Teen lets her well hung bf fuck her stepmom

Teen lets her well hung bf fuck her stepmom
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Maykov took Spencer to a safe house used by Interpol. After she dressed his wounds and bandaged his ribs, she set off to get them some breakfast. When she got back, Spencer was dressing ready to get back on task. "Where do you think you're headed off to?" She asked as she walked through the door. "I have a job to do," he replied, wincing as he put his shirt on. "You're not going anywhere at the moment. Besides it's too hot out there right now, the KGB has agents throughout the city looking for you, not to mention the army looking for you." She guided him to the bedroom.

"You need to lie down and get some rest. Give your body some time to heal." Maykov held close to him, her perfume alluring.

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Spencer tried to shake the thoughts of her from his head. He felt like his heart was ripped from his chest when Sam went over that cliff.

Now to have thoughts of Maykov, he felt he was betraying Sam. Maykov help him to the bed and sat down next to him. "Now to get some food in you," she said as she began to stand. Spencer's hand shot out and grabbed her arm. "Was there any news about the bus attack?" Maykov's face showed concern and sympathy for Spencer. She sat back down beside him. "There was nothing left, no survivors. I'm sorry, Spencer." Spencer sat there letting what he already knew to sink in. Before he could begin thinking busty harlot gets slammed with a bbc anything else, Maykov was holding and comforting him.

He looked into two horny girls share a delicious dick eyes, which were more alluring than the perfume she wore. He reached in and they kissed. As he realized what he was doing, he pulled away. "Maykov, I—" "Jennifer." "What?" "Call me Jennifer." "Jennifer, I don't think I can do this." "Then don't think." Their hands roamed over one another's bodies caressing and feeling.

Spencer's hands played with and admired Jennifer's large shapely breasts as she reached down and got a handful of his cock, squeezing it and pumping it playfully. Spencer's fingertips felt Jennifer's large nipples and rolled and kneaded them between them. She squealed with delight when he squeezed on them. Her hands went up sliding along his muscular abdomen and then his strong chest.

They started kissing one another in different places. Ears, cheeks, forehead, chin. Their kisses moved to the neck and then lower. Spencer moved down her body slowly tasting each bit of flesh she had to offer. His lips were soon on a breast. He dragged his lips all over her globe finally arriving at her areole and nipple. Taking it in his mouth, he put suction on it, letting it swell a little. His teeth closed together around her nipple and he bit lightly.

She loved it. When he was done with that one he moved to the other and did the same. "More! I need more!" She moaned at him.

Spencer moved further down, pausing at her navel to lick it. Then he was at her mound. He inhaled her musky excitement. With a lusty grin Spencer lovingly brought his mouth to the lips between her legs. First he lightly kissed them, her soaking wetness coating him. Eagerly he went further taking his tongue as far inside her as he could put it. He moved it back and forth, up and down, side to side, and in circles.

Sweet sexual moans were escaping Jennifer's mouth, her body grinding against his face, which was now covered in her cum. Spencer began to lick her clit like a small ice cream cone. He nibbled on her clit while working one, then two fingers inside her pussy giving her double stimulation.

Her moans were louder now, and her body glistened lightly with sweat. He worked her faster and more urgently. But he never lost the tenderness in his passion. The next thing he knew she was reaching the edge. Jennifer screamed with passionate release.

A flood of hot sugary cum splashed him in the face. He savored her nectar as he drank it like wine. He got on his knees, lifted her legs over his shoulders, and entered her.

He took himself all the way to the hilt and lingered there for a few seconds. His cock twitched inside her. Spencer got into a good steady rhythm, and kept it up for several minutes never stopping. Lusty grunts escaped his mouth as he rammed into her again and again.

She was expressing her ecstasy with dirty words, guttural groans, and breathy sighs. Her pussy muscles hugged and squeezed his dick with pleasure. Jennifer's full breasts bounced and jiggled with every thrust. Her body writhed around wildly as sweet dirty words poured from her pretty mouth. Her eyes were like a wild animal. The point of no return drew near. Both braced themselves for their powerful orgasms.

Then it happened. They reached it together without even trying. Electrifying pleasure rocked through each of their bodies, and both gushed cum, his filling her completely and hers spraying all over his cock and waist. After their loud moaning and dirty words they fell into one another's arms and caressed and kissed each other for ages. They lay there together all hot and sticky resting. Jennifer suddenly got up and headed for the kitchen. Her ass bounced lightly as she stepped.

"Where are you going?" Spencer asked her. "Be patient. I have more in store for you" She felicity feline jams and plays hard rock with guitarists at him, and then entered the kitchen. A few moments later she returned carrying some items in her hands. She had a can of whipped cream, some chocolate syrup, and some grapes.

"You planned this didn't you?" He asked her smiling. "Well, let's just say that we won't be getting much sleep today, and we're about to have some really interesting dessert." They made love to each other.

They used food on one another's bodies, licking it off with their tongues. They fucked at least twice in several different positions. And after that they took a nice bubble bath together, playing with the bubbles and each other's bodies. They held each other close and kissed.

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All the pains of the world slowly melted away.