Adorable and depraved brunette with mega tits spanking ass

Adorable and depraved brunette with mega tits spanking ass
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THE HOT TUB Nobody knew her, or her friend. They were clean- cut, and both very handsome. They walked, and touched each other like they had known each other forever, slight nuances of love that get better with age, and more subtle. We were sitting at our usual table, my husband and I, both transfixed by their elegance as they walked, no, glided across the restaurant, led by a waiter that seemed out of place in their company.

They sat at the table next to us; they turned just as we noticed we were staring. They smiled, exposing perfectly white teeth. We smiled back, feeling somewhat awkward, being so near them. They ate, and we ate, occasionally looking, subtly we thought at their perfect bodies, trying, but not hard enough to conceal the desire we both felt. See, we too had been married awhile, and knew each other too well.

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We couldn't hide it from each other, so, it became a game, to hide it from them. What would we do? We were enthralled by every movement they made, every ripple of their clothes, that belied the toned flesh beneath moving, showing tiny flashes of bronze skin between buttons on his shirt, or on the slit in her skirt. We started a conversation, about this and that, one thing after another until we were conversing like old friends.

I invited them over for cocktails at our house after dinner. We paid, and left, with them following us in their car. We looked at each other, red-faced with a hint of embarrassment, thinking of things that we knew the other was thinking, but, too excited to mention out loud. What do we do now? What have we done? We all went back to our house, we all hit it off very well talking about life, love and being married.

We started pouring more wine and all got a bit uninhibited as the evening went on. The other mans wife turned on some music and I started dancing with her and laughing.the wine was taking effect nicely.

I suggested that we all go in the Jacuzzi, the other lady says great! Immediately, the woman started stripping in a very seductive way. She has a very lovely body, although she and her husband are older than my husband and I, we all stopped and looked as she started stripping to the music.very erotically .

flinging her short skirt at my husband and exposing her bare pert breasts for all of us to see. I say. "Oh what the hell," and start to strip too, although I don't think my body is as nice as hers, I've never had any complaints from men and my large full breasts seem to impress her husband and I know that I am turning him on.

We girls both head for the Jacuzzi while the men get us some more drinks. She obviously is very hot and starts starring at my tits.and I say, "Go ahead and touch them.they like that." She comes over doggy style drilling for sexy edie haze side of the hot tub and takes both of them in her hands and starts fondling them and then bends down and starts licking them.

I start to moan, and tell her, "I've never had another woman touch me like this before," and she says, neither has she. I start caressing her back and her small firm breasts, those firm little titties with very erect and large nipples.

When the men arrive and saw what was going on, it does not take long to notice their swelling cocks and in short order, they both had nice hard ons.

When they get in the hot tub it seems to break the ice and we all seem to be a little less tense. Of course the father reading time with sex help ease the tension.

Everyone remarked how nice it was to be naked and in the warm water and the compliments were quickly exchanged and well as a few appreciative touches. After a few minutes of looking and touching each other, some touches under water, the other man gently pulled me to him and kissed me. It quickly turned into a very wet passionate kiss and I could feel his hands stroking my back and buttocks. I looked over to see my husband had also started fondling the other women's body in a similar manner but concentrating on her firm little titties.

I found myself being very aroused at seeing him fondling another woman. I would have thought initially, I might be more jealous. The mood was getting increasingly "steamy" very quickly, when I saw my husband lift the other woman up and out of the tub and sat her on the edge of the deck. I was watching all of this as the other man started sucking on my tits and his hand slipped between my legs massaging my clit. My husband started licking his way down her stomach and moving toward her pussy.

When she opened her legs wide, we all could see her beautiful sex flower which was bright pink, moist and waiting to be sucked and licked. My husband really knows how to eat pussy and he started licking her outer lips, running his tongue the full length of her slit until he reached her protruding clit. She arched her back and we heard her moan ahhhhhhhh, yes!. Her husband had slipped his finger into my wet pussy and was fingering me as wall watched my husband munching away on that obviously sweet tasting pussy.

I knew from experience that she was experiencing a wonderful pleasure and decided at that very moment I wanted to lick and taste her cunt too. After watching a few more minutes, I gently pushed my husband aside and said, "Let me eat her, I've never eaten pussy before, and I want to taste her, Now!" My husband moved aside and I leaned over and slipped my head between her outstretched legs. Sticking out my tongue I too licked her as I liked having my husband lick me and ran my wet tongue the entire length of her pussy taking in the sweet pungent aroma of her excited pussy.

I really was enjoying this first time experience and wondered why I had never tried it before. It was so exciting too, to have our husbands watching me eat this wonderful woman's pussy.

When I found her clit, I gently rolled my tongue back and forth flipping hot teen sexy astonishing teenager plays e high def little button as rapidly as I could and I heard her scream "Yes, yes, Oh my Yes that's it, right there!".I slipped two of my fingers into her sex tunnel and start fucking her while my tongue continued going wild on her clitty.

Meanwhile, my husband got out of the tub and stood next to her head so she could suck his throbbing cock and give him head as I was furiously licking her pussy. Her husband was standing directly behind me and slipped his hard cock into my pussy from behind and was fucking me doggie style. Being able for all of us to watch and feel all of the wonderful sensations, there was a chain reaction when each person had a shattering climax. I looked up at the precise moment and saw my husband fill her sucking mouth with stream after stream of warm sticky cum.

The volume was more than she could handle or swallow and much of the cum oozed from the corners of her mouth.

I could feel her spasm too and knew that she was having a cum from my manipulation of her pussy with my fingers and active tongue. I could also feel the swelling of her husbands cock in my pussy just before I could feel jets of his cum splashing the walls of cunt. I was a very erotic and exciting moment with lots of grunts and moans, but one thing was for sure we had had a great sexual experience in that short period of time.

We all collapsed and rested while we soaked up the bubbling water therapy of the hot tub. We talked and laughed about our feelings and the visual stimulation of what had just happened. We all agreed we wanted more and after a short rest, Mary, the other woman, said that she wanted to experience two cocks at the same time, one in her pussy and the other in her ass. My husband retrieved an air mattress from the pool and placed it on the deck. He laid down on his back and his cock was again hard sticking straight up, ready for action.

Mary moved over him and lowered her pussy onto his prick and I held his cock and guided it into her sopping slit. Once she was settled in, her husband approached from the rear and placed his cock at the entrance of her tight ass.

He inserted his finger in her ass and after a few minutes of getting her acclimated, slipped the head of his cock past the rosebud opening of her anal passage. She was now fully stuffed with two hard cocks. I place a deck chair directly over my husbands head and sat down facing them with my legs spread and Mary immediately lowered her face in my pussy and began repaying me for the wonderful pussy licking I had given her.

She certainly had had some past experience at eating pussy as she used "special" techniques that my husband should learn. I could only imaging the sensations she was experiencing, having two cocks at the same time penetrating her body and tasting my dripping pussy at the same time, It was Paradise, for sure!

As an aside comment, my husband told me later that the feeling of another man's cock just on the other side of that thin membrane was really a terrific feeling and something, he thinks, I should try next time we have them over!

As I sat there getting eaten out by this wonderful pretty amateur college rushes did the household chores hardcore lesbian I could sense that the men too were getting close to cumming as their strokes were in unison and as one would withdraw, the other would thrust his cock deeper and deeper until they both bathed her in the hot stick cum.

When they with drew from her it was easy to see the cum leaking from her slit and her ass. I wanted to be there to taste all of that but I was too close to cumming myself to move. We again rested and it was close to midnight when they said that they needed to get going. But before they did leave, they said that they wanted to express their appreciation to us for having been xxx vedifor suny leon vedios mp3 to our home.

They asked me and my husband to just lean back on the mattress close to the hot tub and while standing in the tub, the husband started to lick my pussy again and she started sucking my husband's cock.

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A real nice oral "thank you" I must say and the sensations of being side by side like that and being "serviced" by such a beautiful couple, well it was special. You can imagine my surprise when they quickly changed places and she was licking my pussy again but he was sucking my husband's cock like he wanted to devour him right then and there.

My own husband was so astonished he didn't know what to say or do but it was not long before he realized he enjoyed the feeling and shortly thereafter, my husband rewarded him with a full measure of his warm sticky love sauce filling his mouth until it bulged his cheeks until he swallowed most of it. He then kissed his wife and they each tasted the others lips and shared the sticky cream from both of us.

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Later, I asked my husband what it was like being sucked by another man and he said after the shock of it, he enjoyed it and thought he just might reciprocate when we got together again. I told him that it excited me to watch her husband suck his cock and that I had cum from watching that. I also told him that it would be wild watching him suck the other man too.

It was really, a very erotic and sensual expression of the good time they had with us that evening.we were glad we invited them over and plan on doing this again very, very soon. -=[THE END]=-