Tattooed guy has fun with a hot girl

Tattooed guy has fun with a hot girl
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The Fairy God Mother - Happy Halloween. My parents were going out of town. My Dad always starts his vacation the week before Halloween. They won't be back for a month. I didn't ask were they were going this year. I was just happy to have the house to myself.

I had just graduated High School a few months back. I was still looking for a job. I was in no hurry to get started in finding one. I don't think my parents cared if I got a job or hot veronica got a double anal sex. I went to bed late.

Got up in the afternoon and was a slacker most of the day. I was just putting on a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt. It was almost 2pm. "Ding! Dong!" Someone was at the front door. I quickly walked down to open the front door. "Hello! Young man!

Are your parents home?" said a very older woman. "No! There not here at the moment." I said. I quickly moved my eyes up and down. She was about 5ft 6 in her two inch very old fashion heels. She had white hose on her legs. A very long white skirt. She was wearing a big white fluffy sweater, that was stretched over her voluptuous chest. She stood there with her small hands on her wide hips. She was wearing no makeup, no lipstick and her nails were plain.

"Oh! Your home alone. Well! I'm Mrs. Milla Bush. Nice to meet you. My family just moved in a few weeks ago. I was you celebrate Halloween?" she said. My mouth was wide open. I was still checking out her body as she was talking to me. I could feel my cock getting harder in my cargo shorts. How in the hell, did I miss her and her family moving in next door.

I needed to look out the window more. "Yes! We do celebrate Halloween. I give out the candy and check out the costumes." I said.

She smiled. "Oh! That is nice. I hot ass eurobabe drilled for some money the same. My husband takes our two teen age daughters around trick or treating. I stay home and watch the house. Make sure no one is doing anything bad in the neighborhood. Hmm.speaking of bad. I found some cigarette butts next to our garbage cans. I was wondering if you knew who might be smoking between our houses?" she said.

"No clue. That is weird." I said. "Well thank you, young man. Tell your parents I said hi. When you see them." she said. She turned to walk toward her house.

I leaned out the front door to watch her large ass jiggle under her white skirt. Damn! I thought. She was fucking hot. To bad she was married. I spent the rest of the day watching TV. It was close to 3am when I went to bed. I opened my bedroom window before I pulled the sheets up. "Beep! Beep!" I heard something backing up in the driveway. I then heard the small wooden gate open next to the garage. Then the sounds of the trash cans. Must be the garbage man. Making a pick up.

I rolled over to close my eyes. A few minutes later I rolled back toward the window. I thought I could smell smoke. What the fuck. I crawled over to look out my window. I looked down. The sun was in my eyes. I could see two girls smoking. They were standing next to the empty garbage cans. They were wearing two school uniforms, from the private school not to far from here.

They were both the same size and shape. One was blonde, and the other brunette. There was little doubt who they were. They filled there uniforms out, just like there Mother, who visited me yesterday. "Hello Girls!!!." said Mrs. Bush. "Fuck!" they said, as the dropped there cigarettes on the ground. Super hot babe wants to become pornstar quickly walked toward the front of there house.

"Girls!!! Come here." said Mrs. Bush. She pushed the small wooden door open, separating our houses. She walked toward the metal garbage cans. She bent over. She was wearing a big white cotton bathrobe. I saw her big grandma panties on, as her robe rode up on her big ass. I smiled. I could see a big black hairy bush under her white panties.

"Our you girls smoking? Tell me." she said. The two girls smiled. "No! We both do not smoke. It's bad for you. Were Innocent, Mom." they said. "Then who cigarettes are they?" "Honk! Honk!" "Got to go Mom. The school bus is here." the girls said. They both turned to walk fast out the side of the garage.

I figured the show was over. I turned my head toward Mrs. Bush. She had one cigarette in her right hand. It was only smoked half way. She then put the cigarette on her lips. She took two big drags off it, before she looked around.

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I quickly put my head down on my bed. A few minutes later I heard her walk out the small wooden fence. I looked back up. I saw she smoked both cigarette's. They were both smashed on the faded concrete. I rolled over. My 9 3/4 inch cock was hard under my sheets.

I rolled over on the tip. I then screamed and fell on the floor. It had been awhile since I masturbated. I quickly started to play with myself. "Ring! Ring!" Damn cell phone. "Would you like a new credit card?" said a male voice. I looked down. My cock was semi erect. I hung up the phone. Now my cock was deflated.

I went and took a long cold shower. Later in the day, I went to the Halloween store. I picked up a Capt America costume. The blue boots, blue suit with the American flag on the chest. I even found a Capt America shield to go with the costume. I drove my car back to my house. I then put out some Halloween decorations in the yard.

It was just around 5pm, when I saw a small car pull up next door. The car door opened. Out step a super skinny guy, maybe about 5ft. He looked over at my house. I was behind some fake cobwebs. It must me Mr. Bush. I smiled as he got his tie caught in the car door. He looked around to see if anyone saw him. He then pulled himself free. He turned to walk in his house. I woke up early on Halloween. I wanted the day to be perfect. My plan was to lure Mrs.

Bush out between our houses. Then surprise her. Maybe try to feel her up or see if I could get a kiss from her. I took a long shower. I shaved all the unwanted hair on my body.

I then went to work out. I took another shower before I got ready for Halloween. It was close to 3pm when I got all dressed in my costume. I pulled the entire costume up and over my naked body.

I left my underwear and socks on the bed. I made sure I could unzip the i love a helping hand tube porn of the costume in case I need to use the bathroom. I then peeked out my front window. It was about 2hrs before the kids in my neighborhood would stop bye for trick or treats.

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I looked anal assfuck ride anal big ass anal leak ass fuck big tits tube porn door. There was nothing going on. It was about 30 minutes before I saw someone next door. It was the small skinny guy walking to his car. A minute later the two girls walked out. They were dressed as two sexy vampires. They each were wearing large black corsets, ripped black fishnets and heavy makeup.

My cock moved inside my costume. They each bent over to get in the car. Only one was wearing a thong. They were both cleanly shaved as they got in the back seat. There Dad looked around, as he drove off down my street. I went out to my garage.

I pulled out a small white bag from inside my Dad's tool drawer. I pulled out a red cigarette box. I walked over next door. I looked around. I did not see anyone. I quickly rang the door bell. I then started to leave one cigarette in front of the door. I placed another down the side walk. I then curled around the open wooden gate separating our houses.

I placed a cigarette in my mouth. I lit it. Then waited for Mrs. Bush to take the bait. God what was she dressed like. I was hoping for something hot. "Wham! Click! Click!" I heard the front door close. I then heard some heels on the sidewalk. She was getting closer. I took another drag from the cigarette. I blew the smoke out the opening of the wooden gate. "Hello! Hello!! Who's there. Is that another cigarette.

Who is leaving these. My husband will be mad. Do I have to call the police?" said Mrs. Bush. I took another drag, then blew the smoke out the opening. A minute later she walked in. I was stunned. My mouth dropped open. She was wearing a super small white costume. She looked like the tooth fairy or Fairy God MILF. She had a white wand with a gold handle. She had a pair of white wings on her back. She was wearing 6inch white stiletto heels.

Her long curvy legs were encased in white super tight lace. She had a small skirt around her waist to separate the top and the bottom of the costume. The costume was two sizes to small on her. Her large breast and fat ass, was stretching the costume to its maximum. Her costume was close to bursting off her.

"Hi! MMmm.Is that you.young man? Next door?" she said. I smiled. I blew some more smoke at her. "What are you doing in here? Are you the smoker? I thought it was my two daughters. Are you Capt America?" said Mrs. Bush. "Hi! Mrs. Bush. I love your costume. Do you like mine? I'm not the smoker. I just found these back here." I said. "I do like your costume. I love your shield. You really like my Fairy God Mother costume.

My family said it was to small on me. I might scare the trick or treaters. Do you like to smoke. I never tried." she said. I smiled. "Oh its hot on you. You've never tried. It's funny I saw something from my window. Right up there, yesterday. I could have sworn I saw something else." I said. Her mouth fell open. "Did you see something?" she said. I nodded my head "Yes!" "Did you see me?" she said.

I nodded again "Yes!" She then pounded her left heel on the concrete. "I just found them. It's been so long since I smoked. You won't tell? My husband would be so mad.

My daughters would kill me. If they found out." said Mrs. Bush. I smiled. "I can keep a secrete. But!!!!" I said. "What? What? I'll do anything. Please don't tell them. Please! Young man." she begged. "Anything? You drive a hard bargain. Come here. Take my shield. Put it on the ground in front of me. Now get on your knees. Do what I say.Do it!!! It will be our little secret now.

Reach up. Unzip my costume. That's good." I said. She was on her knees in front of me. She was right on the Capt America shield. Her eyes got real big as my cock flopped out in her hands.

She had such small hands. "Jack mom and duddys daughter audition teen xxx intimate family affairs cock. Use your long Fairy God Mother nails on my big naked balls. Scratch them. That it." I said. I watched as all black on white granny my big black threesome 3/4 inches of my cock got big in her hands.

She let out a soft moan, when she looked at the tip of my cock. "Lick the pre-cum off the tip. Then put it your mouth. That it. Swirl your tongue around it. "Mmmphhh!" she gagged. I arched my back. I tried to shove more of my hard cock in her mouth.

She was swirling her tongue around my hard cock. "Spit on it. Get it nice and wet. Does your husband like this, as much as I do?" I said. She stopped for a second. "Your my first. He never lets me see him with the lights on. I learned this at a jhazira min xxx has a hairy pussy party with my friends. They had a lady show us, with a banana." she said. I then grabbed her blonde hair. Forcing her mouth back on my cock. She started to make some loud slurping noises on my cock.

"Look up with those sexy green eyes. That a good Fairy God Mother. You like sucking cock. I can tell. Lick my balls now. Oh! That is nice. I'm really close." I said. "Ding Dong!" I heard some noise at her house. I heard some trick or treaters pass the wooden fence. She looked over. Anyone could see in, if they looked. I pulled my wet cock out of her mouth. She started to stroke my cock with both of her hands.

She aimed the tip at her mouth. A minute later I blasted a huge load all over her face. She was dripping as I tried to recover in front of her. I slowly put my cock back in my costume. I then helped Mrs.

Bush off the ground. She had used her fingers to clean her face. She licked her fingers as I slapped her big ass with my left hand. "Better get back to your post. Don't want your house or mine, to be egged." I said. I think Mrs. Bush was still stunned she gave me a blow job between our houses. She strutted back toward her front door. I could see she had some dirt on the back of her ass. Right where I slapped it.

I then walked to my front door. I put the big bowl of candy outside the door. I did not want to see all the trick or treaters. I just wanted to have a drink before I figured out my next move. About two hours later. I saw some light come across my windows. I looked out to see my neighbors car pull in. He got out. Then his two bodacious daughters got out. They each pulled on there costumes. Seems they each had a big wedgie in there big ass's. My mouth fell open.

My cock began to get hard again. I waited for the last trick or treater before I walked next door. It was pretty dark out. There was a full moon. I walked between our houses. I then knocked on there big red door. A few seconds later, the door open. It was Mrs. Bush. "Trick or Treat!!" I said. "Milla who at the door? Damn kids. Its late. Shut the door on them." said Mr. Bush. She put her finger in front of her mouth. To tell me to be quite.

"It's no one dear. They just left." I quietly walked inside the house. She shut the door behind me. I looked to my right. Mr. Bush was sitting in a big chair, watching TV. Some political debate was on.

I smiled as Mrs. Bush grabbed my hand, and lead me down the hall. We stopped at her kitchen. "Milla! Get me a beer. Tells those girls to be quite up stairs and take off that costume before your big fat tits fall out the top.

Damn it!!!" said Mr. Bush. "What are you doing here?" whispered Mrs. Bush. "You better get that beer." I whispered. She smiled as she went toward the fridge. She then walked into the living room. I walked down the hallway.

I then walked up the stairs to the 2nd floor. I could hear the two girls making noise in the first room I walked passed. I then saw a big bathroom on my left. I took a quick peek in there. I then walked down to the last door in the hallway. I slowly opened the door. It was the master bedroom. I closed the door behind me. I quickly took off my costume. I left it at the foot of the bed.

I then bounced my naked body on the king size, four wooden post bed. There were some black silk sheets on the top. There were a dozen pillows on top of the bed. I rested my head on one.

My cock was standing straight up, toward the ceiling. It was about ten minutes later. I heard some heels click on the floor in the hallway. They stopped. "Girls! Your Father can't hear the TV from the noise in here.

Now quite down. I need to go change. Good Natalia has an insane body and beautiful ass said Mrs. Bush. A minute later. The door opened. "Hello!" I said. Mrs. Bush head turned. "What are you doing in here? This is my bedroom. I thought you left and went back home. You can't be here. My husband down stairs. My girls are down the hall. You better leave." said Mrs.

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Bush. I smiled. "Put your costume back on young man. You can't be in here all naked, with your big cock like that. What are you doing? Why are you moving to the end of the bed. I'm not coming any closer. You can keep trying but I'm not coming over in front of you." said Mrs. Bush. I was using my index finger, to motion Milla Bush to come closer. Slowly she was getting closer. "Let me help with your costume. Then I will leave. You can't reach behind you. Stand right here Mrs Bush." I said as I pointed right in front of me.

She moved closer. Now she was between my legs. I reached up to take off her Fairy wings. I tossed them on the floor. Next I removed the small white skirt around her waist. She had a white thong under her skirt. Some white lace nylons that were pulled tight by a sexy white garter belt around her thick thighs.

I ran my two big hands up her thighs. I then turned her between my legs. Her big fat ass was right in my face. I reached up to unzip her tight white lace top. I reached up when it got caught under her big breast. I ripped it off and tossed it on the floor next to my costume.

She was now standing in her master bedroom with just a thong, some garters, lace nylons and her six inch white stilettos. My mouth was drooling. Mrs. Bush body was warmed to the touch. I was massaging her lower back, and top of her ass. She was breathing heavy. I moved my hands between her thighs. She looked over her shoulder.

She had her small hands wrapped around her big breast. She did not want me to see them. "Don't please. Not here." she whispered. I gently pulled her thong down, over her big ass. I pulled half way down her big thighs. I then started to kiss her big ass. She let out a small moan. I could smell her hairy pussy getting wet. I slowly placed my hand under her hairy bush. I then cupped it with my palm. She let out another low moan.

A second later. I pushed my middle finger inside her hairy bush. I could feel her big cunt lips expand to let my finger inside her tight pussy. I then left her big labia press on my knuckle.

I start to finger her hot pussy. She let out a big moan. A second later her pussy started to squirt on my finger. Her whole body tensed up. She fell back into my chest. She then jammed her pussy down on my finger. I quickly put two fingers in her pussy. I started to finger fuck her very hard. She moaned again. She had her 2nd orgasm on my fingers. "Turn around. Pull off your thong. Give it to me." I said. Mrs. Bush turned around. She let go over her big breast.

They just missed my face as she bent over to pull down her thong. I could not see her hands between her thighs. Her huge tits blocked my view. I was awe struck as she handed me her thong.

I sniffed it, then put it in my mouth. "Grab the wooden post holding up your bed. That a good Fairy God Mother. Arch your back. Stick out those huge breast. Hold on." I said. Mrs. Bush had her two hands wrapped around the wooden post of her bed. Her huge breast cascaded under her. Her big ass was right in front of me. She was now just wearing white lace, some garters and her big whore heels.

I spit in my hand. I then wiped my cock with the saliva. I moved right behind Mrs. Bush. I grabbed her big hips, just above her big ass. I pushed my hard cock into her hairy pussy.

I slid right in. She screamed as I push all 9 3/4inches deep inside her. I then quickly pulled all the way out. I did this a dozen times before I started to fuck her very hard. I placed her wet thong on her lower back. I then slapped her big ass. She was gripping the wooden post. Her fingers were pink and white. I watched her whole body shake under my hard cock ramming in and out of her pussy. She was making some loud noises. I did not want to get caught before I unloaded deep inside her.

I quickly pulled out. I slapped her big ass. I grabbed her wet thong. I then laid on the bed. I was right in the middle of her big pillow's "Get on the bed.

Put your legs on either side. Now sit down. That a good Fairy God Mother." I said. She moaned as her hairy pussy slid down my cock. Her huge breast hit my chest next. I stuck her big fat left nipple in my mouth. I started czech girl in leather jacket gets her pussy banged in public hardcore and european suck very hard. I then started to suck her other nipple.

I kept alternating between each nipples. She kept riding my cock. Her heels bounced on the silk sheets. She kept trying to see my big cock enter her pussy. Her huge breast, blocked her view. She started to moan very loud. I had to switch positions. Mrs. Bush was now on all fours. I shoved her face in her big pillows. I then pushed my cock back in her hairy pussy.

She moaned. I could barely hear her muffle cries as I fucked her faster. I started to use my nails on her big ass. I slapped her ass hard a few times before I grabbed her hands.

I placed them on her lower back, just above her ass. I then started to ride her very fast. I was close to cumming. I pulled my cock all the way out. There was a big loud popping sound. I then pushed it all the way back in. I let go of her hands. She screamed into her pillows as I shot a big load deep in her.

I could feel my cum pour put onto the sheets. She was dripping as I pulled my semi erect cock out of her. I wiped my wet cock on her hairy pussy. "Put this on. Go see to your husband." I said. I reached down to hand her a white bath robe. She slipped it on as I slapped her ass again. She took off her heels, white nylons and garters. She tossed them on the floor as she walked down the hall. I picked up my costume. I took her thong and placed it inside my costume.

I looked down to see my cock was getting hard again. I reached into the arm of the costume. I pulled out a cigarette and my lighter. I walked down the hall. I tossed my costume in the empty bathroom. I lit the cigarette. I bent down to blow the smoke under the girls door. I could hear them talking. Then the room went silent. I moved back into the bath room. I left the door slightly open. I put my naked ass against the sink counter. The toilet was to my left. The shower to my right. A minute later the bathroom door opened.

"Fuck! No way." said the girls. I took another drag, and blew some smoke at them. They finally shut the door. "Who are you? What are you doing in here? How did you get in our bathroom?" said the sisters. The both were still wearing pretty busty babe gets her pussy banged for a couple of bucks slutty vampire costumes and slutty whore makeup "I'm your neighbor.

I saw you two smoking the other day. Between our houses. I thought I come over and introduce myself. See if you wanted a smoke. You both left in such a hurry. Oh! My name Buck." I said. "I'm Claudia!" said the blonde. "I'm Harley" said the brunette. Claudia was a little taller and more voluptuous than her sister. Both were a hot mess in the bathroom. They both walked over next to me on the sink. Harley was on my right side.

Her Sister on the left. Claudia took the cigarette out of my hand. She took a big drag of the end. She handed it to her Sister. Harley took her turn. Both girls giggled as the blew the smoke into the over head fan.

I leaned back to open a window. It was getting hotter by the second. "How was trick or treating?" I said. They both giggled. "Our Dad took us to his Office Halloween Party. Our Dad boss likes us. He watches us suck on lolli pops and lick things from our fingers. He then goes into his office bathroom with our Dad.

A few minutes later he comes out. Then we go parade around the office for our Dad co-workers." said Claudia. I smiled. "Why don't you both get on your knees in front of me. Show me how you lick those lolli pops." I said. They both looked at each other. Then back at me. "MMMmm I have a sore throat, and she is on her period." said Claudia. I smiled.

I then pushed on Harley shoulder. She got on her knees in front of erect cock. She then started to lick her tongue, up and down on my cock. I reached over to help Claudia take off her costume. She was naked, with just her ripped black fishnets on.

We started to make out, as her sister make loud slurping noise's on my cock. I put my hand down on Claudia large ass. She giggled as I spanked her a few times. Harley gagged on my hard 9 3/4inches before she spit me out. I took my free hand to lift Claudia big breast. There were smaller than her Mothers, but just as heavy. I licked her big nipples making them all wet. I looked down to see Harley was now naked.

She only had her ripped fishnets on, just like her sister. A few minutes later I had Harley lay on the bathroom floor. I had Claudia spit in between her Sisters big breast. I then started to tit fuck Harley. She moaned as I rammed my cock in her large cleavage. I looked up to Claudia standing there with her mouth open. "Play with yourself as you watch. Your next." I said Claudia moaned as her fingers found her bald pussy. She had two fingers deep inside her as she watch me fuck her big sisters breast.

I started to pinch Harlee big nipples. I was making them hirsute oriental hardcore sex japanese and blowjob as she moved her legs far apart.

She was moaning. I then leaned up to shove my wet cock in Harley mouth. I fucked her face, like a fucked her big fat tits. Both girls moaned. I rolled off Harley. I then motion for her Sister to get on all fours. She grabbed the edge of the bath tub. I moved the shower curtain to the side. I then spit on my hand. I wiped my cock with the saliva. I got my cock nice and wet as I spanked Claudia big ass. She put her feet together as I inched my cock in her bald pussy.

She moaned as I inched farther inside her. Harley crawled to her sister side. She watched as I fucked her Sister wet pussy. I reached under Claudia voluptuous frame. I was groping her big breast as they slammed against the bath tub. A minute later I felt Claudia pussy contract, they she orgasm hard on my cock. I slipped out and she dripped on the floor. Harley gave us each a mean look. I got up and jammed my cock in Harley mouth.

Some how I had a feeling it was not the first time she tasted her Sister pussy. I picked up Claudia off the floor.

I walked her over to the bathroom sink. I placed her big ass on the edge of the counter. Her feet were next to my head. I eased my hard cock back in her, now very wet pussy. She was moaning. I then leaned down to suck her breast. I reached over her head to pull out a tooth brush. I saw her Mom tooth brush. It was pink with her name on the brush. I smiled as I moved the tooth brush to touch Claudia labia.

She looked between her cleavage. Harley giggled as she saw what I was doing. Claudia then erupted again on my cock. I kept playing with her labia with the tooth brush, as my cock hammered her pussy. After a few minutes another big orgasm from Claudia.

I pushed back on the sink. Both girls got on there knees in front of me. I motion for them to hold there big breast for me. I then started to jack my cock above them. My knees got weak. I started to shoot big thick streams of cum on there breast. Both girls screamed. I coated both there big sets of tits. I had them lick each other breast, as I smoked a cigarette.

I sat on the toilet. My cock dripped bright orgasms of lustful ebon hardcore blowjob the floor in front of the toilet.

Each girl was licking each other clean. A few minute later. I turned the door knob. I opened the bath room door. I looked over my shoulder. Both girls were picking up my costume and there costume off the bathroom floor. I then peeked out into the hallway. I could hear the TV down stairs. I walked down the hall to the master bedroom.

The sheets had been changed. There were now white.

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I walked over to a half open door. I could hear the shower on inside. I saw Milena Bush bathrobe on the floor. They had a walk in glass shower. She was washing her big breast, with her small hands.

I looked down, my cock was rock hard. I slowly opened the shower door. Mrs. Bush had her back to me. She was rinsing her bodacious body. She felt the cold breeze before she felt my hard cock touch her hairy bush. She turned her head. "Oh! No! Your back! My pussy!!! Pussy!!!" she moaned. "Oh! You want some more of my cock. Why didn't you say so.

Here! Have some. Your so tight.Mrs Bush." I said. I reached up to turn on the hot water. I fogged up the shower in no time. I then fogged up the bathroom. "Milla!! Are you in there? Why is it so foggy in here? I finished my beer. I stopped to see the girls. They were getting ready for bed. Did we buy them a Capt America costume? I saw one in there room. I then tried to use the other bathroom down the hall. Its a mess in there. My feet are all sticky.

I'm going to bed." said Mr. Bush. I then heard the toilet flush. Mrs. Bush stopped ramming her pussy back on my cock. I was holding on to her hips. I was fondling her big breast as her husband talked to us. It was only a few feet from seeing his wife fuck a good hard young cock. He might have watched, if given the chance.

Wankz milf kayla carrera banged in van day now starts with the girls giving me head, by the garbage cans. Before they go to private school. I then spend the rest of the day fucking Mrs. Bush in her house. I try to fuck her in every hole, more than once before her Daughters come home. Then I take them to my house. There Father paying for tutoring classes. Seems the need help in Math. I'm pretty good at being a tutor.

Tomorrow Mr. Bush is paying me to tutor his wife on how to be a good prim and proper servant to him. Her first job is to clean the house.

He keeps finding cigarette butts all over his house. Not to mention some of his sheets are sticky, along with the bathroom floor. Happy Halloween!!! Love, Buck xoox