Police white teen suspect primarily denied lp officers charge of theft

Police white teen suspect primarily denied lp officers charge of theft
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Penny's Questions, And Her Kisses, Started It All. "Can I ask you a question, Donnie?" "You just did." "Huh; Oh pffft… you know what I mean." "You can ask me anything you want." "Will you tell me the truth?" "Is that the question?" Penny slapped me on the shoulder, "Donnie! No, that's not the question." "Then why did you ask it?" "GRRRRRRR… You better straighten up, mister.

You want me to punch you in the nose?" "Is that the question?" "DONNIE!!!" Her face was getting as red as her hair, and I knew about her temper, so I smiled and cute luscious babe spreads legs girlfriend homemade my finger to my lips, "Alright, I'll make you a deal.

Kiss me right here and you can ask your question." "Really? Are you serious? You want me to kiss you?" "Now, Penny, you just asked me another three questions and I already told you to kiss me first. Now you have to kiss me three times, just to catch up." The girl stared at me for half a minute, started to say something, then she flung her arms around my neck.

Just before our lips met, she hesitated; the first kiss was short, just a peck. The next one was better, but the third one was a mouth-crushing, tongue-swapping, long one; the kind that starts a young man's dick rising. "Wow… that was the best kiss I've ever had." "That wasn't a question.

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The deal was that you kiss me and you could ask me a question. Now we have to start over…" We kissed hard and long for three or four minutes… speaking of long and hard; yes, I was getting there in a hurry.

I was glad we were in the swimming pool and it was close to dark. Public displays of affection weren't allowed in the City Pool, but my friend, Gary, was the life guard/attendant on duty and he didn't care. He, actually, had used the 5ft deep area to get some pussy from a couple girls, without being caught. Once Penny and I broke our embrace, she looked at me and asked, "Other than the burn scars on my face, is there anything else wrong with me?" "Now, see how easy that was?

You kiss me; you get to ask me a question." I smiled into her brown eyes and told her, "There's only one thing I can think of that is wrong with you." "What is it?" "That's a question, you owe me a kiss." Her body was burn scarred on her right side, from her face to her thigh.

While she was 'paying' me the kiss she owed, I let my hands roam all over her back and shoulders. The more I rubbed, the closer she held me. Her amazing tits were crushed into my chest; she opened her eyes and tons of attractive bitches are pleased to see one eyed monster into mine when her leg brushed against the bulge in my swim trunks.

She pulled her head back and started to speak; then her lips met mine again. Once we finished that one, she just leaned back and looked at my face, without saying a word. "The only thing I can tell that's wrong with you, is that you don't ask enough questions… I need lots of kisses." "Do you…," she stopped the question and kissed me again, "Do you really mean that?" "Now you got it right; kiss first, question second. Yes, I do mean that. Actually, I'm glad we're the only two people in this pool that's over twelve years old.

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Otherwise we might never have had this… uh…conversation." I kissed Penny again and asked, "Do you like this kind of talking as much as I do?" She pulled away, slightly, and averted her eyes, "Nobody's ever sex63770nicole ray s first anal scene me like that, Donnie.

Nobody's ever asked me to kiss them, either. The only two boyfriends I've ever had only gave me little kisses and started trying to feel me up." She reached under the water and brushed her hand against the swelling inside my trunks, "I guess I had this same effect on them, though. Do you just want to get inside my panties, too?" "That was a question, Penny, but before I insist on another kiss, I'll tell you this; I do not lie.

Hell, my mom has told people that George Washington could take 'honesty' lessons from me. "I have to tell you I'm really surprised about all this.

We've known each other for, what… six or seven years? You've always been friendly and nice, and I'll tell you this… if I'd known you could kiss this good, I damn sure wouldn't have waited this long to start.

"Now, if you'll give me one more kiss, I'll answer your question, honestly." Penny was a little hesitant, but she slowly leaned into my lips. Two minutes later, I pushed her away and told her, "I'd really be lying if I said I didn't want to get into your panties.

But I can't believe how my head is reeling right now. All I want is to never let you out of my arms. "I must sound kind of crazy, but somehow, I think I just fell head over heels for you… and it shakes me up a little. I never expected this." "You want to get out of here and go someplace we can talk without all these kids watching the big kids k-i-s-s-i-n-g?" "Yeah, but that was a question; you owe me." Gary came to the dressing room as I was drying and getting back into my clothes.

He claimed he needed to take a piss, but I think he was just making a point to be a smart ass, "Way to go, Don, ol' buddy. I saw you makin' out with the freak.

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You gonna tap that easy piece tonight?" Until I stood and towered over Gary, I never realized how offensive the term 'freak' was. I had never used it when referring to Penny, but I never objected to the other guys saying it, either. Now I felt sick at the sound of it; it was different… "Gary, you're my friend. I want you to stay my friend, but if I ever hear you call Penny a freak again, I'll bust your face up so bad people will be calling you that; you understand me, old buddy?" So… we drove to Sonic and bought some cherry limeades.

We sat in her car and I absolutely hated the large arm rest between the seats. Each time she took a draw on the straw, I wondered what her two lusty babes have naughty lesbian sex masturbation and boobs would feel like on my dick. "Don, I want to ask you something." I touched my fingers to my lips and told her, "You know the deal." Our faces met in the middle, above the arm rest.

Just before we parted, she bit my lip. "OUCH! Why'd you do that?" "I have a secret, Donnie. I'm really a vampire and I needed to get a taste of your blood before this goes any farther.

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By the way, I'm paid up in advance; here comes the question. Do you want to make love to me? I don't mean strip me, screw me and head out the door. I mean hold me, kiss me, rub me snuggle with me… well, screw me, too, but I mean really make love to me. "Just one more thing, though." "Is this a question?" "No… I want you to know you'll be my very first. I told you about the other two guys who tried, but they never got what they wanted." My cock was harder than Superman's.

I think if she'd tried to give me a blow job amateur casting mature hard dp fisted and facialized in threeway then, she probably would have chipped a tooth.

"Sooo… you've never been fu… screwed? That's amazing, Penny. But to answer your question, and I told you that I DO NOT lie, I want to make love to you right now… more than I've ever wanted anybody. You're just driving me so, fuckin' nuts, I can hardly stand it any longer." Her brown eyes softened as she looked at me and touched my face, "Follow me home, Don," it was the first time she had ever called me Don, instead of Donnie, "I'm ready." Her roommate had gone to visit her parents for a few days, so we had total privacy as we hurried, amongst a thousand kisses, to get undressed.

Then we stopped………… Penny's breasts had been totally untouched by the fire from the grill, when she had fallen into it as an active six year old.

They were magnificent; even the freckles made them more beautiful. The scars had missed her neck and most of her torso. They ran from her face, down her right arm, hip and stopped hot ass eurobabe drilled for some money the middle of her thigh. I believe it was right then that I decided… this is the woman I wanted to see every morning, for the rest of my life.

I stopped her from speaking as I pulled her to me, "Please, don't say a thing until I'm through with my kisses." I started with the scars on her face and didn't stop until twenty minutes later. By that time, every inch of the blemishes on her skin had been covered with my lips and tongue. I led her to the edge of her bed.

She was shaking, slightly, as I helped her sit and parted her thighs. Sinking to my knees, I kissed her strawberry blonde pubic hair and raised her feet to the bed, causing her to lay back. I had only tried eating pussy once before, but this was completely different. This was a desire to please the woman I had just chosen to love. The third time my tongue touched Penny's clit, her slim hips rose and she gasped. That was all the encouragement I needed.

I licked her hard, sucked on her labia and clit, forced my tongue inside her pussy as far as it would go. Moving my hand to her, my middle finger sought its way inside, "I'm must be doing this right… she's snapping my head back each time she bucks.

Damn, I like the hell outta this." I added my index finger to her hole and she immediately started squealing, "EEEE… OH DAMN, DON… DAMN, DAMN, DAMN… Oh my God, I'm gonna… I'm gonna… AIIIIAHHHHhhhh… ooooooo… oh, oh, oh, ooooohhh…" When I stood, I saw her hands were caught behind her knees. She had them pulled them as far toward her ears as she could. The beauty of the woman, the moment… unbelievable.

I stepped forward, aiming my stiff dick at the most alluring sight I'd ever seen.

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Penny had never been fucked before, but she would never forget this one. There was no hymen, but she had explained that earlier, at Sonic. When she had fallen into the fire, her brother dragged her out and flopped down on her, hard. His intent was to put the fire out, but in doing so, he had caused internal injuries to the little girl. Penny had explained that her cervix opening had been damaged and her uterus was twisted, "I've only had six periods since I was thirteen.

The doctors say I'll probably never get pregnant. So, Donnie," she had said, "If you're planning to have a bunch of kids, I'm not gonna fill the bill." As I pushed my way into her virginity slowly, she smiled, "Oh, Don… that feels so good.

Thank you for making me orgasm. Did I taste okay?" "Like chlorinated swimming pool water." She burst with laughter, her belly laugh was causing quick, upward thrusts of her hips. By the time her laughter transformed into moans of pleasure, I was about to fill her with a load of cum.

When I tugged her hips and began bathing her insides, she grabbed my hands and her eyes widened. Both of us hit high, staccato notes as we came at the same time.

My last three streams shot into her as I fell onto her body and smothered her face with kisses of the strongest love. It took us five minutes of catching our breath before either of us could speak. She went first, "I never want this to end. You probably don't want to hear this, but there's no doubt in my mind that I'm totally in love with you, Don Parker." It was exactly what I wanted to hear, "I think we might have to do this one more time for me to make sure I love you; you game?" She jumped on top of my semi-hard cock and started rubbing her leaking cunt against it… BAZINGA!

It worked. In less than a minute, Ol' Fat Boy was at full staff and she was riding him with a passion. Her red hair was bouncing; her firm, gorgeous tits were putting on a show.

She had another orgasm within minutes and yet another one when I blew my second load. "I have a question, Penny; would…" she stopped me and touched her lips, puckering. My sloppy dick slid out of her when our lips met.

I looked her in the eyes and asked, "Would you marry me, Penny… tonight? Right now? I don't ever, ever, ever want to spend another night without you.

You pussy bdsm and tight ball gag bondage analmal training shit; what have you done to me?" ************************************************************************ Twenty years later……… "So, Honey, we made the thirty-five minute trip across the state line to a Justice of the Peace.

For a fee of forty dollars, he was able to issue a marriage license and perform the ceremony. We always disagreed on how many times we fucked that first night… I say it was nine; she always said it was eight. "She didn't figure on getting pregnant, but nine months and four days later…" "I love it when you tell that story, Dad. I miss Mom so much." Sissy threw her leg over me and impaled herself on Fat Boy, "Now, shoot another batch of cum in me and tell me the story of when you fucked Grandma by mistake."