Innocent teen spreads narrow snatch and gets deflowered

Innocent teen spreads narrow snatch and gets deflowered
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Mummy Made Me Cum.With Her Feet me and my mum had quite a close relationship since a young age im 21 now and shes a mature 42 year old. she is a single parent and has been since i was very young.

she often walks around the house semi nude as she likes her privacy. she makes sure i dont see her boobs or pussy. she had the most amazing feet. she looked after them very well but they had a mature look which i loved and would often find excuses to touch her feet but she didnt know i was into them. the story really begins on my 21st birthday.

i was awoken by my mum at 10am. she was sat at the end of my bed in a little silk nightdress barely covering herself singing me happy birthday, when i noticed her shinny toes and that she had a pedicure which was uncommon she normally took care of her own feet and painted her toes black to match her fingernails.

so i complemented them "mum your toes look nice when did you get them done" "yesterday hun the people guy at the place couldnt get enough of em" i wasnt suprised i was getting hard imagen if i could touch them. mum got up and went upstairs into the bath i walked upstairs after having my breakfast to get my clothes on i 18 ki girls school xxc the door slightl open and the shower curtain pulled round and her barefeet hanging under the curtain.

they were dripping wet with water slightly wrinkly from the bath.

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i had to start jerking off, i pulled my now erect 8 incher from my pants and slowly began to jerk. she started rubbing her feet together. i wanted to cum and decided i would try to spray my cum onto her feet from outside the bathroom as she wouldnt no it was cum, just think it was water. so i got ready and just as i was about to cum she put her feet back into the bath so i had to syren de mer lesbian extreme it.

in my efforts to hold it i made a little moan then i heard mum say "son is that you?." i tryed to keep quite and move away from the door and then replied "yeah mum, just geting my clothes" "ok hun you have to shower next" "okay mum will do" mum got out and wrapped a towel around her self but her feet were still exposed i walked in to get in and saw them again driping wet, i just look away and got straight into the bath.

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mum walked into her room, then i heard her coming back "i forgot my oil" i just laughed but wondered what it was for. so i jumped out the bath trying not to make to much noise and wandered up to the door and saw her massaging oil into her feet and toes i was amazed mum took so much care in them.

i was rock hard watching my mum.

but i went back to the bathroom to get my clothes on. the next time i see mum is when i was downstairs on the sofa watching some music videos and she walks downstairs in a beautiful black dress.

her 36DD breast almost popping out the top and the most sexy shoes that were open toed and were transparent. mum had booked a resturant to celebrate my 21st. we was on the way to the car when mum told me she could drive in heels and skinny awesome nymph adores amoral sex a lot shoes with barefett would make her feet smell.

i suggested just driving barefoot which she didnt think was a bad idea till we got into the car. "i can't drive barefoot the pedals will make my feet dirty and ive just oiled them, more will stick to them now" i could now see her toes spread on the pedals and watched them the whole journey to the resterant. once we arrived at the resterant mum told me she couldnt walk in with dirty feet everyone would see.

so i told i could wipe her feet if she put em on my lap so no one would see in the car park. she looked giant hooters bounce on a massive pole little hesitant about her son cleaning her feet. "okay theres no other way" she unbuckled her seat belt and twisted in her seat and rested her feet in my lap. i was so happy having my mums feet inches from my growing cock.

i had to be careful her feet didnt stroke it. i got the wipes out the glove box and wiped the soles of her feet and each toe and in between them and then rubbed a little to hard on the sole and i tickled her, but as she tryed to pull her feet away she nudged my hard cock.

we both froze on the spot she didnt no whether to move her feet and i was just plan embarrsed. my mum just looked at me and smiled "your just like you father my feet were his weakness" "we could shag for hours and he wouldnt cum, but if i touched him with my feet he could help but cum, you must be the same" "erm mum ive never tryed feet before i normally only have sex" "its ok hun only a few men can handle truely skilled mature feet" "i dont think i can mum" i stated looking at my erect cock.

"well son you can't go in and see all the family with a buldge like that, how are you going to get rid of it?" "theres only one way mum." "i know hun, as you helped me clean my feet i might have to help you out. but you must say nothing okay" i looked around in shock what was my mum going to do to help me cum. "pull it out son lemme see what your problem is?" i pulled out my throbbing 8 inch uncut cock.

"wow you take after your father in more than one way." "thanks mum, i can relieve myself if you look away" "dont be silly, im sure i will get it done quicker than you ever could" with that she put both her feet at the base of my cock and began to slide the skin back over my cock head to reavel a shinny pre-cum covered throbbing purple head.

"yum!, nice i bet that is sensative i wont touch it with my dirty toes, you might cum to much" so she started sliding her dirty feet up and down my shaft and slowly tickling my balls with her hands. i though i could hold my cum well but she was a master after about 5 mins i was trying not to cum to make the moment last. i was telling mum i wasnt about to cum. but she knew i was and finished me off in the best way possible.

she asked me to like both her big toes that were covered in pre-cum, i didnt and then she did it. she slide the skin back up my shaft covering the head and took one of her big toes and pushed it under my foreskin and began rubbing the head. the sensation was like non other i had ever expirenced, i was so anal of playgirl is pounded hardcore and blowjob then i felt another toes force its way under it was slightly uncomfortable but the pleasure was pure heaven i tryed to hold as she jerked my sensative head underneath with her dirty mature tired feet.

untill i screamed "IM CUMMING MUM!!, DONT STOP NOW!!, FASTER, FASTER!! OOOOHHH!!", i shot load after load of huge ropey cumshots all over the soles of her feet that dripped down onto her toes still inside my foreskin. my cock was so sensative i couldnt stand her toes moving so i told her to leave them in untill i was soft.

but being the pro she was she wasnt finished yet. after i finished cumming she said i bet theres more in there. i told her she had just milked me completly.

"dont be silly boy, mummy will make you cum again" i looked confused "how mum i just cummed as much as i could" with that she grabed the base of my cock. used her toes under my foreskin to bring it back and put her mouth my cock and took it completely deep throat.

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i dont know what she didnt next, but i will always rember what happend because of it. she has all 8 inches of my cock, both big toes in her mouth. "OHH MUM IT FEELS LIKE IM GOING TO CUM AGAIN!!!" mum mumbled she goes crazy with her toy inside her knew you would son, just let it cum mummy will take it in her mouth" FUCK, OHH GOD HERE IT CUMS MUM!!!" i thrusted myself into my mums mouth and heard her gag! i pumped stream after stream in her mouth untill i could cum no more mum pulled her head up.

"WOW, YOU CUMMED A TON!!", I WASNT EXPECTING THAT MUCH" i looked down and saw her feet drenched in my cum and her chin was dripping with my cum. she laughed "now you shouldnt be hard till later tonight" i looked confused was there more to come, and could i even handle the next level of mums feet?.

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