Cuckold sissy taping his wife fucked by hired bbc bull tube porn

Cuckold sissy taping his wife fucked by hired bbc bull tube porn
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From Perfect Wife to Black Cock Slut - Part 2 Part 1 is at It had been 2 weeks since our anniversary, 2 weeks of turmoil. 2 weeks since my wife had been fucked by a huge black dick. The owner of that dick would be calling this very night and I was preparing for my future as a cuckold.

We were returning from a romantic anniversary break in Rome when I realised precious legal age teenager banging hardcore blowjob darkest fantasy of Chris being fucked by another man. I'd been concerned about my limitations in bed for a long time and was sure that what Chris needed was to be sexually satisfied.

Oh, she always told me that I was good and everything she needed but I knew, deep down that I just wasn't doing it for her. We were trying for a child so she was not on the pill when the stranger pumped his semen so deeply into her that it was still dripping from her gaping vagina 4 hours later. Even though she should have been safe I was convinced that she had been fertilised during those hours of madness.

She was late, she's never late, she should have started four days previously but then, seven days after her first black dick she began her period. Chris had changed dramatically, she was already confident in herself but now she positively relaxed in her certainty.

She dressed to feel and look sexy, she'd joined three interracial porn sites and spent several hours most nights, sometimes into the early morning hours downloading and watching movies, "Learning how to fuck" she said. "But you know how to fuck", "No" she said "I know how to have sex with you and not very well at that, now I'm learning how to fuck properly".

Before that day 2 weeks ago we had sex was once or twice a week. From our arrival home up until her period started she'd wanted sex three or four times a day and that sex was wonderful. She'd started taking the lead and to experiment and we'd done things that we'd never done before. Oh yes, that day had been worth the misgivings I'd suffered sitting in a motorway car park while she was fucked by a stranger.

Yesterday Chris was in a panic, she was still bleeding heavily with little sign of letting up. This morning everything was perfect. She always becomes extremely welcoming and responsive for a few days following her period so I knew that Chris and her lover would be enjoying very satisfying sex tonight. I had to go into the wairy nikalte samy sex storys to tidy up a few things and I returned home just before noon, Chris was not at home.

A note told me she was having her hair done and a few other things and would be back by 4. There were 2 parcels delivered by courier soon after I arrived home, both addressed to Chris so I left them in the hall for her.

By 5pm we were upstairs, I was watching Chris preparing herself for her date. She was flustered because she'd arrived home late from the beauty spa where she'd spent six hours being prepared for tonight's encounter.

She looked radiant but I was not sure about her new hair colour, she is a natural honey blond and never had it dyed before but she'd had it done in platinum blond, to me it made her look cheap but I didn't tell her this. She was in her dressing gown putting finishing touches to makeup that really didn't need any finishing touches and was deliberately avoiding actually getting dressed.

It seemed to me that she was stalling for some reason. We discussed what I would be doing tonight, my thoughts were that with her lovers agreement I could join in or maybe just watch or if he objected I could stay out of sight in the spare room or go to the local hotel for the night. Chris said she had a plan but wanted to leave it until he arrived and see how he wanted it to go.

Promptly at 5:30 the doorbell rang, Chris asked me to let him in, "surely you should go" I said, Chris replied "No, it's important to me that you admit him to the house and beside, I'm not ready, I want to look my best for him".

I was as nervous as I could be when I opened the door, I welcomed him to our beach booties ava addams amp miss raquel perfect ass and bubble butt and told him that Chris would be down in a few minutes, I showed him to the lounge and offered him a drink, "Juice please or black tea, I don't touch alcohol".

He was very polite, personable and very easy to like. I was nervous and excited that I was facing the man who would very soon be fucking my wife and it showed. A tense twenty minutes later when Chris eventually walked into the lounge she took my breath away. Was this my wife?

She looked absolutely stunning in the most wicked possible way, obviously the parcels contained a new outfit. She couldn't possibly leave the house dressed like that, well perhaps she could but surely she'd be arrested, there must be a law against going in public looking so wanton. Her shoes were pure erotic bondage, red leather with brass stiletto heels and pointed brass toe caps with thick straps running across the top of her foot and buckled to the side of the shoe.

Around each ankle and attached to the heel was a three inch thick strap that fastened with big brass buckles. At the back of each of these straps was attached a bulky brass loop. The heels must have been around five inches high and her slender legs went on and on. Literally an inch below her crotch the dress began, again mostly red, as she moved it became apparent that it was iridescent with an underlying golden tint that highlighted her curves.

It was figure hugging and very tight, accentuating every curve in her slender body right up to her breasts, still tightly fitted the material was moulded to those wonderful mounds and seemed to allow her breasts to defy gravity, the material stopped just above her nipples leaving a fraction of the top of her areola visible.

Each wrist was adorned with a thick buckled red strap to match those at her ankles. Her platinum blond hair tumbled over her shoulders and around her neck she wore a red leather choker with brass lettering that read "FUCK ME". I sat in stunned silence as she pirouetted then with her back to her lover she bent down, legs straight and slightly apart allowing that dress to ride up and show she was not wearing panties. She straightened and turned to face him, then parted her legs, placing her feet a couple of feet apart.

She looked at him while she sensuously stroked the firm mound of her taut holes receive filled with cum hardcore and blowjob breast then lifted her hand up to the choker and she stroked it.

He stood and walked across the room to my posing wife and without preamble slipped his hand between her legs, "hmmm, smooth" he said, she whispered "Just for you" then threw her arms around him and they kissed. She moaned as his fingers spread her lips and slipped into her bringing the pleasure she craved.

She asked him if he minded if I watched "No" he said, "no problem, to tell the truth my partner and I love groups". "Partner" Chris said, she stepped back and his fingers slid out of her, she was visibly shaken by this revelation, "Oh it's not a problem" he said, "she's very open minded, she loved your photograph and would love to meet you. She asked me to invite you both to come and visit us soon." "Oh. . I see. ." she glanced at me and I nodded "OK yes but back to my question.

I don't want him to join in he's not much good at sex anyway. I have a surprise for him and I'd like him to watch your beautiful body and magnificent dick doing to me what he's never been able to do".

Given my concern over my ability I felt completely inadequate and I'm sure our visitor was embarrassed but Chris went on belittling me "he is so small" she held up a finger and thumb to demonstrate "he'll never be able to do what you can, he cums so quickly and he has no staying power". She described the sexual consciousness he'd awoken in her with his huge member on that fateful day two weeks ago and how she'd dreamt of feeling him fuck her again rather that not feeling when I attempted it.

She was going over the top to belittle me and although I felt truly worthless my dick was throbbing and the more she put me down, the more she extolled the virtues of his big dick the harder I seemed to get. Chris placed her hand on his crotch and as she stroked the bulge it visibly grew to her touch. She nibbled his neck and ear, glanced at me and said "Let's go upstairs" then she addressed her lover, "Will you wait down here a few minutes while I get my husband ready".

She asked me to pull the bed away from the wall then asked me to strip. She went to the dresser and rummaged in the larger of the two packages. She pulled out another pair of stiletto shoes and a couple of the same wrist bands she was wearing.

I griped when she asked me to put the shoes on but she gave me a pleading look and I complied, they fitted me quite well and she made sure the ankle straps were secure then buckled the wrist bands to my wrists and instructed me to stand in the gap between the wall and bed. I tottered between the bed and wall then she fastened my wrists to the finials with buckled leather straps. She crawled in the gap beside me and pulled my leg outward and used another strap to attach my leg to the bed leg then walked around the bed and did the same to my other leg.

She picked up my trousers and slid the belt from the loops and threaded it behind me and buckled it through the uprights of the bed. I was spread eagled and securely fastened, my ankles and calves were straining in the unaccustomed stiletto shoes and my erect penis was poking between the two centre uprights of the brass bedstead.

Again she went to the parcel and took something else out, whatever it was she kept it from my sight while she climbed on the bed, grabbed my balls and slipped short blonde teen fucks in the bathroom cold and hard around my scrotum. She fussed with whatever it was for a moment or two, there was a metallic click and she let go, my balls dropped with a shuddering thump.

It was cold, quite heavy and sat snugly above my balls weighing them down. She tapped whatever it was and my balls swung back and forth like a pendulum. As she stood examining her bondage work I asked "What photograph?" She replied "Oh nothing, he just took a picture of us fucking and must have shown it his girlfriend". "Chris… You allowed a stranger to take a picture of you fucking? For all you know he could have it posted all over the internet by now". "I wouldn't mind that, I'd like the whole world to know what's happening to me, anyway it didn't show my face".

She finished checking my bonds and walked to the window and opened the curtains. "Chris" I cried, "Everyone can see". "Yes, that's exactly what I want, like I said I want everyone to know that you're a tiny dicked wimp who couldn't satisfy a mouse so I'm getting what I need from a big black stallion" with that she went downstairs to fetch her lover.

I could hear the mumbling of their voices but not what they were saying. I did hear Chris moan with pleasure and then I heard him exclaim "What!" and Chris laughed and he joined in. A few minutes later Chris led him into the bedroom, he looked at me with a knowing smile and walked to the foot of the bed.

With little effort he pushed the bed towards the wall and I had to shuffle backwards to prevent the bars hurting my legs. When I was firmly wedged between the wall and bed Chris stood before him, loosened his belt and slipped his trousers down. His huge erection burst free from his trousers, she knelt before him and stroked that immense shaft, she stroked it with reverence, she worshipped it with her fingers then she looked up at him and said, "I've been studying, hope you approve".

She buried her nose into his scrotum at the base of his dick and took a long deep sniff. She cupped his testicles and kissed them, licked them all over and then ran her tongue up the full length of his dick and took the tip between her lips. As my wife sucked and slurped on his dick he continued to undress as though nothing was happening, slipped off his jacket, unbuttoned his shirt and slipped that off as my wife sucked him. I had those same feelings that I experienced a fortnight ago in the car, my heart was racing, my dick was throbbing with my pulse and the weight on my balls was making them ache severely.

My mind was in turmoil, two weeks ago I could only imagine what they were doing in that hotel room but now I was to actually see a huge black man making love to my wife. I was going to see his enormous dick penetrating my beloved wife.

Was I ready for this? I was tied, more or less immobile, the pain in my ankles was spreading up my legs and my wife was sucking off a huge black dick with a hunger she had never shown me and I loved every minute.

Of course I was ready, I'd dreamed of it for months, ever since I realised she needed a bigger dick than mine. Two weeks ago she'd humiliated me when I came so quickly and really for the rest of that day but what she was doing now was in a different league. In truth she always told me she didn't like fellatio and always refused me up until that day two weeks ago, since then I now realised that she'd been using me to practice sucking her lover. Cunnilingus she always loved, that's the way I make up for my diminutive size, that's the way I make her cum, with my lips and tongue.

I work her until she's right on then edge then ride her to orgasm. I know it's not much of a technique but it's worked for us… up until now. After an age of Chris's ministrations he lifted her with his muscular arms and laid her gently on the bed with her ass on the edge, her legs dangling and her feet on the floor.

He parted her legs, knelt between them and began to lick her cunt. I could see she was close to climax because she was beginning to grind her hips into his face and her breathing came in little gasps. He rose and pulled her legs up and positioned them so her heels were on his shoulders. He took hold of his penis and slowly rubbed the huge, swollen tip up and down her slit using the tip to part her lips.

This was it, I was going to see that huge black shaft enter my wife and the thought made my little insignificant white cock dribble. Without warning he lunged into her, Chris yelped and arched her back, I stiffened, frightened that she had been hurt but my cock was twitching with the excitement of seeing that huge black can he score with just picked up brunette bbw ram into her pussy.

As she relaxed she let out a long sigh, he withdrew completely then repeated the process, up and down, up and down then thrust. Again Chris yelped, this time he'd gone in a little deeper.

"All the way" she moaned. He continued to push and she groaned as she opened for him, his huge thick dick slid deeper and deeper into my beautiful wife's perfect pussy. Chris had her head thrown back, mouth open, eyes shut. He roughly squeezed her breasts and flipped them from the cups of her dress, he leaned forward and took a nipple between his teeth and bit, it must have been a hard bite because she flinched, as she did he rammed in his thick hard dick a little deeper.

Chris went in to a sort of shuddering spasm then slowly relaxed. He looked up at me then pushed himself up and looked down between them, reached down and hitched the hem of her dress up. I noticed that she'd shaved herself, something I'd asked her to do many times but she always refused preferring to keep her pubic hair neatly trimmed. That's obviously what he meant when he said 'smooth'. He was still pushing, working to get the whole length of his dick into her. Chris was tensing again, her face contorting with pain, "All the way" she mumbled again, it was a far away, ghostly sound.

He thrust his hands under her buttocks and jerked his pelvis forward, Chris screamed as he pulled porn star alexis grace gets a pounded pornstar knockers onto his huge shaft.

She let out a bloodcurdling yell that went from high pitched scream to moan of ecstasy. As she screamed I struggled to free myself, "No" I shouted, "No, please don't hurt her", I was well and truly powerless, stuck behind the bed. The bed rocked as he thrust in and out and I felt the vigour of every movement.

I could see him withdraw until just the very tip was inside her then lunge the whole length into her. His hands were spread across her hips, two thumbs rotating on her clitoris. Chris was sobbing "Nooo, it hurts, Ohhhhhh, it hurts, Ohhh fuck it hurts, it hurts so good, so fucking good, fuck me, fuck me hard, Ohhhh, FUCK MEEEEeeee".

As she came his thumbs were vigorously riding up and down on her clitoris, she shuddered with a devastating orgasm that wracked her body, sweat was pouring off her and still he rammed home like a piston. He was swinging back and forth like a machine, the bedstead was banging into me and my balls were swinging back and forth in time to his thrusting. Chris came again and then a third time in quick succession. He put his hands around her waist and lifted her from the bed.

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He leaned backwards so Chris was held in place by his hands and dick, that dick was balls deep in her quivering pussy and he came, his back arched as he pumped his semen deep into my wife's vagina.

He gently laid her back on the bed and withdrew his shaft, now glistening with my wife's juices and smeared with his semen. Chris was just beginning to come round from her ecstasy. "Hmmm" she moaned, "That was wonderful, are you hungry, it's made me hungry, let's go out and get a bite to eat". "Not yet" he said, "what about what we spoke about". "Oh yes" came her reply. She went over to the boxes and took out another leather strap then handed it to him. She knelt on the bed with her knees and legs together and curled herself up with her arms stretched down to her feet.

Her lover used the strap to fasten her wrists and feet together through the loops. Chris huge facial on a pretty girl anna kneeling, face down with her ass in the air pointing directly at me.

He climbed on the bed, got behind her and I had the most wonderful view of his huge semen soaked shaft pounded in and out of my bound wifes pussy as he fucked her hard and fast. Chris came twice before her lover emptied his second load into her. He pulled out and climbed off the bed leaving Chris open to my inspection and when I say open I really mean that. Although she was clenched up tightly with her ass taut her vagina amazing american teen squirting homemade tube porn gaping.

I could see semen pooled inside and as she slowly closed that semen began to trickle out. He unfastened the strap and she staggered off the bed, pulled her dress down and tucked her breasts back in, she pulled a brush through her hair as she inspected herself in the mirror. As her lover was getting dressed she was looking at me, she rubbed her thighs together and did a little shuffle with her ass and a stream of semen poured down her inner thighs and began to drip, drip onto her feet and shoes.

She reached down and caught a couple of drips on a finger, brought it up to her breast and let it drip. Again and this time she put her finger to her lips and licked his semen off.

She seemed to have an interesting thought and knelt on the bed to kiss me, she flicked my straining balls with the tips of he fingers, the pain was exhilarating and excruciating. She reached between her legs and rubbed her pussy then massaged my cock and balls with her semen soaked hands and then she began to wank me off. I was in heaven, she's rarely wanked me before and up until a fortnight ago he's hardly ever touched my cock with her hands.

The slippery friction and the excitement of the evening had me cumming within seconds, Chris caught every last drop in her hand.

I must admit I was proud of the quantity. It seems that when big Paul fucks Chris I produce copious amounts of semen.

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She told me to open my mouth and she poured my own semen into my mouth then said "Swallow, you're always wanting me to suck you off and swallow so you swallow it". Although I'd asked she'd never actually done this for me but never the less I complied with my mistresses wishes without complaint.

She wiped her hand on my hair then turned to our guest, "Ready" she said, "Let's go." A couple of minutes later I heard the front door open and close, then I saw them arm in arm walking across the road, Chris giggling like a teenager in love. She stopped on the other side of the road and turned to look in the window and waved at me while stroking the FUCK ME choker she wore.

She hadn't put a coat on and I could have cum again just watching my beautiful wife dressed like a slut and teasing me. She reached down and slid a finger across her thigh then put it up to her mouth and licked it. Laughing they walked away. It was then that I noticed the newly married girl who had recently moved in to the house across the road standing in her bedroom window watching Chris and her lover walk towards the village. As they disappeared from sight she turned to our window and blew me a kiss then burst out laughing before she disappeared into the darkness.

I'd never spoken to her but I assume that Chris has. Her husband seems a bit of a pratt, mouth full of plumbs sort of guy, he works for an airline and is more often than not away from home.

Chris and her lover had left just after half seven, they'd been fucking for over an hour, doesn't time fly when you're having fun. My erection had subsided after Chris had drained me but returned every time I thought of that monstrous dick fucking my wife and her look of utter joy whenever she came.

My dick began to dribble whenever I though of her dressed like a slut and showing off her new lover around the village. The weight on my balls was causing an extreme ache, my legs were on fire and I was in need of a piss. I'd spent the last three hours or so contemplating whether I'd made a serious mistake and thinking about the humiliation Chris had heaped on me.

As for a mistake, No, having seen it in action I knew this was exactly what Chris needs. She is getting what I've been unable to give her for so long which is goth dildo amateur prostitution sting takes freak off the streets it's really all about.

I believe in our relationship and I certainly didn't have those same reservations I had two weeks ago, then I was almost overwhelmed by dread of the unknown. As for the humiliation, strangely I found it thrilled me, I suppose I've been humiliated since I realised I was wanting in the sex department, what Chris was doing turned that right round dude mashes beautys hot milk sacks smalltits and hardcore it turned me on beyond anything that's happened to me before and my penis agreed, whenever she put me down it throbbed agreement with her and being tied up and helpless while she enjoyed her lover fucking her so hard right before my eyes was mind blowing.

It was now 10:30, the automatic light on the dresser had turned on and I was visible to anyone who passed. Luckily our house is on a slight bend in quiet road and any residents that had gone out had to look back to see me but now they were beginning to arrive home. Fred and Sue slowed down and peered through the windshield at me then drove on muttering to each other.

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Then I saw them, Chris and her lover kissing underneath a street lamp. The girl across the road was watching too and another car drove by and slowed. The look on Georgina's face as she saw Chris and her lover was amazing, the look when she saw me tied to the bedstead was something else, then understanding dawned, she shrugged, tooted her horn and gave Chris a thumbs up before she drove on. They arrived home, came up to the bedroom and turned the main light on, "Hi Paul, we went to two of the pubs, had a meal in the Bull then called in at the other pub, just about every one knows I have a lover, we spoke with a few people and you can be sure anyone who doesn't know will hear the gossip by this time tomorrow, did you see Georgina out there?.

I'm so pleased you let this happen, how can I thank you". "By unfastening these restraints, I'm bursting for a pee" was my reply it was the only thing I cared about at that very moment. "Oh no" she said, "You are staying there all night. Just think, it was you needing a piss that started all this so I think it's only fair that I keep you needing a piss until I say otherwise… As a reminder of what you've given me". She climbed onto the bed and flicked my balls again.

She gave me a deep and passionate kiss as she stroked the tip of my trembling penis. "I think I'll thank you by letting you watch me fucking my big black lover all night long." The absolute agony, I needed to piss, I needed to cum, I needed to stretch my legs, I needed to fuck my beloved mistress if only she would let me and my dick was beginning to dribble again.

Chris looked at the clear liquid, she flicked my balls again then rubbed my throbbing shaft and I exploded, shooting semen right down the centre of the bed.

They settled down to a night of raw passion on the bed before me, after Paul had cum four times (6 including the earlier two fucks) he began to flag and his erection subsided.

He turned to me and said "I only know one other woman as insatiable as your wife, good job for Cailis". He popped a pill and ten minutes later they were going like rabbits again. She took his iron hard shaft in her mouth and she gagged as that thick chunk of meat fucked her throat, he fucked her tits and then he fucked her ass. After he'd cum in her ass Chris licked his dick, every inch of his dick before they want back to vaginal fucking in just about every conceivable position.

He'd cum in her cunt, he'd cum in her ass, he'd cum in her mouth and she'd shown me her tongue before swallowing, he'd showered her with cum, on her thighs and labia, her belly, her chest and tits, her throat and back, her face and in her hair.

Some of their antics were total pornography straight out of the videos Chris had downloaded. Some positions I'd never seen before, never thought were possible. They were usually positioned where I could see the intimate contact. It was like my wife and her lover were putting on a personal show for me, like watching my own private porn film in full colour 3D right before of my eyes and I'd cum three times without even being touched, I'd shot into the air and showered them with my own semen.

Exhaustion had overtaken them and they were both sleeping naked on the bed. Chris lying on her side curled up and her lover behind her with his semi erect penis implanted in her ass. That's another thing, she's never let me go anywhere near her ass, let alone ass fuck her.

Not only had Chris let him ass fuck her but she'd licked his dick afterwards, was I envious of the effect this guy had on my wife, you can fucking bet your life I was but you can also bet that I was so very happy for Chris.

Although I spent most if the time watching the lovers in action I'd also seen the girl across the road a few times, once she was standing there, like the lover and me, in full view of the road and masturbating while watching Paul fuck Chris doggy style, they were side on to the window so she must have had a great view. I'd also seen a couple of groups of neighbours staring intently at their antics from the pavement.

So not only did most of the village know Chris had a black lover, a few of them had actually seen them fucking and seen me helplessly watching and again my little cock began to grow at the thought reminding me that my bladder seemed about to burst. The only way I could piss would soak Chris and her lover and ruin the mattress. O.K. Chris can humiliate me but I can't disgrace myself or Chris by letting go so I stay as I am patiently waiting for my mistress to wake and release me.

It was six forty five a.m. The lovers had been sleeping for a couple of hours or so when Chris yawned and looked over to me.

She smiled at me and whispered "thanks Paul" then reached up and unfastened the belt and wrist restraints. Her lover groaned sleepily as she eased his dick out of her ass then crawled under the bed to untie my ankles. Slowly and in pain I shuffled my legs together, the fire in my ankles and calves almost made me weep.

Chris had lain down on the bed again and was gently licking her lover's penis, even in sleep he began to harden. She whispered to me, "I want him clean and hard when he yong awesome girls in club are cheerful to fuck up, go and make us something nice for breakfast".

I examined the weight on my balls. It was a thick steel ring that locked with a tiny pad lock. When I sat to remove those painful boots I noticed that unlike those Chris had worn, these had locks instead of buckles. Chris said "Keep them on, and the ball weight and I have another surprise for you later, now go and make breakfast".

As I reached for my dressing gown she said "naked please". I made scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and chives, toast, orange juice and coffee. When I tottered into the bedroom carrying the tray they were at it again, Chris lying on the bed doing a bugs bunny impression with her feet beside her ears. Paul kneeling on one knee with his other foot planted by her waist and powering his huge dick down into my wifes upturned cunt.

After a few minutes he rammed the full length into her and slid his legs back, wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled them tightly together. I was standing at the foot of the bed holding the tray, my erect penis throbbing in front of me.

He spread his legs and I could see that every inch of that monstrous dick was pushed all the way into her, his balls tight against her ass. He stayed like that for a few minutes then began to fuck with all his might, thrusting fully home and pulling almost all the way out.

Chris was crying out in ecstasy, "Yess, yess, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me so hard, yess, yesssss, yessssssss awww fuuuuuccccccckkkk". As she came he powered deep into her and held it there until she subsided then he increased his speed and she came again.

Then faster and she came a third time and she went rigid as a spasm as multiple orgasms took her. Her body was stretched taught and unyielding, every muscle quivering with tension. As her orgasms ripped through her he kept up his relentless full length thrusts, faster and faster driving Chris into rapturous convulsions.

I was absolutely fascinated, I'd never seen my wife in this state, ok there's a lot of things I'd not seen my wife do in the last twelve hours but this was something different. She was obviously orgasming, every muscle in her body quivered but was stretched tight, she was absolutely rigid.

She was moaning with ecstasy, body absolutely rock solid rigid. The moan became a sob then she screamed at him "Noooo, nooo please nooo oh God no more please" but he kept up his inexorable thrusting. Chris was yelping "No no no no" as each thrust bottomed and after a couple of minutes of the yelping she let out a blood chilling scream pretty nice girl give amazing blowjob with cum in her mouth her body seemed to collapse in on itself, all the tension released and she relaxed so completely I thought she'd passed out and still he rammed home.

Chris began to move, to tremble and she spoke in a whisper "Please cum oh Paul please cum I can't take anymore, I really can't". He pulled out and hauled himself up her body then forced his engorged dick into her mouth. He started fucking her mouth and was soon pushing into her throat. Chris gagged but he continued, he pushed into her throat and held it there pushing and pushing. Chris gagged and gurgled like she was choking, every few seconds he'd pull out, Chris gulped air and then he forced his dick to the back of her throat.

I was astounded at the amount of dick that was disappearing into her mouth, I was also astounded that Chris was allowing him to do this to her. Now he held his dick pushed into her throat for a particularly long time, too long, he looked ecstatic and her face was beginning to turn red then suddenly he stood up on the bed and turned so he was standing with her head between his feet.

He stroked his shaft a couple of times, pushed it down to point at Chris and ejaculated. Spurt one landed just above her cleanly shaved pussy, spurt two almost dead centre of her belly filling her navel, spurt three just above that, a little below her breasts, spurt four splattered her breast, five her throat and then he was shooting onto her face, her mouth opened and she caught a few drips and swallowed. He dropped down to lie on the bed head to head with my wife and I heard him whisper "I told you you'd be begging me to stop", Chris nodded and he broke into a very self satisfied smile.

I stood at the foot of the bed stroking my dick as they ate breakfast. They were chatting like old friends and then Chris broached the subject of his partner. He was reluctant to talk about her but Chris has a way of wheedling things out of people so we were both devastated when he said that she wasn't expected to live much longer.

He told us of how she had been diagnosed with leukaemia last Christmas and then a couple of weeks ago during a routine scan her specialist had discovered a growth on her brain. Paul himself was a doctor in the emergency department of his local hospital and he felt so impotent that he didn't have the knowledge or skills to do anything more than everyday care to help her.

He cheered up when Chris asked what she was like, he obviously loved her very much and he thought the world of her. She was so pleased when he told her what had happened a fortnight ago, she hoped he'd found someone at least as release his sexual tension, she was rarely up to it anymore so she'd asked for us to visit her but soon for obvious reasons.

"If you intend for this going on for a while she's got a lot to talk to you about". He asked if we had a computer so I went to get my laptop.

He brought up a website with pictures of a stunningly beautiful woman, "That's Sammy, that's my one true love". He had busty izabella rides a massive meat pole get back to Lancaster to make sure Sammy was ok before he began his night shift so at 10:30 on a Sunday morning they had one last fuck on the stairs.

When he left there were quite a few neighbours working in gardens or cleaning cars and giving not so surreptitious looks as Chris and her lover were kissing goodbye in our driveway. Fred from a couple of doors down pointed walked into his house and slammed the door. The rest of Sunday was truly erotic, within seconds of the front door closing Chris was lying up the stairs just where she'd been fucked 10 minutes earlier and I was licking out her semen sodden cunt.

The smoothness mentioned earlier was because she'd spent busty chick manga is a bukkake orgy pro afternoon having her hair and body prepared and had her pubis waxed, completely hairless. Then what is for me the most exquisite of all sensations I was fucking my wifes gaping and sloppy vagina. She licked his semen from my face and lips, I kissed her and dribbled another mans semen from my mouth to hers as her hot and stretched pussy tried to pull me deeper inside.

I also had been learning and my thumbs worked her clitoris as we made love on the stairs to the accompaniment of a loud, wet squelching noise. Perhaps for only the sixth or seventh time in our marriage we came in unison then went up to the bedroom.

We tried most of the positions that she had done with her lover, some were quite impossible for me either because I kept dropping out because she was so stretched and sloppy or I was so small I just couldn't manage to enter her in that position and we laughed at the impossibility as we struggled and tumbled to try and make it work. Other positions were either wonderful or disappointing but always interesting.

She took me in her mouth and with exacting tongue movement and suction brought me to the edge of ejaculation then I slid back into that all enveloping vagina. All too soon I'd added more semen to her already semen flooded pussy and as I pulled out a great gush of thick creamy white liquid followed.

This really was the most wonderful sex I'd ever experienced and I was soon hard again. She allowed me for the first time to ass fuck her, oh what a sensation, so intense that it made me cum too quickly (story of my life). As I lay on the bed exhilarated and exhausted she sprung her next surprise as she slipped a penis restraint over my flaccid cock, locked it to the ball weights and then spent most of the rest of the day teasing me, watching my penis try to grow, to strain, to try to force itself to painfully expand through the tight metal tube.

To be continued. . .