Young teen aprils throat gets used and forced to deepthroat

Young teen aprils throat gets used and forced to deepthroat
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Ch. 1 Early in the morning. I wake up, my cock half hard, covered in my wife Kelly's pussy from the night before. The house is quiet and I think that no one is home.

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I put on my track pants and shirt and walk downstairs. As I do, I smell coffee and see my mother in law Kiersten standing in the kitchen. "oh hi Kiersten" I say, walking int the kitchen trying to avoid looking at her sexy body. Kiersten is 5'4, 105lbs, maybe smaller. She has a cup breasts, and a fat little ass. She has a slender body. Kiersten has brown hair, with bangs in the front. She is 52 and has some wrinkles on her face, but still very fuckable.

She usually acts stuck up but nice, very regal (good for anal fucking). "hi Sean" she said, "do you want some coffee." I nod and stand next to the sink as she gets a cup. I see her slim mid section as she reaches for a cup. Kiersten is wearing a tightyet fit red satin blouse and dress pants. They are regular clothes, but she is so skinny and small they look perfect.

I just want to destroy that bosss finally fuck and mom rough xxx sore loser. She is wearing conservative heals.

"so is Kelly" at work? She hands me the cup and is standing at the sink, maybe 6 inches from me. My horny cock actually jumps a beat. "Yes, she will be gone all day." As Kiersten says that, she squats down next to me to pick up something from the floor. She opens the cabinet under the sink and throws the trash away. As she gets up, Kiersten grabs for the side of the door, but accidentally grabs my pants. More specifically, she grabs a little to high.

Seeing her squat made me get a little hard and she grabbed onto it. "Oh um." I mutter, trying to not be excited. Her hand is still holding my cock, Kiersten seems a bit shocked by the accident, but her hand is still there. I look down at her ass sticking out from her straight red hair, and get even harder, my cock is definitely sticking out against my pants and her hand.

She knows I can't help it and squeezes.

"Should I get up?" She looks up at me with sexy eyes. "Why don't you unzip what you are holding onto?

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Kiersten looks intently at my pants and pulls the zipper down. My fat cock springs out of my pants and she immediately sticks her sexy little tongue out and licks the head. "What can Mommy in law do for you Sean?" she says.

I reach down her ass, and help her up. "Take your blouse of and lower your pants, but keep those sexy heals on." She unbuttons and under her shirt is a sexy black bra, covering her petite tits. She has a flat tummy and tight waste. I pull her pants down, and her panties go with them. I lean Kiersten against the counter.

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I then get behind her and start to lick her pussy. I play with her clit and stick my tongue inside of her. She squirms a little. "Mmm you taste so good bitch." I say and she gets excited. Clearly this regal slut likes to be degraded I think and smile.

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I then lick up from her sexy clit that is sticking out from her sexy round little ass. I go up her pussy, and then lick to her asshole.

It tastes so good and is pink. As I push my tongue, her asshole responds and pushes back. "You have a pretty little asshole, mother in law slut" I say as I then start to suck on her asshole.

I then get up and start to kiss her from behind, pulling her neck around. I drool her asshole into her mouth. "taste it you little slut mommy." "mmm i am your little slut" she says deviously sucking on my tongue. I go back down and start sucking her asshole harder, and trying to tongue her.

I reach my hand up and rub her clit, wetting it by fitting my fingers in her tight pussy. Her eyes flutter and she smiles loving the ass sucking. I get up again and this time spit on her face and it drips into her mouth. "Fuck me, im a little whore mother in law!" college mate fucked this naughty horny nice ass chick yells.

I grab her by the hair and neck and push her to the ground. "On you knees slut!" I say as she goes down. Her knees on the hard floor, toes curled back in her heals, her ass in the air, and her regal red head up straight.

I let her taste my cock and I spit on it as it roles onto her tongue. I go beyond her and squat over her little ass hole. I put the head up to it and start to gush into her tight asshole. She screams loudly "I AM A FUCKING WHORE, FUCK MY ASSHOLE, FUCK!!" I start to pound and i can tell her knees hurt against the ground, but she loves it. I hold her neck and kiss her mouth.

"Your my good fuck whore aren't you bitch. You dirty slut, you like to fuck your daughters cock." Kiersten laughs and gives a fucked up smile. I keep pounding that asshole. She starts to rub her clit and soon is about to cum. I plow in deep and stay in her asshole, pushing against her stomach. She rubs hard and starts to cum right there on the kitchen floor, screaming.

I cover her mouth, "shut up cum slut." I then pull my fat cock out of her ass and turn her over. "Squat down." She gets stripper gets her pussy slaughtered at bachelor party her heals and squats. Now open your mouth, look up at me, stick your tongue out. I jerk my cock hard, squeezing as she cups my balls. I look down into her eyes and start to cum right on her tongue and down her throat.

She looks up through half sun slit eyes happily but tired. I can see the cum glisten on her tongue and she then gulps it all down.

"Thank you for the breakfast" she says.

Right then, Kellys younger sister Lauren appears at the other side of the kitchen. "What is going on here?" She says.

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