Two creampies pussy and ass in one session

Two creampies pussy and ass in one session
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Denise * stood in front of me when I came to the queue of the shop, she's as tall as I am 6'3", but a bit chubby, very friendly, with brown shoulder length, wavy hair and dark brown eyes. Ever since I have met her and we worked together, she had a thing about her weight, but she loved to display her huge tits, of course never show huge tits lesbian masturbates in fake taxi all, but at times I felt like I could just reach out and stroke them.

Today was one of those days, her red top displayed her ample cleavage and the tops of her black satin bra, she was loud as usual and I just chuckled as I stepped up behind her as she talked with the woman in front of her.

"You know Denise; I could hear you before I came into the shop," She turned around and immediately smiled, her eyes lighting up behind her glasses, "Justin*! How good to see you again you rascal." We hugged, her breasts pressing firmly against me, "So how are you stranger?" I chuckled, "Been around, working and the usual you know, how about you?" "Been working, partying, and gaming, you know, the usual." I chuckled, "Well we will have to change our routines, we can't be caught doing the usual each time we meet you know?" She chuckled with me, "Well then we will have to make a plan then, how about you come visit us?" "Sure, I haven't seen Laurence* for some time, would be good to hang out for a bit." Laurence is her fiancée, they have set a date for the next year, and we three get along quite well, especially when it gets to games, movies and music.

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"Hmmm, Friday?" I nodded, "I've got nothing planned and this is my off weekend, so that is fine with me." "Great!" It was time for her to pay for her cigarettes, we said our farewells and she left, I paid for my food and left, the week passed in quite a blur as work suddenly picked up and had me running around like a beheaded chicken. When Friday rolled into my sights I couldn't wait to sign off my shift and get home, I was bone tired. It was around 5 o'clock when my phone woke me from my sleep, when I picked up it was Denise, asking if I remembered the get together, I assured her that I did, even though it had slipped my mind.

I showered, slipped into jeans, a t-shirt and boots, before getting on my bike and heading to the apartment the two shared, when I got there Denise met me outside, she wore another low cut top and baggy pants, she looked very upset.

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"Laurence won't make tonight, he just phoned, his boss gave him an out of town job," I sighed, "Well then, at least we can still have a good time even though he can't be here." This was met with a smile; my mind immediately went to the drugs safely housed in my wallet. It was something like the famous "date drug", but instead of inducing a haze and rendering the "victim" close to comatose, the dealer had insured me that this was more something that lowered inhibitions in record time.

Yeah I know, thinking of drugging a friend is awful, I did feel a pang of shame about having such thoughts, but the little packet kept nagging at my mind. After a while I gave in to the insistence of my mind, slipping the packet out of my wallet and while we sat around talking and drinking, mixed it with her drink, little amounts at a time as it did have a strange taste (yes I tasted it). It didn't take long for it to take effect, a bit too fast, but maybe she had a thing for me? As we talked a bit of flirting slipped into our conversation, she responded very well to this and I was really amazed at how well the drug worked.

She was not drunk, but she laughed and talked loudly, her body giving off all the little hints that would normally lead a man to her bed. She went to refill our glasses and came back, she handed me my drink and straddled my lap, telling me about a new game she was playing. I went along, this was so unlike her, but my cock was enjoying this close proximity of her body as it slowly started to swell out.

"You know all these chicks in the game has these small tits, I don't understand it, I mean when you use a woman in a game and you want her to seduce male characters she's got to have big tits, I'm sure most men would be much more interested then in fucking her." I nodded my head, "What I find hilarious is that some games give the women the same size breasts." She laughed, "And then they elizabeth johnson hastings nebraska gangbang even big or even nice.

I swear they should stop using skinny models' tits for their chicks." I grinned, "Well why don't you offer your breasts for them to use?" She looked down at me and finished her drink, "You think they are nice?" I chuckled, "You know I do, I told you so before." She nodded, "True, true, but that was just my cleavage." I shrugged, "That is what you see in most games anyway." A sly grin crept over her lips, "And there is some where you can see more." Before I could reply she whipped off her top and I sat there dumbfounded, she had a slight tummy, but her breasts was huge, her nipples big and hard.

"So…still think they should be in a game?" I reached out and cupped both breasts, they were heavy and silky soft in my hands, my thumbs ran over her nipples, teasing her slightly, she sighed in pleasure. "Yeah, I think they should, loads of guys would play that game." She didn't respond, so I kept on rubbing her breasts, leaning forward to suck one of her dark nipples into my mouth. One of her hands slipped into my hair, holding me in place as I sucked and flicked my tongue over her naughty lezzies fill up their monster butts with milk and ejaculate it out. "Would you be one of those guys Justin?" I nodded as I started to nibble on her hard nipple, my hand squeezing her breast, my other hand stroking her other breast, my thumb rubbing over her nipple.

She finally released my head and got from my lap, her nipple slipping out of my mouth with an audible pop. Without a word she walked to the kitchen with her glass, by now my cock was rock hard and I had to shift myself to make myself more comfortable. I took a sip of my drink when I heard her coming back, when I looked up she wore nothing at all. She had trimmed her hair to a small landing strip and even in the dim light I could see her lips glistening.

She placed her glass next to mine and without a word took off my boots, socks and jeans, she reached out and slowly rubbed my cock, "I don't want to do this, but damn I'm so horny that I just can't help myself." This of course had my mind racing, if she remembered any of this, she would not be happy if I took advantage of her, but by the way she was stroking my cock, she didn't give me much of a choice. "Right now you are making me very horny," She smiled at me, and eurobabe pounded while riding cock naturaltits girlfriend a further word, pulled my boxers down, setting my nine incher free to paw at the air.

Leaning down, she showered soft little kisses over my hard shaft; her finger nails gently fondling my balls.

I slowly pushed her away, got up, pulling a condom from my wallet stuck in my jeans and led her to their bedroom; luckily it was still the same room. She was hesitant at first, but I pulled her into my arms, kissing her hungrily, she soon started kissing me back, her hands stroking my back. Slowly we moved to the bed, sinking down on the soft mattress, my hands found her breasts again and soon she moaned softly into our kiss as my hands fondled her breasts and hard nipples.

I got up from the bed and she immediately started to fondle her pussy, I watched her as I took the condom out of the packet and rolled it onto my cock. A quick glance showed me what I needed; I quickly picked up the jar of Vaseline and moved back to the bed, I got back onto the bed with her. Rolling her onto her side, I settled behind her back, reaching around to join her fingers as they worked in and out of her pussy, my fingers rubbing over hard clit.

She moaned loudly, moving her hips against her fingers, I sucked and nibbled her earlobe and neck as we both worked on her wet pussy, it did not take long for her to shudder through an orgasm, moaning as she did so. I slid my hand from her hard clit, sucking on my fingers before I dipped my fingers into the jar of Vaseline.

Denise on the other was still frigging her clit and fingering her pussy, I used the Vaseline on my fingers to rub her asshole, she whimper to the added pleasure, pulling her legs slightly up, sticking her ass out, asking for more.

I dipped my fingers in the jar again and first slipped one past her sphincter, she moaned as I worked my finger inside her ass as she fingered her pussy. Adding more Vaseline, I added another finger, slowly fingering her asshole as she moaned in the pleasure of having pretty babe marie mccray wanted to have a threesome in both holes.

I pulled my fingers from her ass, seconds before another orgasm crashed through her system.

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I softly played with her tight little asshole as she shuddered and moaned through her climax, when she started to calm down I added another finger, slowly working three lubed up fingers in her ass.

She wanted to roll onto her stomach, but I stopped her, reaching around her with my other hand, fondling her breast as I fingered her asshole, "God Justin, you're killing me." I knew that I could not do that, so I opted for the next best option, pulling my fingers from her asshole I grabbed my cock at the base and guided it to her asshole. The head rested at her opening and she pushed backward, inviting it in, I pushed short solo and long sex, the Vaseline eased the way for my intruding condom covered cock.

She groaned as I pushed into her, she pushed back; wanting more and I fed more of my cock into her tight asshole, forcing my cock deeper, her fingers brushing over my cock as she fingered her pussy with gusto.

I good xxc in first time her hip as I started to move my cock in and out of her, after a few moments of groaning and a few grunts she started to moan as my fingers kept up their teasing of her hard nipples.

She was clearly no virgin to anal, but I felt sure that I was the biggest thing she ever had in her ass. Her moans increased with my thrusts, they started to increase in speed as her ass started to loosen up more with her manipulation of her pussy and my fingers pulling on her hard nipple, pinching and pulling as I did so.

Grunting I pounded her tight asshole as hard and fast as I could go, her ass slapping against my groin as my balls bounced against her fingers as she frigged her pussy.

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At first I was hell bent to cum in her ass, but I thought that it would really matter as I was wearing a condom, I reached up with my hand that gripped her hip and took hold of her bouncing breast, squeezing firmly on the soft flesh and when I pinched her nipple she came hard, her ass tightened around my cock, gripping me like a vice.

I knew she was loud but as she screamed obscenities of the more erotic kind, I was sure that everybody knew that she was getting a fucking. As she came from her orgasm her ass loosened up a bit and I started to move again, soon enough we have built up a good rhythm again, this time she gasped and moaned continuously as her fingers worked their magic on her pussy, my hands and fingers worked on her breasts and nipples, with my cock pounding her tight asshole.

I had to admit that I was starting to feel a bit guilty, fucking a good friend of mine, in the ass of all places, but her moans of pleasure and the rippling of her muscles over my cock with each thrust quickly had my mind drop that train of thought. Almost too soon I could feel my balls tightening and the tingle start at the base of my cock, I bit her neck and she bit the sheets as she came again, muffling her scream which still sounded loud enough to wake the neighbors.

Again her ass clutched my cock tightly, refusing to let me move until she came from her high, I slid my cock from her asshole and pushed her over onto her back. Quickly rolling the condom from my cock, I straddled her chest, she just looked up at me with a cat got the cream grin as I stuck my cock into her cleavage. Gripping her breasts I pushed them hard together and shoved my cock into the makeshift pussy made preggo whore with big tits sucks cock nicely by her cleavage.

The soft skin rubbing over my rock hard shaft was all I needed, a few more strokes and I came hard, pushing hard against her tits, my cum seemed to erupt from the top of her cleavage and splatter over her hair, glasses, face and neck. I sank down next to her, we both gasping for our breath, she shifted and the next thing I felt a wet, tight hotness engulfing my cock.

I looked down to find her sucking my semi rigid cock into her mouth. It was clear that she had loads of exercise with Laurence, though not immediately it took a few minutes for her to get my cock to full attention. She deep throated my cock, her tight throat massaging the head and part of my shaft as she swallowed while taking me deep, pulling back to lash her tongue tip all over my head, taking me deep again as she sucked like a high powered vacuum.

I lay back as she kept working on my cock, smearing the cum that covered her face on my groin as she gave me one of the best blow jobs I have ever had. Her fingers joined the fray, what felt like her little finger played around my asshole as her fingers stroked and tickled my cock. Her head bobbed up and down fast and only slowed to take me down her throat, I reached out and played with one of her hanging breasts as she bent over me. As an added bonus she started to hum, through the vibrations I could feel the tingling in the base of my cock, her fingers started to gently massage my balls and I groaned as all the sensations drove me closer to the edge.

I grabbed her head and forced her down onto my cock, she swallowed me down into her throat and I groaned as I erupted into her throat, pumping string after string of cum down her throat.

As she wiggled about I realized that she must have been close to suffocation and let go of her head, she pulled back only enough to keep sucking on my cock as she breathed deeply through her nose.

Finally my cock started to deflate and she pulled it from her mouth with a loud pop, she lay lustful men watches constricted pretty teen schoolgirl japanese next to me and we both looked up at the ceiling. She started to chuckle and I turned my head to her, finding that she was busy trying to clean my cum from her glasses, "God my ass hurts, feels like you jammed a salami into me." She playfully punched me and settled back onto the bed, "Justin…did we just fuck?" I chuckled, "If we didn't I'm sure your neighbors are thinking so." She groaned, "Some how it feels like I didn't cheat on Laurence, but I won't be able to walk for a day." We both chuckled and after a while we crawled out of bed, got dressed and returned to our discarded drinks.

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*Names changed to protect the innocent…yeah right LOL, but seriously this is not their real names.