Penny lets husband dick watch her suck and bang karlo

Penny lets husband dick watch her suck and bang karlo
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Characters are fictitious, thanks for reading. Pamela parked her car in the school parking lot and went into the campus building, it was the first part of school in a new district for her, she was teaching in a new area and a new state. Brody Preparatory School was a private high school in Overland Misouri. She was blond and pretty, so pretty that men stopped what they were doing to check her out. She was dressed more like a businesswoman than a teacher, and looked great in her clothes.

Pam had on just a hint of high heels, they were appropriate for the circumstances, but hinted at the sultry high heel strut she was capable of under different settings.

Then Pamela sauntered in from the parking lot. She was hot and she knew it, and like a lot of hot women, she liked to use her looks as a weapon. And she appreciated the stares, the wolf whistles, the come ons and the propositions, particularly from younger males.

I'm sexy and I know it, that was her motto! She walked into the building and went where she was instructed to go. There was a group of teacher offices on the second floor, which she looked for and found. Pam opened the door and looked in, there was a dark haired woman sitting at a desk looking at a writing tablet of some kind. Pam was somewhat taken aback, the raven haired beauty sitting at the desk was just as pretty and just as sexy as she was. And, Pam resented it a little.

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She looked a little bit younger than Pam, who was around thirty five. Pamela said, "Hey, I'm Pam Range, I guess we're going to share an office." The woman got up, walked over and stuck her hand out, "Sara Belandic," she said, "welcome to Brody." Pam looked her over, she looked about twenty six or seven, very pretty with dark shiny shoulder length hair.

Sara also noticed how nice looking the new teacher was, and wondered if she'd be competition. "Is this your first year teaching?" Sara asked. "No, I've been in Illinois, for the most part, at Edwardsville and Belleville, although I filled in at Roxana and Unionville, Edwardsville had some cutbacks and I got let go," Pamela said.

"Sorry about that," Sara replied. "I got certified in Missouri and was lucky enough to get a job," Pam said somewhat ruefully.

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"This is good bunch of students here," Sara said, "being a private school and everything, you don't have the gang bang idiots." "Have long have you been here?" Pamela asked. "This is my fourth year," Sara said. "What do you teach?" Pam asked. "Mostly American history, although I could teach English if I had to," Sara replied. "What about you?" "English Literature," Pamela said.

Sara went back to her desk, she said, "I got to plan my lesson, let me know if you need anything." "Okay." 2. Pam opened the door and saw Sara sitting in about the same spot she had that fellow squeezes in to fuck hardcore blowjob two weeks earlier. She sat down at her desk and opened a briefcase.

In a little bit the door opened and and a tall kid came in. Pam looked up at him, he looked like Justin Bieber! He was baby faced and light complected, just like Bieber. Sara got up and said, "Oh fuck, it's Justin Bieber!" "Hi hi," he said. She went over to where he was and said, "What do you want Justin?" "Can my sister come late for cheer leading practice?" he asked. "No," Sara said shaking her head. Sara said, "Pam, I want you to meet my friend Justin Bieber." "My name is actually Derek Lewensa," he said.

Pam stood up and came over, "I'm glad to meet you Justin, I'm Pamela Range." The kid smiled, he obvious enjoyed the attention he was getting, he was strong looking and lanky. "Could you have lunch with me Sara?" the kid asked. "Not today Justin, but I could go tomorrow, hows that?" Then Sara leaned over and kissed him! Pam stood there shocked, her pretty teen sluts dick sucking competition turns into groupsex formed an O.

"Where's my kiss Justin?" she asked recovering. Presently he said, "I better go." "Yeah you better go Justin," Sara replied. After he was gone, Pam shook her head then said, "Wow, way to go!" Pam said, "I'm impressed!" "Yeah," Sara said.

"You are sleeping with him aren't you?" Pam asked. "No," Sara replied hesitantly. "Well you sure looked like it," Pam said. "I'm married," Sara said, "I'm trying to find a Godamn opening to do the affair." "Well he is obviously interested," Pam said brightly. Pam said, "I can help you if you want." "How?" "Use my house, I'll let you use my place if you'll let me in on it," Pam said wickedly. "Wow," Sara exclaimed. Sara said, "Yeah, that'd be great?" She said, "You mean like a threesome?" Pamela laughed, "That's exactly what I mean, I thought he was adorable." "Yeah," Sara said.

"Confession time," Pam said, "I've done this before." "Alright," Sara replied, "Now I'm impressed." "I love dicking these young kids," Pam said, "I've had lovers at least two different schools." "They've all been seventeen or eighteen," Pam said. Sara said, "I was going to keep after him until I got him, I was going to take no for an answer." "Well, it looked like you succeeded," Pam said. 3. Derek walked back into the office that the two women shared three days later, he had taken to hanging around Ms Bilandic, he had a terrible crush, and her bitchy sexuality had attracted him right from the beginning.

He wanted her and seemed to have a pretty good chance. For her part, Sara wanted very badly to seduce the baby faced teenager, but being married, had not known quite how to get him alone. "Hey," he said walking in. "Wow, it's Justin Bieber," Sara said teasing him. "Hi Sara," he said in a singsong type voice. She went over to the cute kid and put her arms around him. "Hey you know how you talked about wanting to hook up?" Sara asked.

"Yeah," he replied. "Well Pam has offered us an opportunity," Sara said. Derek felt himself getting excited, wow he was getting close now to his fuck dream on Ms Bilandic.

Pamela sat there looking at them, getting jealous, she was usually the one men were paying attention to. Rei serizawa in fishnet drilled hard and jizzed found herself getting annoyed, finally she said, "You know Justin, if want to get along with me, you need to pay attention once in awhile." She liked the young kid and wanted to him herself.

"Like I said before, where's my kiss?" Pam said disdainfully. He looked at Sara. "It's alright," she said, "kiss her." He could see the sexy Pam glaring at him and he immediately went over where she was and began kissing her. "What the fuck is the matter with you Justin?" Pamela asked disdainfully.

"Nothing," he replied and gave her another hot kiss. "What we had in mind," Pamela said, "was a threesome, do you know what that is?" "Yeah, sure," he said. "We're going to share you Justin," Pamela said. Pam was pissed off but the kisses were changing her mind for her and fast. She smiled up at the kid in spite of herself. Sara's reaction was odd, she had thought she would resent Pam pushing in on her boyfriend, she was only doing it because it seemed like the best way to get to fuck him, but she was enjoying watching him with the hot newcomer.

He gave Pam yet another kiss. "Alright Justin, don't be so sure of yourself," Pam said and laughed at him, "ya little bastard." "I'm not that sure," he said, "but I do like you." "Okay, okay," she said brushing his hair. Pam said, "The plan is, a little getogether at my place on Friday evening." "Cool!" he said.

"That's cool with you Sara?" he asked. "It's fine Justin," Sara replied. And it was, was it ever! "I better take off now, I've got class," Justin said, he was so excited he didn't know what else to say. "Maybe you better wait a minute Justin," Sara said and giggled. She had been eying the nice big bulge in the front of his pants. "Wait until you calm down honey," Sara said. Then he knew what she was referring to, and sheepishly sat down in a chair.

After a little bit, his erection went down enough so that he could leave, which he did without saying anything else. Pam said, "He is soooo cute, he looks like he's thirteen!" "He's seventeen," Sara replied. "Good," Pam said. Pam sat down at her desk and began looking at her school work. "Wow, you've got a good eye honey," she said. Derek went down to his hall locker, he was so excited he could hardly think.

He was getting very close to a fuck fantasy materializing, and he was just beside himself.

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"What's up dude?" Derek looked up and his friend Ben was there. "You look kind of funny, what's going on?" Ben asked. "I've been talking to Sara," Derek said excitedly. Ben said, "Cool." "I think I'm actually gonna make it," Derek said, his face was flushed with excitement.

"You little sonavabitch!" Ben replied loudly. "Why what's the matter?" Derek asked. "Nothing, I'm proud of you," Ben replied. Ben said, "You been talking about her for months, now you're gonna fuck her, how awesome is that!" "I'm so nervous I can't stand it," Derek said. "She's a piece of ass and a half, every guy in school has checked her out, except for the stupid assing gays," Ben said.

Ben said, "You wanted her, now you're going to have her, that really rocks man." "There's this other chick involved too," Derek said, "Pamela Range." "Never heard of her," Ben said.

"She just started here." "You mean she's a teacher?" "Yeah." "What does she look like?" Ben asked. "She's hot, I mean really hot," Derek said nervously.

"Goddamn!" Ben said. "What's the deal with this?" Ben said. "Sara wanted me to meet her at this other chick's house," Derek said. "Alright bud, wow!" Ben said. 4. Derek was supposed to meet Sara at a Quick Trip convenience store parking lot in Florissant Missouri and they were going to get on the Interstate and drive over to Pam's house in Edwardsville Illinois in Justin's car. He got there first and sat there nervously drumming his fingers on the dashboard.

He was wearing a white shirt and dark tie, and dark dress trousers. After about seven minutes he looked up and noticed her pulling up beside him. Here we go he thought. Sara always made his tongue go out and his nostrils spread, but tonight she was particularly hot. Hip hugger jeans, high heels, bare midriff, and lots of eye make up. "Wow, you look great!" Derek exclaimed. "Thanks sweetie," Sara said smiling at him. "I got you something," Derek said. He got in his car and pulled out a small box of candy and gave it to her.

"Wow baby that's nice," Sara said, impressed by her young boyfriends act. "Did you get something for Pamela, she's nice and I like her, but she's so conceited that she'll be mad if you don't bring her something, especially after you brought me something," Sara said.

"I got her the hung tit mother id like to fuck rides wang thing," Derek replied. "Great!" Sara exclaimed. Derek stood next to the beautiful girl and then grabbed her for a kiss. She put her arms around him fast and snuggled in his arms for a minute, then she said, "Hey honey, it's our first date, cool huh," Sara said. "Yeah totally!" Sara said, "Hey lets go." "Alright." She got in the car and Derek got behind the wheel.

"I like your car," Sara said. He pulled out into traffic, then said, "You think she got food or something?" "I don't know," Sara replied, "we talked about getting some dope, that's what I did." Derek said, "Cool." "I got some hash and a pipe that I've been breaking in," Sara said. "Good, that's cool," Justin said. He was nervous but not as nervous as he had been.

Sara had been having fantasies of having sex with a younger boyfriend for four or five years. When she had met Derek, she was immediately attracted to the fresh faced kid.

She began flirting with him,and scheming about how to have an affair, she started calling him Justin Bieber, who he resembled quite a bit. He looked over at her and she gave him a nice sexy smile that made his heart jump when their eyes met. "You know Justin, I'm really glad we're getting together," Sara said. "Me too," he replied. "You want me to sit next to you?" Sara asked. "Of course," She came over on the seat until her hips were right next his, then she put her arm around his shoulder.

"Hows that baby?" Sara said. "Great." Sara kissed him on then neck, "This is gonna be a good night." They drove over to Pamela's place in Edwardsville, it was a medium to small house, painted white with green shutters. He porn massage girl naked kerla sex walked with Sara to the front door and rang it.

Pam opened the door and said, "Welcome you guys, come on in." Derek noticed that Pam was smoking a cigar, but he could tell from smelling it, that it was mostly marijuana. Derek looked at her again, she had on a white revealing top, which showed a lots of tan skin, a cute belly button and two beautiful tits.

Her bottom half was just as good, a red skirt, very short, very muscular shapely legs. The sexy Sara didn't allow his mind to wander very long. She was hanging on to him and kept putting her hand on his ass. Pamela looked at them and she could see that they had been necking in the car, she could just smell that they were ready to have sex.

Pam said, "After you get done with Sara, then you'd better be ready for me Justin." Derek looked over a Pam, and saw her staring at him. And Justin was starting to feel the full impact of the sultry Pamela. "Okay." "This is my place Justin, and you'd better be prepared for me, do you understand?" Pam said, "you're not just here for her." Justin stared at her, the woman's bitchy sexuality was having a high voltage impact on a nervous system already shooting for the heavens.

"Yes Ma'am I understand," Justin replied. "Good answer," she said. Pam put her arms around Derek and gave him three burning kisses. "Go ahead," Pam said. Sara looked over her shoulder at Justin, and she went down a hallway. Pam had seen this kind of look before, sex was in the air, she could see it by the looks on their faces.

Pam laughed, "It's the first door there on the right, it's a guest bedroom." She was getting turned on herself, by the way Sara had seduced the young kid. "Kick his ass Sara," Pam said and laughed again.

"Come on Justin," Sara ordered, "now." Derek stood there as though he'd been hypnotized, which in way he had. He finally pulled himself together long enough to go to the door, it was a small bedroom, and Sara had already sat down on the bed and was pulling her skin tight jeans off. He had never been this turned on, and was determined to fuck Sara into the middle of next week and not cum too fast. She laid and the bed and ground her ass.

"Come on pull my panties off," Sara said. He stood there again as though he were hypnotized. Sara laughed at him, "Now, Justin!" He came over and pulled her panties down. There it was, just like he had imagined it, a beautiful glistening wet cunt! Sara spread her legs and then put them together again. Sara laughed at him again.

"Come on Justin, is this your first pussy, get it in gear," she scolded him. He pulled his pants and his shorts down and took them off. Derek had a nice big hard on from all of the turning on that Sara had been heaping on him.

He quickly got in bed and got on top of Sara, she was very wet and he got himself in without any trouble. "Ohhhh," he heard her say.

She giggled a little and kissed him, "Come on baby, you can do it." He ground into her and the hot cock sent a wave of pleasure through her ass, and he heard her sigh gratefully. Sara was very turned on, she was living out a fantasy that she had had for quite awhile. Her arms went around his neck and she kissed him hard and deep, her tongue dancing and exploring.

Another deep thrust sent another jolt of big black dick for a voluptuous brunette energy through her whole body. And she sighed a deep sigh again. "I know we liked each other," she breathed kissing him again.

"Oh God," Derek said. Sara giggled at him. "Come on honey, harder," Sara said, "I'm not going to break." Derek had a nice cock, not only was it long, it was thick, but he was in high school and was afraid he wouldn't last long enough, because he was so excited at getting this older hot female. Pam was very excited and it didn't take very many minutes of screwing until she reached a point of orgasm. Derek looked down at her, her face was flushed and she had a sort of ecstatic expression.

He had banged away at her, her incredible pussy feeling like it was built just for him. How long had it been, nine or ten minutes, he wasn't sure, Derek couldn't calculate that kind of time. "You're beautiful Sara," he said. "Come on baby," she said pulling him in tighter. Sara sighed another ecstatic sigh, she needed several shots of nice hot cum to send her over the edge.

She laughed at him, "Come on baby, shoot it!" "Come on," she yelled again and laughed. Derek speeded up the pace, he'd been dying to cum inside Sara's nice hot snatch. Hot masturbation session with a stunning brunette breath came faster and faster as he got closer and closer.

She moaned again gratefully, he was close now, great! Then it came, and Sara felt her orgasm start and spread throughout her whole system as the sugar walls of her cunt get hit with shot after shot of cum! Sara began kissing him all over his face and neck, the orgasmic high she was on lingered. Derek had been so turned on that he could hardly move when they had gotten to Pam's house, now his fuck had been extremely satisfying, talk about a piece of ass!

and he suddenly was spent. After a bit, Sara said, "Lets go back and talk to Pam. "Okay." They walked back to the living room, they were both naked which Derek found a little odd.

"How did he do?" Pam asked excitedly. "Pretty good!" Sara replied and laughed. "Alright Justin!" Pam exclaimed. Derek was embarrassed at the matter of fact way the women were discussing his performance, both of them were standing there naked, he and Sara. Sara said, "Yeah that was a good fuck!" Pam was smoking a blunt, Derek couldn't tell if it was the same one.

"Here sit down next to me Justin, you want a smoke?" Pam asked. "Okay yeah," he said. He sat down next to her on the couch and she handed him the blunt she had been smoking.

Justin sat there smoking for awhile and he watched Sara when she took out her hashish and began smoking it through a glass pipe. Justin was on the light side as far as weight went, as many high school boys are, but he had strong legs an muscular calf muscles, and wide some sex with adorable gal hardcore blowjob. He caught Pam looking down at this groin area, maybe to see if he'd come back yet.

Pam said, "You know Justin, your work is not done here." "Yeah," he said. Pam asked if he wanted to hear some music and he said yes. He watched her a little fuzzy, plop something into the hard drive of a computer that was in the living room.

'I'm your biggest fan I'll follow you until you love me.' 'Papa Paparazzi.' 'Baby you'll be famous, chase you down until you love me.' It was Lady Gaga of course, he heard it many times, but not ever stoned, it sounded different some how.

They sat there for a few minutes smoking. He felt Pam put her hand on his leg, "Do you think you can flame on again dude?" "Yes, I think so," Derek replied. "Lets give a try," Pamela said energetically. "You want to check in on us?" Pam said to Sara. "I certainly would," Sara replied. Pam laughed and then so did Euro brunettes doing each other pleasure photorama. "Pin his ears back," Sara said intensely. Pam said, "I intend to." "Lets go Justin," Pam said taking his hand.

Sara watched them go down the hall, she was confused, it turned her on almost as much to see another woman seduce Derek into having sex with her, as it did when she had him herself. The went down the same path that he had gone before. "Nice ass by the way," she said pinching it. Pam led the way into the room, "you know Justin," she said, "this would be happening whether you knew Sara or not, you know that don't you." "I think," he replied.

"I meant that I would have run into you some time on campus, and then things would have gone from there, and you would have been right where you are right now, in my bedroom in my house," Pam said. She put hands on her waist, then said, "I've been getting virtually any guy I wanted since I was 13, and you would have been no exception Justin." Sara was right, she is conceited!

Justin thought to himself. "It wouldn't have been very long when I said jump, you would have how high Pam?" She said obviously pleased with herself.

Pam sat down on the bed and took her shoes off, "help me with my clothes baby," she said. Pam was arrogant, Derek thought, there was no doubt about it, but she also had plenty of attitude, and the attitude was getting to him.

Then he wondered if that was the point in the first place. In any event, the stirring he felt in his balls grew and grew, until he was well on his way to a full blown hard on again. Derek stood over her and unbuttoned her blouse, then he squeezed one of those well shaped jugs. "Hey!" she said laughing at him. She looked at his erection and said, "Pretty cock, no wonder Sara gave you nice grades." Derek laughed and she laughed back.

Her mouth was close, so she bent over and flicked a drop of pre cum off his cock with her tongue. Then he helped her take her bra off. Pamela got up off of the bed, she said, "Lay down Justin." "What?" "Lay cute awesome virgin acquires in natures garb I wanna do girl on top," Pam said. "Okay cool," Derek replied. She giggled at him.

He got on the bed, Derek looked up at her, she was extremely pretty, naturally blond hair, good complexion, as cute a mouth as anyone could want, all of her clothes were off except her panties. "You're really great looking Pam," Derek said, almost gushing at her. "I like you too Justin," Pamela said, "you're a little hottie, like I said before, it wouldn't have taken very long for me to get you in the sack, if I'd met you, a day, two days probably at most." His cock stuck up at her like it was a hammer, looking at it gave Pamela a jolt of desire.

She pulled off her panties, then laid down on top of him and guided the cock towards her already wet snatch. Pamela laughed suddenly. "What's up?" he asked. "We better get going, Sara said she wanted to watch us fuck," Pamela said. "Oh yeah," he said. "Yeah we don't want to disappoint her," Pam said, "you know, we have ménage à trois going here!" Pam got in the right position and began riding the handsome kid, she found out what Sara had found out, that he filled them up!

She blew air out of her lips, "Wow!" she exclaimed. Justin smiled at this, here he was able to please sexy older women, it was a sex dream come true. She through her head back and ground away on this excellent young cock.

Suddenly Sara stuck her head through the door, "Alright you two, drop your cocks and grab your socks," she said loudly. Everybody laughed at this. Sara said, "Is he doing alright, because we can punish him if he isn't." "Yeah he's doin alright," Pam said panting a little, "we haven't been at it that long." "Fuck him!" Sara said intensely. Pam started pumping faster, her ass pistoning up and down on him. Sara began clapping to her rhythm. "Ohhhhh," Pam said, a big wall of heat came out of her ass and went through her body, she was getting more and more turned on.

Sara had put her jeans back on, now she put her hand down her crotch and started masturbating. She felt a rush of sexual adrenaline every time she saw what a woman like Pamela could do to her Justin.

Justin could see Sara squeezing her clit out of the corner of his eye. His thick cock had penetrated Pam's pussy very nicely, not only that it was really hot, and, another blast of orgasmic heat hit Pam. "Ohhhh shit!" she said in response.

Derek was trying not to cum too fast as he had with Sara, desperately wanting to please the older hot women he was with. But it was hard, Pam was beautiful, bitchy, and her cunt felt like a magic glove.

He wanted to shoot as much hot cum as possible into that nice hot ass. Pam saw Sara start to leave, "Where are you going?" she managed to ask. "I'm going to get a picture," Sara said. In an incredible short period of time, Sara had come back with an iPhone and began filming the sex she was seeing. Pam bounced up and down on him, harder and harder, faster and faster and she got penetrated even more.

Another charge of sexual heat hit Pam, and was it was bigger and more intense, she was getting close to the big O, she could tell. Sara stopped taking photos, determined to finger fuck herself to another hot satisfying orgasm. Then yet another blast of sexual heat came over Pam, she was so close that that one shot of precious male cum from that wonderful cock raunchy attractive chick shows body softcore and amateur send her to the promised land.

She ground on him, determined to make him cum. Finally Derek could hold back no longer and the eagerly anticipated shots of hot white jizz went into Pam awaiting pussy. Pam threw her head back and let the heat of the orgasm take over her whole body. "Shiiitttt!" she said loudly as the orgasm took over. 5, They all had their clothes back on now and were standing in Pam's living room. She said, "We've decided Justin, that seeing as we gave your first booty call, at least with us, that we've decided to give you our undies as a souvenir." "Wow cool, that's totally awesome," he replied.

Pam said, "We used to do that in my college dorm room, a guy would get our panties after the first time that we fucked him, it was a tradition." Derek said, "That rocks." The girls started taking some of their clothes off again, Derek watched take her jeans down, then she stuck a finger up her vagina. "What are you doing?" he asked. Sara said, "I got our cum on 'em, you want jizz stained panties for a souvenir, baby, it'll remind you of our fuck." Then teenfidelity hipster chick elena koshka filled with cum smiled at Derek, handed him the panties and kissed him.

Pam did the same thing. Pamela said, "You know we've almost got a ménage à trois going here." Sara said, "Yeah I know, I like it." Derek said, "You both are really hot, it's hard to even describe." "Thanks Justin," both of them said at virtually the same time. Pam said, "You're both welcome to come back." "Yeah!"