Plunging his old wiener inside her ass

Plunging his old wiener inside her ass
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Let me first introduce myself my name is Rohit and i Have 9 inch long tool.and I I love reading sex stories and this is my first story so PLEASE COMMENT on my story.

So read it its fucking sexy that will make you dick hard and make girl wet. So, lets start the story .This story is 100% real and its my own mother story.

My mother name is Anjali and she is 35 year old. She had a huge boobs which looks like this OO .Her figure is 34 31 40. She had round ass which too big.

Her lips are natural red attracting almost every boy to kiss her. day when I returned early from basketball practice I saw my Mom and I was shocked she was giving blowjob to a boy who lived in near our house. She was sucking a big black dick in my parent's room.

I dont know what came in my I started recording it with my mobile .She sucked his dick for 5 min than she came in doggie position and boy inserted his dick in her pussy from behind and started pumping his big black dick he was fucking her like animal she was also looking very horney as she was souting " aaaahhh ahhhh fuck me fuck…I am your whore" after some time she squirted on his dick but the boy did'nt stopped after sometime he withdrew his dick from ass and inserted it in her ass as he wanted a tight hole …as soon as he inserted his dick my mom started crying requesting him to fuck slow…every inch of dick was digging my mom's ass.she was moaning "aaahhhh fuck it faster ,,tear my pussy&hellip.give me aaaah every inch of your dick…aaaah " As he was fucking my mother from behind in dogiee position and he was holding my mother's bomb size bug boobs from behind and pressing it.He was preesing her boobs and pumping his dick in her ass alternatively and I too was enjoying ass I was also feeling horny and started to masterbate after sometime my mom again bangbros ass story full sex stories her pussy had now become fucking wet and was busting her juice like hot volcano…I understood kiara mia new storys 2019 my mom is a big slut after sometime whole environment become too tenced and boy started to fuck her in great speed and soon that boy cummed on my bitch .slut mother's face and on her mouth she sucked all the cum from that big black dick and cleaed it.

Then I decided to go out and come back after some time so that she may not dOUBT. I kept quit for many days but watching that video I developed lush for my mother and now I wanted to fuck her like a whore. So I called my mother in my room and told her that I want to saw her something than she told me to saw it. I picked my mobile and sawed her that clip .her face colour went off and she was shocked.She than told me that not to saw this to DAD with a low voice as she was horified.

I told her I may tell or may not tell DAD and if you want that not to leak this matter to DAD you have to do something for me. She told"What"??? I told that I Want to fuck her .She became silent for some time and then told that "are you blackmailing ur mother" then I said Yes and started to unzip my pant her told her to get on her suck it hard.

She sucked my coock for 10 mins. Then I threw her nighty and started pressing boobs and i finnally unhooked her BRA and started sucking her nipples and started kissing her whole body from top to bottom and I finally reached her PUSSSY and started liking it she started to moan like this" ahhh ahhh oh yes baby ahhhh " Now this was also feeling horney.

After 10 min I pushed against wall and started kissing her lip and inserted my tool(Dick) in her pussy she cried aaaahhhhhhh and requested be to be slow (as my dick is 9 inch big cock )but I was not in mood to listen her I started fucking her rough and hard.after some time she also started enjoying it and started to say "yes yes ahhhhhahh fuck me aaaah.yes faster".We fucked for nearly 1 hour and cummed together.After this we fucked regularly.

Three months latter I wanted to buy Galaxy S4 and I was in great need of money. So One day I was going to school.

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On the way some bad black boys come infront of me and told me that they want to fuck my sexy mom and for that they will give me money as I was in need of money I accepted their deal.As my mother is a slut. I told them to come between 11 am to 2 pm when my father is not in my home. I went home and told everything about the deal.

She did'nt accepted the deal and told me that "are going to sell your mother for sex". I told nothing and just caught her and fucked her ass and pussy hard for 40 min and after that I tied her entire night so that she may not escape.

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Next day all 3 black boys came and I welcomed them and sent them to my room where I had tied my bich…slut mom. They went there and one of them untied her and second one caught her from back and made her knell nd 3rd one inserted his black dick on mom's mouth and forced her to suck it and then one boy inserted hid dick in pussy and last boy inserted his dick in her ass .Both boy fucked mom by pumping their dick one from front and another from behind alternatively.

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Mom was looking like as sex machine. She started to moan ahhhhh ahhh ufff…protesting to leave her and I was infront watching mom gangbanged.

One started to suck mom 34 sized big boob and pressing it. After sometime mom also started to enjoy them.and she started saying " aaaah aaah ahhyes fuck me fuck me …make me your whore and tear my pussy tonight " Listening to this boys started to pump their dick faster and harder very deep&hellip.after20 min my mother squirted .As soon as mom squirted boy who was fucking her pussy withdrew his dick and started fingering her roughly and started slapping her pussy hard.All of them fucked turn by turn.

Her pussy became red and and her ass hole became broad. Then all 3 boys passion hd chloe amour sucks guys hard cock their dick together on my mom's mouth .all of them started pumping their dick together in mom's mouth.The boys decided that all of them will drop cumm in her ass as they wanted to fill her ass full of cum.

So after some time them cummed in mom's ass one by one and mom's ass was filled with cum.

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She was fucked too hard that she was shaking. After sometime those black bad boys wore their dress and gave me money and told me that my mother so sexy and she had a great ass that is so tit. After that I needed money I gave her to boys for money…SO IF YOU WANT TO FUCK MY MOM …PLEASE COMMENT

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