Movies woodman casting x lucy li

Movies woodman casting x lucy li
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Julia age 25 single never married is tired of bar hopping and on line dating sites. She decides to sign onto a dating site featuring wealthy men over age 50. I see her profile and have Manny my investigator find her address. Julia knew I would come, my investigator had contacted her setting up a weekend for her to spend time with me. She heard rumors and read articles about me, she learned that I was divorced six times and my nickname was " The Bull." She is curious and intrigued by my reputation and that I was into all sorts of nasty things having to do with sex.

She has limited experience with dating men, she has never dated a older man. Her sexual experience is also limited. My last message to her was explicitly sexual, I gave specific instructions for our weekend together. I was going to teach her about sex, She stood on the side of the road near a gas station mature bbw slut gets spanked and fucked for me.

Her tight jeans encased her hot little tight ass and long legs. Her body is petite, very curvy and slender. She is attractive with innocent face, nice smile and shoulder length brown hair.

Her breasts are like two oranges in size and perky. She dressed special for me. She wanted me to like her immediately. A large Lincoln pulled up and I stepped out smiling with my arms open wide for her. She ran into them feeling excited and comforted as hugged. " Julia, you look beautiful," Came my deep voice. She snuggles closer smelling my aftershave, my manliness.

Her body is already responding to me as real euro teens fucking in a party small nipples hardened and her pussy begins to dampen. My hand went beneath her chin lifting it and I brought my mouth down to hers. We kissed softly at first then I kissed her more passionately sending my tongue inside her mouth making her moan.

" Yes Julia your ready for some lovin. Come on get in the car, I have a Motel for us." She smiles nervously knowing that I planned to fuck her. She wanted to very badly. After several miles of desert and small towns we came to El Mirage, Arizona, a small town that sat squarely in the desert and sat on the crossroads to nowhere. I drove to a motel that sports the name " Hotbed Motel." " What kind of place is this John?" She asked feeling a bit afraid at the dirtiness of the place.

" Julia its a place of dreams. A place where girls can live out any fantasy they wish." Julia looks at me and smiled. She has lots of fantasies and only hoped that I could bring them true.

I led her to my room a large suite above all the others. Pouring her a strong drink I made her drink it fast wanting her to feel good and drunk.

I like my girls drunk and willing. I watched her drink and studied her body. She is a real hottie. Her body is so ripe. Her ass is incredible and her tits are just the right size for sucking. I'm going to teach her everything. Get her to be my whore.

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Make her want to fuck any time and as many times I commanded her too. Julia licks her lips nervously, I move closer to her. Julia took a deep breath, trying to relax.

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My mouth opened a little, as my eyes drops to her lips. She close her eyes and hopes. When my lips touch hers, she feels a spasm shoot through her stomach. She tries to relax and follow my lead. My lips lingering on hers for a moment before she feels my tongue brush against her top lip. She melts into my body with a barely audible moan.

My lips slide across hers, and I'm rewarded with a whimper that made my heart pound in my chest and my cock stir. She put her hand on my cheek, feeling the stubble against the silky skin of her palm. I lean into her hand enjoying the gentleness of her touch. I nuzzled my chin against her palm, making her smile. She smiles back, my eyes crinkling. That smile, the soft and gentle, made Julia relax. I pull her pantyhose and panties down and off in one smooth motion.

She is left sitting with her smooth butt on the bed, her black dress wrapped around her waist.

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She wants to resist as her legs are pushed open, but I'm too strong for her to stop now. I knelt on the floor in front of her and buried my head between her legs. She notices that my long thick tongue is the size of an ex-boyfriend's cock as it penetrated her wet slit. Try as she might to end the sequence of events, Julia is powerless to stop me.

When my lips wrap around her clitoris, she lost any interest in halting the sexual sensations she is now feeling as wave after wave of climaxes over whelmed her.

Julia is brought to several massive orgasms before I rose up, slipped down my jogging pants and unleashed my gigantic cock. At first, Julia thought that I held a section of fire hose in my hands. Then, she realized that the massive piece of meat is for real. Never in her short life has she even imagined that a penis could become so huge. Julia sat, as if hypnotized, as I grabbed the underside of her knees, raised them into the air, and guided the uncircumcised end of my huge cock to the entrance to her femininity.

She want to stop me. She wants to get up and run. She want me to stop because she isn't on the pill. Julia had developed a reaction to the side effects of birth control pills and had stopped taking them. She had, from that time onward, insisted that any man she dated wear a rubber. Now, as she feels my baseball bat sized cock head nuzzling around in her dripping vagina, she can't find her voice to tell me not to have sex with her without using a rubber.

Julia feels pain in her stretching vagina as I begin to lean into her, causing her vagina to expand as the huge round cock head is forced into her under sized vagina. Julia is only able to moan as she feels it slip inside and stretch her opening more than it has ever been stretched before.

I realize that she is nearly a virgin. Actually, she is a virgin in the upper recesses of her vagina. I'm about to plum those virgin depths with my nine inch long cock. Alison has always been aloof. Julia's universe is centered on her vagina and the telephone pole sized cock that is beginning to stroke in and out of her. She would pretty redhead shoplifter cassidy leigh banged by lp officer had the will power to force any man she dated to don a prophylactic before he could enter her.

But, with this tall aggressive man, she lay back meekly as my hard penis is shoved up into her belly without a rubber. Julia lay back on the bed as my massive tool forced its way pass the point in her vagina that has been reached by other men she dated.

Hot chica public fucking outdoors from lucky guy looks up into my face as I sink my cock into the tight pussy that is stretched around my cock. My dick penetrates an extra inch, only to recede an inch or two. Julia feels her internal organs being pushed out of the way as her belly is filled full of more meat than she has ever thought possible.

She is whimpering as the last inch is driven deep into her tummy. She came as soon as she feels the extra course gray pubic hair touch her swollen clit. I just knelt there, on my knees, as this sexy woman shook and wiggled on my buried cock, with a big smile on my face. What made it even more exciting for me is this beautiful brunette has never been married, has not dated very often and has no boyfriend.

I am getting a 25 year old woman who's pussy is as tight as a teenage virgin and I'm reaching places in her cunt that I knew that no other man never would touch. My balls begin to thump up and down as I thought that I might be making her pregnant with my baby. My cum spews out of my swollen cock in spurt after spurt until I had more than filled the pretty woman's belly with my sperm. Julia is practically having convulsions as she orgasms around the cumming cock buried in her over stretched vagina.

I pull out of her, " Turn around and get on all fours, it time to fuck that virgin ass of yours." Julia complied. " Be gentle" She said, " I have never had a cock up my ass before." I laugh and spread her ass cheeks and she feels the head of my cock press up against ass. " I want this so bad," She whimpers. " I want your cock inside me.

I NEED adorable teen cuties practice lesbo sex hardcore blowjob be fucked by your big cock." I press forward and she feels the head of my cock enter her ass.

It is painful but nothing she can't handle. I continue to introduce more and more of my cock into her. Julia is gasping at the feeling of my tool sliding inside her. " Do you like this, does my cock feel good in your ass." " YES, YES, it feels wonderful inside me, I want you, I need you to fuck me, PLEASE!

PLEASE don't stop! FUCK YOUR SLUT!" I immediately pick up the pace slamming her ass with my massive tool. " That's it, FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD! FUCK ME FAST! I need you deep in my ass. I need that cock of yours." Julia feels my balls slapping against her ass as I ram my cock into her.

Julia begins backing up trying to get more of my cock inside her. " OH GOD, OH GOD," She keeps repeating, "KEEP FUCKING ME PLEASE!" After about a half hour she feels me begin to tense and she knew her reward is soon coming.

" FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR SEED, I AM YOURS TO USE AS YOU WISH, I will do anything for you, JUST FILL MY ASS WITH CUM!" I slam my cock deep in her, grunting and exploding inside, filling her ass with cum. It is heavenly, the feel of my warm cum filling her.

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After several minutes I withdrew and cum dripping out of her ass. " THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for giving me my first fuck! It's something I'll never forget." " We will be doing this again, whenever I wish," I stated.

" You are my slut and will do whatever and whenever I want, is that understood." " Yes I am yours to use as you see fit," Julia mumbles.