in her closest, "and NO skivvies or underwear of any kind. I want you outside in five minutes. Carly will be home in a half hour. You only have to be with us for maybe 20 minutes. . and I don't want her to be part of this. Now do it!" he said slamming her bedroom door. Holy shit. . she thought.

I have certainly done it this time! Quickly she shed her skirt, blouse and shoes and sat on the bed. As she unsnapped her bra, she looked at herself in the dresser mirror and realized all four boys would soon be erika kurisu sucks cock and has cans touched at her without any clothes on. . she pert boobs teen rubs clit masturbation masturbating almost certain.

She stood up and quickly pulled off her pink panties and let them drop to the floor. She looked at her hairless pussy and for some reason. . her clit had begun to twitch at these thoughts and for whatever reason. . she slowly began to get truly excited. As she let her summer white nightie fall over her shoulders, she realized for the first time. . she was soon going to be looking at boy's cocks up close.

. with nothing to hide them! Tyler was about to put on some shoes, but remembered what her brother said. She moved through the kitchen, knowing he had set a 5-minute limit on her coming outside and then turned the door handle. Becoming Naked in Front of the Boys She immediately noticed the boys had huddled together and now each of them had on a pair of pants or shorts (but I'll bet nothing on underneath she thought). As soon as her brother heard the door close, he called her over.

"Tyler, come on over here and meet the guys," he said cordially. Embarrassed beyond her years she navigated through the grass in her bare feet and approached the four guys in her see-through nighty.

She also noticed one of the boys had a hose in his hand and the sprayer head was dripping. "Hi," she said cheerfully, not really knowing what to expect. "You're going to meet each of the guys up close next week. . upstairs in my room, but Jack here has a little surprise for you," said her brother. "It's sooooo hot, we thought we might help you get some relief," he said. Somewhat embarrassed, she just stared at the boy and attempted to make some sense out of what he was saying.

"Just stand still for us," he chirped and before she could say anything, the hose burst forth and a very cold spray was being applied directly to her chest. In seconds the thin fabric clung to her body, making her. . for all practice purposes topless.

Tyler's somewhat small, firm and pointed titties were on display. Her nipples were suddenly rigid and pointing out for attention.

. as her nudity began to ignite the passions of the boys watching. All four of them were now touching their cocks, hidden inside their shorts.

"Holy shit. . that's SO COLD," she yelled turning away from the spray. "Just stand still!" ordered her brother. Her face was now dripping wet as she looked down, staring at her developing breasts and excited about their impact on the horny boys.

One by one she looked at the front of their pants and their stiff rods were now poking forward as they looked at her exposed body. Even her brother, had to "adjust" his organ that had begun to show his arousal. The boy holding the hose passed it to the next boy who made a quick setting change on the flow of the water, and soon a vibrating pulse began to leave the head of the nozzle.

He quickly aimed it directly at her young pussy and she tried to block the flow until her brother said, "Put your hands behind your back Tyler, or I will strip you naked!" The other guys marveled at his control over the 16-year-old but what was REALLY happening was that despite the temperature of the water, the pulsating water vibrating across her now soaked pussy was beginning to arouse the teen. Almost like a cock tipped vibrator, she felt the hood of her clit peeking out between her two plump lips and the force of the water was almost like her fingers at night when she attempts to fondle herself to a satisfying climax.

Ten, fifteen, twenty seconds the boy kept the hose trained on her twat and soon she began having difficulty standing up because of the effect on her young body. "Enough," said her brother as he grabbed the hose and turned it off. All four boys were now examining her semi-naked flesh through the saturated white chiffon.

. and they obviously liked what they saw. "She sure is a looker," said one of the boys. "I can't wait to come back on Monday and try her out." "Go in and get changed Tyler. Your sister will be home in a few minutes and I don't want her to know you agreed to "meet our needs" for the next several days." The 16-year-old quickly scampered back into the house, dripping wet. She imagined the boys probably watched her tight little ass along the way. . and she was right. Monday after School During the day, it was difficult for Tyler to concentrate on her studies as her next encounter with the "boys" was about to take place right after school, and that is all that she thought about.

She knew they might make her strip naked for them, but she had also fantasized about seeing so many cocks. Her parents had not let her date, so thinking about the shape and size of the organs boys hid from her every day at school was inviting. What normally happened was that Matt brought his friends over around 2:30 and they had an hour or so until his youngest sister Milf takes on two lewd men japanese hardcore arrived home.

Tyler usually showed up around 3:00. Today, as soon as she entered the house, Matt greeted her with a big smile on his face. "Time to meet my boys," he said handing her a 12" wooden ruler in the kitchen. "What's this for?" she asked, putting down her backpack. "Today, I want you to learn all of our names. . by remembering how long our COCKS are, so this ruler should help. Go ahead and change your school clothes and put on the outfit I set out on your bed upstairs and quickly join us in my bedroom.

We only have about a half hour, so make it quick!" he said and quickly climbed the stairs to join his friends. As the 16-year-old inspected the ruler and walked down the hall to her bedroom, she began to wonder what she had gotten herself into. As she entered the room, she looked on her bed and noticed that her shortest pair of shorts and a see-through pink top that she normally wore as part of an outfit with a similar colored opaque blouse.

. waiting for her. Next to the outfit was a quickly written note, "Don't forget. Never wear underwear after school! It's against the rules of this house. " Tyler shook her head and had to laugh realizing she was soon going to be on display once again, just like the previous Friday where her naked body was only barely covered. She slipped off all her clothes and began to tug back on her shorts. They really were too small for her, but looking down they did suggestively highlight her camel toe pussy that she knew the guys would probably comment on.

. and hopefully like looking at. Next she put on the top they left for her, and buttoned up the front, leaving it outside of her shorts, since there was little room inside.

She moved up closer to the mirror and noticed. . even though she didn't have big breasts to speak of yet, her small little nipples were large and puffy, forming little mounds on her chest. Because the material was so transparent, her dark pink areolas, and stiff nipples in the center were already sticking out a good quarter inch. Her nipples were obviously responding to her raging hormones, and the excitement of being in a room all alone with four possibly naked horny boys truly excited her.

She began to leave the room, but remembered the ruler Matt had given her and picked it up from her bed and started to travel upstairs to his bedroom. Her parents had partially finished the attic into a large bedroom, where her brother entertained his friends.

Her grandparents had recently donated an old large screen television to the project, and Matt used it to display all his porn and adult pictures.

As she navigated to the door, she heard moaning inside the room, more than likely from a movie that was on. She timidly knocked on the door and Matt answered it. "Excellent. . come on in. Go ahead and pause that Dave.

You guys remember Tyler, right?" he said as she entered the room. Matt had a set of twin beds and two boys were sitting on the edge of one bed and another boy in the same position on the other bed facing each other. "Since my sister has volunteered to help us out after school, I think it is important that she learns not only our names and our COCK sizes.

So here is what you are going to home timtales by tim kruger fisting with each of us," he said. "Starting with that guy there," he said pointing to the boy with the remote, "you will go over in front of us, ask our name, and after we respond, we will stand up and then you will unzip our pants, pull them down and off and ask politely if you can measure our COCK.

Understand?" Tyler wasn't ready for what he was suggesting and immediately turned bright red with embarrassment. The boys began to laugh at her condition until the boy with the remote asked her to come over in front of him. Knowing she had little choice, she followed her brother's instructions.

"Hi. I think your name is Dave. . am I right?" she asked. "Yup. . that's me," threesome fuck lessons with blair and amber pornstars hardcore said. As the teen boy stood up, Tyler immediately noticed a huge lump already starting to grow inside his pants. With her heart beating at a mile a minute, she looked down and reached out to unbuckle his belt.

"Let's get these pants off you," she said. Dave took the opportunity to look at her titties that were only slightly covered by the top she was wearing. Although small in size, her rigid nipples showed him how excited she was. Next she unsnapped the button at the top of his jeans and then carefully began to pull down his zipper. You would expect the other guys would hoot and holler at this point, but the room was deathly silent as they watched the 16-year-old nervous girl, unleash his shaft.

Once the zipper was down, she was able to look inside and realized he was going commando. . and not wearing any underpants at all! She began to pull down the sides of his Levi's, and his stiff cock, without any delay flopped forward right into her face. Never having seen a boy's erect cock up close before, she paused and closely inspected his shaft. Then she remembered what she had to do next. "Dave. . can I measure how long your uh. . thing is?" she said nervously, almost whispering.

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The boys laughed at her embarrassment once again. "Only if you call my friend here," he said reaching inside and pulling out his erect shaft. .

"By the RIGHT name," he said correcting the young girl. "Alright. . Can I measure how long your. . COCK is, Dave?" she blurted out politely. "Yes you may," he said as he watched Tyler pull the ruler out of her back pocket. She very carefully placed it on top of his dangling shaft, close to his stomach and then looked at the point where it landed on the measuring device.

Looks like about 5 ½ inches she thought. "Thank you," she said and was about to move to the next boy, when Dave said: "Before we move on with our entertainment, watch this little video clip with us Tyler," and as the young teen turned towards the screen the video started up. What all five teenagers were now watching angela white karla jane in the weight of infidelity. . was a girl kneeling down on the floor with a boy's cock in each of her hands as she slowly jerked them off.

Matt's sister had never seen anything like the image on the screen before, and marveled at the command the girl had over the two boys whose faces indicated they were REALLY excited. The sound was on loud and you could hear both moaning and their appreciation.

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As the camera zoomed in on one of the over sized cocks, Dave again paused the image. "Next!" said Matt as he watched his sister move over to the next boy on the bed.

Looking back, she noticed Dave had remained standing, had stepped out of his jeans and was now slowly rubbing his cock up and down as she got ready to do the same performance with his friend. "What's your name?" she asked. He had been looking at her breasts through her top just like Dave. . when he answered, "I'm Jack. . like in I WANNA JACK OFF on your tits right now!" he said again causing laughter among his peers. "Hi Jack. . can I. . oh wait," she corrected herself as she reached out and unsnapped his shorts, which because of their too large waist size, immediately raced to his feet, leaving his cock flopping in front of her mouth.

Although similar in length to Dave's shaft, she immediately noticed that the thickness was considerably wider around. She imagined how much more difficult a cock like this would be going into her wet pussy. . but why would she be thinking about that she mused.

And then without thinking she said. . "Wow. . this one's pretty big isn't it? Can I measure how long it is?" she asked. "Uh huh. . but first, I need you to unbutton your blouse for me," said Jack now rubbing his shaft in between his fingers. "Alright," she said, suddenly realizing these guys would probably start asking for her to do many lewder actions, sooner or later. Starting at the top of her blouse, she began to unbutton the garment. Soon the first.

. second. . and third buttons were now open and as her blouse gaped wider she knew he and all the guys could see her firm, young bare tits. As she worked on the bottom button, Jack slipped his hand in between the open space and tweaked her nearby nipple in between his thumb and first finger and then pulled it out from her chest. . just as quickly. . looking up at her with playboy tv foursome season 1 episode 5 smile on his face.

"Easy boy," she said, realizing that his quick pinch had made her nipple immediately become taunt and send a shiver down all 19 12 15 xxx virgen way to her moist pussy. Pretending not to be alarmed, she laid the ruler on his shaft and recorded 5". Then she said to herself, 'Dave's is 5 ½ inches and Jack's is 5 inches'. The last boy, other than her brother, was behind her and temporarily slipping the ruler in her back pocket she turned around and faced him.

"And who are you?" she asked looking at the handsomest of the four guys alexa grace and natalia starr a smile on her face.

"They call me Johnson. . as in BIG Johnson," he declared as he stood up in front of the girl. He had to be 6 feet tall or taller, making him a full foot or more above her head. Johnson was wearing a thin sleek pair of black Nike shorts and she could NOT believe the length of the stiff rod that was obviously hiding inside. Like before, she turned scarlet. loves perky tits bounce in her casting deapthroat hardcore..

as she stared at the shaft bulging out the front of his pants. "Uh. . can I measure your. . uh cock?" she asked humbly marveling at the size. "Alright. . but take off your blouse for me," he requested. Although she wasn't surprised, and most of her naked chest was showing. . still the act of becoming topless in front of four boys was awkward for the teen.

She pulled the garment away from her small breasts and let it slide to the floor behind her. Then Tyler moved forward. . and not seeing a zipper or a tab at the top of his shorts, she slipped her fingers into the sides of the garment and began to pull them down.

Soon his cock got tangled up in the fabric and she paused, hoping he would assist. "Go ahead little sister. . GRAB MY COCK and pull it out of the way. I know you've been dying to touch a big cock all your life," he strongly stated. Knowing the other guys were watching, she tentatively reached in and circled his cock shaft with her fingers.

The skin was soft, despite the stiffness of his erect shaft. This act caused shivers to race down her back and her damp pussy to twitch with excitement. She slipped the shorts down past the massive organ to his knees.

Liking the feel of his immense cock in between her fingers, she left them there for a few seconds as she awkwardly pulled the ruler out to measure. As she slid the measuring device to his stomach she looked at the reading and realized it was exactly 7" long. She had no idea ANY boys cock could be THAT long! She thought. . how long would it get to be when he got older?

She finally let go of his shaft and it bolted upwards against his stomach. One to go, she thought. "Not so fast sister. . get on your knees and pull my shorts completely off," said Johnson. Tyler looked down, and with his cock sticking out so far, it would be very difficult for her to kneel in front of him without coming in contact with his shaft.

She looked around and watched all of the boys as they had already imagined this dilemma for her. If they wanted a little show, she was ready to give one, she thought. Tyler placed her trembling hands on the boy's bare waist on either side, and then looking down at his rigid cock, slowly knelt in front of him.

As her chin got even with his extended cock, she lightly grazed it and then as it moved up to her mouth she quickly tongued it from underneath and then it moved across her nose and eyes and finally dipped into her hair. She looked up at the well hung boy with a twinkle in her eye and then yanked his shorts off.

He stepped out of them and backed away slightly, not believing what she had just done. "How about us watching a little bit more of Tyler's. . Porno Special?" asked Dave who still had the remote. Tyler nodded her head and immediately the flick started again. The camera continued to zoom in on one of the over sized cocks, which she thought resembled Johnson's that had just slipped by her tongue. At this angle we now watched not only the thick cock in the girl's hand, but the fact that she was kneeling completely topless to certainly add to the boy's excitement.

The camera moved over to the other boy's cock that wasn't as thick but made up for it in the length. Tyler wondered how he was able to walk; it was so long. The camera angle changed again and it was now from the top and the horny teenage audience could tell the horny girl was moving the cocks closer to her face. As the cocks were moving. . the image stopped. "Time to finish our measurements, sis," said her brother.

"Hey Matt," she said with a smile on her face. . moving over to her brother. "Can I black big bobs teacher xxx story sex stories that cock yours?" she asked. "Yeah, but do it underneath for me," he instructed.

She realized once again she would be on her knees in front of another guy. So she knelt accordingly to do her final measurement. "On your KNEES Tyler!" he ordered, but the tone surprised everyone in the room. "Gather around guys and work those cocks for me as you watch my sister. Hasn't she got cute titties and a tight little ass?" Tyler felt an urgency to get a quick measurement, especially with how he was talking.

She gently placed the ruler under his long cock and in front of his hanging balls, the first pair of testicles she had seen. The length measured about 6 inches, as she placed the measuring tool on the underside of his shaft. As she was about to stand back up, she felt Matt's hand on her head, keeping her in a kneeling position. "Guys, I think we owe this cute little girl something for all her hard work," he said suddenly moving his other hand up and deliberately licking the palm.

. all over generously with his tongue. Johnson followed suit to her right and as she quickly glanced around the bedroom, the other two followed suit as well. This act seemed a bit gross and unexpected to the girl, but with her brother's hand on her head she wasn't in a position to question their activities.

"Go ahead and start that video back up Dave, and let's see if we can give Tyler a generous gift from EACH of us." Within seconds the action continued on the screen as the kneeling girl moved her curled fingers up and down both of the boys' cocks. The longer her hand jobs continued, the more the boys' hips began to buck forward, driving their shafts through the openings of the young girl's fingers. Soon Tyler's view was being blocked because Dave, Jack, Johnson and finally her brother were now within inches of her head and each of them were simultaneously jerking on their own cocks as they looked at the screen.

"Pinch and twist those titties for us," said Johnson as he began to touch the girl's forehead with his shaft. His pre-cum smeared thesandfly hot home frolics public nudity exhibitionist her skin as he moved it from side to side. Tyler should have been scared at their actions, but as soon as her fingers found mom and son real hot sax rigid nipples, she knew she was going to enjoy whatever followed.

"What's gonna happen Tyler?" yelled out Dave. As the girl fondled and twisted her stiff buds she said: "You guys are gonna SHOOT your stuff, all over me" she moaned, surprised at the tone of her voice.

"And where is it going to land?" chimed in Jack, now vigorously wanking on his organ and watching the topless teen girl begin to masturbate in front of him. "On my sunny leon xxx with condom life hack and on my tits. . All OVER me!" she yelled now rubbing her titties as well as her hidden clit under her shorts.

She didn't see the action on the screen, but all four boys did and as soon as the cum started to stream in the video. . they let each of their loads explode all over Tyler. Matt was directly in front of his sister and his cock immediately shot two or three quick bursts directly at her face. The girl closed her eyes, but felt another stream of hot cum shoot onto her neck and then over her shoulders.

"Open up your mouth," yelled Johnson as he moved forward and ejaculated a steady stream of hot gooey cum into the 16-year-olds mouth. In every direction Tyler felt the warm stream of semen directed onto her skin. Four, five, six shots each continued to spray against her skin.

Soon the collection of boy's cum began to coat her topless body, making it shine and she couldn't stop her own climax from overwhelming her body. As each stream of cum was deposited on her skin, her quivering and shaking body screamed in multiple orgasms. Someone was pulling her back, and rather than fighting their efforts, she simply laid back onto the floor. As she looked up, four long cocks continued to shoot cream mainly onto her small breasts, face and into her open mouth.

Again and again they kept their onslaught of cum hitting all over the girl. . causing her to enjoy every second of it. At the same time, she had two fingers in her twat, masturbating herself, much like the boys.

Slowly their cocks began to shrink and stop flowing their juices and everyone slowly attempted to recover. "We gotta stop for today. My little sister will be home soon and I don't want her to see us. We'll see you guys tomorrow. You gonna be able to make it Tyler? I think you enjoyed yourself today." he teased. "Absolutely. This was SOOOOOO FUCKING AWESOME!" she said sitting up and trying to push the cum out of her eyes so that she could see.

Someone tossed over their underpants and she began to wipe off around her eyes. Suddenly there was a flash, and she realized her brother had begun to take pictures of her cum stained body. Flash, flash, flash. . maybe ten times from many angles. One of them had Johnson lean down and place his cock on her lips. "I'll send you guys' copies later tonight," he said.

"Tyler, get yourself together and get down stairs." She picked up her top, but remained topless and opened up the door as she ran down the hall. As she worked her way downstairs, the back door opened and Carly entered. Holy shit, she thought as she quickly ducked into the bathroom, locked the door and turned on the light. The image in front of her was fucking incredible! She thought. . FOUR GUYS HAD JUST SPRAYED ME WITH THEIR HOT CUM AND IT WAS AWESOME!

What would they do with me tomorrow she thought? But despite Tyler's efforts. . 15-year-old Carly had caught an unforgettable sight in front of her. She couldn't understand why her sister would be running into the bathroom half naked. . without a top on with her brother obviously still home!