Teen in lingerie fuck hd easing daddys tension

Teen in lingerie fuck hd easing daddys tension
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As many know this is a story that is of a delicate nature. If such stories bothers the read, then kindly move on. Besides why did you come to the incest section anyway? For the sake of this story I will call myself Heather.

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It's not my real name and for various reasons I think its best we all just leave it at that, if you think about it I'm sure you can understand why. I'm a 35 year old widow and mother of one.

I stand five feet three inches tall and I weigh around on hundred thirty-five pounds. I know most women would not dare to speak of how much they weigh, but I have the added bonus of being anonymous, so it makes no difference here. I have 36D cup breasts, 29 inch waist, and 34 hips, and an ass that even at the age of 35 is still as full, large, round and as firm as it had been in my 20's. I suppose you could call that an hour glass figure, God knows it was that figure, and my ass, that drew my late husband to me, and he was more than happy with it.

Anyway to continue, about five years ago I lost my husband to cancer. He put up a hell of a fight, and even though I know he was finally at peace, it was hard to deal with, not only for me but, at the time, for my 10 year old son as well. We both took losing him very hard, and for the longest time I felt as if the world had somehow cheated us out of the joy and happiness that we deserved to have.

As a result of my husband's death ,my son- whom I will not name- grew up rather quickly right before my eyes. He was always a serious little boy, but even at such a tender age he took to doing things around the house like mowing the lawn, and simple chores around the house even more seriously. That was his father in him, dedicated, loving, and giving to a fault. There was nothing that I could ask of him that he would not try to do his very best to fulfill, even when it might have been beyond his capabilities.

During the first year of not having my husband with us, I use to cry at night at how my child lost all of his carefree innocents, but he would come to me put his arm around my shoulder and say.

"Its ok Mom, its ok." in an attempt to comfort me, and that would spark another storm of weeping to which I would cling to my son as if for dear life. I suppose you could say that it was for dear life since as the days months and years that past I had come to depend more and more on him. He became the steady rock in which I could draw strength from, and he became my sole reason for living now, and there is nothing in this world that I would not do for him.

A month or so after his fourteenth birthday I had begun to notice how my son had changed. He was growing to be tall, fit, and handsome with a boyish quality still to his face, but it was late one night that I realized how much more of a man he was becoming then I wanted to admit, and how far his steadfast presents in my life had impacted me. You see, one night I was feeling particularly lonely.

It was late, and I thought my son had gone to bed. So I had a few glasses of red wine to loosen myself up a bit, and then went up to my room to tend to my loneliness. I even made a personal event out of it, dressing in a black sheer teddy that flaunted my curves, and matching crotchless panties that framed my always freshly waxed sex.

I don't know why I still took so much pride in the act of keeping my womanhood hairless, maybe it was just for the simple fact that in doing so I still felt like a woman. I did my honey blond hair, and even applied on some makeup. I wanted to feel sexy, desirable, even wanted.

I suppose, that even though it was only me, I wanted to feel some of that passion, even a small fraction, I use to feel when my husband was still alive, and before he got sick. After I had looked myself over in the tall floor mirror, caressing my body and enjoying the soft sensations of the sexy nightwear against my skin, I reached into the top drawer of my dresser and took out my trusty vibrator. The poor thing had been getting more of a work out over the last couple of years then I think it was supposed to, but I knew I could count on it to get the job done.

I then laid back on my bed spreading my thigh as wide as I could possibly get them and began pleasing myself. Slowly at first, using it to tease my rapidly swelling clit, feeling it's soft humming reverberations ripple through that small sensitive button sending sweet chills up and down my spine, and wishing for all the world that it was a real cock that was pressing and grinding me into temptation, pushing me to want a nice hard slut ebony gf noemie bilas sucks bfs dick in the car fuck.

I don't know when my son had awakened, but that is not the point. The point is, however, that I had forgot to shut my bedroom door, maybe it was the wine I had earlier in the evening that had made me so forgetful, but looking back on it now I doubt that it was mere forgetfulness.

I don't know how long he had been watching me, but through my half closed eyes I could see his reflection of my tall floor mirror. His eyes were locked on me, and reflected in those deep brown eyes was a burning passion I had not seen in anyone else, save from my late husband for far too long. I was, by that point, in the full throws of wildly pumping my bald pussy with my vibrator on the highest level, feeling the vibrating tip hitting my G-spot, and listening to the nice wet slurping sound my cunt made while it clenched at the shaft of my toy.

All the while however my son was standing off to the side of my door frame watching me intently, his eyes glued on every quick thrust I made with my pleasure toy into my glistening steaming slit. I could also see that he was rapidly jacking off, his hand wildly pumping up and down his long thick cock shaft as he watched me. I know, I should have stopped right then and there, but it had been more than four long hard years since anyone except my husband had showed that kind of interest in me, and I guess I got caught up in that longing look of desire he xxx vedifor suny leon vedios mp3 giving me.

So, I continued to masturbate with my vibrating toy driving it harder and faster into my dripping hole, while my son masturbated to me. Knowing that he was watching me so closely sent a wild shiver wild and concupiscent trio momsandteens and threesome and down my spine, and I found myself whimpering and moaning louder than I should have, saying things like, "Fuck yeah that feels so good!", and "Oh God yeah, right there baby!

Come on give me all of that big cock!" God I was so turned on by the moment, even though every fiber of my being knew there was something so very wrong about it. Then it hit me, the most intense climax I could remember having in recent years. That kind of orgasm that felt like ever nerve was electrified and making my cunt flood with nectar as it quivered in ecstatic contractions.

Even as I rode out the wave after wave of pleasure saying "Oh, oh, oh God yes right there! Oh shit, I'm cumming!", my hips bucking wildly off the bed, and my cunt oozing with my warm sweet cum in a virtual lava flow of my sexual release, I could see my son still jacking off in my mirror's reflection, his face contorted and twisted with concentration until at last he too reached the point where he was shooting off stream after milky white stream of young tender boy cum all over the floor.

That sight alone, even through half closed eyes was enough to send me off into another wave of orgasms, my cunt quivering insanely once again, and me moaning even louder than before, but by the time I came down from my lust driven high, my son had made a hurried escape to keep me from fully seeing him.

For most of that night I stayed in my room curled on my bed and felt ashamed guilty, and like the worst mother on the face of the planet, even as my slit kept oozing the last remains of my self induced sexual high. With tears standing in my eyes, I cursed myself for everything I could think of, and even for things I could not think of for allowing that to take place. Yet at the same time my mind replayed what had happened over and over again, and I relived every thrilling detail of my son cumming while watching me cum again and again with a sick, and still fascinated revulsion.

Even as every lurid detail rippled through my mind I questioned myself as to why I even allowed it. Was I so needing that even the desirable attention from my son was enough for me to totally lose all reason? After a moment I realized that I did not have an answer for that, and I doubted that there would ever be an answer for it. I don't know when I drifted off to sleep, but when I woke up it was a new day, and I quickly got undressed out of the sexy sheer under garments that I had wore the night before swearing never to wear them again, feeling dirty, sick and perverted at the enhanced pleasure I received, from having busty harlot gets slammed with a bbc own son cumming at watching me fuck myself.

Grabbing my long bath robe throwing it on and tying it at my waist. I hurried off to the bath room to take a shower because I still felt so sick with myself. I should have knocked, and looking back on it now I think I didn't because I secretly wanted, and even hoped to see what I saw.

Standing there in the shower wildly stroking his thick hard cock through the slick suds of a soapy hand was my son. I stood there for a moment drinking in the vision of his hand gliding up and down the steely manly shaft of his dick, then looked away as he broke into panic as he saw me. "Mom!. I'm…oh God!" He cried out immediately trying to cover himself, hiding his engorged rod from my sight, with his hands in shame. "I'm sorry I should have knocked." I said tenderly, but I didn't leave, I didn't want to leave.

Instead I looked right at him once again. He was still trying to hide his hardness from my sight, but I have to admit there was a lot of cock there to hide. "Its ok you know, you are supposed to feel that way and do that sort of thing at your age." I added offering up an understanding smile. I could tell that he wasn't understanding my meaning at this point, he was still too stunned and shocked at having me standing there staring at his nakedness, and his hard cock to understand.

"We'll talk when you're done." I said, offering up one last smile, then I left him there, and headed down stairs to the kitchen. With each step I took away from the bathroom hana gives a blowjob on camera for the very first time down the stairs I could feel my pussy dripping with wetness, and the scent of my arousal filling my nostrils with sweet longing.

Just the mere sight of my son's rock hard meat had set me to burn with wanting lust inside all over again, and all those harsh curses I said to myself the night before was barely a memory now, as my clit begged and ached for attention. I made myself a cup of coffee when I got down to the kitchen and sat at the table clenching my thighs tightly together over and over again trying to ease some of the painful throbbing my slit was giving me waiting for my son to come down.

I think it was at that moment that I had made a decision, I was going to be my son's first sexual experience. Then the thought hit me that I might not be able to be his first. He was after all a good looking young man now, and I was sure that there lexington steele s fucks his gift riley nixon be some girl in his class that would willingly allow him to fuck her for his first time.

Then I thought if that was the case, then I was going to be his best fuck. You can see now why I'm keeping real names out of this story, in a matter of minutes I had gone from feeling ashamed, sick and guilty with myself, to sinking into total sexual depravity for my very own child. I surmised that if Fine ass teen blonde enjoying a massive cock girlfriend hardcore was going to be damned, then I might as well be damned all the way, and surrender myself to what I was fighting a losing battle against.

It was a few moments later when my son came down stairs dressed in a t-shirt, and a pair of sweat pants, his eyes down cast to the floor with guilt, and embarrassment written all over his young tender face. Slowly he sat in the chair across from me not daring to look at me, and looking for all the world that he would rather be somewhere else then sitting at that table.

"Do you want to talk about it?" I asked staring across the table at him, and even though my pulse was racing, and I could feel the slick wetness of my cunt slowly oozing from between my tightly closed thighs, I tried to sound so calm and natural about the whole thing that had transpired.

"I- I don't know." He finally replied with a meek voice. "Its ok honey I won't think anything bad if you want to talk." I said soothingly trying to make him feel a little more at ease about the situation we both had found ourselves in. "You promise?" My son asked glancing up to my eyes for a moment before pulling them away back to the table top. I nodded my head and smiled tenderly. "I promise." I answered softly. "Ok." He said with a slight little nod of his head. I could tell he was still not sure about how this conversation was going to go.

"How long have you been, you know, relieving yourself?" I asked thinking that it might be a good way to get the conversation started, not to mention I wanted to know how many times my son had shot off his cum, wasting it, when he could have shot it off with me, on me, even in me.

See, I told you I had sunk myself down into the depth depravity. "I don't know, a while now I guess." He answered still looking down at the table top fidgeting a bit uncomfortably. Once again I nodded my head in understanding as I formed my next question very carefully.

"After you, you know, please yourself do you feel better?" I asked softly feeling the heat between my thighs increasing steadily.

"Sometimes." He admitted to me. "Sometimes, its not enough." He added in a soft tone of voice I gave him a soft smile. God I remembered how that felt, in fact I was feeling the very same luscious chick gets dick in slit hardcore massage he had been at that very moment. latin brunette lorena aquino gets anal fucked growing up baby, and doing that is a natural part of growing up.

You know I still do it to, you know, play with myself. So I understand." I said my soft smile turning slightly mischievous at that point. The look my son gave me at that moment was one of guilt even more stronger than that of me walking in on him in the shower. I decided that it might be a good idea to let him off that particular hook.

"I know you saw me last night honey. I know you watched me masturbate, and it's ok. There was nothing wrong with it." I said breaking it to him as tenderly as I could imagine. My son's eyes widened at that moment in dreadful stunned disbelief. "You- you saw me?" He asked incredulously. "You saw me- you know?' He left the question hanging in the air between us.

At first his face went pale, and then he blushed furiously. I nodded my head and smiled once again gazing across the table at him. "Yes I saw what you was doing to, but don't worry, I liked it." I said feeling that heat building even more up inside of me as my cunt was screaming at me to get filled, and fucked.

"You did?" He asked again leaning forward a little closer, and I could see that his worry was turning into a greater interest, and in his eyes he was getting that same look he had the night before when he watched me fuck myself to mind blowing climax. "Yes I did.

It made me feel good to see you was enjoying watching me." I answered truthfully, even if the words sounded so wrong to my own ears, they sounded right in my heart. "It's been a long time since anyone, even a handsome young man like you has looked at me in that way." I confessed with a soft smile playing across my lips.

"Would you like to see more of what you saw last night?" I asked softly after a moment of silence. There was a look of mixed emotions ripping across my son's face, then slowly he nodded his head as he continued to look at me. "Yeah I would, but- but isn't that, you know, wrong?" He asked me, and for a brief moment I was about to tell him that it was, but stopped myself. What was there really wrong with it?

It wasn't like I was beating him, or belittling him? No, I was going to give him something so special and tender that he could only know that it was for my love for him. "No baby, it's not. What you and I would share would be special, loving, and just between us.

Do you understand what I'm saying?" I asked knowing that I was swearing my son to total secrecy, and plunging down the path of incestuous love, but at that moment I knew I was making the right choice. For a moment I watched as he thought it through, as he did with all things, then he nodded his head once again. "Yeah I understand." He said softly, with that shame and worry draining out of his face, and a smile creased his lips as he looked at me with unconditional love and affection. I stood up from my chair at that moment and reached down untying the terry cloth belt that held my long bath robe closed.

I watched every flash of emotion that rippled across my son's face, and as I slowly opened my robe to expose my naked body underneath, I could see him staring openly at my large tits with their hard firm nipples, and lower to my hairless cunt that was glistening with my free flow of honey.

"Do you like the way Mommy looks naked baby?" I asked with a purr in my voice. Slowly he nodded his head as I watched him stare at every exposed inch of my flesh. "Yes, I do." He muttered in a daze from the sight of me I moved around the table until I was standing right in front of my son, and I could see that he was trying to hide the large tent my nakedness had made in the sweat pants he wore.

I could not help myself as I smiled down at him stepping closer and cupping his chin in one of my hands. God he looked so lovely staring up at me with those huge brown eyes of his, trembling with excitement, and slightly confused about what I was going to do with him.

"Oh baby did Mommy make your dick hard?" I cooed at him in a soft throaty voice. Numbly he nodded his head still staring up at me before he said "Yes Ma'am." in a slight cracking and quivering voice, yet still remembering his manners. Slowly I dropped to my knees before him and I could feel my mouth watering, my heart was racing and thundering in my ears as I leaned in closer to his still boyish baby smooth face.

"Then let Mommy make you feel all better baby." I whispered only inches from his lips. I didn't give him time to respond to that, as I kissed him, salleys sybian surprise webcam show more videos on sexycamsorg it wasn't the kiss of a mother, and son. It was the kiss of lovers.

I slid my tongue from my mouth and darted into his, slowly rolling mine against his in a tantalizing dance. God his mouth tasted so good to me, and in that kiss alone was enough to have me let out a soft whimper of a moan as my clit began to throb painfully.

My nipples became even harder then they already were, if that was even possibly. In that one stunning german milf anna in fishnets anal smooth sweet tongue rolling kiss I showed him exactly what I had in mind as I moved my hands down his body and began to lift up on the t-shirt he wore.

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My son was so responsive to me, every silent instruction I passed to him by the touch of my fingers or the kiss of my lips he was eager to meet, as he attentively allowed his own fingers a moment to explore the heated soft smooth skin of my exposed breasts.

Every man would wish to fuck a sexy babe like rino asuka she is that hairy pussy pornstars I had his shirt off I took my time kissing along his neck licking here and there along his collar bone. All the while I listened to his breathing quicken and the gasps he would let escape him as I would come to sensitive places on his body, making his quiver under the sweet lash of my lips and tongue.

Even still I was making my way down to his chest where I kissed, licked and sucked on his almost non-existent nipples. My hands, however, were on the move, and took what seemed like a life time to reach their destination, as I slowly wrapping my hands around the shaft of his thick pulsating cock through his sweats.

"Oh God baby your cock is so big." I whispered up at him in a breathy voice looking into my son's flushed face as I stared to slowly stroke his man sized cock though the pants. "You want Mommy to take care of this?" I added with eyes twinkling with lust and longing. "Y- yes please." He stammered softly biting his lip with his hips rising a falling to ministrations slowly stroking hands on his ridged man meat.

I looped my fingers in the waist band of his sweats, and as my son lifted his hips off the seat of the kitchen chair he still sat on, I pulled them down to his ankles.

And there it was, every long thick pulsating beautiful inch of his dick. The fat red head was already dribbling precum and with one last glance into my son's eyes, I leaned forward and made a slow long lick from base to tip catching the mildly salty tang of that sweet fluid.

I even lowered my mouth to his sooth hairless ball sack and tongued it loving it before sucking each round testical into hungry mouth. I knew I had finally crossed a line for which there was no return at that moment, and more so I didn't even care any more.

I wanted my son in every way a woman could want a young vigorous man, but there was so much more to it then just simply greedy lust. I wanted to please him, and love him. Not just as his mother but as his lover. So it was no surprise to me when I allowed one of his large balls to slip from my mouth moving back to the thick reddened crown, and I slowly sank my salivating oral passage down over the thick head of his cock rolling my hot wet tongue around the rim and flick it over the piss hole before sucking it greedily down into the back of my throat and moaning against his steely shaft.

"Oh fu-" My son started to say only to catch himself not wanting to curse in front of me, but his body tightened form the sensation of have his cock so deep into my mouth and down my throat. I allowed his cock to plop out of my mouth at that point with a thin web of my saliva linking his cock to my lips. "It's ok baby you can talk dirty to Mommy, I like it." I said just before I began to gobble down his cock into my mouth once again, my head bobbing up and down along my son's hard fat prick with more gusto, the sounds of my slurping mouth echoing sweetly in my own ears, not to mention the sounds of my son's gasping and groaning.

"Oh fuck that feels so good Mom." My son moaned and gasped out, and I could feel his hips rising and falling in time with every bob of my head, attempting to slowly fuck my wide open mouth.

God his cock was the best I had ever tasted, so smooth and thick, with a faint musky scent from his maleness filling my nostrils in an intoxicating aroma. I allowed one hand to aid me in giving my son his motherly blow job, stroking the shaft up and down in the same rhythm as my hungry watering mouth, while my other hand sank between my thighs and began to swirl and rub my fingers at my clit which was swollen to a hard large button, and so very sensitive.

I could hear my own voice moaning exquisitely against his cock, punctuated by the groans and gasps of pleasure which seemed to reverberate in my son's heaving chest. It must have been ten or so minutes of me on my knees and sucking so lovingly at my sons cock when I decided that I wanted more, no correction, I needed more. Slowly I stopped and pulled his quivering throbbing meat from my mouth. "Do you want to fuck Mommy baby? Do you want to put this thick hard cock deep inside my wet pussy?" I almost purred at him as my hand still slowly stroking his slobber coated shaft, and my eyes burned with a desire I had not felt in such a very long time.

Nodding his head rapidly in response to my question he said softly, "God yes, I want to fuck you so good Mom." God that boy knew just what to say to make my blood boil, and seeing that look of absolute desperation interracial cuckold gets wild with a couple of dicks need to impale his hard steely rod in me almost made me cum right there kneeling between his quivering legs.

I aaliyah and sloan both pounded by bfs cock my open bath robe to slip from my shoulders and fall the floor as I stood up and moved beside the table.

The cool air brushing my heated skin as I bent over the table top and spread my legs wide feeling the wetness of my cunt dribbling down my inner thigh. "Come on baby, come fuck Mommy's hole." I whimpered as I put my full well rounded ass in the air waiting, no begging for him to come and slide every last pulsating inch of his dick into my dripping heat.

I watched as my son stood from the chair his cock bobbing with his movements as it stuck straight out in front of his body. Then I felt him move up behind me sliding his warm hands along my wide flaring hips as he took a grip on me, and I reached down between my creamy wet thighs to grip his cock and guided him to my dripping pussy. The instant I felt the thick tip of my son's cock entering me, I pushed back as he pushed slowly forward, filling me completely and even bottoming out in my pussy.

I gasped at the sheer size of him, even his father was not this big, and my whimpers of pleasure sounded in my throat as he slowly began to rock his hips back and forth fucking me tenderly, and I in turned slowly thrust back wanting to feel him go as deeply as he humanly could. "Oh shit baby your cock feels so good inside me." I gasped out as I forced my ass back against each slow thrust of his hips "Come on baby give it to me harder." I almost begged.

God I wanted such a good hard fucking that I couldn't stand it. I was in bliss as I felt my son take a firmer hold of my hips and begin to slam that beautiful thick cock of his into my dripping wet snatch. I could hear the soft dull thuds of his hips colliding into my flesh ass cheeks, accentuated with the sloppy wet slurping sounds from my cunt, and his now primal grunts that came with each time he pounded that monster cock into my cunt.

The sensation of his smooth hairless balls sack slapping at my clit drove me out of my mind at that point. I started moaning louder, losing myself to the wild abandonment as little star began to form before my eyes, and the burning pleasure deep within me began to build, drawing ever closer to that orgasmic crescendo. He must have fucked me bent over the kitchen table like that for a solid half hour, all the while I fought back my climax wanting to prolong the moment until I could not longer stand it.

Then, like the flood gates of a dam being opened my release began to wash over me in a solid wave of incestuous pleasure. "Oh God baby, Mommy's cumming!" I cried out, and no sooner than my proclamation was past my panting, moaning lips, when my cunt began to quiver, clenching time and time again in involuntary reaction to that sweet climax that had gripped me so strongly, and my creamy pussy honey began to gush from around the thick ridged shaft of my son's meat, as I gripped cum on teen hairy pussy compilation birthday bashing table's edge so hard that my knuckles where white After a few more of my son's hard pounding thrusts though I stopped him.

"Hold on honey. Let me roll over." I gasped flipping over on my back and keeping my ass on the edge of the table and opening my thighs wide for him, just as he saw me the night before when I was fucking myself up in my bedroom. It was then that I could really see his face, that boyish smooth face that was dripping wet sweat, and with eyes that burned red hot with passion. Once again I reached down and too his cock, now slick with my cum and guided him to my drooling hot pussy.

With one swift thrust of his hips he sank back into my loving motherly depths, and once more began to fuck me like the end of the world was near. I could hear the creaking of the table and he slammed into me again and again, jack hammering me. "That's it baby, fuck Mommy hard, make me take that big fucking cock of your's make me love it!" I moaned luscious babe evie olson deeply fucked by hard man meat stockings pornstar, wrapping my smooth legs tightly around his waist so that he couldn't get away from me.

God did that boy know how to fuck, and it didn't take long for me to feel every inch of him grinding and gliding along my G-spot.

In a matter of moments I was feeling yet another one of those tidal wave climaxes coming on, save this time as I looked up into my son's face I could see that he too was on the very edge of shooting his thick creamy load off.

Quickly I sat up pulling him closer to me with my arms and my leg as he continued to pound my hole without mercy. "Oh God Mommy's cumming again!" I almost screamed in his ear as I felt my hips begin to lose all control bucking and gyrating wildly on the kitchen table.

"Oh fuck! Me too Mom!" My son groaned out loudly wrapping his arms about me, as he still slammed his cock into me over and over again. "Do it baby cum in me!" I commanded with such an urgent need. "Fill Mommy up with your cum!" I exclaimed as I lost all my senses screaming out my pleasure as my cunt once more began to flood and gush from around my son's pleasure pole. It was maybe two or even three more thrusts of his hips when he grew still his whole boy tense, and his grip around me tightening.

Then I felt his cock swelling inside me as the first thick pearly stream of his cum shot deep into me, splashing against my cervix. Time and time again his cock pumped load after hot thick load into my pussy mixing with my own, and sealing the bond that we had made.

As we came down from our synchronized orgasms, I laid back on the table top, my breasts heaving and my body glistening with sweat. My son slumped forward and rested his sweat matted head against my tits. We were both drained, but so very happy. Then he looked up to me, his eyes brimming with tears, and I'll never forget what he said to me for as long as I live.

"I love you Mom." I knew he was saying it not just as my son, but as the most beautiful lover I would ever know.

"I love you too baby." I replied with emotions choking my voice and held him close to me, as our love leaked ever so slowly from around his softening cock that was still buried up to the balls in my pussy. In that moment I realized that we had found that lost happiness, and the world no longer felt like it was going out of its way to be unfair, and cruel.

For now I will bring licking men tough jock hardcore and blowjob story to a close. There have been many more adventure since that morning, and many more displays of our forbidden love.

Perhaps, just perhaps I will share more of our lives in the future.