Milf shows her holes tube porn

Milf shows her holes tube porn
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Cheryl Cheryl had been a cheerleader in high school. Always the popular one, all the boys wanted to fuck her. There was no telling at the gallons of cum that had been squirted from the boys that jacked off with her on their mind. At 5'5', perfect blonde hair, perfect hourglass shaped body, perfect teeth, she was one of those girls that a 10 out of 10 ranking just seemed inadequate.

She dated Jimmy, the captain of the football team, (what a shock, right?). Unlike most of her friends, she had not ever fucked anyone No one would have thought this to be true, nobody waits any more, right? She had had a couple of friends come up pregnant. Again, such a shocker these days. But, Cheryl kept her cherry intact and Jimmy although frustrated, was a pretty good guy and figured he could wait. He always thought he would be the one she chose to give her cherry to.

It would be worth the wait. Cheryl was truly beautiful. The problem was that Cheryl was kind of mean about it. Beautiful babe jade amber worships a strangers cock they would be alone together, Cheryl started teasing Jimmy.

She began wearing shorter skirts, lacy panties, see through blouses and tiny bra's that barely covered her nipples. She would often pull him into a corner in a restaurant, or club. She would put his hand on her breast, then push it into her shirt, then into her bra. She would undo her blouse and bra and show him her perfect tits. Let him rub them, pinch the nipples, even kiss them as they kissed each other.

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Then she got to taking big risks. Once while walking through the park, in broad day light. She removed her t shirt and bra. Jimmy was freaking out becausealthough no one was very close, there was an old couple walking on the other side of the park who noticed her. They stared a while before moving on. Then she removed her shorts and panties and handed all her clothes to Jimmy and walked ahead of him completely naked.

What a vision of perfection she was. His heart almost stopped, she was breathtaking. Then trouble arrived. A couple of skin heads who were pretty close noticed her and realized what an opportunity it might just be. They started running toward the couple and got within a 100 ft before either Cheryl or Jimmy noticed them charging in on them.

Luckily, both Cheryl and Jimmy were fast runners and were able to get back to his car without being caught. He handed her her clothes and she put them back on. Cheryl loved to go out to eat with Jimmy. As she got more and more brave, she would not wear any panties. When he would put his arm around her on the way into the restaurant, she would make sure he pushed her short skirt up and felt her bare ass.

When inside, she often would purposely drop a spoon or something so when he bent over to pick it up, she would pull her skirt, spread her legs and let him see her perfect shaved pussy under the sleeping skinny small teen wet pussy and tight asshole. After a while, it started to get to him, and he started getting more aggressive with her.

He started squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples harder and harder. He would force his hand up to her shaved cunt and make her let him rub it. On a few occasions he even heard a soft moan from her. As the end of the summer approached, he pressured her more and more. He told her" Do you love me or not, Jesus Christ, you're nineteen now, I want to make love to you." She would only laugh and tease him more.

He didn't know that in her mind, she was ready. She had been ready. She had known for at least a couple of years that she had this thing about a guy being super aggressive. Jimmy had never figured it out. If he had, he could have fucked her little cunt several years ago.

After her dates with Jimmy, she often came home, got out the digital camera and took pictures of her sexy little body. She would fantasize about Jimmy and other men taking her, forcing her, eating her, fucking her and she would cum over and over. She wanted to fuck so badly, she thought of giving Jimmy more and more of a strong hint.

She decided to fuck him, on her terms or his no matter what. She had grown into a beautiful young woman, 19 years old, a virgin, going to college in two weeks and was going to fuck her boyfriend. Jimmy of course didn't know this. Jimmy had beat his poor dick raw so many times thinking of his beautiful virgin girlfriend it was a sin itself. Frustration didn't quite cover it. He was angry. I mean damn, this girl was cruel.

She had teased him over and over. He had seen ever inch of her and touched most of her, but never really tasted her.

It drove him over the edge. Vince was single, a nice looking man with a decent career.

He made a decent living but would never be rich. He always kept a girlfriend or two around but seldom did any of them really satisfy him. He liked to fuck long and hard. He had always heard that's what the girls liked, but he was still looking for one who could take what he could dish out.

His one girl, Susan, could hang with him pretty good, but she really couldn't get off unless she was on top. He liked being fucked by the girl on top but really got his rocks off when he had her down, with her legs up on his shoulders so he could put his back and full length into every stroke into her cunt. Vince had built the ultimate fuck room in his house. He had constructed it from solid concrete blocks.

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Sound proof. No windows, one door, a bed, a bathroom and a tv. That was it. He had sinister plans for that room and it was time to make them happen. Vince had been driving by the high school 2 years earlier when he noticed Cheryl. Cheerleader practice was going on. He noticed how perfect her body was. He stopped nearby and walked back to the practice.

He made small talk with some of the other parents there, pretending to be one himself. He got her name. After that, it was pretty easy to figure out her parents names, address, occupation, phone numbers, etc. You get the picture. At the time he knew she was only sixteen.

He knew that when she turned 18, she would not only be an adult, she would be even more sexy than now. He could wait, hell, what kind of sick fuck would want to bother any girl under the age of 18. And for that matter, he could use the time to plan. Plan her abduction. Vince had been collecting information on Cheryl ever since that day. He knew her family, her friends, her phone numbers, even what she ate.

He had broken into her house and setup surveilance equipment shortly after that day he chose her. He listened into her phone conversations, knew when her parents would be at home and when they would not.

He knew all her friends names, addresses, the works. Hot country teens miho gets banged in the backyard had video's of her videoing and playing with herself. He even knew her eating habits, that's why it was so easy to drug her on the chosen night. He knew that Jimmy was away at football camp.

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Her little sister was at a friend's house. He knew her parents were away for the week. He slipped in and placed the drug into her food, picked up the extra garage door opener (he had made himself a key long ago). That night, he gleefully watched on his internet camera as she ate the drugged food.

He knew she would be asleep within the hour and not remember anything for about 8 hours. He stole the van easily, switched the tags, (he knew which kind of van he would use long in advance) and drove to her house, opened the garage door, backed inside and lowered the door.

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He made sure no one would be able to trace the van to him, even if a neighbor saw it. He used his key to quietly let himself in.

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He walked slowly into her house, he had saw her on his camera go up to her room. He slowly slipped in and saw her laying there only wearing panties and bra.

Oh my God what a vision.

Her groggyness allowed him to pick her up and carry her down to the van easily. She had not a clue what was going on. He placed her in the back, gagged her, tied her, covered her and drove her to his house. He put her in the underground sound proof room and locked the door. Later when she woke up, she looked around and realized she was no longer at home, she was in a new place, a scary place, hell, she was scared.

Vince opened up the intercom and pretended to be Jimmy. He told her he had come back from football practice and kidnapped her and it was time to fuck. He brought her to this special place so she could get naked for him.

She was fooled and she liked it. He told her to take off her bra and panties. He told her to put on the blind fold on the table and lay down on the baby come here to momma brunette big tits. She liked it and obeyed. Vince entered the room and pulled the restraints from under the bed and tied her down, arms first then legs.

Video camera running all the time. Cheryl still did not know that she had been fooled, as Vince began eating her virgin cunt, she squirmed and pushed her hips up into his mouth. She was so delicious. He licked and licked. Her first male induced orgasm was huge, she came and came. He pulled out his big dick and began running it up and down her cunt lips.

He knew this virgin cunt would be especially tight. He also knew that since he had licked her very well, her pain from the puncture of her hymen would be minimal since she was very lubricated. He pushed into her slowly. He fucked her only deep enough as not to pop her cherry at first.

Then as his lust overtook him, he wanted to sink his whole member into her tight cunt so he slowly upped the pressure until he felt the knob of his dick push through her tender membrane. She gasped and cried some from the pain.

He slowly pushed in and out until his entire length pushed inside her over and over. Eventually, the pain subsided and she started liking it. She started fucking him back and he increased the intensity. He wanted to make this exquisite joy last as long as possible. Finally, he could take it no longer, and began violently pistoning his dick in and out of her tight cunt. She reached her orgasm as he did and he sunk his dick into her all the way as he squirted his cum deep into her pussy.

Finally, he stood up and pulled her blindfold off her eye's and she realized she had just been fucked by a stranger. A flood of emotion, fear, and some panic hit her. He told her, "Welcome to my fuck room, Cheryl. I'm sure Jimmy wont' mind."