Laundry day with adrian maya and xianna hill

Laundry day with adrian maya and xianna hill
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K9 Fun As it had happened I was on one of my US trips. I decided to schedule my work in such a way that I could spend some good time with my love Kiki.

I wrote to her that she should keep coming weekly holiday free when we would be together. She readily agreed and I landed as planned. I landed in Kiki's town when it was dark and warm. The weather was good but I was tired so I decided to sleep during the night but phoned her that I would be coming to her early morning and we would go together for camping.

I knew she had camping equipment which could fit into her truck. Actually she wished to camp many times but could not for various reasons. That was the reason why she readily agreed to join me in the first place. I reached her as planned. We had coffee. She hugged me and I could feel blood rushing and I became horny.

But I did not want to lose on the fun so I said, "Baby, let us reserve this fun for a later event." Kiki smiled and gave me a very sensuous deep kiss twirling her tongue in my mouth for a long, long time.

I managed to remain afloat and did not start a session. Kiki had made her truck ready. She jumped and started driving. She had already decided on one spot which was about hundred miles away. I sat in the neighboring seat and the equipment was in the load-body. Kiki wore a very provocative dress--a diaphanous light blue top which was short at the neck south african woman with big ass was short enough to show spy facial customers wife wants the d slightly puffed belly with its beautiful button.

She wore black tight shorts which accentuated her abundant curves and time and again I felt her thighs with my palm and took it towards her pussy and rubbed it just to keep her sex engine running and ready when the time came. Actually I could feel the wetness of her cunt while doctor six 1 time six from outside of her shorts and also the stickiness of her pussy-juice.

We chose a nice small clearing near a wonderful stream and put up our tent. I put a rug on the floor and Kiki made coffee for us. We then lay kissing and fondling each other. We had a quick lunch of baked beans and chicken sandwiches washed with nice red wine. Then we slept in each other's arms for a couple of hours. It was afternoon when we got up.

Actually Kiki was just stirring and I woke up fully to find a stray but healthy looking dog at the door of our tent looking intently at Kiki. I looked at his gaze and followed it. He was probably looking at Kiki's crotch.

Kiki had still her shorts on and her sleeping posture showed quite a bit of her ass and one pink fold of her pussy. I instinctively looked at the dog's genitals and found that though his red shaft had not come out of the sheath as yet it was certainly throbbing. Now such things happen when animals are aroused so we should neglect these happenings as natural. I felt the dog would be a good protector for us and decided not to shoo him away. He became bold after some time and came inside the tent and sat in one corner watching us all the time.

Kiki incidentally was probably unaware of the dog's gaze towards her but she sure was sending her female scent. We cooked dinner on a portable stove brought by Kiki. It consisted of hot soup, stew and bread.

As dessert we ate some sweetened yoghurt. When we sat for eating the dog stood and started wagging his tail.

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I gave him some bread and also remains of our morning meal--chicken sandwiches to eat. He went into his corner and got busy in eating. When we finished our eating the dog was still busy eating.

We put off the light and cuddled with each other. I removed my clothes and tore off the scant shorts of Kiki and removed her top too. I fondled her breasts and played with the huge soft spongy melons till Kiki started flowing her cunt juices. She held my erect cock in her palm and started squeezing it. Already rigid it became even more so. She started pumping my cock and I kissed her deep inside her mouth and touched her lovely asshole and wet slit.

Her clit was also growing and throbbing. We played with each other's genitals for a very long time. Then Kiki moved and changed position. I could sense that she wanted to do a 69. As it is she loves a blowjob.

She rotated herself completely and took my rigid penis into her mouth and slowly started coating it with her saliva. I could feel the warmth of her mouth and I was shivering with joy each time she moved her very wet tongue over the tip of my cock. I was also equal to her in offering pleasure. Her creased lovely asshole had a typical mixture of smells. A faint scent of her shit which was not disagreeable and overpowering mixed with the lovely scent of her cunt made me wild.

I licked her asshole till it became wet like a rain soaked kerchief. The softened tissue of her asshole became very accessible to my tongue and finger.

I gently put my finger deep inside. Wet saliva entered into Kiki's rectum. She probably had put some deodorant of lavender perfume near her pussy and ass so it really felt very exciting to play with her ass. Time and again I squeezed and gently bit her sumptuous bums and Kiki screamed with pleasure whispering and asking me for more. Kiki now proceeded to lick my balls and very sensitive part of my scrotum. I too almost shouted with pleasure.

Before I could know what was happening she was gently pulling hair around my shit hole. Then she too started doing what I was doing to her. She groped my asshole, fingered it and licked it for a long time.

Now was the time to do next thing. I slid my tongue from her asshole to her cunt which had widened expectantly and was liberally flowing out its contents.

The sticky and lovely smelling liquid tasted nice too. Her cunt-bud was now erect like a small boy's penis and she was guiding it towards my moving tongue. My exuberant lover moaned loudly, catching the attention of our furry friend. I heard the pooch whimpering and knew huge tits lesbian masturbates in fake taxi wanted to join in. "Come by, I called. " He trotted in eagerly. Kiki was moaning, as the dog lapped her burning cunt with his rough doggy tongue.

More fluid flowed from her and he lapped it up. I watched hot anal sex instead of homework scene then noticed his slimy dog cock peaking out of his furry sheath, "Will she fuck the dog?" I wondered.

"Cock, Brian, I need&hellip." She moaned. Who was I to deny her request. I lifted my furry new friend and guided his leaking cock into her dripping hole. He pumped furiously. Soon he slipped inside and she yelled. Never have I seen fucking such as d=this. The more he fucked, the more she moaned. He growled, letting her know she was his bitch now. I watched, stroking my cock. Hot and wishing I could just video this. Soon he howled, and she screamed.

"Oh no, he's knotting me, Brian, his knot is in me." I tried to stop him, but too late. He pinned his bitch. Soon his knot went down and hot doggy cum poured from her gaping hole. "Oh Brian. That was &hellip." She sighed as she fell asleep. I kissed her and held her close. I watched our new friends clean his balls and cock.

I smiled.

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I wanted to do this again.