Horny milf plays with herself on webcam

Horny milf plays with herself on webcam
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Hey everyone, For those who haven't read the Introduction yet, please read it before reading this chapter!

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It's essential for the plot but if you're happy to skip, feel free to go on reading! But I'm sure you'll enjoy the Intro, it has plenty of action in it aswell :) Love, Empressive xoxo •• •• •• ••••• •••• ••• •• • "Hello Patrick." This was the first time any of my employees had used my first name, and I had no idea what to think of it.

I stared at her, taking in her tiny waist, toned legs and seemingly flawless skin. Rachel approached my trembling body and traced a finger down from my cheek to my neck, setting her hand on my shoulder as it moved down.

She leaned in to me and we kissed, the intoxicating taste of cherry lip balm once again capturing my attention. She must have worn it over her lipstick.

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"Untie me Rachel." I begged her softly. Her tongue touched mine as she slipped it in my open mouth. I made out with her tongue for a while, until she pulled away and gazed into my eyes. "Not tonight baby." she whispered. "Tonight you're all mine." She must have seen my worried expression, because she continued soothingly. "I'm not going to hurt you, I just want you under my control." Rachel climbed onto the bed on all fours, her hands on either side of my head, her knees on either side of my torso.

She was smiling kindly, and that relaxed me more along with her words. "This way Patrick, You can't hold me," - she caressed my cheek with her hand - "you can't touch me." - she moved that hand to my arm, in the same place she had held it at the door - "and you can't fuck me" - she lowered her crotch to my dick, and I felt her sheer wetness through the thin cloth that separated us - "unless I want you to." It occurred to me that Rachel might be angry at me for cumming in her earlier that night, but she had definitely enjoyed it as much as I had.

Regardless, Whatever 'bribes' I had expected from Rachel, there was no way I had imagined that she was capable of this.

Once again, I felt that increasingly familiar desire to shove my dick deep into Rachel's pussy, but I was out of luck. Her panties would prevent me from getting anything into her, but I couldn't stop my hips from pushing up against her.

I swore under my breath when of course it didn't work and Rachel smirked, fully satisfied at my reaction. "Patience is a virtue." she said, and leaned in again to kiss me. But there was something different in this kiss. It wasn't frantic or frenzied like our other ones, but smooth, gentle and relaxing. We didn't use our tongues, the feel and taste of her soft lips on mine was exhilarating enough. Sometime during the kiss I felt Rachel's weight on my body.

Her hands were cradling my face, and I so badly wanted to hold her in my arms, run my hands along her back, bury my fingers in her hair. Our kiss got deeper, our lips meeting with more force. Little moans were escaping from me and I was sure she could feel my erection pressing against her pussy.

"I need you Rachel." I said in between kisses. She leaned away slightly and slowly pulled down the fabric that covered one of her boobs. Her nipple was wide and brown, and there were little stiff bumps circling the centre. Even without the flimsy structure of the bra holding her flesh up, it was firmly shaped into a beautiful round hot mom is fucking her young son on her chest.

She was so sexy I couldn't suppress a moan. "Let me suck it" I pleaded. She seemed to think this was a good idea and leaned in with her boob over my face. I opened my mouth busty cowgirl gets fucked in various positions she lowered her amazing tit into it. I sucked it gently, increasing the pressure of my lips as I heard her moaning. "Oh! Yes, Patrick!" Her warm flesh was pressing down onto my nose and the sensitive skin of her nipple had hardened significantly.

Cautiously, I nibbled on the very tip of it, knowing that some women didn't like teeth on their nipples. She wasn't pulling away, so I chewed on it, making her call out with a sharp "Ah!" I took hold of her stiff tit in between my teeth and pulled it back. She leaned up a bit more, stretching her boob out.

I let go, not wanting to hurt her, and her boob snapped back into it's perfect round shape.

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When she lowered her chest to my lips again, I turned my head to the side, motioning to her other breast. She got the idea and pulled down the soft red cloth, letting her boob spring free. I took my time on this one, licking around her large brown nipple slowly before I let my tongue touch her nipple.

She basically fell on top of me mmv films hot bathroom sex vaginal masturbation and doggystyle she orgasmed. I was surprised how sensitive her nipples were and loved the fact that I could give her an orgasm from touching her tits alone.

As she had fallen on me, her breast had once again been pushed into my face. I began to suck her flesh in earnest now, as she squirmed and moaned above me. I wished I could touch her. I wanted to massage her other boob, pull her nipple, pinch it and twist it with my fingers. But I had to content myself with chewing the one I had for now.

I caught her sweet nipple in between my teeth again and pulled it to the side. I was beginning to realise that even though Rachel liked it slow at times, she also loved roughing it. As I nibbled and pulled her tit again and again, her orgasm intensified. Finally, she let out one long scream of delight and reached her climax. I felt her panties dampen significantly, and my dick throbbed in agony.

I wanted so badly to orgasm with her, but I needed her to touch me, feel me. Fuck me. We were both out of breath, and I lay there quietly, waiting for her next move.

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"You. You didn't have to do that." she said after her breathing had slowed. "No." I replied, "But I wanted to." She sat up and smile gratefully down at me. "Thanks, but this is about you, not me." "Take it away then." I watched as she grinned and reached behind her back.

In a second, her bra had fallen off her chest and her lovely breasts were fully naked for me. If only I could touch them, I thought wistfully. "You've had enough of these toys, haven't you?" She grasped her own boobs in her hands.

I half moaned and half laughed when I replied. "No!

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Never." She laughed and traced a prefect fingernail around her nipple. "Hmm, maybe later then." "What about now?" I whined jokingly, which brought a smile to her face.

"I think I can figure something out." and she brought a smile to mine.