Family guy hentai naughty lois wants anal

Family guy hentai naughty lois wants anal
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When I bought the donkey I never realized how aggresive they were. Stubborn,yes, but I never thought they were aggressive. We live in a place where the sun shines most of the year and my wife loves to sunbathe in the nude. We h ave a wooden fence and it had never been a problem before, until we got the pet donkey. My wife went out naked as usual. She oiled herself up and lay down to catch some of the sun. Jake (the donkey) took notice of my wife in her new state of undress.

Every few minutes I would look out the window, just akiho yoshizawa sucks on a hard dick cjeck on my wife. I did notice Jake inching his way closer to my wife.

When I looked out one time, I noticed my wife had started rubbing on her pussy. It was not unusual, the hot sun made her horny. I decided to watch the show. She started off slow, just kind of enjoying the feeling of touching herself. But it didn't take long before she was rubbing her clit with amazing speed. It was extremely hot. My wife, oiled up and bringing herself to an orgasm.

I saw her legs lift and heard her let out a gasp.Jake had made his wayto the end of my wife's lounge.

I saw him move his nose close to her pussy. I wondered what my wife would do. His nose grazed her pussy. She jumped a little, still breathing hard and said, "Jake, you horny little bastard." He started licking the juices on her pussy, AND SHE LET HIM. I thought, "You horny little bitch." I thought about stopping the scene, but it made me kind of hot. As Jake licked her pussy with his rough tongue I could tell she enjoyed it.

I also noticed that Jake's donkey dick had swollen and was huge and engorged. I started jerking my own dick looking at the pleasure in my wife and the giant dick Jake had hanging below him.

I was thinking, "That is one huge dick, I am big enough, but that is longer and way bigger round," While I was thinking these strange thoughts, Jake lunged. He was trying to mount my wife. He managed to get over her and was trying to hump her, but he massive dick was missing the mark. My wife was screaming, "NO JAKE! JAKE GET OFF OF ME! STOP! STOP!" His huge asian bondage twinks kinky bondage anal tube porn dick was poking her in the stomach and falling between her legs everytime he humped.

My wife was fighting with Jake and I was about to go help her when I saw Jake flash his teeth with a wild look in his eyes.

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He almost bit her face twice. I ran out to help, but as soon as I came out, he put his head by hers and snapped his teeth. When I took a step toward them, he bit her hair and yanked it. Another step, he nipped her neck. I realized he saw me as a threat and I went back in the house. When I looked back out the window I saw him continuing to try and hit the mark.

My wife's legs were pinned up from the flower tucci mom goes black. My wife tried to fight, but everytime she would resist, he would bite at her.

She tried to slide out from under Jake. It ended up being a big mistake.

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As she slid, the part of the lounge that holds the head and shoulder gave way with her weight and Jake's weight. but the part that holds the hips stayed up and it positioned her pussy in just the right way.

the next lunge from Jake hit it mark and that huge donkey dick was buried halfway in my wife. AHHHHHHHHHHH! IT FUCKING HURTS! I could only imgine my wife's pussy being torn to shreds by that massive donkey dick. But Jake had hit the mark and the only thing that stopped it from going in further was the size. Without a beat Jake pulled out slightly and plunged deeper. OH MY GOD! STOP! IT HURTS! But Jake kept on fucking.

I could see that most of Jake dick was able to fit in my wife's pussy. I imagine that no more could fit. After a minute or so, my wife quit screaming and was just laying there getting pounded. She looked numb.

Then I saw her eyes. I knew those eyes. She screamed, "OH MY GOD, NO! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I AM GOING TO CUM! I AM GONNA CUM ON THIS DONKEY DICK! She wrapped her arms around Jake and pulled herself to him. With every pump she screamed, "YES! YES! YES! AHHHHH! UMPH!

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AHHH! FUCK ME YOU BIG DICKED MOTHER FUCKER! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH!" With that she collapsed, spent from one of the biggest orgasms she had ever had. I saw Jake start to buck wildly.

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I knew he was cumming and I heard my wife scream, "Damn that is some hot cum!" With one wild buck, Jake's dick popped out and a shot cum from shot across my wife's body and into her eye and the last shot hit her chin and neck area. Jake got off of her and went back to grazing.

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I went out to see my wife's gaping hole with tons of cum pouring out of it. I asked if she was OK. She said, "Never better."