Beautiful lingerie clad redhead strips down amp fingers her pussy

Beautiful lingerie clad redhead strips down amp fingers her pussy
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Fbailey story number 516 My Sister The Alcoholic My sister wouldn't admit it but she was an alcoholic. I should know because both of our parents were alcoholics too. They drank themselves into a stupor every night. That's what black guys one auntys xxx storys it so easy for my sister to get drunk, booze was everywhere.

My parents would let us kids run out of food before they would run out of booze and cigarettes. It was disgusting. When I told my sister that she was an alcoholic she called me a fucking liar. So I challenged her to go a whole day without taking a drink. She took the bet and she was so sure that she could do it that she bet me the best blowjob that I had ever had if she lost.

Deal. Well, she did not make it through the whole day and I did not collect on our bet. Now would be a good time to tell you that I am a fourteen-year-old boy, doing very well in school considering, and still a virgin. My thirteen-year-old sister Leona is a slut, a drunk, and failing everything. The guidance counselors at school are certain that Leona won't finish grade school, that she will get pregnant before she enters high school, and that she won't even know who the father of her child is.

From my standpoint that is a good bet. On more than one occasion I have caught one of my friends in bed with her. They are not really my friends but they let me hang out with them so that they can fuck my sister.

If there is an up side to having alcoholic parents its because they let me do whatever I want to as long as I don't bother them. I also get to return all of the deposit bottles and cans and keep the money.

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I steal money from them on a regular basis too. I go through Dad's pockets and Mom's purse on payday and help myself. I keep the change when they send me to the bar for beer. The owner knows me and gives it to me. Some of my friends, the sunny leon ke sex story ones that fuck my sister, send me in too, knowing that the guy will give it to me.

I have quite a stash hidden away where no one will find beautiful chubby girl is fucking plumber workshop teenager. I also spend a lot of time at the local library after school doing my homework and studying. That's where I first met Audrey. She was a couple of months older than I was at fifteen and her parents are alcoholics too. We found out that we had a lot in common, she had a younger sister that was a slut also.

She steals from her parents too. She goes to the library because it is quiet and she can study better there. We also agreed that it was one of the safest places that we could be. The kids at school that picked on us would not be caught dead in a library.

I started walking her home after the library and Audrey would reward me with a kiss. Soon it was a rather nice kiss with tongue and all in her bedroom. That quickly progressed into her letting my hand slip up under her blouse.

Her bedroom became our haven to escape her parents and sister. They kept accusing us of sleeping together but we hadn't. The counselors were right both of our younger sisters were pregnant before they turned sixteen, dropped out of school, and had no idea of who the fathers were. +++++ The summer after our junior year in high school Audrey and I were both granted scholarships to the same school.

That summer we gave each other our virginities. We made sure that she was on the pill and that I used condoms because as we knew nothing was a hundred percent safe.

That first time was special because we wanted it to be.

We had heard of a bed and breakfast outside of town. The house was built in the early eighteen hundreds and had been totally restored. There was no electricity, no indoor plumbing, and it had an outhouse. Not too many people appreciated it.

Audrey had first heard about it and we did some research in the library. It was used at one time sexy kotone aisaki drilled by hard cock part of the underground railway helping escaped slaves get to Canada.

We were not completely sincere when we approached the owner and his wife. We had more than enough money to rent the place for a full week but we were not on our honeymoon as we had said.

They cheerfully showed us around and asked what we wanted for breakfast. Audrey told her that we wanted to be transported back in time for the entire week and eat and do everything that they had done. They smiled and said, that could be arranged. That first night when the fire died out we cuddle closer together in our down filled mattress with hand made quilts thrown over us.

As we kissed Audrey pulled a real goose feather from our pillow. I suckled at her breast as she stroked my hair.

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We talked about the past that we were living in and the future that we already knew. Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and the Wright Brothers were mentioned. I kissed her lips, I kissed her breasts, and then I kissed her virgin pussy. We discussed what a wonderful thing our love was and we discussed the gifts that we were giving each other. It was a one time gift and one that could never be given again.

We were giving up something dear to us and we were willing to do that for the other. As I knelt there between my lovers legs positioned at the entrance to heaven I asked her one last time if she wanted to go through with it and she said that she did.

As I sank into her she sank into the mattress. When I was fully lodged into her she was practically buried into the feather mattress. Her arms were wrapped around me, her knees were up under my armpits, and we expressed our love for one another. What followed was an endless measure of that love.

I was trying my best to satisfy her and she was trying her best to satisfy me. Together we were able to make time stand still. The clock slowed as did our heartbeats did, the ticking of time paused, and we became one with the Universe.

Audrey and I experienced a utopia that few ever experience. If I had not been wearing a condom and if she were not on the pill we would have created life with our excess love spilling into one another. I had never before experienced a climax that powerful alone. Audrey said that she had never had orgasm that intensely either.

We knew that nothing that we did alone would ever be as wonderful as what we did together. We finished our week in the early eighteen hundreds churning butter, plucking feathers from the august taylor anal swinger pelotok net of a goose, and making lye soap over a wood fire. We used the outhouse, took baths from a wooden bucket, and made love until we fell asleep. It was truly an adventure of a lifetime. We agreed that when we did get married for real, that we would return to that small cottage.

During our senior year in high school we studied extra hard and graduated at the very top of our class, Audrey was first and I was second. Throughout college we continued to excel in all of our classes.

We graduated with honors and were offered several jobs. None were from the same company or from the same town. We sent letters to each company that had offered us a job. We stated that we were planning on getting married and that we wished to work for the same company if they were interested in us as a couple. In each case the company advised us against doing that, stating that if their company went under that we would both be out of work.

Only one company was on our side.

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It was in a small community in southern New York State, they had a union, but they had not had a strike in well over a hundred years. They had a Research Center set up in the rolling hills, they offered both of us jobs, and they offered to send us off on an all expense paid honeymoon, on them. That company was Coring Glass Works in Corning, New York. We accepted their kind offer and got married.

Then we went back to our bed and breakfast and that time we did not use a condom and Audrey was not on birth control pills. Our first night lying in bed together and listening to the rolling thunder from a passing storm, we created life. We both knew it instantly. The End My Sister The Alcoholic 516

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