Detalles de la vidaun buen sexo intenso

Detalles de la vidaun buen sexo intenso
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This story is about how a happily married man from Omaha had a very unusual but delightful evening in Prague this past year. I attended a public nudist swim event and was invited home afterwards to celebrate a young Czech woman's birthday.

I retired early last year and decided to go to Prague for a couple of months to sight see. My wife could not go because of the demands of her employment. I was aware that Prague, the capitol of the Czech Republic, was a beautiful medieval city which had been almost untouched physically in World War II. In addition, I had just read in Newsweek magazine that along with France the Czech Republic's population starts sexual activity early and is more comfortable with sex than the other countries of the world.

My wonderful wife and I enjoy sex in an open marriage, so there was no cumbersome moral barrier to any fun that I might find. So as a liberal traveler I looked forward to my adventure. There was an opportunity described on the Internet which intrigued me. A municipal pool offered to the public family nude swimming every Friday night from 8 to 9 PM.

The Internet site had directions and stated that all are welcome. I am not a nudist but I thought it would be fun to try the lifestyle if only for an evening. It turned out to a rewarding experience and one that I certainly could not have anticipated. Early one Friday evening in March I followed the Internet directions to the municipal pool by taking the metro to Dejvicka which is the last stop on the A line. I exit from the metro and back track a couple of hundred steps and reach the bus stop.

I find the number 147 bus and take a ten minute ride to the Kamycka stop. During the ride I look at the Czechs in the bus and wonder if any are also going to the pool. When the bus stops one other couple gets out but they do not walk across the street toward the pool.

So I am the only one who goes to the pool. I pay 40 koruna ($3.20) and am given my locker key. The web site stated one doesn't need a towel so I did not bring one.

When I get to the locker I start to remove my clothes. Across from me is nude father with his about six year old naked daughter. The locker room and the shower have about half a dozen cocks at her eye level. However, she has no concern - it must be the norm in their family. I walk to the shower stall and get a quick rinse along with the other men who entering or leaving the pool. The men who are passing on the nude swimming are leaving while the rest of us are coming in.

I then open the door into the Olympic-sized pool and see a nude man getting into the waterl. I was a little relieved that I was in the right place. As I descend into the cool water I look around and see what I would estimate to be 26 people. They are of both sexes and all ages. There are several couples in their 20s and 30s. The bodies are very pleasing. It stands to reason nudism would attract those who are proud of their physiques. What I am not used to was the pre-teen girls with their hairless slits.

Of course being a male I have seen all ages of males but not all ages of females. The last time was when I played fashion show with my 14 year old sister long ago. There is one young man about 15 who is interesting because he has what must be the largest penis in the pool an uncircumcised one. In fact, I soon note that all the penises there are uncircumcised.

There are three middle aged men taking turns tossing the young man. This goes on for about 20 minutes until his mother or aunt, I assume, comes over and has him join her. I don't know the Czech language to know what she says but I see that she is all smiles. The mom has a homely face but a nice mature body with a few extra pounds.

A woman on the side of the pool is in a lounge recliner with one knee up showing off her nearly perfect body. She is obviously proud of her breasts and shaved mound. I make a note to walk past her later.

I see most all of the males are scanning the females but trying not to be noticeable. I play that game too. The women know they are being viewed and of course that is a reason many if not most of us are here. A few of the men and women swim laps while others socialize and show off their bodies.

A black couple arrives. They are about 30 years of age and the woman is about eight months pregnant. She has full breasts and her belly is such so we can't see if she is shaven. The man with her is handsome and possesses what must be an 8" circumcised cock. The beautiful young woman exhibiting herself in the recliner gets up and signals the pregnant woman to take her chair.

This is the one time in the evening that the men do not just scan out of the periphery of their eyes. The black couple attracts all the women's eyes too. But jewels jade fuck her friends son everyone goes back to their own activities. However the fecund woman continues to garner looks. Eventually, she and the man get into the water and chat as they hold on to the side rail in the pool.

After a while a man wearing sex horsh sex sex stories quality storys com shorts comes out of the office and operates a water hose to clean off the cement on the side of the pool.

I am sure it is just a coincidence that he picked this time to clean. I am swimming laps then rest at the edge of the pool. I have not had a lot of physical activity so I have to be careful not to get a spasm or cramp in the calf a leg. Each time I reach the edge I look around to enjoy the female bodies.

The hour is nearly gone so I decide to beat the rush and get out of the pool. I make it a point to walk past the black woman in the recliner and the beautiful Czech woman who is now on a towel on the floor near her. It gives me a pleasurable sensation to see these females close up and for me to show my sex at the same time. As I walk under the shower head I reflect that the experience at the pool is what I had expected; that is, it is no big deal as far as people being embarrassed.

I have always thought if all people had to be nude for a week the novelty would soon wear off. However, it is much more fun to wonder what others look like friends daughter catches mom with her womanpatron driving lescronys sons their clothes. Besides our economies would probably go under with a diminished interest in prurient sex plus less clothes would be sold.

Many of the fundamentalist churches would probably go out of existence because their parishioners would have less need to put caps on their sexual urges. I had tried to get a few young American male friends I met who were in their mid 20s to accompany me saying they might meet some classy Czech babes. But I was surprised that they declined implying they would be too uncomfortable. My one disappointment for the evening is that no one has looked my way to say dobry den! [Good day!] nor has anyone associated outside their little groups.

After my shower I try to open my locker but it is stuck. I keep working on it but with no luck. I think, "How in the heck am I going to leave here without any clothes?" There is one other man about 45 years old next to his locker. He sees me struggling and walks over and I note a semi hard on. I say, "American." I give him my key. He tries the key and bingo - the locker door opens. I give him a big smile and say "Dejume!" (Thank you).

He says, "My name is Josef Dvorak. I invite you to my home?" I smile, "No thanks." "Are you sure?" "Yes," I say and then add, "I like women," so he will understand I am not into guys.

He laughs, "My wife and daughter like men! My daughter's birthday tonight and I like American guest." "Oh." I think this is a great opportunity to be in a Czech family home for the first time. And, what did he mean about his wife and daughter? Are they nudists too? But then I wonder what if I am attacked?

I can see the Omaha World Herald head lines "Local Man Raped and Killed by Gay Mafia Gang in Prague." The Czech man is patient as I ponder the invitation.

I decide that since life is short anyway, I'll accept. "Okay. I would like to see your family and be there for your daughter's birthday. Thank you for the invitation." "Dobry'! Good! I live near here. My name is Josef." "Well, Josef, again thanks for opening my locker. My name is Manny - short for Kittens poke fellas anal with massive belt cocks and splatter jizz. Let's go then." We dress and depart.

After only a 20 minute walk we arrive at Josef's home. It is what must be an upper middle class home. It has two levels. The exterior is brown stucco with an orange tile roof and a plaster wall around the property. I am relieved that I was not hijacked in a car with bad guys.

Josef rings the bell. The front light turns on and the door opens. Whoa! Standing in the door is a woman who is about 40 years of age.

I would guess she is 5'6" with short brown hair and no glasses. She is completely nude except for a sheer sky blue teddy. She must weigh 145 lbs with, I'd guess, 38 DD breasts. I step in. Mr. Dvorak says, "Oh, I am sorry Manny. I assume you nudist too but I should have asked." I am able to finally gather my wits to respond, "No, it is fine, Josef. I am not nudist but I want to try it.

Let's make a night of it then." "Good! Tasha, this is my new friend Manny. Manny this is my manzelka wife- Tasha." "Dobry vecer. Manny. You not nudist? I put on my clothes?" "Oh, no, Mrs. Dvorak. You're fine." She is more than fine - I would love take her upstairs right now.

Josef invites me in to what must be the dining room. I smell Czech kava (coffee). There is a nice vase of yellow, orange and red flowers in the center of the table.

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They emit a sweet scent. Next to the flowers is a small box tied with red ribbon and bow. I learned that Czechs love flowers and it would have been appropriate of me to bring flowers had I known I would be visiting someone's home. "I am sorry I did not bring flowers." Mrs. Dvorak, "You not know we invite you so don't worry. We glad you here." Mr. Dvorak places me at the head of the four person table. I watch his full bodied wife take a chair between me and her husband who sits at the other end.

My cock starts to stretch in my pants as I see Mrs. Dvorak's shaved mound as she sits down. The blue sheer panty hides little. "Where are you from Manny?" Josef inquires. "Omaha. It is in the Midwest U.S. - west of Chicago." It is 500 miles west but I don't want to make it complicated. Mrs. Dvorak says, "We have met many Americans and Jmac hardcore fucking ryan miles warm pussy. We have fun with them.

You have good swim? Sorry my English is not so good." "Yes, a very refreshing swim. Don't worry about your English. Josef told me it is your daughter's birthday. Tell me about her, Mrs. Dvorak." "You will meet her in few minutes.

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She is taking a bath. She is 16 years old today and has been looking forward to birthday for long time. She is excited about birthday present." Josef continues, "Yes, she is looking forward to it.

We think she is a wonderful girl and she is going to get the present she wants." Josef smiles at wife. "What did she want for her birthday?" I ask. Mrs. Dvorak, "Oh, you will see soon.

We are going to have some dezert a little later. Is that right what is your word for sweet after dinner? " "It's also 'dessert.'" Mrs. Dvorak continues, "Petra should be out of her bath soon would you like to see her in her bath?" "Ah?! Okay. Sure." My heart skips a beat as I am still trying to adjust to this middle aged woman in a negligee in front of me.

As Mrs. Dvorak leads me upstairs I let her get a couple of steps ahead of me so my perspective can improve. I view her buttocks and then a camel toe through the sheer panty.

I wonder if I am dreaming. Mrs. Dvorak opens the bathroom door and there is her Petra immerged in the tub surrounded by water and a few soap suds. She has a smile on her face and she is not at all startled. Although sitting in the tub I would estimate she is about 5 '1" at about 120 lbs.

I note she sensational oral job during some momsandteens and threesome a brunette, with a square face and a dimple in her chin both just like her mother's.

"Petra, this is Manny. Your father invited him home and he is here to have your birthday with us." Her smile widens, she slides toward me and offers her hand. I lean over to shake it and admire her nice conical breasts.

They are not very large except for the puffy nipples but one can see they are early in development. "I am very glad to meet you, Manny," she says in nearly perfect English. The youth in the Czech Republic speak fairly good English I have found. "Mom, he is dressed. Don't you want to be comfortable Manny?" Mrs. Dvorak addresses me, "These children are open. I was going to see if you wanted to take off clothes. Sorry." "Oh sure." I then try to nonchalantly take off my shirt, pants with the belt in it and then briefs.

The briefs had dried from some water that was on the bench in the locker room. I hand my clothes to the mother. I note my cock is partially stiff pointing down at a 45 degree angle. I am glad I am no longer so young or it would be aiming at the ceiling. This is embarrassing enough.

Petra, "Mom, can I have my birthday present now?" "You can have it as soon as done with bath. We go downstairs." As I follow Mrs. Dvorak downstairs I walk on my tip toes so I can take advantage of a view of her mammaries. It hits me again - wow!

What an event- an evening in the home of a nudist family! We rejoin Josef at the table. Mrs. Dvorak notes her teddy has fallen partially open so she reties the belt. My eyes stare at the two points in her teddy with the large dark aureoles and the bulbous globes. "What do you think of little Petra?" Josef asks. I turn toward him, "She looks like a perfect young lady who will become a very attractive woman." This is an honest statement.

"I thank you for letting me spend an evening with you and celebrating your daughter's birthday. What is she getting for her birthday?" Mr.

Dvorak grins at his wife. "Manny, we are not only nudists but we are very sexy and open family. We Czechs like life." "Well, as an American from the Midwest, I must say I envy you.

However, I try to be liberal in outlook - that means to be friendly and try new things." "I am glad to show Petra's birthday present, if you come over here," Mrs. Dvorak instructs. I get up from my chair and go over and stand by her but am a little embarrassed with my penis at its angle. I look down at Mrs. Dvorak. She smiles and reaches for the little box with the red bow next to the vase with flowers.

She mofos fun games and sexy teen threesome licking and glasses me the gift box. "Would you go upstairs and give this to Petra?" The box feels empty. Jesus H. Christ! I gasp. I understand and don't have to ask.

Mom continues, "I took Petra to my doctor this morning and she broke her paneska blana - I don't know what you call it - so penis can go inside," Mom continues.

I recover to respond, "Ahhh! We call it the 'hymen.' Since Petra is counting on it I would be happy to give her this birthday gift." "Thank you very much," Mrs. Dvorak shows enthusiasm. "Would it be okay if I join you after awhile?

Petra said would be okay." "Sure. Of course. That would be no problem." Holy moly! I turn to Mr. Dvorak in a daze and he seems pleased with my willingness to cooperate. I am so thankful that I have not had a release for a week. The last one was with Veronica, a masseuse, who came to my flat. My head is still slowly spinning. "Manny - I'm ready!" we hear the shout coming from upstairs.

Mr. Dvorak gets up from his chair, "You two go ahead. Have fun! See you afterwards down here for dessert." Mrs. Dvorak rises then picks up the box and hands it to me. She walks me to the stairs. She watches my cock flopping as I climb the stairs but I can still look down at her tits as I try not to stumble.

I enter Petra's room and see her on the double size bed with her back on the pillow abutting the head board. What a delightful looking nymphet! Her knees are up and her legs spread wide showing her slit. It looks bare but as I move in I see some blond hairs. She has the most welcoming smile.

I glance around the room and see a dresser with some picture frames and stuffed animals on it. "Hi Petra. This birthday gift is for you." "Manny, thanks for the present. My mother wants desirable beauties love to get fucked hard to be with you first but I would like her to be here to enjoy the moment with me.

Are you okay with that?" "Sure Petra, I'll get your mother." I go to the steps and shout, "Mrs. Dvorak!" Mom comes to the stairs and then walks up. "Petra would like you to join us." Mom asks me, "Did she accept the birthday box gift?" "Yes, she did." Mom, "Okay then she accepts you. She wants first fuck to be easy." Mom and I walk in the room together. "Come Manny," Petra says.

"I apologize but Mom and I are so excited. So I hope you can understand. I'm sorry - we can chat first. We don't want to give you a bad impression of Czech hospitality." "I understand completely your mom and your excitement, Petra." "Thank you. Do you think okay for you to fuck me and Mom together?" "Petra, I have only one penis." "Ha!

Ha! Ha! I mean me first then Mom." "Sure. I'd be honored to fuck you both. You can keep your legs apart and you look gorgeous by the way." I find it is pleasant that I can speak without simplifying my English step dad licks and eat molly manson teen pussy this Czech girl. And what a conversation! Mom interjects, "Go ahead, Manny. Fuck her!" Mom is in a hurry.

She moves to sit on the side of the bed to watch. I think she can't wait to have her own turn. I rotate to look at this matronly woman in her sheer blue negligee. I have to turn away quickly because her motherly tits and protruding mound are distracting me from the birthday girl. Mom has a body that could accommodate several men.

"Suck cock first, Petra, like I show you earlier today." As I wonder how mom demonstrated this to her daughter, Petra puts the gift box on the small table near the bed. She stares at my 6 "circumcised penis. I keep it shaved and the hair around my testicles trimmed - just enough so they don't knock when I walk. Petra then falls forward and grasps my stiff rod with her hands and then her mouth. She licks all around my cock.

She then sucks and alternately licks the tip. I have to gently push her back because my pleasure organ was ready to explode even before I had entered the room. It just occurs to me that I have to save some juice for mom.

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Mom evidently wants to be sure of an easy entry because she has reached for some oil and squirts some on to her palm. She applies it quickly to my dick and her hand begins to slide up and down. I move back and forth creeping up for a better position to enter the delectable Petra.

She is such a small slender fresh young woman. It has been decades since I had been with a virgin. Oh it is to nice to now feel mom's hand guiding my penis to locate the slit. Mom he remembers when in bed be made wants her hand to be as close as possible to share the pleasure of this special moment in her daughter's life.

I commence thrusting. As I do so I find mom's hand leaving my cock and sliding down to my testicles. With each thrust mom's grip becomes a little tighter. "Oh." "Ohhh!" This feels so good. I look at mom and her eyes are wide open and she has an ear to ear smile.

Her dimple is now more prominent. "Baby, move butt!" Petra follows mom's orders and rocks her hips. Petra has both her hands on my back and pulls me to her. The head of my penis works its way into her virgin cunt. I push a little deeper but not as fast as mom seems to want.

Finally, I am all the way in and am surprised that my penis did not reach to the back of her cervix. Petra is holding me tightly with her staring into my eyes just inches from hers. All of a sudden I am ready to shoot. I lean back and see her small conical breasts. "Manny! Manny! I like! I like!" Mom has her hands on my back trying to help me keep in sync with my thrusts. I am sure I could do it on my own but the tandem is a new experience.

"Jesus! Here it cums! Happy birthday, Petra!!!" I shout as I spasm and alternate thrusting forward then back. "Ahhhhh!" "Ahhhhhhh!" "Ahh!" Eventually I fall exhausted on to the sheets between Petra and her mother. I could sleep for an hour but I know from years of experience that most fucked women won't settle for this and certainly not these lively two. Mom sit ups and kisses each of my nipples and then lifts her own nipples to me.

I kiss hers and then nip a bite of each and put my tongue to her deep dimple of the center of her chin. Then I roll over and kiss the ex-virgin on both her puffy nipples and then her dimple. She has never stopped smiling. I slide up so my back leans on the bed board. I pull Petra into the nook of one arm and then mom into the other. I rest a hand on each of their tender breasts.

I can't but help to compare the new small ones with the mature well used ones. Both have special offerings for men. After a few minutes of just recharging ourselves mom sits up, "Now mom turn." With that Mrs. Dvorak pushes me down the bed and then leans over me.

She puts a hand on each side of my pelvis and her mouth sucks in my curvy awesome teen knows how to engulf dongs hard penis. Petra leans over to watch. Mom pulls me down the bed a little further while her daughter remains fixated on the activity.

"Ohhh." How nice. After a minute of sucking and licking, mom starts to finger my balls. She sticks a finger in my anus which causes me to jump so she withdraws it. My anus is too sensitive we all have our limitations.

She opens her mouth and her lips drop my wet cock. She orients herself so she is facing both Petra and me. She walks her rosy nipples up my chest and kisses me on my forehead. She then recedes with her nipples skimming back down my chest. She stops to dart her tongue into my belly button. Upon reaching her destination between my thighs her lips vacuum in my taught juice covered member. This feels so wonderful. I take my right hand and tunnel it into her daughter's vertical slit.

She is tight but very wet. I pull my fingers out and show mom the combined cunt juice and semen. The air smells of both but mingled with colognes.

I believe mom and daughter use the same fragrance. I realize this evening has been well planned. Mom's mouth drops my cock and she licks a sample of the juice chelsea manchester is ready to role play in this w my finger tips. She looks at her daughter with a huge smile. It's a rare pleasure for a mom to be present when her daughter becomes a guy licks and fucks cunt pornstar hardcore. Mom then gets on a knee and rotates away from me.

She reaches under her leg and grasps my cock and stuffs it into her shaved pussy. Petra once again bends over a little so she can see the action better. Mom demonstrates that she is in excellent physical shape as her large labia start sliding up and down my pole. It's obvious that with this family-fuck none of us could be happier.

Dad waits patiently downstairs knowing he normally gets more action than his wife because he is bi. But tonight is his wife's and especially his daughter's pleasure time. I certainly could not be happier. Jesus, this is nice! Sucking and fucking mom and daughter - sucking and fucking. What a special threesome mom and daughter! We love it! I find Mrs. Dvorak's clit and finger it it lightly. Mom closes eyes but her daughter's seem to widen. "Ahhhh," Mom starts to moan. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh." With my left hand I grasp Mrs.

Dvorak's tight buttock. That changes her pace and she begins to ride me up and down faster. I can tell her labia are loose indicating they have had much use. Petra puts her hand between my cock and her mother's pussy so she can feel us both. It is her time to feel the closeness of the sexual bonding.

She seems to be learning fast.

That sends mom over the edge, "Ano! Ano! [Yes!]" Mom shouts. Her cumming triggers my semen sending it up what is now my rock hard cock. "Ohhhh!

Jeeze - Louise!" Then the non-stop spurting commences. "Where did this extra juice come from?" I'm amateur lesbian kittens get their tight fuckboxes licked and plowed. "Uh! Uh! Ahhh!" Oh this is sooo nice. This Czech mother is unbelievable. My penis is now numb but I can tell there is no longer friction because Mrs. Dvorak is so wet. She must be a squirter. As mom's pelvis covers mine she sits up and stretches which runs her nipples up my chest again.

I suck each of mom's still inch long nipples. For a minute I imagine I am her baby and am nurtured by warm milk. Mom then rolls off to my side. I get up on my knees to admire my female partners - maturity on my one side and youth on my other. I slowly insert a pointer finger into the daughter's wet pussy as she squirms a little and smiles.

With my other pointer finger I insert it into mom's. Oh this is nice. Mom places her hand on top of mind and pulls my fingers in further. She is definitely a squirter. Oh my God, my fingers disappear into the wet cave. I slowly retrieve my hand out not wanting to let mom show up the daughter on the daughter's first outing. I'm ready to doze but mom says, "Try this." She places Petra on her back on the side of the bed with her little pussy on the edge and her feet on the floor.

Then she gets in the same position with about just novinha transa gostoso com namorado em casa foot between herself and her luscious daughter with her huge inviting mound. Mom says, "I read American magazine - it have 'Double dip." I wonder what the hell magazine that was. So I move off the bed and insert my penis into Petra's wet but tight slit.

I grab her hips and move up and down like an old well greased farm pump. Then, I pull out and start slide my tool into mom. Mom moans with contentment. "Hurry back," Petra pleads. I withdraw my organ and now Petra grabs it and guides it into her nearly hairless mound. I think there are few things as aesthetically pleasing as a young pussy unless it is the lower back/buttocks of a woman in her late 20s.

I pull out and rub around her clitoris. Petra is moaning now. "Faster please, sir." I see Mrs. Dvorak is furiously rubbing her own large clit. All of a sudden Petra starts crying from pleasure.

I continue pumping for another minute then cease and go to mom and enter her. Mrs. Dvorak removes her fingers to let my cock back in and so thrusting resumes. I pull out and manipulate her large clit and she screams "Ohhhhhhhhh!" She is shouting Czech words and is obviously in ecstasy. She slides slow off the sheets with her glistening pussy leaving my prick dangling. It is just as well because there is no semen remaining. She is sitting on the floor with her back leaning on the side of the bed and when her daughter rises.

Petra says, "Let's go down to see Daddy and have the dessert." She hops out of bed and goes to the bath room. As soon as she goes in Mrs. Dvorak gets on lewd rouge enjoys long awaited sex hardcore and creampie knees and pulls me over for one last sucking of my empty cock.

She has her hands cupping my balls and is still furiously going up and down my rod when Petra comes out. She gives us her innocent smile and heads for the stairs.

Mom's mouth drops my penis she rises and she takes my hand and leads me to the bathroom. With a soaped wash cloth she washes the dried juices off my chest and then my flaccid but still extended penis.

She dries me off with a fluffy towel and sends me out the door. I go down stairs. I walk into the dining area and hear, "We had a great time, Dad!" Petra has brought down her gift box with the red bow. Dad has remained at the dining room table drinking coffee. "I love you my little Petra.

…I've got the dessert out," he says. We have bowls filled with an apple crisp type dessert. Mom then comes down the stairs wearing nothing but a big smile and a look of contentment. She takes her seat between her husband and me. I sit at the table admiring full mammaries on my right and perky young tits on my left. "Delicious dessert, Mrs. Dvorak," I say.

Petra seconds that, "Good dessert, Mom." Mrs. Dvorak smiles at Petra and then me. As we eat I answer questions about the sex activities of Americans. One question mom asks me is, "Are all people who live in Omaha what you call 'swingers'?" I answer they anal with maya grand hardcore and brunette Republicans who are only interested in football and then realize immediately this is the wrong road for a simple explanation.

Mrs. Dvorak spills some apple crisp on her beautiful right breast and then looks at me. I get the hint and get out of my chair, move to her and then bend over. I take my time to lick the sticky crisp off. They laugh as I enjoy czech casting denisa 1507 amazing xxx work. When I return to my seat, Petra drops some crisp on her crotch.

We all guffaw. I get up again go over and she slides her chair out and I slowly lick the apple crisp off her hairless pussy. I note out of the corner of my eyes the parents are very happy. I am truly enjoying sitting at the table with no clothes as a barrier among us and chatting with no concern about any words of forbidden questions or words.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Dvorak frankly discuss what they enjoy in sex partners and this allows me to put down my Midwest American defenses too. They respect their daughter's questions such as, "How often should one fuck?" and, "Is it okay to swallow semen?" We go through two pots of coffee Mr. Dvorak asks me, "Did you see me talking with the black couple?" "No.

I didn't. But they got everyone's attention. What did they have to say?" "They are from Kenya. He is in sales of non-chemical foods grown in Africa. His wife is with him on business trip to Prague. They return home Saturday and been here three weeks. She is seven and half months with baby coming. They were at the pool on Wednesday but they felt not comfortable with so many looking at her in small suit - ah English word - bikini? So they came tonight little sally loves big black cocks interracial hardcore only nudists who would be okay with her.

They said people also look tonight at her but not like last week. She wants to swim since water held her big body up. Also she thought be fun to have no clothes on to show big belly off." Mr. Dvorak continues, "They accept my offer to come to our home Friday next week. They want evening with nudist family. We had black American couple before and we like so we want to do again." Mrs.

Dvorak nods her head in agreement. "But how did you know tonight at the pool that I would accept your offer to come with you?" Mr.

Dvorak explains, "Men nearly always do. Also we want older man for Petra tonight. We thought that Petra would accept the present from you. If she did not accept she was to ask you to return it to us so we would come up and keep you from fucking her. Then she could try the black man next week. But we knew she wanted to become woman soon." "So I was your target in the men's locker room when I was getting ready to leave?" "Ano. Yes, when I see you go I also leave early and follow you.

However, your locker being stuck was just strange problem. I am glad I can open it for you." "Daddy, what does the black man look like?" Petra interjected. "Well, he is about Manny size," but his hands show he is a little bigger when he outlines his height and chest shape. "But he has big penis. Sorry, Manny." "Oh I understand Josef. I know what you mean." He did not mean to say my cock is small but that the Kenyan is super sized. This was the first time I saw Petra lose her smile when she had some concern about cock size.

Mr. Dvorak looks at his daughter, "It's okay, Petra. Don't worry you be okay. You have fun time. Mom will help." Mrs. Dvorak gave her daughter a huge smile indicating there would be no problem for her daughter's pussy.

Petra's smile returned. I turn to Mr. Dvorak, "Well, again this has been a wonderful night but it is time for me to say "Ne shledano (see you later)." I reach over and take the red ribbon and ask for a pen. Mr. Dvorak gives me one. I sign the ribbon, "Happy Birthday Petra, from Manny, 2010" and give it to Petra.

Mr. Dvorak gets up from the table and goes to retrieve my clothes. Mrs. Dvorak rises and puts her hands in front of her pussy so she can cop one last feel of my cock as I kiss her. I kiss her on the lips and then dimple all the while I am cupping her breasts.

I am surprised to feel a stirring in my penis. I then turn to little Petra. She hugs me as I kiss her lips and dimple with my hands tweaking her puffy nipples. She produces a little joyous squeal. Mr. Dvorak returns and hands me my clothes. I dress, then shake his hand, nod to all, and walk out into the cool Prague starry night. I regret having to leave Prague and return to the States in a few days.