Stunningly beautiful blonde tight teen rubbing no high def

Stunningly beautiful blonde tight teen rubbing no high def
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I woke up Friday morning with Bill playing with my nipples and finger fucking me.

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Every guy I have ever been with loved playing with my tits and finger fucking me and Bill, Larry, and Mike were no different. I asked Bill what he wanted me to do for him and he said a blow job and I proceeded to give him a great blow job, taking all his cock down my throat until he came in my mouth. I swallowed every last drop and then cleaned his cock with my tongue. He then rolled me on my stomach with my ass in the air and he inserted an enema bottle of water and when that was empty he used a second bottle and had me lay there until I couldn't stand it anymore and I rushed to the toilet to get rid of it.

I thought to myself that I guess this afternoon our asses were going to get a workout.

He told me there probably wouldn't be much, if any sex this morning as he, Mike and Larry knew what was planned for with us all afternoon. With Bill in the bathroom taking pictures I peed then took a shower and shaved the little hair I saw on my legs and Bill shaved my pussy and around my asshole. As I was drying off and putting lotion on my entire body, Bill told me that Larry and Mike were doing the same things to Linda and Lisa as he was this morning in order to get us ready for the afternoon.

In the bedroom Bill first attached a collar, wrist, ankle, and knee cuffs, followed by nipple sunny leone xxxii full sex stories 1080 porn storys to each of my nipples and tightened them as I looked in his eyes which were intently staring at what he was doing.

He could tell from my face how tight they were and told me there was a reason as he attached weights to the rings on each nipples and told me there would be more from the other guys as the morning went on. Then he attached labia clamps on each side. We did this many times in the motel but never this tight. He then hung weights to the labia clamps that were much heavier than the nipple clamps and I could feel my pussy lips being stretched.

He then handed me a tiny,red thong and after I put it on he made sure the clamps and weights were outside the thong. Of course he took pictures and then turned me toward a mirror so Students and teachers blue film in a classroom could see how I looked. We left the room for the downstairs and the others were already there and Linda and Lisa had the exact same thong and cuffs.

Since their nipples were pierced it was easy to attach the weights and Linda also had the labia pierced so her rings could support more weights.

All of us had the weights outside the thong and as we stood there for the guys to inspect they came up to each of us and hung more weights to our nipples and labia. The guys stayed in the house as we went to the deck and took in some sun. None of us knew what was going to happen just that we were all told it would be great for the guys and great for us. After we ate a little for lunch, Larry added more weights to all three of us.

It felt like my pussy was going to touch the floor but it didn't really hurt but it did make us very conscious of our pussy lips and our nipples.

Around 1 o'clock the guys said everything was ready and attached a chain to our collars and led us outside. As we walked to a building I thought was for yard equipment or lake stuff I could really feel my pussy with the ever increasing weights and looked down at my distended nipples. My pussy was so wet.

I was surprised when they opened the door to reveal a clean room with all kinds of BDSM equipment on all the walls. It had a table with pipes over the top of it and a sex swing hanging from the ceiling. I have seen these swings advertised and even watched a porn movie with my husband one time with the swing in it and I told my husband I wanted one. It looked like today I would get to experience it. There were no windows in the room and they turned on the lights as they closed and locked the door.

We stood side by side in front of the long table.The guys slowly took off out thongs and threw them in a corner. They helped us sit on the edge of the table and placed pillows behind us and had us lie back with out legs dangling off the table. I was in the middle with Lisa on one end and Linda on the other.

All 3 guys stood in front of Lisa and lifted her legs up and attached the ankle and wrist cuffs to the pipe and with a chain attached to the knee cuffs pulled her knees apart as old teacher mom try painful sex with stepson as possible to expose her pussy and asshole.

They then tied a string to her labia weights and pulled them to her sides to expose her open, wet pussy. Finally they tied a string to her nipple rings and pulled them tight and attached the end to the bar over her head. I was next followed by Linda. Bill took pictures of all of us bound for their pleasure.

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The guys next poured anal lube on each of us and slowly slid an anal toy with small to large balls deep into our asses. After pushing Ben-Wa balls into our pussies they stood back to look at their work, and take more pictures.

I didn't l know how the others felt but being very submissive I was totally excited in that position, not being able to move. Bill took a marker and printed CUNT just on top of my pussy. The others did the same.

First they used vibrators on us while they worked the anal toy in and out of our asses and stopping just before we were ready to come and after Bill, Mike, and Larry had their turn with all of us finally told us we could come for them.

We pushed the Ben-Wa balls out of our cunts and the guys took turns tasting our cum. They said it was time to fuck and each took turns fucking us and then moving to the next cunt. I loved the three different cocks inside me and after a few minutes they stopped and slowly pulled out the anal toys, lubed their juelz ventura gets all her holes filled and fed their cocks to our waiting assholes. Now I knew why we all had a double enema that morning.

The hardest cock to take in the college girl pounded by nasty pawn dude was Larry's but we all seemed to do OK with it. Then they took turns again with their cocks pounding our cunts until they decided they couldn't wait any longer and came inside us.

After their cocks slid out we had to push as much of the cum out of our pussies onto their fingers and then they fed it to us, and started to satisfy us tasting our pussies until we came.

Then they blindfolded us and teased us with some of the toys in the room. I was in ecstasy. They unhooked our hands from the metal bar then our legs. Since we were unsteady they helped us to our feet, still blindfolded. I was led to some wooden apparatus and my arms were pulled up and apart and my legs were spread and hands and feet attached with my wrist and ankle cuffs. Linda was tied spread eagle on the table and Lisa was in the swing.

The guys took turns fucking Lisa but not coming, then it was Linda's turn and finally my turn on the swing. I was lifted into the swing and was finger fucked by Mike while Bill and Larry played with my tits, pinching squeezing and sucking them. When Mike got hard he pulled me onto his cock.

It was like I was floating on air and the only contact was a cock sliding in my pussy and I loved it! Just as he was about to come Mike pulled out and turned me to Larry.

Larry was already hard and I couldn't wait for that black cock to to fuck me, and fuck me he did. The sensation of floating and father reading time with sex cock pounding my cunt was amazing. Then he pulled out and I was turned to Bill who pulled me onto his cock. Larry and Mike played with my tits as Bill, after a few minutes of giving me the fuck of my life came deep inside me.

I was taken off the swing and Lisa got on and Larry pounded her until he came and then Linda with Mike coming inside her. All afternoon we were tied to all kinds of apparatus and teased, played with and fucked every which way they could.

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I came so many times I lost count. The guys hooked a chain to each of our collars and led us back to the house. We needed showers and the guys followed us to the bathrooms and showered with us as we washed each other. The rest of the afternoon and night was quiet. Hot tub and lying in the sun, naked of course. At bed time the guys decided to switch who they were sleeping with and Larry came in my room and started to play with my tits. He ate me until I came and I sucked him a little as he was already hard and asked him how he wanted me and he said doggy.

I got on my knees and grabbed his cock and put him in my waiting cunt. He lasted a long time and finally came in my pussy. We fell asleep. When I woke up he was still asleep and I started to play with his cock until he woke up.

He loved that I could take his entire cock down my throat without gagging and pushed my head down and I took him down my throat and sucked his big cock until he came in my mouth. I swallowed his load and cleaned his cock with my tongue. He asked me what I wanted to do our last day and I told him the swing!!

It was my favorite and I wanted his cock coming inside me. He just smiled. Just after lunch on the deck we decided that for an hour, from one to two we would have our choice as japanese bukkake semen orgy idol jav how we wanted to get fucked. I drew the high card and said excitedly I wanted the swing with Larry. Linda and Lisa picked what they wanted to do and we went our separate ways.

Larry took me to the shed and put me in the swing. He walked around to me head and pulled it back and laid his beautiful black cock on my face with his balls on my eyes. A true tea bagger. I put my head back and ran my tongue over his asshole and he flinched and when I stopped told me to keep going.

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I did then sucked his balls and he moved back a little and slid his cock into my waiting mouth and when I had him wet enough slid that large black rod down my throat. He moved the swing back and forth fucking my mouth. I watched his cock disappear in my mouth and his balls dragging across my eyes.

Finally he pulled out and turned me around until my pussy was facing him.

I told him to fuck my pussy hard. He told me I had a cunt and say it again. I said Larry, fuck my cunt as hard as you can.

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I want my cunt to hurt while your cock is fucking me. He pushed the swing out and pulled it back towards his cock but didn't get it in.

On the third try he impaled me, pushed me back a little until I could feel his cock almost outside my cunt then pulling me hard back to him impaling me on his cock. I kept telling him To fuck me as hard as he could.

I didn't have to move as he did all the moving of me with the swing. He stopped many times and I could feel his cock throbbing in my cunt and he just didn't want to come as yet and neither did I. I wanted the fuck of my life. He gave it to me sliding my cunt on his cock until I said I needed to feel his cum inside me. He fucked me even harder then tensed and came deep inside my cunt.

I squeezed his cock trying to keep him inside me but eventually he slid out, turned the swing around and I licked his and my cum off his cock and pulled every bit of cum sister felash her brother dick for money real his cock and he let his cock just stay in my mouth as it got soft. He then told me to push his cum out of my cunt to his waiting fingers and then turned the swing around and had me lick his cum from his fingers.

He told me he was glad I wanted him as he also wanted me to be his fuck toy that day. He said my deep throat blow jobs were great but I was even a better fuck! That's why he wanted to sleep with me all night and enjoy each others body and he would be there again tonight. I loved his hard, black cock in my mouth, cunt and ass. I smiled and said he just gave me the fuck of my life.

He knew it too.