Classic big cock and library pawnshop confession

Classic big cock and library pawnshop confession
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"Im outside" I texted to lloyd. I got a quick response from him saying "and im inside" I giggled at his little joke and raunchy teen has her pink slit plowed cumshots brunette up and saw him in the window waving at me. I walked from the driveway and waited for him to open the front door. "Hey sexy" a familiar voice said. I look up and guess who it was?

Phil. (Now of you havent been following my stories here is what you missed. Lloyds sexy older brother Phill caught Lloyd and I fucking in his closet. It was awkward but I thought we would move past it. But while I was I the shower, Phil seduced me and we had sex. And FUCK it was good, we fucked again. After the second time, I tried to keep my distance and focus on my relationship with Lloyd.) "Um. hey there" I said awkwardly. "Come in come in!" He said opening the door for me.

Phil looked me up and down with his hands caressing his chin and licking his lips. His presence turns me on so much.

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"Babe come upstairs" lloyd scram down the stairs. I walked past Phil and dreaded walking up the stairs because I knew he would just stare at my ass.

"Goddamn." Phil said staring at me. I gave him a death stare. "You know you wanna fuck me" he said whispering in my ear. With that, he gave my neck a soft lick and squeezed my butt. "Can you not?" I said annoyed but really fighting my lust for him. "Uhhh I just wanna lick your pussy." I could feel his cool minty breath on my ear. I bit my lip at the thought of him eating me out.

Then I started to shake my head. "No. Thats not happening EVER again. I mean EVER." I rolled my eyes and stormed up the stairs.

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As I walked up the stairs I started getting flashbacks of Phil fucking me. My stomach churned and by the time I got to the top of the stairs, I was horny.

I stood outside lloyds door to get myself together. I finally sighed and opened lloyds door. "Babyyyyy!" I ran over and kissed him on his cheek. As usual, lloyd was glued to his video games. I dont know what other girlfriends do, but when my boyfriend is playing video games while im around, I annoy him until he turns the game off. Lloyd was sitting on the bean bag on the foot of his bed. I started kissing his neck. Lloyd flinched as he was trying to focus on the game.

I began putting my hand down his muscle tank top to his chest. I found his nipple and I gave it a slight pinch. Lloyd laughed then paused the game.

"Hey! He said climbing on the bed pinning me down. "this game is really important. So if you dont mind." "Ohh so is my pussy not important? " Lloyd blushed. He was still on top of me. "I dont it?" He brunette glasses babe sucking fucking big dick leaning in closer. "Yesss" I said smiling on my back, wrapping my legs around him. "How should I know?" Lloyd said with a smirk.

"You wanna taste me?" I said giggling. I could feel his breath on my face. Lloyd leaned in and kissed me. How I loved kissing him. There was so much passion and love when we kissed. If someone was watching or even listening you could hear the smack of our lips. Lloyd bit my lip as he ended our makeout session.

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He laid next riley star gets some from me while dads sleeping me on his back and sighed. He motioned for me to sit on him. I crawled over and sat on him; my pussy hovering over his dick. I kissed him on his cheek. I began grinding my pussy on his dick on while kissing his neck. "Shiit" lloyd moaned in satisfaction. The door opened. "Hey Lloyd" Shit it was Phil.

"You love birds just couldnt wait to get your hands on each other, huh?" Lloyd threw a pillow at him. "Bro what the hell do you want?" Lloyd asked impatiently. Phil laughed. "Bro chill I just wanted to check in on you guys, and I see youre doing just fine!" I was so frustrated with Phil.

I knew he was intruding on purpose. It was just his way of saying that hes not jealous of Lloyd because can fuck me better.

And for a change, I wanted him to see that Lloyd could fuck me better even though it wasnt true. So I kissed Lloyd even though Phil was still talking to him. Lloyd tried to resist me but my kisses are irresistible. So Lloyd and I continued our makeout session with Phil just standing there watching.

I started to grind my pussy on his dick again. Lloyd tilted his head back. Phil started walking into the room closing the door behind him. "Holy shit man, your girl got moves." "Dude get the fuckout!"lloyd screamed "Okay, okay no need for the attitude." With that, Phil opened the door and left. I took my shirt off which revealed my b cup boobs and my cheetah print bra.

Lloyd took his shirt off as well. His abs were so sexy.

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He slid off his basketball shorts and I took off my leggings. His dick was getting so hard. "Look what I did!" I said rubbing his dick through his boxers.

"Grind on it babe" he said anxiously I took his boxers off and his cock sprung out. "Holy shit!" Either I was retarted, or his dick got bigger! "I took my panties off and licked his long cock. Lloyd put his hands on my head as I bobbed my head up and down his cock. "God damn Erica" I pushed him back down on his back and put his dick in between the lips of my hairless wet pussy. I moved my hips up and down his shaft.

Both of us moaned in amazement. My clit was being rubbed in ways I wasnt even aware of!

My heart started beating a thouasand times a minute and I knew I was going to orgasm any moment "Ughhh." I said still grinding on him.

My eyes rolled back and my hips bucked an in could feel my body tense then release. Once I caught my breath, I spit on my hand and stroked his pulsating cock. "You wanna fuck me?" I asked with a smirk still giving him a handjob.

"Hell yeah" he said throwing his head back. "Beg for it." I whispered.

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"C'mon baby" he said anxiously. "c'mon what?" I stopped stroking and stroked my pussy with the tip of his dick, teasing him.You could feel and hear the wetness of my pussy.

"Erica please.fuck me now" lloyd uttered. "Thats what I wanted to hear!" I slid down on his dick. "Uhhhhh shit" we both said. I bounced on his cock like a bouncy ball. I took my bra off. My tits flew everywhere. Lloyd reached up and caressed my tits. Then i Ieaned down to kiss him. That's when he started pounding me. My back arched as he forced himself in and out. "Yesss, my gosh Lloyd." He was so deep in pussy I could barely take it. "You like that babe?

Huh?" He said going deeper with each word. "Fuck yess" I moaned grabbing the sheets. "Im gonna cum!" Lloyd said between moans.

"Cum in me baby" I said now riding him. I rocked foward and back and swirled my hips around. I could feel him tense up. His face got red as he exploded in me. "Ooo daddy." I said smiling looking down at my dripping pussy. "We made a mess didnt we?" He laughed.

As we both looked around the room, noticed his sheets were done for, and his room had the clothes we threw off everywhere. Lloyds eyes met mine. He leaned in and kissed me. "I fucking love you." He said with his dick still inside me. "I love you too baby." I said kissing his cheek. I hopped off of his penis and laid next to him. We laid naked on his bed for what felt like hours.

I got up and went to his bathroom to take my usual after sex shower. The hot shower soothed my skin. "Hey you". A calm voice said.

"Phil?" I said knowing it was but hoping it wasnt him. He pulled back the shower curtain. "The one and only.