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Hardcore anal fingering solo lexy bandera gets her pipes cleaned by a meaty cock
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'You have got to be kidding!' Lucy said, summarily dismissing the suggestion. 'Come on babe, it'll be fun. We'll get our scares on.

Beer, wine, and spirits. of the dead' Jack raised his hands up over his head and made ghost noises. Lucy laughed. 'Weirdo' she said grinning at her boyfriend. It had become a badly overused Halloween cliche; partying the night away in a supposedly haunted house. The house in question was actually a long abandoned motel, and the story attached to it was the typical far fetched tale of brutal murder followed by equally gory revenge from the grave.

There were numerous variations in circulation, changing over time like Chinese whispers but the basics, the core of the story, remained surprisingly consistent through the generations; Back in the 1920's a newly married couple, delayed on the road, had come to stay the night on their way to their honeymoon destination, a private cabin by Lake Cachuma. Had they known that they were only another forty five minutes drive away chances are that they would have continued on, and perhaps their grandchildren would be telling tales of a different grizzly crime at that damp-ridden ramshackle old eyesore of a building.

But they were road weary and unsure of the way. Why they didn't simply ask directions was explained away by a stream of later additions to the story, the Motel clerk was first deaf and blind and then also mute. Questions regarding how he managed to perform his duties at all later led to him losing his various disabilities and simply being a recluse who had never left the building, then a horribly scarred recluse.

Then a horribly scarred recluse with webbed fingers and toes, and a habit of spying on amorous couples through tiny pinholes in the walls while masturbating himself with sandpaper. It is said that on a still night, if you listen carefully, you can still hear the shrill cries of him shredding his cock to agonising climax. Having booked in and taken room 13 the couple had settled down to bed for the night when they heard gunshots from outside.

Being a man of the law, the groom went outside to investigate and was shot in the leg by a notorious (yet strangely unnamed) mobster on the run from the police. What followed, according to the story, was a brutal night of physical and psychological torture for the unlucky couple who were found dead the next morning, having suffered numerous cuts, blows and stab wounds.

The alleged perpetrator had fled in the early hours, but was found drowned in the lake after taking the couple's belongings and using their honeymoon getaway as a hideout.

The legend has it that he fled the cabin in terror and drowned himself after encountering the angry spirits of the murdered couple soon after his arrival, and being driven mad by the horrors they subjected him to. It is also said that the twisted look of terror on his face was mom seeping son sex mom horrific that the superstitious local police chief had his head removed before taking the body to the mortuary.

The final part of the story tells that the spirits returned to the motel, forever reliving their last night on earth, and claiming the souls of anyone who dared to spend the night in their room.

The truth of the story was pretty teagan play her nice pussy and get licked very different, but elements of truth clung doggedly to the tale like spectres protecting their resting place.

Jack had set up dozens of candles in the best room he could find at the motel. He had cleaned it up, brought sleeping bags, copious amounts of alcohol, lovesome teen stretches wet slit and gets deflorated defloration virginity and a boom box for some music among other things. Tonight was the night he planned to finally get it on with Lucy.

All that was left was to get her there. It wasn't just about sex. He had become somewhat besotted with her over the last three months. She made him laugh when ordinarily he was the one expected to make the jokes. She had a kindness about redhead teenie lets boyfriends daddy fingerfuck her that was rare in the high school environment, which was usually so full of brash, shallow, image driven clones.

Lucy had helped out Colin Davis, generally known as 'Dipshit Davis' due to his very obvious academic shortcomings, with his English assignment. The guys had suggested that Jack kick his ass for spending a good chunk of the night alone with his girlfriend, and the old jack might have done just that, but something in him had changed by her presence around him and having gotten Davis alone he found himself offering to pair up with him for their Biology practical, another of Davis' many weak areas.

The feeling that he got after that was something new and strange to him, it felt good. Lucy was dead against the motel idea. As attached as she had become to jack, having seen him change subtly from week to week, and as much as she now trusted him, spending Halloween in that filthy, creepy old place when there were parties everywhere to go to was not an appealing option to her.

She did hope gorgeoud blonde teen playing in the shower get some time alone with jack tonight though. She had tested and teased him to distraction and despite her initial expectations, he had passed with flying colours. Tonight, given the chance, she would finally get intimate with him.

On Halloween night they found themselves at Lucy's friend Chloe's party, an over-the-top extravaganza of all things fancy dress. Jack resigned himself to collecting his stuff from the motel tomorrow, he could try again some other time. He had dressed himself as a standard murder victim, blood stains down his white t-shirt and gory wounds plastered across his face and neck.

Lucy had resisted the Little Beau Peep costume. As hot as she looked in it, it just wasn't Halloween enough. Instead she went for the sexy vampiress, with it's short leather skirt, and bra, fishnet body stocking, and knee length leather boots. She had looked herself over in the mirror before meeting Jack and given herself an appreciative 'Oh yeah.' On his first scan over his girlfriends outfit, her curvy body hugged tightly in leather and nylon, the long black hair let down over her face and back, her deep red bee-stung lips, he knew that if he didn't have sex with her tonight he was going to have to jerk himself to sleep.

If truth be told he did that most nights anyway. His youthful libido focusing on the moment he would finally slide inside of Lucy and feel her tightness around him.

He was blissfully unaware that Lucy frequently did much the same at night. Listening to the sounds of her virgo marie pov of her fucking her dildo doggystyle in her big ass tube porn in the next room secretly fucking her boyfriend, and sliding two fingers into her moist pussy, imaging that the sounds were those of Jack thrusting between her thighs and her own gasps of delight. The party was excellent, up to and exceeding Chloe's usual standards.

Drink flowed and vampires, werewolves, mummies, Freddy Kreugers, Jasons, zombies and a slew of other horror regulars danced and drank the night away. Lucy was relieved by her choice three Little Beau Peeps had shown up along with four sexy cat's and more 'scream' hot lapdance by blonde in latex dress than was right or proper. Lucy was eager to get Jack alone somewhere. Jack was equally as eager, glancing over to drink in her beauty every time they parted to talk to friends.

At 2am the party was still going strong. Jack's neck wound was peeling off as he danced with a caveman and his cave girlfriend. Lucy went over and took him by the hand, leading him to an empty corner. She reached up and slid a finger over the wound. Jack turned to look at her and they locked eyes. Something clicked right there and then. They both knew it. Whether it was the drink, the exertion of dancing, the outfits, or just hormones, something had slid into place just then.

'Wanna get out of here?' Lucy asked, grinning at her boyfriend. 'Yeah, I think I do.' he replied returning his own grin. 'Still wanna check out the creepy motel?' she asked. She knew that Jack had set the place up for them, although it was supposed to be a surprise. He had made the mistake of telling Chloe, who had promptly passed it on to her.

It wasn't her ideal choice but she knew how much effort Jack had gone to, and in the moment she wanted to know what he had created there for them. She would be safe with jack, she knew that. 'Sure' he laughed 'You think you can handle the ghosts and ghouls?' Lucy slid herself over and sat on his lap, easing her arms around his neck. 'Well' she said in the sexiest voice she could muster, 'I was kinda hoping that you would make me scream tonight.' It was music to Jack's ears.

His tiredness disappeared, his eyes lit up and his cock stiffened in an instant. Lucy felt it harden against her buttocks and giggled. 'Mmmmm.I see you like that idea.' she said grinding herself on his crotch.

Jack reached up to kiss her. Lucy put a finger to his lips as they moved within range of hers.

'let's go.' She said and led Jack outside. It was a twenty minute walk from Chloe's house to the old motel. The chilly late October air did nothing to cool Jack or Lucy's libido's. The anticipation of their first night of sex together grew as every step brought them closer to what they had fantasised about so often.

Big booty ebony whore is happy to show her ass in the shower barely talked on the way. Everything that needed to be said so far that night had been said and it was perfect. They strolled hand in hand smiling to themselves. The grounds of the building were surrounded by hedges and bushes which had grown wild over it's long years of abandonment.

Jack led Lucy off the road and to the spot where he had parted them for access over the previous couple of days. Lucy's first glimpse of the place as she stepped through sent a chill through her bones.

Shrouded by darkness it looked like a place where bad things happen, somewhere you may not come back out of, or at least not the same as when you went in. Lucy shrugged the thought from her mind and linked Jack's arm as he led her up. 'Really?' she asked 'Room 13?' He hadn't picked the number deliberately for any scary connotations it might hold, it just happened to be the room with the least amount of damage, and the only room with the windows still intact.

In retrospect he liked the choice. 'Unlucky for some,' he said raising an eyebrow. 'But not for you.' Lucy grabbed his ass as he pushed at the jammed door, scraping it along the floor to get it open. The hinges creaked wearily like distressed cats mewling at each other. 'Just wait a minute.' He went inside alone and set about lighting the candles, wanting the place ready for his beautiful girlfriend's entry.

He wanted everything to be perfect for them tonight and so far it couldn't have gone any better. Lucy looked hotter than he had ever seen, his plan to bring her here had worked out against all the odds, and she was as ready as he was to take the next step. 'OK, I'm ready' he shouted out. Lucy stepped in, threw her hands up to her mouth and shrieked. The room was littered with dozens of cushions. Candles spread all around cast a tint of gold over them. He had painted the room a dark red to cover the damp, and lit incense sticks to cover the faint remains of the smell.

On the floor lay a trail of red rose petals leading to the biggest of the piles of cushions and spread all over the top of them. 'This is.this is.amazing.' She was taken aback that he had been able to turn the room into such a thing of beauty. 'Well it's not perfect, but I did my best.' he smiled, relieved that his efforts had been so favourably received.

'It is perfect,' Lucy said, stepping dead or alive porn sfm christie hot fucking big dick his arms, 'and so are you.' She kissed him deeply and he stepped backward dragging her gently to the pile of cushions where he dropped himself down. They laughed as they bounced into the luxurious pile. 'You want a drink?' Jack asked. 'No.' Lucy smiled and slid her hands up his t-shirt, stroking his chest.

'I want you'. They kissed again. Jack turned her, and she turned him. They rolled on the cushions, stroking one another gently. His hands found her breasts and squeezed. He had been this far with her before and loved how they filled his palms.

Lucy undid her leather bra top and flung it aside. Her high firm breasts strained against the fishnet body stocking. He fell on them like an animal kissing and licking her nipples through the nylon.

Lucy pushed his head back then smiled and ripped open the material, offering him the bare flesh. Jack flung his t-shirt off over his head and returned to his feast, greedily lapping at her tits. A hand made it's way up her leg and under her skirt. A wave of excitement coursed through him as he felt the lacy material of her panties and pushed them aside. The body stocking was crotchless and as his fingers brushed her labia she let out a gasp.

His mouth moved down her slowly, full of eagerness but wanting to kiss every inch of her on his way down to the prize. Lucy slid her hand under herself and pulled down the zip of her skirt. Jack eased it down her legs and chastity lynn sex in plane it on top of her bra.

He stared at her neatly trimmed pussy, the moist inviting place of his dreams. He went lp officer romping fallon loves tight vagina on her then. Lucy squirmed and told him how good he was, how good his tongue felt, how much she wanted him, how horny she was. Jack's cock was aching, begging him to put it inside of that sweet tight hole. Knowing the pleasure he was giving Lucy, seeing her arch her back and moan out, he could have happily used his tongue on her all night just to hear those sounds.

Lucy gasped out, 'Please jack, now, I need you in me. I need it so bad.' Jack hastily undid his pants and pulled them off.

His hard-on bounced out as he yanked down his boxers. He knelt between Lucy's open thighs, holding his straining erection, again staring at her prize.

This was the moment he had been waiting for, planning for, anticipating for months. It was now. Lucy sighed. She wanted to hold his gaze when they shared their first penetration together, to see the look in his eyes when he felt her fat blonde interrcial anal and pussy creampie around him.

She opened her eyes. .and screamed. She screamed like one of the scream queens from the horror movies she and her Sister were so fond of watching in the dark, an ear splitting, piercing shriek of a scream.

Jack flung himself off of her and onto his back by her side. He had the opposite reaction, stunned into silence. Before them stood a couple. On the one hand a couple who looked as real as any couple, as corporeal as Jack and Lucy. But on the old mom seduces her daughters bf tube porn hand carrying around them a strange light, a luminescence, an ethereal quality.

Jack and Lucy looked at each other, they were in no state to run and the couple, the things, whatever they might be, were between them and the only exit. 'Don't be afraid,' the woman said 'We didn't mean to frighten you.' 'My name is Robert' the man said, if indeed it was a man.

'And I'm Alana,' the woman added softly, her voice like an echo. 'This is our. well not our home.' she said large knob hammers hot asian pussy japanese hardcore a sadness to her voice.

'We are trapped here, we have been trapped here for nearly ninety years now.' she continued. Jack's impressive erection had disappeared, leaving a shriveled looking tube in it's place. He became suddenly aware of his nakedness and thrust a cushion over his crotch.

Lucy did the same, covering her breasts and crossing her legs. 'The story. You're the couple from the story' Lucy stuttered out. She could tell by the clothing that they were from another time. His pinstripe waistcoat and trilby hat less so than the woman's silvery flapper dress and headband, adorned as it was with an over sized feather curving from the ear over her short boyish hair.

The couple looked at each other and smiled. 'There are many stories, most of them untrue.' Alana said. 'You have nothing to fear from us.' Robert added. 'We have no wish, nor the power to harm you.' He demonstrated by trying to grasp the door knob.

His hand passed through and reappeared when he withdrew it. 'At best, if we really try, we could make one of your candle's flicker, but nothing more.' 'It's only on this night, Hallows Eve, that we can even appear to the living.' Alana said.

'When the veil between worlds is at it's thinnest.' 'What do you want from us? Are you ghosts?' Jack asked, the fear in his voice still tangible despite tat euro slut bukkake european and facial assurances from the pair.

'Well, we are more spirits than ghosts.' Alana offered. 'The difference really isn't important anymore, not after the time we have been here. But it's on this night and this alone each year that we have a chance to leave this world and go to ours.' 'Why don't you?' Lucy asked, intrigued and now excited rather than afraid.

'Because our bodies left this place with something left undone. Until it is done we are stuck here. Once it is done the doorway will open for us and we can find our peace at last.' Robert explained. 'Will you help us?' Alana asked, she stepped forward, an urgency in her voice. Jack flinched and Alana stepped back aware of his fear.

He was out of his comfort zone. He wanted to be out of there. The supernatural had always terrified him, even though he proclaimed it all to be nonsense. 'How?' Lucy asked. 'That's the part that is difficult to ask of the living.' Robert said.

'It was our wedding night, that much of the stories you hear are true. Before we could. well., consummate our marriage we were taken.' Alana's voice saddened more with each remembrance.

'What we would ask, what would set us free, would be to join with your bodies and perform the act of love we planned for our first night as a wife and husband, an act we never performed together in life.' 'WHAT?' Jack blurted out. Lucy smiled. 'They want to sort of possess us and have sex, right?' She turned to them.

'That's not they way I would have put it, but essentially, yes.' Robert said. Alana looked at her husband. Lucy could see hope in her watery eyes, a smile on her pretty face.' 'Could we have a moment to latina con un culo como para enmarcarlo about this?' Lucy asked.

With a nod from Robert the two apparitions disappeared. Lucy turned to her boyfriend and took his hand. 'Jack,' she said pleadingly, 'We have to do this. Almost ninety years they've been stuck here. How did we feel after ninety days?' Lucy had a point Jack couldn't deny, but the idea of a spirit possessing him and using his body to have sex was just weird. As if sensing the reason for his reluctance Lucy added, 'It's my body you'll be screwing.' He was not convinced of it.

Being around Lucy had given him an appreciation of doing the right thing but this was way beyond the call of duty. 'It takes a special kind of person to do something like this,' she said, 'and I promise you the best reward you could ever dream of.' She slipped her hand under the cushion and stroked his cock, feeling it instantly respond to her touch.

'All right, all right, I'll do it.' Jack smiled. Anything to make Lucy happy, but he had a bad feeling about it all the same. Lucy shouted for the spirit couple and they reappeared as instantly as they had gone. 'We'll do it.' She beamed at them. 'Just don't do any weird stuff OK.' Jack quickly added. 'Well, maybe a little.' Lucy whispered, smiling naughtily at the couple. Alana's face was a picture of joy.

She thanked them repeatedly, her eyes now showing the sparkly green they had once been. Robert looked relieved, as though the weight of the world had been taken from his shoulders. His eyes took on a bright blue.

Lucy shared in their happiness. 'OK then, so what do we have to do?' she asked. 'Just accept us in when we come to you, it will feel a little strange, but just let it happen.' Robert told them. 'If you resist we cannot take control.' The spirits moved toward them. Alana reached out to Lucy and Robert to jack. Lucy felt a tingle as Alana stepped into her. It was pleasant and easy.

Robert had a harder time with jack, but eventually he relaxed and allowed the spirit into it's temporary home. It was a moment of shock when Lucy found herself staring at her body. Alana was checking herself out, touching her new arms and legs, her face and breasts. A smile broadened on her face, Lucy's face.

'Robert' she shouted in Lucy's voice. Robert was doing the same but it was only moments until he was feeling her flesh too, and she feeling his.

Jack appeared beside her, dumbstruck and silent. 'Shit.' he said, turning to his ghostly girlfriend. 'This is cool.' Lucy said looking at herself. She appeared to be dressed the same as her body, as was Jack. She tried touching him and gasped when her arm passed straight through.

'Thank you,' Alana said turning to them, 'Thank you so much for this.' Robert kissed her. Something he hadn't done in almost ninety years. It wasn't Alana's lips but he could sense her in this beautiful girl's body.

Alana had been shorter than Lucy, and thinner, but with beautiful soft curves, particularly the hips, and an outstanding beauty to her face that made her the envy of the social scene at the time. Robert himself was happy with his new body.

This one was younger, fitter, stronger, and healthier. Alana's hands roamed all over it, taking in the warmth of his flesh, kissing him deeply and passionately. Only she could kiss like that. She in turn sensed familiarity in the way he touched her, gently cupping her breasts, stroking her thighs and hips, running a finger along the nape of her neck, which always sent a pleasurable shiver through her. 'Fuck me' she said. Lucy was a little shocked. She had expected something along the lines of 'Oh, make love to me my darling.' But she knew nothing of the 1920's, and unlike Robert, Alana skinny girl shows her body in the kitchen never been the shy type.

Robert was ravenous. His hands ripped at the body stocking, tearing it from his wife. His mouth roamed her body, kissing, licking, nibbling. His hands grasping and stroking and tearing. He had waited so long for this, close to ninety years of desire exploding out from him. Lucy and Jack were entranced. It was like watching a live porno staring themselves. Lucy felt a hint of voyeurism watching Alana and Robert, but it was her's and Jack's bodies. They both agreed that they looked good together.

Jack was impressed by his erection. Alana was stroking it, pumping her fist up and down it's thick length while Robert kissed her neck and squeezed her tits. The couple were oblivious to the original inhabitants of the bodies they were now enjoying, lost in decades of pent up passion.

Jack watched Alana go down on her husband. Her full lips pouted over the tip of his cock and her mouth slid slowly down. A moment he had dreamed about seeing, about feeling, Lucy's lips around his cock. It looked sensational. Lucy winked at him. He found his spirit body getting an erection, a phantom hard-on, but he was unable to touch nina and anya olsen satisfying each pussies on the couch masturbate and fingering. Robert found himself in tears.

The flood of emotion, of sensation, overwhelming him. Alana, his beautiful wife, was gorging herself on his cock, making full use of the borrowed mouth. She swirled her tongue around it and with an unexpected suddenness he ejaculated into her mouth. Alana kept on sucking as he pumped his load into her sooner than he would have wanted, gasping frantically. 'That was him, not me.' Jack said to Lucy. 'Yeah, right.' Lucy grinned. Jack hoped that was the end of it.

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He wanted his body back, and he was desperate to fuck Lucy once and for all. He noticed that her body's eyes had turned the same green as Alana's, that his own now busty milf cfnm sucking pornstars and big tits blue eyes like Robert's. Lucy noticed it too, and a slight thinning of her usual plump lips.

Her breasts appeared smaller too. She could understand the eyes changing, somehow it felt like it should happen that way, but she put the rest down to seeing her body from the outside, her assessment of herself realigning with reality, or perhaps her mind being confused that it was not in the place it was used to. Robert had a firm hold on his temporary cock. It stayed hard as Alana slipped her mouth from it and swallowed his semen in one loud gulp. He could see her in Lucy's face now and his desire grew even stronger despite his release.

Alana could see Robert in his face too now. The way he smiled, the lines that appeared around his eyes, the thicker eyebrows than the wisps Jack had sported. She smiled at him and stroked his face then climbed onto his lap. He took her waist and felt it narrow to his touch, as slender as Alana had been. He looked up and saw her hair had shortened. Still long compared to Alana's style but now only reaching her neck.

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She slid herself eagerly onto his raging erection, the beauty of her face a picture of lust as for the first time country girl head from instagram tube porn felt himself penetrate her.

He groaned out. It was Alana he entered, Alana's spirit in what was now fast becoming Alana's body. She touched his chest as she cried out in pleasure and felt it recede to the proportions of her husband. Not the buff athletic physique of Jack the sportsman, but of Robert, her hard working husband. Hairy chested, taller, rougher hands which she now felt slide up her thighs as she rode him. Lucy was shocked.

Was this supposed to happen? Would they go back to normal when they got back into their bodies? Robert and Alana were a good looking couple but she was used to her body. While she would happily keep the beautiful green eyes she would prefer to have back what she was used to in the other departments. Jack was too dumb-founded to think anything much at all. He simply stared. Robert lay back and watched the pale slender body of Alana as she bucked back and forth on his cock, which was now ever so slightly smaller, but a hardier beast than before.

Alana tightened around him as the rest of her transformation took place and he grunted in delight at the feel of her tunnel clasping him. She raised herself up and slid back down on him, smiling and holding his eyes, green to blue. 'Oh yes' she gasped out, and hearing her voice, her true voice, her accent, her intonation hitting his ears drove him wild.

This was the woman he loved, and had done for so long now, and he was inside of her finally. He reached up and took a hold of her, thrusting her up and down on him hard. Every gasp of Yes urging him on more. Alana felt she was already in heaven, or whatever was on the other side of that white light she knew awaited her. The feel of his rough hands driving her up and down, the hands she had ached to feel touching her. The cock she had ached to feel inside of her for so long.

Robert pushed forward and eased her onto her back, resting his wife on the cushions. He looked down at her sprawled out before milf by the pool needs anal big dick and big butt, her small breasts, perfectly rounded and soft as he remembered them.

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Alana spread her legs apart and he thrust himself into her again, impaling her deep and hard. 'Wow.' Lucy said seeing Alana jerk with the motion and throw her head back in pleasure. Now she really did feel like a voyeur. Robert put his hands on Alana's hips and began rhythmically jazmine beach gets her spanish face cum blasted in and out of her wet pussy. He would never have stopped at the motel had he known what was to happen, but this feeling, her tightness yielding to his thrusting manhood, was worth waiting for.

Fate had ensured that they would experience this together and years of frustration melted away as they melted into one anothers glistening flesh. He kissed futanari teen licks own cock lips again, this time Alana's lips, and she wrapped her arms around his back.

The mixture of love and lust in her eyes was mirrored in his own. He thrust in hard again, his rhythm speeding. Her mouth opened as she orgasmed in a flourish. She tightened still further around his hard pumping member and writhed beneath him, urging him on, harder, more.

Lucy and Jack noticed the light that seemed to be slowly filling the room, like a dimmer someone was slowly turning up. Alana and Robert were lost in each other, rutting like animals on the bed of cushions, rose petals sticking to their sweaty skin. As if in perfect timing the light increased from all around as the couple built to their crescendo.

Robert continued his frenzied thrusting into Alana, grunting to her gasps, stroking her tits. Her pussy so warm, so wet, so blissfully tight. They too now became aware of the light and again met one anothers gaze.

A moment of knowing was shared between them. Alana knew what had to happen now. Her husband's cock was pounding her relentlessly, wonderfully. He was close and she knew they would only have moments. For the second time that night she felt him explode inside of her, this time deep in her sex, this time it was truly his cock.

The light became so bright she couldn't see anything, just a pure warm, welcoming white. With a cry of ecstacy Robert came hard inside of her, his semen jetting out in thick streams, filling Alana with his seed while the light bathed him, but he too knew what had to be done now.

Lucy and Jack tried to close their eyes to the glare, but closing spirit eyes seemed to do nothing to dim it to any degree. They could hear the sounds from the cushions, Robert's final grunts of ejaculation, Alana crying out in pleasure, then movement. The light continued, the pair were drawn to the cushions where their bodies had been and felt themselves almost glide there and fall.

They felt themselves touch the flesh, the tingle of familiarity, then a flash of pain. They passed out. The light was too blinding, the pull of their bodies trying to drag them back was too much. They awoke again simultaneously, minutes later. At the same time Robert and Alana stepped out into the chill night, hand in hand and naked as the day they were born. 'I feel a little bad for them. She was such a sweet girl.' Alana said. 'Almost as sweet as you back then.

They'll get used to it.' Robert replied. 'Maybe we should have gone, when the light came I mean.' 'We have a chance now, a chance to have our life together.' He reassured her. 'And I want a lot more nights like tonight before I move on.' He squeezed her hand and she gave him a naughty smile. It hadn't been until they had truly felt one anothers touch that they had known they would stay, that they had to keep the bodies.

'Someone will come along for them, like they came along for us.' He added. 'Or like we did for. what were their names now.? Annie and William was it?' Robert smiled. 'We should find them and pay a little visit.' 'Oh they'll be long dead by now, and we have a whole new world to explore.' Alana was excited to find out how things had changed. 'A whole new world to explore.' Robert repeated back to her. He looked at his beautiful wife and smiled.

'Together.' He kissed her and felt himself grow hard again. Inside room 13 Lucy and Jack lay on the cushions unable to feel them, unable to touch or feel anything. 'Shit.' Jack said. 'Shit.' Lucy echoed. The end.